The Price Of Fascist Fiction

The “unprecedented breakthrough” that was hoped for at the Copenhagen charade didn’t quite materialize. Depending upon whom you listen to, it was considered “a modest deal” (New Zealand Climate Change Ambassador Adrian Macey.. Climate Change Ambassador, otherwise known as another governmental siphon..) or “it’s weak”. (Lumumba Di-Aping from Sudan) Being that the entire comedic adventure was based upon the fantastic fallacy of global warming, any idiotic document signed at this asinine assemblage isn’t worth the biodegradable, totally recycled, organically inked, environmentally neutral, carbon friendly parchment that it will be printed on..

With all liberals, any signed piece of paper is “unprecedented” and this useless document coincides with the leftist’s vivid imagination as to “appearances” being more important than “tangible results”. Obama has “done something” but what he has done is make more promises that others will have the responsibility of keeping. Or ignoring..

Among the myriad of fruitless and futile “requirements” of this lunacy is that it “requires each country to list the actions they will take to cut global warming pollution by specific amounts”.. Mind you, the non-science and the non-scientists who are promoting the populist propaganda of global warming cannot tell anyone exactly what “global warming pollution” consists of.. That doesn’t matter, they have “done something”..

The most important “breakthrough” in all of this is that this dysfunctional document “provides a mechanism to help poor countries prepare for climate change”.. (“Obama says ‘unprecedented’ deal reached on climate” apnewsmyway) Just as the liberals felt compelled to pay bribes to other liberal politicians in order to move their health scare bill along a few weeks back, now they have taken bribery onto the national stage. “Prepare for climate change”? How much does SPF 80 cost when you purchase it in bulk quantities? I would certainly wager that it is less than the $100 billion a year that the Secretary of Statists was “promising” yesterday.. Shouldn’t we have to have ACTUAL PROOF that global warming exists outside of Al Bore’s mephitic mind before the liberals have to start using American tax dollars to start “paying” for its imaginary harmful effects in order for some demented document to be signed?

Obama decided to dirty the precious environment with unnecessarily expended jet fuel earlier than the thousands of others attending this three-ring circus. Before winging his way back to what was once the United States he said, “We feel confident we are moving in the direction of a final accord..” There is no talk of “results”, they are “moving”.. You will notice that he didn’t call it the “right direction”.. “Direction” is irrelevant to the liberals, all that matters is “movement”. When the “direction” ends up backwards or worse, the fault lies with “the mess that they inherited”.. Basically, anyone or anything but themselves.. And what is their pat answer for their poor directional skills? More time and more money..

The proof of the vaudevillian vagary comes from the whimsical words of Mr. Greenschemes himself. “If the countries had waited to reach a full, binding agreement ‘then we wouldn’t make any progress’”. Later he says that the “nations of the world will have to take more aggressive steps to combat global warming..” Well, everybody is there, why not bang out a “full, binding agreement” right now? “Progress” is just another socialist synonym for “movement”.. Neither have anything to do with “results”. One minute baby steps are fine, the next we need “more aggressive steps”.. Just yesterday, (“Obama: ‘Time for talk is over’” Politico) Obama said that the “time has come not to talk but to act”, today he will take any “progress” that he can create, inflate and then take credit for.

Here one of the alleged stumbling blocks was the stubbornness of China, India and the United States.. The Obama geniuses, as they have done with alarming consistency back home, simply promised up hundreds of billions of tax dollars for some unknown environmental slush fund or funds and they brokered an amazing offer from the Chinese that they would “open up reporting on actions to reduce carbon emissions”.. Just as the liberals, who used to be gulled by the “word” of the Soviets when it came time for inspectors and reporting on their nuclear weaponry, they are now beholden to the global cultists of this bogus “science” and the “word” of the Chinese.. Meanwhile, we foot the bill for the “poor” for something that no one can identify..

