The Back End

After all of the trips that he has made of late, when Obama gets around to cashing in his “frequent LIAR” miles, he will be entitled to scads of free flights that he can take once he is unemployed in 2012.. Heaven forbid that any of the “impartial global warming scientists” who have been busy of late destroying evidence that disproves their hilarious hokum should back away from their paper shredders and try to calculate just how big his collectivist carbon footprint is..

He isn’t done yet, for he now needs to wing his way back to Washington in order to “rally Senate Democrats”.. Obama’s “rally” is actually more of a thumb twisting session with promises (bribes) for any liberal holdouts, bribes that would make the amounts Harry Reid recently handed out look like spare “change”.. This all comes to light in the Bloomberg article entitled “Obama Seeks to Rally Senate Democrats on Final Health-Care Plan”.

We read that apparently our “representatives” “struggle to resolve disputes over issues including a proposed government-run insurance plan..” The “struggle” will be coming from the licentious liberals who were so impressed by both Landrieu’s and Lincoln’s BRIBES from Harry Reid last week that they will suddenly be a little murky on the whole “Democratic unity” thing until His Royal Lieness starts tossing around more of the tax monies stolen from the middle class..

The article claims that this logjam has something to do with the Demokrats as they “seek an alternative to Reid’s plan to create a new national program to cover the uninsured..” The LAST time that the disgusting liberals decided to monkey with the world of medical care, one of the progressive panaceas that they came up with was Medicaid. Which was and STILL IS, “a national plan to cover the uninsured..” The difference now under the Obama scam, as opposed to LBJ’s scam, is that this amorphous group of “uninsured” will consist of two separate assortments of undesirables, the liberal base of moochers and mendicants and the illegal aliens.

Sagacious Socialist John Kerry said that Obama’s visit will be a “jolt” to “come together”.. What a strange analogy coming from someone who needs a “jolt” to the bolts in his neck every morning just so that he can make it through the day.. Isn’t it funny when someone who is about as exciting as a dial tone talks about a “jolt”?

Not one to end his comedy routine with just one joke, Kerry continued on, “It’s getting to that stage where you have to come to a decision with your heart as well as your head..” When the liberals start talking about their “heart”, it’s time to grab onto your wallet and hold on to it for dear life. Their “head”? The biggest logistical problem with the liberals “head” is the fact that it is primarily located deep within the uncharted recesses of their lower digestive tracts.. As the science of proctology advances, we will then simultaneously learn more about the inner workings of the liberal mind..

“The Democrats yesterday reiterate(d) their support for cutting $40 billion in home health-care services funded under Medicare.” Not Medicaid, which just another of the liberals baby-sitting programs, which benefits the liberal permanent underclass, but Medicare, which is for the elderly. This was seen as “the latest Republican effort to highlight the bill’s potential impact on the elderly.” Hopefully the “elderly” will remember these efforts on their behalf come 2010 and 2012 and they will likewise remember repulsive efforts of the liberal “green” party.. Soylent Green, that is..

Mitch McConnell said “Republicans see the debate stretching into 2010 and that they gain the more the public learns.” The latter portion of Mitch’s statement certainly qualifies as a “lead pipe cinch” and the former portion is directly related to exactly how much BRIBE money Obama is planning on taking out of Washington area ATM’s prior to meeting with the Bolshevik blackmailers.

The progressive pie in the sky childishness continues on. “The 10-year measure is designed to cover 31 million uninsured people and curb medical costs..” If you are adding 31 million liberal siphons to the already overcrowded hand out hoe-down, how can you possibly “curb” medical costs? If the liberals are going to place the poisonous tentacles of their collectivist chicanery around ALL of the nation’s medical care, they will thereby be making liberal government considerably BIGGER. When has a BIGGER liberal government EVER cut costs? Actually, when has the smallest of liberal governments ever cut costs?

“The Senate plan would require all Americans to get health coverage or pay a penalty..” With Obama in charge, the middle class has been paying penalties since January 20th and there appears to be no let-up in sight. With anything called a “penalty” attached, won’t it be interesting to see what the liberals categorize as “coverage”?

Here is where it really gets interesting, “it would expand the Medicaid health program for the poor, set up insurance-purchasing exchanges and provide subsidies for those who need help buying policies..” So, will the middle class tax burden of Medicaid go away once the Obama oligarchs get their socialized medicine wish? Won’t Medicaid be redundant once the healthscare scam gets forced down our throats? Who will be “providing subsidies” for the endless cadre of Obama bottom feeders and barnacles? The middle class tax payers yet again. Let this one sink in, the liberals have been ruining both Medicare and Medicaid since 1965, now they want to run the whole shebang in the same “efficient” manner in which they have destroyed everything else that they touched with their carcinogenic communism.. What could possibly go wrong?

Taking a page from their wildly successful totalitarian takeover of GM, (Obama’s lackey just left GM as well, probably to be paid a salary commensurate to his abilities.. What a novel capitalistic idea..) Harry Reid’s BRIBED Bolshevik Blanche Lincoln wants to “target insurance executive pay.” I would like to suggest a “cap” upon the BRIBES paid to liberal congressweasels in order to secure their votes..

Mark Begich, “an Alaska Democrat” said, “My biggest concern is the cost to the government at the back end.” As always, the liberals have their vision skewed by the myopia of Marxism. Whatever “cost” happens to be incurred by “the government” will be paid for involuntarily by the middle class taxpayers of the United States of America. “The government” is just the altruistic money changer.. Hey Mark, “my biggest concern” is the Obama government sticking “the cost” for their sempiternal heresy in my back end..


28 responses to “The Back End

  1. Maybe we, the American people, could play the “bribe” game, and agree to some form of health care, if the Congress agrees to “TERM LIMITS’. That is , very short terms for the House and Senate. Then, we’ll sneak in ( as they do ) a little something called “no more earmarks, or pork barrel spending, or anything similaar to it ). After all, if they can play the bribery game, why shouldn’t we ? That would be “fair” .

  2. Oops , should be similar, not similaar.

  3. @JJ not to worry my friend we will cause term limits in November at the ballot. While this stuff on Health Care and Carbon Tax is entertaining it will be tied up in the courts forever. Look at Obama, doing virtually nothing, with his legal begals to make sure he isn’t put in jail where he belongs.

  4. Thank you again, Larry!

    I really do not know how you do it.

    “lower digestive tracts” indeed… beautiful!

    Look forward to each of your stunning ‘wordsmith’ efforts.

    Bless you!

  5. Quixtop, Huntington Beach, CA

    The obamatrons are so sure they’ll pass their anti-healthcare plan, now they’re focusing on cap & trade.

    By DINA CAPPIELLO and H. JOSEF HEBERT, Associated Press Writer Dina Cappiello And H. Josef Hebert, Associated Press Writer – 3 mins ago

    WASHINGTON – The Environmental Protection Agency has concluded greenhouse gases are endangering people’s health and must be regulated, signaling that the Obama administration is prepared to contain global warming without congressional action if necessary.

  6. Margaret in CT

    “It’s getting to that stage where you have to come to a decision with your heart as well as your head..” Really, Senator? What sort of “heart” does it take to fund abortion and defund Medicare? What sort of “heart” does it take to steal from the productive and give to the nonproductive, making them permanent economic slaves. A Nazi heart!

  7. Being misrepresented by John Liveshot Kerry
    I must tell all that Howie Carr a columnist in the Boston Herald had a great article about this vietnam vet recently. Seems his net worth has dropped form 300million to 200 million .It is actually his spouses first husbands money that
    he must have had MADOFF manage
    Keep losing and he will be sleeping in his car again
    Just read a headline about drafting DICK CHENEY for President in 2012. I liked that idea.
    We need someone with balls.
    Larry Y

  8. Larry I hit the wrong key.
    Thank you for making my day each time you post a new one.
    This one really hits home on our phony Senator
    Wait until our special election to replace DEAD TED in January. then liveshot becomes our senior senator GOD HELP US

  9. Great article. You use great words but my reaction is a bit vulgar but then
    I’m an old lady and hopefully can get away with it. Talk about using their heads…They don’t use the one attached to their shoulders and really apply the other one to the backside of middle America. I am fed up with the liberals, both Dem and Rep. Yes, there needs to be term limits all the way around. No golden retirement plans courtesy of the taxpayers and no golden health care. Let them live like the rest of us. When the government was first formed it was a priviledge and a duty to serve with NO PAY!! How about that! What happened?

    I don’t normally talk like but I am at my wits end. I apologize to all for my vulgarity.

  10. Stirling,

    Thank you for the kind words.

    Now if I could assemble a million more readers who think like you..

    Thanks as always,


  11. JR,

    Thanks to you as always for your contributions to this site.

    I hope that all is well with both you and the Mrs.

    Thanks as always,


  12. AZNANA,

    Say what you will, whenever you will here at NLTZ..