Since the Obama caliphate is all agog about handing out more money, perhaps we should follow the money trail as to who has done considerable “investing” in the bogus wind mills, the idiotic phony phantom fuels and the like.. Just exactly who or whom is getting subsidized by the government to “produce” four or five gallons of “eco-perfect fuel” at a cost of billions of taxpayer dollars? Just exactly which Democrats have invested deeply in these faux corporations? It’s all about the money, don’t let any of the smarmy sanctimonious liberals tell you otherwise..

Delegate Thomas Negints of Papau New Guinea played the role of “poor country” in the same unctuous manner as the “poor” do back in the states.. He said that the paupers of Papau were forlorn. “President Obama was not very proactive. He didn’t offer anything more.” He said his country “had hoped for more on emissions, put more money on the table, take the lead..” Whether it’s domestically or internationally, the “poor” know who to run to for their next handout and they always need to be lead..

“We have come a long way, but we have much further to go..” This is the same language used by Obama the oligarch when he is referring to the destruction of America via imaginary “stimulus” packages, health scare schemes and socialist takeovers of formerly capitalist enterprises..

The uber-kooks of the ultra left from Greenpeace were beside themselves. Their “U.S. Executive Director” Phil Radford said, “Obama may eventually be known as the man who killed Copenhagen”. Were that to ever become factual, I would rejoice in the fact that a liberal will have finally performed a justifiable abortion and I will put him in for another Peace Prize or maybe an Oscar..

America’s communist caretaker said that this progressive pretentious pantomime “will help us begin to meet our responsibilities to leave our children and grandchildren a cleaner planet..” I wish that Obama was more concerned with the monstrously insurmountable debt that he is leaving “our children and grandchildren” with but look at the bright side, at least they will allegedly be able to breathe better while they are paying off Obama’s debt.. On that note, just how many American jobs, on top of the seven million Obama has already destroyed, will be forever lost due to this numbskullerie combined with the “cap and trade” hokum?

A cleaner planet, don’t worry, the United States will pay for it.. With progressive promises of up to $100 billion dollars a year that will be paid to “poor nations” and tens of millions of lost American jobs, it is just another small part of the price of fascist fiction..


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  1. Great job, as always, Larry.

    This is good news. It should put a good dent in the lib’s ability to pass Cap & Tax. It’s not everything we need, but maybe it’s a start.

    It is good to see Obie-man finally losing some of that luster. We can’t give up; we have to keep the pressure on them. They will get pretty viscious as they realize their lies and stupidity are showing, but we have shown that we can fight back with truth and common sense.

    Never again, not on my watch!!

  2. T,

    I appreciate your kind words.

    Did you hear about the poll wherein Americans have more faith in the “Tea Party Movement” than either the Repubs or the liberals? (44% favorable)

    This is a wakeup call for the Repubs. Get with it and adopt the following, never give in, never give up and never again, toss out the libs in 2010.

    Thanks as always,


  3. Margaret in CT

    And, Larry, wasn’t it fun to know that Obama arrived home from Copenhagen (where they bravely grappled with the “threat” of global warming) in a beautiful snowstorm of perhaps historic proportions in D.C.? The falling flakes can’t compete with the snow job the Congress is doing on all fronts, healthcare, cap and trade, corporate salary practices, and on and on, in the name of “progress.” Those of us in the original disapporving 12% on January 20, 2009, are not snowed, however, and our number has grown exponentially. Let it snow! We are ready.


    Larry you sre putting out the comments faster
    tha I can keep up .this one covers the farce of
    gobal warming well.They never stop pushing BS
    Tea party results were excellent news and we must wake up the phoney moderates in the Republican party. to get on board as a THIRD PARTY wouldf only play into the hands of the DUMBOCRATS


  5. This whole ‘Hopenhagen’ or ‘Dopenhagen’ was an exercise in wholesale hypocrisy. If the delegates had arrived on Jet Blue (flying coach), pedalled bicycles (or Vespas), rode on Eurrail, or some such, I could at least give them the same props I do PETA: that they say what they mean, and mean what they say. However they all showed up on private planes (or Air Farce One, in the case of the Emmacullated One), and Denmark had to scrounge additional limos from other nations because they ran out (no joke), and one has to wonder how much of a carbon footprint these schlubs left behind. Pity the security forces left with the thankless job of protecting these defrauders of nations, and keeping the throngs of Left-loving lepers under some sort of control.

    What should have told anyone with half a synapse of intelligence what the real deal was when Hugo Chavez decried free enterprise, and Algore warned that the polar ice cap would be gone in five years. The whole thing is nothing more than one collosal fraud perpetrated by the enemies of a free market and a prosperous America.

    As usual, the rest of the world wants the United States to divest itself of its wealth, and hand it over. Truely a macrocosm of how Obama and his crew want the United States to be: where those whom generate the wealth must hand over the proceeds of their hard work over to the freeloaders.

    It is my belief we need to divest ourselves of the global-warming cultists, and tell the rest of the world to do something anatomically unfeasible. The sooner we get the USA out of the UN, and, more importantly, vice versa, the better off we will be.

  6. As I said, Buy Gold and Buy Lead…..

    Seven million jobs lost, millions lose their health insurance, millions loose their homes, millions file for bankruptsy, tens of millions lost in 401k’s, how’s that hope and change working for YOU Bubba?

  7. How exact your post is. Dumboma left a carbon footprint the size of his ego and that is ginormous! And he had to act like the rich uncle and pledge 100 million for what? Unknown at this point in time, so I am sure gorical will be first in line for the first check cut. And I certainly agree, G. Nichols that the sooner we are out of the United Nations and their lease is terminated and all the begging countries expelled from our shores, all the better! We have got to rein in the spending. Eileen is really turning over the rocks and all she finds is deterioration, deception and rotten fingers in the till. Seems every congress person has left finger prints as they robbed the treasury. I’m fighting mad and will not forget.

    Never give up! Never give in! Never, ever again!

    By the way, why can’t we require a purple finger at the polls? That would sure crack the acorn!

  8. Once they pass (ram down our throats) this DeathCare, Obama will force as many of us out of work as he can, and FORCE us to be enslaved into HIS gubment healf car.

    I smell gunpowder in the air…
    …smells like…

    Prepare for 3 years of war.
    The ObamaNazis will be DESTROYED.


  9. Every time there’s a big stink of a noise on ‘Global Warming” in the news, it’s soon followed by snowstorms of blizzard proportions. Our (Left) East coast and the Euro’s. It just goes to show that God can have a sense of humor toward Lies!

  10. I’d hate to say this but I was so hoping that Air Force 1 would go off the runway just a bit to scare the bejeezus out of him. Turn him ghost white. No permanent damage. He needs to explain that if there is Global Warming why is it snowing in Washington, DC. when it hasn’t snowed there in years. Al Gore finally take that shower that has eluded him for so long. He shook his head and the dandruff is the white stuff coming down. There is gonna be a lot since it’s been close to a decade since his last shower.

    I don’t want to entice you with some stuff I found out today. I need to confirm the information before posting it. The story is about the witches of San Francisco and our CIA Director. There’s a lot of animosity between the women and Leon Panetta that dates back to the late 70/early 80’s that may shed some light on the hostility of the CIA lied fiasco. I need to find two other sources and when I do I will post it here.

    Those of you on the east coast stay out of the snow unless your making a snowman. Stay safe and warm.

  11. To be quite honest did he really think he was going to get China and India to actually sign on to that Globe Warming monstrosity. Most of the people live in horrible conditions. Poor electricity, no running water or toilets, most live off a few dollars a week, at least they do in India. I know a little more about them because an ex-boyfriend (he’s a cinematographer) went there to film a documentary. He said it was horrible, when children see Americans they run and ask them for money and/or food. They were told by the American Embassy there to not give them anything. It was really heartbreaking to see that every day for a month. He ended up going to a Catholic church and giving the Priest a great deal of money (in India terms). John gave them $500.00 before returning to the states, he trusted the Priest would know what to do with that money.