    Thanks as always,


  13. Great article and some great lines. His Royal Lieness… I’m still laughing at that one.

    Right now, I’m researching the entire Senate; I started on the Democrats first because I’ve always viewed them as major corrupt scumbags. Nevertheless, in doing the research I’ve come across that many of the Republicans are just as bad. I was shocked to learn that my Senator, Richard Shelby is no better then most of the Democrats.

    Also, the other Republicans names that repeatedly show up are: John McCain, Mitch McConnell and Richard Shelby names all show up at the top of every Republican lists. I am very unfamiliar of what is allowed by our elected officials what they can and cannot disclose legally. But, when I see that Harry Reid, Dick Durban, John Kerry, Max Baucus, John McCain, Mitch McConnell all receive Lobbyist money that represent the health care industries, you really need to go much deeper into WHY they accept these monies knowing full well that they will financially benefit from whatever the outcome of the Healthcare Bill produces. They also receive funds from Healthcare Unions as well as potential Government Contracts that will benefit another private business such as General Electric. In my book that’s corruption, to create legislation that will benefit their backers and/or themselves. I cannot imagine that that would be legal in our system of justice but the lines have been blurred for so long and most of the public is really unaware that these shenanigans are going on right in front of all of us. The other problem besides Congress is the media. They use to investigate these things, now it appears they are also implicated in hiding the deceptions, unless of course if it’s a Republican they don’t like very much…

    To date I’ve investigate about 10 Senator’s, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. If I could find this information online so could the reporters and Government investigator’s involved in Ethic and Corruption. I don’t have access to NexisLexis and legal sites that most of these businesses have access too. Our County is so fuck (sorry to use such a vulgar word but it’s the best word to use that represents what is happening right now, excrement, dung, manure and guano just doesn’t cover it). Either party has any upfront and honest or fairly honest representatives. So far, the two names that aren’t as corrupt are Jefferson Sessions the Republican from Alabama and for the Democrats its Jon Tester from Montana. There are a little questionable things from both men.

    For Sessions it’s about former Governor of Alabama Don Siegelman (D) who was convicted in 2006 of corruption charges. Forty-four former state attorneys general (which Sessions was one), Republicans and Democrats, cited “irregularities” in the investigation and prosecution. Clayton Lamar “Lanny” Young Jr., a lobbyist and landfill developer pleaded guilty to bribery-related charges and received a shortened sentence for his cooperation with the federal government.

    In an FBI memo of a Young interview, he said that he provided Sessions with $5,000-$7,000 using intermediaries, none of who were listed as contributors to Sessions’ 1996 U.S. Senate campaign. At the time Young said he made the contributions, it was illegal to give a candidate more than $1,000 for a primary or general campaign. Lawyers from a U.S. Attorney’s office, representatives of Alabama’s Republican attorney general and an attorney from the Justice Department‘s public integrity unit all reportedly heard Young’s evidence against Sessions and another man named Pryor. However, nearly all the allegations went uninvestigated. That was before we moved down here. Needless to say, I was very disappointed in learning that because I had the highest regard for him.

    Jon Tester, who is an organic farmer prior to taking a State Office barely won he’s US Senate seat from a very corrupt Republican named Conrad Burns, who was part of the Jack Abramoff Indian Scandal who had accepted about $150,000 in contributions from Abramoff, his clients and associates as did his Senate cohort, Max Baucus, who once the scandal broke returned the funds, close to $20,000.00. There were just 3,000 votes separating both candidates, Burns and Tester. It’s amazing that this scandal really didn’t affect the election outcome. It hit both parties, the liberal’s in their state re-elected the same corrupt candidates; where the Republicans generally removed them.

    For Jon Tester he received subsidizes from the Department of Agriculture that netted him $232,311.00, which went to his wife. (Max Baucus also received $230,237.00, which he has since sold his shares in the family farming business). I think that if a Senator or Congressperson will benefit financially from legislation they should be forced to recuse themselves from voting on legislation from participating in a vote to avoid the conflict of interest. Therefore, there seems to be levels of corruption. This is what I was thinking of doing is show just how corrupt each candidate is by using handcuff. 10 being the worse to 1 being the least. Tester I would give 1 handcuff, Sessions 3 and Max Baucus gets all 10. Good idea? I’m sure all this green talk and green legislation that Obama wants to pass will most likely benefit his family’s ranch/farm since he’s an organic grower. Should Senator Tester should recuse himself from voting on the Cap and Trade Bill.