    Now, if they had that kind of money don’t you think that they would use it to help the poor there and not this global warming bullshit. What I think happened was Obama greased the wheels with India at the White House state dinner (and his whirlwind tour of the orient). He thought he could charm both leaders into believing that bullshit is real and that he’d like to help them fulfill their Global Warming initiative. The Prime Minister of India was cordial, he probably promised Obama he would think about it. At that, time Obama failed to mention the Global tax that every Nation would be forced to pay. When Obama sent Hillary ahead of him, she dropped this little gem in their laps and told them about the tax. As soon as both India and China heard about it, they said no way.

    So, I’m afraid that Al Sore, hippy Hillary (she reminds me of the hippo from the children’s show the New Zoo Revue from the early 70’s, she’s Henrietta Hippo) and Obama probably promised them that the American taxpayers would pick up the cost of those two Countries tab. So they’ll borrow more money from China to pay for “their” global carbon footprint as they all jet back to the United States in their private jets before the blizzard 2009 hit Washington, DC. Isn’t that ironic? Who said that God doesn’t have a sense of humor.

  12. Larry and Family:

    I’m in the Catskills in NY, and, as I write this, it is 17 degrees F and it feels like 5 degrees F. Tomorrow it is supposed to be 24 degrees F during the day with an overnight low of 15 degrees F. This is typical weather for my part of the state. Global warming is certainly not happening here.

    G. Nichols and Andre:

    I’m with you on getting the UN out of our country. They are totally worthless.

  13. Another great post Larry. I love these snow storms. Andre, have you heard these storms are called “The Gore Effect”? Where ever he shows up so does a storm. Yes, God is smileing.

    I heard a scientist talk about global warming and he said two degrees warmer in any country is a good thing. It means a longer warmer growing season. All the better to provide food for third world countries. Better than the hot air BS those faux scientist commies ranting in Copenhagen.

    And, I should add I love snow storms. Of course, I live in Arizona. Yea!

  14. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    Well, Reid got his 60th vote for the dictatorship bill by lying to the last holdout from Nebraska about there not being any money provided for abortions.
    The top secret bill that was formulated by Reid and his hand-picked morons will only be given to the Senate for a two hour peek before requiring them to push it through.
    As far as the UN is concerned, we should have thrown them out of New York years ago. We are their only means of support, and in return we provide our nations enemies a forum to speak against us. Not to mention a convenient location for there espionage activities.
    Stitch, I think Obama underestimates the peons in this country (us) by not comprehending the extent of our arsenals are our willingness to use them to keep our liberty. I went to a large gun show afew years ago where they had a National Guard unit on display. The people walking around the gun show were better armed than the National Guardsmen.

  15. Another good one, Larry.

    You said: “America’s communist caretaker said that this progressive pretentious pantomime ‘will help us begin to meet our responsibilities to leave our children and grandchildren a cleaner planet…’ I wish that Obama was more concerned with the monstrously insurmountable debt that he is leaving ‘our children and grandchildren’ with but look at the bright side, at least they will allegedly be able to breathe better while they are paying off Obama’s debt.”

    I agree with you about where his priorities should be — on the economy and not on the so-called settled science of global warming…..uh, climate change.

    And you’re right that at least our children and grandchildren may be able to breathe better, even if they can’t afford to do so, because of course when they exhale that will be CO2, which Obama’s EPA has threatened to regulate, and probably tax, as a pollutant.

    As to my thoughts on the CCCC (Copenhangen Climate Change Conference), see my blog article “UN ‘Planners’? Well, Not Really” at:

  16. I don’t trust NASA anymore, they are on the Obama’s band wagon to save their jobs. But they showed scary pictures of all the ice melting.. I think we have a problem with warming, I just don’t know how to stop it or what causes it.

  17. Yes Larry, I’ve been reading a lot about the rise of the Tea Party Movement. I think it’s great! If we could use this momentum to upset their apple cart in 2010 we could crush them completely in 2012.

    Then I read this am that Senator Nelson has sold-out. Jackassed Idiot! What a fool! So they plan to have the first vote on this so-called health-care bill @ 1AM Monday morning. Talk about transpaency! It is perfectly transpaernt that they don’t give a fuzzy rat’s behind about anything but turning this country into a socialist mess.

    There are a lot of religious and spiritual folks who say that this is inevitable. Thay say that this is the path that leads us to the evens foretold in the book of Revelations. I don’t know about all of that. It may well be true, but I refuse to just sit back and watch it happen.
    In case it isn’t apparent, I’m thoroughly pissed off today. If I ever were to see Nancy Pelosi in person, it would take every ounce of self control I have to stop myself from spitting in her face. She calls herself a Catholic, she is a mother, and she is supposed to represent her people. She is a disgrace! She knows better, and those who know and refuse to obey GodKs command are held to a higher standard than those who have not been taught the truth.

    Whew! I’d better quit there before I say something that will get me in trouble with the “listeners” at the White House. I don’t want to be accused of communicating a threat!

  18. blue state blues

    You nailed it Larry. Can you imagine being an intelligent citizen of a “developing” country and watching the circus maximus that was once the great United States of America. Africa and South America have been dumping their vagrants on us for the last 20 years thanks to generous immigration laws that allow them to export their moochers to the US where they get $30,000 a year in Welfare benefits for just showing up. And I’m talking of the legal immigrants.

    Now these same countries are going to try and blackmail this very willing Administration of Misfits into giving them hundreds of billions of our tax dollars.

    As for the “real” science behind global warming, who cares?? They are successfully selling this fraud to the anesthetized proletariat without any objection.

    Think of it. Now that they are on the verge of passing the most horrific legislation ever, the Health Care Reform, they will now essentially have control of over 1/3 of our economy (3 Trillion in the Budget and 2.7 Trillion in health care). When they add Cap and Tax they will control another 3 Trillion a year. That will give the Federal Government control of nearly 70% of our entire economy. And of course you know that, as long as the Libs are running things and the Republicans remain as the eunuchs they have become, that number is only going to go up.

  19. Larry:

    Just as your previous articles it’s all about motion. Even though they go backwards than forwards. I hate them.

  20. if the Democrats succeed in ramming their DeathCare down our throats, despite the most vocal opposition to anything, ever, in the history of our country, a State of War will exist between the Free People of the United States of America and the Progressive Socialist Democratic Party.



  21. blue state blues

    It may come to that. These idiots are way beyond their Constitutional limits.

    Typical Liberals though. They are great spending OPM (other peoples money) but don’t touch theirs. Why aren’t there more voices shouting “are you and the rest of the Federal employees going on the Death Care Plan”?

  22. ok, starting with high school Algebra I have had 23 semesters of math and 17 semesters of science.
    Basically, a heck of a lot more than….Al Gore…Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and both Clintons….COMBINED.

    Here’s some facts on “global(oney) Warming”:

    The oceans have been rising since the end of the last ice age.
    That’s what happens when ice melts!
    Today there are ancient cities under 100 feet of water and they have been there for 2000 YEARS.
    I’m sure the ancients were “advanced” for their time, but to build submerged cities???

    The polar caps do NOT sit directly on the north and south poles.
    The caps are in an imaginary line that is perpendicular to our orbit around the sun.
    The earth is tilted 22 – 24 degrees.
    What happens when you point MORE of the top (or bottom) of the earth towards the sun??
    Yeah, it melts.
    Actually, it “appears” to “shift”.
    The cap is actually stationary in a cosmic sort of way (still perpendicular to our orbit around the sun), but the earth has “moved” relative to the caps every time it switches from 22 to 24 and back to 22 degrees.
    So, while it appears that the caps are receding in one area, they are actually advancing in another.
    Antarctica is a perfect example.
    While Al Gore likes to visit the small piece of Antarctica near the southern tip of South America and video the “calving” of icebergs from the frozen caps, the Australian Academy of Sciences has done a study on the part of Antarctica near them.
    By the way, that part – by Australia – is 4-5 times the size that Al Gore likes to video by South America.
    THAT part, according to Australian scientists, is getting BIGGER and THICKER.
    Did you see the news report on the HUGE iceberg that broke away from that side of Antartica?
    The global alarmists point to this as “proof” that Antarctica is melting.
    Whereas the FACT is, as that part gets BIGGER and EXPANDS more into the ocean, it can no longer support its own weight – BECAUSE IT IS SO MASSIVE!!!