    You’ll never guess what Conrad Burns ended up doing? He’s a Washington Lobbyist as is his former Chief of Staff. The “full” Circle of a Political life.
    Another interesting connect is Anthony Podesta, his wife Heather and Barack and Michelle Obama. Tony and Heather own three Lobbyist firms in Washington, DC. The Podesta Group, PodestaMattoon (Tony’s) and Heather Podesta and Associates. He also owns the Podesta Associates, Inc., with his brother John Podesta former Clinton Chief of Staff. Now PodestaMattoon has spent over 12 million this year to lobby for their clients interest with Congress. Many of their clients are in the medical/Pharmaceuticals/health insurance/General Electric field Amgen Inc, Aflac, Merck, UnitedHealthcare and Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Banks/Mortgage/Finance companies such as Bank of America, CitiGroup, Freddie Mac and AIG. Then there are alternative Energy/Energy & Nuclear Power companies such as the American Center for Clean Coal and BP. Let’s not forget the Defense Contractors. Who got the TARP Funds and bailout?
    Ah… there’s much more… General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon Co, Boeing Co, Northrop Grumman, European Aeronautic Defence & Space. European Aeronautic Defence & Space (EADS North America and the maker of the Airbus) is a French company that received part of government contract to build the refueling tankers (The litigation is still going on. Some Senator’s in the Committee John McCain and Hillary Clinton objected to Boeing getting the Contract, they either dismissed the other Aeronautic Companies in the US, Lockheed Martin and a few smaller ones to hand a Pentagon Defense Contract to a foreign company) Just how were they able to get that Contract? L O B B Y I S T!! They hired Washington Lobbyist firm Glover Park Group. The supposed Contract will pay close to $100 Billion and create an estimated 25,000 in new jobs, certainly jobs that people in Southern Alabama/Northwest Florida could really use. Unemployment was high prior to Obama taking Office it’s currently well over 15-20% since taking Office. This area could use that 100 Billion instead of a foreign company/government.
    Let’s travel a little further. Anthony Podesta also created a non-profit organization called People for the American Way (he has since left his post), a liberal advocacy group founded by Norman Lear. Their website says People for the American Way are dedicated to making the promise of America real for every American (and illegals): Equality. Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion (unless these things go against what they believe, then they race to stop it. They are for Free Speech, but want to muzzle Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Alternatively, a moment of silence after saying the Pledge of Allegiance then it’s about the separation of Church and State). The right to seek justice in a court of law. The right to cast a vote that counts. The American Way. It’s the liberal antichrist to Pat Robertson and Jerry Fallwell. One other thing that Tony and Heather Podesta are, tax evaders. Among the press release from the Office of Tax and Revenue’s list of delinquent taxpayers, published in the Spring of this year, is lobbyist Anthony Podesta, who owes $696.32 on his 6,600-square-foot home on Belmont Road in Kalorama. In tax year 2008, according to city records, Podesta only paid $33,935 of his $34,483 bill. What is it with these liberals not paying their taxes, ah? I guess since he paid a large portion of his taxes made him unqualified for a Cabinet post in the Obama Administration.
    Now, John Podesta also has a non-profit organization known as Center for American Progress (and is partly funded by guess who, George Soros), which is labeled as a think tank to its credits. All of these groups and companies these three individual own and operate are all connected to the Obama’s. They all campaign for him, gave money to his campaign but the relationship between the Clinton’s and the Podesta’s is strained because they threw their support to Barack Obama instead of Hillary Clinton for President. It was a bitter pill to swallow for the Clinton’s their former friends and associates cut their ties to the Clinton’s. It just shows you that Hillary has no fans in the Democratic Party. She is seen as difficult, nasty, demanding, and disrespectful; as she treated most of them badly when she was the First Lady, (more like First Truck-Driver mouth). She’s well known for her bad temper and her hatred for Jews, unless their her banker then they are okay.
    This whole thing seems to be setup to confuse the public, spider webs that criss-cross each other to cause confusion and it appears at times that they cover for each other when an inappropriate deal is made between a politician, lobbyist and/or special interest groups and they media plays along with the sham.
    All we can do is try to uncover their ambiguous and dubious acts. There is something very wrong with our Country, when the legal system wants to try the whistle blowers instead of elected or appointed crooks. They are a cancer to our liberty and freedoms and like with cancer we need to zap them with radiation and surgery to remove the malignant growth. After a day of doing all this research I want to pull my hair out. It’s all convoluted, confusing and everything seems to intersect each other and on both sides of the aisle. When election time rolls around that’s when they throw each other under the bus.

  14. Looks like I am right as usual…..Buy gold and buy Lead.
    Recently I heard a speech by Marko Rubio here in Key West. It was the most conservative speech from a politician in ages. No tele prompter, no notes and great answers to a tough crowd. Keep your eye on this guy!

  15. Cool artwork Dick!!



  17. Someone sent this to me. I thought it was hilarious and wanted to share it with you.


  18. Let’s try this again.

  19. Here is a much better and longer version of this SNL skit.

    If the embedded doesn’t work, then here the link.

  20. Michele from NY

    “Isn’t it funny when someone who is about as exciting as a dial tone talks about a “jolt”?”

  21. Michele from NY

    sorry, still giggling….

  22. The stupidity being spewed from the mouths of the lame street media is so absurd! Case in point. Yesterday I was watching O’Reilly and he played a clip from his interview with Robin (whoever, I don’t watch), on Good Morning America. She asked O’Reilly what he thought of Obamacare, he said he did not like it. But, get this, it is golden, she said but Bill, it’s HISTORIC! Unbelieveable! Have you ever heard of a better reason than that? He did not have a comeback. Oh yes, historic, just like everything since his historic election. We have historic corruption, historic debt, historic parties and on and on.

    And, AZNANA, when I see the CRAP spewing from the leftist mouth I can’t help but think of my kids pet geese. They knew they had to watch out for the Poop Shoot and what flew out. That’s how I look at what is going on!

  23. Eileen: All who visit the NLT site, need to offer up ‘thanks’ to you for all of your work on exposing all of this ‘crap’ that goes on, and has been ‘ongoing’ for so many years… THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!

    I have probably the slowest ‘dial-up’ in the nation, so I would need to go without food or sleep, to get to even a small portion of what YOU serve up… sure wish I could get to view the video stuff, etc., but it takes hours to download anything, so ‘script’ is about all I can take time to view… so thanks again. xxxx

  24. Good point, Monica!

  25. Monica,

    To be quite honest the dishonesty comes from both sides of the aisle. As they say bullsh*t floats to the top. I’ve always viewed that Democrats are far worse then most of the Republicans, but what I’ve uncovered so far has actually made me physically ill. I’m very disappointed because of the negative things are generally brought to the surface on the Republican side by the lameass media. But the thing I find most “fascinating” is when a Republicans knows about a Democrats misuse of funds or something far worse the Republicans don’t call them out.

    Case in point, all of the shenanigans from behind the scenes regarding one of the most corrupt and twisted men in the Senate. That being Max Baucus. This guy should be in prison and the Republicans on that Committee should be bring out all the behind the scene double-talk. This guy has excepted millions from the healthcare industry, millions upon millions, the Bill that he wrote for Healthcare was pay back to the nursing union, doctors and health insurance companies; he gave that money and perks back to them in the Bill he created. The Republicans on that Committee, Grassley, Hatch and Snowe have to know about it, yet I haven’t heard a peep about it in the news.

    Those that know about corruption and fail to report it to the public are twice as corrupt for not reporting it. They are no better then Baucus. Don’t the constituents from Montana deserve to know all the facts, but there isn’t anyone interested in doing that. God knows the MSM will never do that when it involves a liberal.

    These are the people we gave power too and the only thing I can see is just how corrupt they all are. WE NEED TO CLEAN HOUSE. GET RID OF ALL OF THEM. Make them accountable to US. They hide all their misdeeds, they cover for each other. That’s the only thing I can think of that can explain the lack of action.

  26. “Dial tone” had me guffawing! I am going to fax some of the senators tomorrow and let them know they are still what the geese shoot. I’m a farm boy and I know what crap is, and inside the beltway is full of it…ALL KINDS! I faxed both my senators and told them they were getting their pink slip next election. Would you believe I got TWO letters from bennett, and they were duplicate word for word! Time to give some pink slips to the office help-less.

  27. “I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article in the Constitution which granted a right to the Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence (Obamacare-mine), the money of their constituents.” ~~James Madison~~

    I will never tire in bringing this up. That this health care reform is un-Constitutional. Moreover I believe all members, Liberaliars or Republiars of both houses of Congress know it. There is language in the House bill prohibiting lawsuits against the Federal Government and as the Senate bill is passed (it will be passed) and the two conjoined into a final bill, I’m sure it will still contain the anti-suit language.

    I don’t believe this probibition is to protect the government from any medical mishaps but to ensure there will be no challenges as to the constitutionality of the bill.

    Just a thought. Let me know if I’m screwed up.

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