    So, as the earth axis continues to migrate from 22 to 24 degrees over thousands of years, there are dramatic “shifts” in where the caps situate themselves relative to our continents.
    Where is our axis of rotation now? Closer to 22 degrees or 24?
    Actually, we’re just coming off of the maximum 24 degree tilt and heading back down towards 22 degrees.

    AND, our planet does not spin “true” on this axis.
    It may take hundreds or thousands of years to perform one complete revolution of a wobble.
    So, regardless of where the angle of tilt is (between 22-24 degrees), every “wobble” exaggerates this tilt just a bit more.

    Therefore, the ice caps are NOT STATIC.
    They are CONSTANTLY in motion – advancing in some areas, receding in others.

    AND, do you think it is easy for ice to advance over SALT WATER??
    If the ice is advancing in one area (as it is receding in another) and that area is over salt water, don’t you think its going to take a lot longer for that ice cap to manifest itself over SALT WATER??
    The ice can easily advance and retreat over land, but over salt water it will melt MUCH quicker during its receding period and advance MUCH more slowly during its advancing period.

    Does the earth orbit the sun in a more circular or more elliptical orbit?
    I ask “more” because it is always elliptical.
    However, there are periods when the orbit is more circular than elliptical.
    Why is that important?
    During very elliptical orbits there are periods when the earth is much further from the sun (as compared to more circular orbits) and during those periods there are COOLING periods.
    When the earth is further from the sun, it gets COOLER.
    When the earth is furthest from the sun during its highly elliptical orbital periods, if that time happens to be winter, that winter will be more severe. If it is summer, that summer will be much cooler.
    Where are we now?
    We are actually just finishing a more circular orbit and beginning to elongate out into more elliptical orbits.
    These changes in orbits (from circular to elliptical and back again) happen in cycles of hundreds of thousands of years.
    And, when our orbit is more circular, there are NO cooling periods.
    Basically, during more circular orbits, we orbit the sun with nominal changes in our mean distance from the sun.
    Basically, we cook.
    Ever baked with an electric oven?
    That which is closest to the electric heating coils COOKS faster than those further away.
    During the more circular orbits we are basically always the same distance from those “heating coils”.
    During the highly elliptical orbits its as if twice a year the earth was removed from the oven.
    These are called cycles!

    And, finally, how does ice melt?
    Warm air surrounding the ice?
    When you first pull an ice cube out of the freezer and set it on a table, does it melt instantly?
    In the first few seconds does it even appear to be melting?
    How long does it have to sit there before it begins to show signs of melting (ie, water!)?
    Initially, the ice cube is cold enough to resist the warm air.
    The ice makes a brief battle to remain…COLD.
    But as the ice melts, there is LESS ice available to wage this battle with the warm air.
    Do this experiment:
    Take an ice cube and a block of wood that is one half the size of the ice cube.
    Place them next to each other in a warm oven.
    Time how long it takes the ice to melt until it is the size of the block of wood (half its size).
    Then time how long it takes to melt the rest of it (the other half).
    Once the melting process begins, it accelerates.
    Having less “coldness” within itself to resist the warm air, the ice cube actually melts faster towards the end.

    And, keep in mind, every 11 years we have increased solar activity from our sun.
    “Increased activity” means the sun is spewing out MORE ENERGY.
    Do you think this would ADD to the already extreme conditions the SOLAR SYSTEM has already arrayed against our little planet?

    Considering the tilt of our axis is just coming off of the maximum 24 degree tilt (and I have no idea where we are in the “wobble” that adds (or subtracts) from this), and we are finishing up a more circular orbit around the sun, and we still have increased solar activity every 11 years, and these are the EXTREMES of what is possible, and we are at the end of those extremes moving towards less extreme conditions, do you think the ice is melting faster or slower now (in those areas of the caps that ARE melting (don’t forget, there are other areas of the cap that are FREEZING)?
    What happens in the latter half of the “life and death of an ice cube”?

    The SCIENCE makes more sense than Al Gore!

    Only Al Gore could look at a sunset and say, “OMG!…if this trends continues, we’ll be in total darkness, everything will die, and it will be the end of mankind!”
    I want to say, “AL!…TURN AROUND!…The sun will come back up over there in a few hours…its called a CYCLE!”
    The tides come and go twice a day…its a cycle.
    The sun rises once a day…its a cycle.
    We have a full moon every 28 days…its a cycle!
    Winter comes once a year…its a cycle!
    We have increased solar activity every 11 years…its a cycle!
    Some cicada emerge every 17 years….its a cycle!
    And Barack Obama completes a sentence, without a teleprompter, about every….well,…we don’t know yet…

    And the funniest thing of all is??
    We actually are headed towards another ice age!
    As the tilt of our axis moves closer to 22 degrees, glaciers will once again begin expanded over LAND (remember, its very difficult to expand over SALT WATER).
    And as our orbit around the sun elongates into highly elliptical orbits, we will have longer and more severe winters and shorter and milder summers.
    Once things begin to freeze, doesn’t that process accelerate too as you continue to apply COLD?

    Of course, you and I won’t be around to see any of this.
    But there’s NOTHING we can do to stop it.
    Its called……..a CYCLE!


  23. Excellent “cycle” comments, Stitch!

    Wonder why none of them thar “science fellers” never ‘splained it all thataway a-fore.

    Guess there was no big government grant or carbon credits investment money to be made from it, huh?

  24. blue state blues

    Stitch; Nicely done. I can’t even imagine why Fat Albert Gore didn’t consider all that science that you just articulated. Must of been because they keep those details hidden in books and research papers.

    Seriously, that was extremely informative. I’m still trying to figure out how the human contribution of 24 parts per million of CO2 has any impact.

  25. Stitch!! Bloody Brilliant!! The reason we haven’t heard this before is because there are very few people who have the skill to boil down all of the pieces and parts of physics, astronomy, and earth science, adding just enough common sense so that it is clear. Thanks my friend! You have given us all a great tool tonight.

  26. Actually, in watching Fox today they said the 60 votes was to proceed in the process. The debate has ended and these strong-arm thuggery actions are turning off the public off more and more. People are fed up down here but many are distracted by the Holidays, which may explain why they are holding the vote at 1 am on Christmas Eve. The Senator’s want to spend the holidays with their families and in order to do that they need to vote on this piece of shit legislation so Obama can have another Historic Moment on his PR belt.

    A friend on another board sent me this article regarding a columnist, Nat Hentoff and it’s a very telling article so I thought I’d share it with you. Go to

    These politician are starting to extorting taxpayers dollar in hopes that those politicians are up for re-elect and believe they will benefit from signing this Bill. Chris Dodd is worried he’ll lose his seat and with Obama’s support, he and his signing the Healthcare Bull (intended) will help him nail his re-election. I’m just wondering if these idiots hit the eggnog a little too early. Back off the Captain Jack, it’s affecting your judgment. It’s amazing just how delusional and shows they have spent too much time in Washington, DC and hanging out with Washington Lobbyist and Political Action Committee cheaters and liars. They stopped listening to their constituents a long time ago because the liars and cheaters have more money.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukkah and Happy New Year too all of you!

  27. thanks class…

    still playing with the numbers….

    The United States is about 3.8 million square miles.
    One sq mi = 640 acres.
    So the US is about 2,432,000,000 acres.
    One third (about 811,000,000 acres) is forested.
    An acre of trees consumes 2.6 tons of CO2 per year.
    So, 811 million acres consumes 2,108,600,000 tons of CO2 per year.
    The United States produces 5,752,000,000 tons of CO2 per year.
    So, our TREES consume almost 40% (36.7%) of all the CO2 we emit.
    We have 900,000,000 acres of farmland.
    That farmland is about half pasture, half cropland, and some wooded (plus a small amount for houses and farm buildings).
    900 million acres of farmland consume
    2,340,000,000 tons of CO2 per year.
    That’s about 41% of our total output.
    So, of the 5.752 billion tons of CO2 we produce, our PLANTLIFE consumes 4,448,600,000 tons, or over 77%.
    I suspect that the remainder is consumed by all the cities and towns that are NOT farmland and NOT forests (but I haven’t found the data yet).
    That assumption is based on the fact that cities and towns are MOSTLY lawns, yards, parks, etc, loaded with trees, shrubs, and grasses.

    However, I added up ALL the CO2 output from ALL the countries in North and South America and it comes to 7,793,746,000 tons of CO2 per year (check Wikipedia for the figures).

    The total land area of both continents is about 10,515,200,000 acres.
    If 70% of this is covered in vegetation (as our country is), then there is 7,360,640,000 acres of vegetation on both continents.
    (btw- grass consumes more CO2 per acre than trees do).
    That many acres of plantlife consumes 19,137,664,000 tons of CO2 per year.

    So, ALL of North and South America, COMBINED, produces 7,793,746,000 tons of CO2 per year.
    Yet, all the plantlife on both continents CONSUMES 19,137,664,000 tons of CO2 per year!

    Sooooo, what’s the problem with the CO2???
    Seems to me the rest of the world owes the New World some “carbon credits”.


  28. Stitch:

    Thank you for your clear and intelligent explanation of “global(oney) Warming”
    I keep telling the global warming loonies I know that what is happening is a natural part of nature’s “cycles”.

  29. Stitch,

    Great stuff ! Of course Al, the Nobel fraud, doesn’t want to admit ( or perhaps fully understand ) what you have so succinctly explained. Wonder if he knows the difference between true North and magnetic North !

    Speaking of Al, does anyone know exactly how he is making so much money with the ” Global Warming” , “Carbon Credit ” scam ? And, since he doesn’t appear to be a Rhodes scholar, who is really behind this whole scam, and using Al as a shill?

  30. Al Gore gets paid to make speeches, obviously, but he also got a bag of money for the (S)nobel Prize.
    But now he is heavily invested in all those backwater “alternative energy” companies (that OUR tax dollars are HEAVILY subsidizing right now).
    If these companies weren’t subsidized, they’d be out of business.
    Remember the “Tech Stock Crash” of the 1990’s?
    Get ready for the “Green Stock Crash” of the 21st century.
    As soon as we overthrow those idiots in Washington (or simply run out of “other people’s money) and cutoff that flow of money that’s keeping those companies afloat, they will ALL go belly-up.
    And finally, Albert is heavily invested in those companies that will be doing the “wheeling and dealing” of those carbon credits.
    And every transaction they make…chaCHING…goes their cash registers.
    And Al Gore, as all the investors of that sham do, will get their “profit-sharing piece”.
    And, don’t forget Albert’s book(s), that are mostly bought up by his rich liberal friends for “handout candy” at their conventions.

    Amazing, this administration ATTACKS companies (like insurance companies) for making a “profit”, and yet here they are setting up companies (like the ones marketing in “carbon credits”) that will make TRILLIONS in PROFITS, and all for a BULLSHIT scheme!

    The fundamental difference between patriotic, hard-working Americans, and these Progressive Socialist Democrats is this:
    We WANT to work, to earn money, to have stuff, and don’t mind sharing SOME of it to provide for the national defense and help those who TRULY need it.
    PSD’s do NOT want to work, they simply want to take other people’s money and spread it around to those who voted for them.
    Things like “national defense” do not matter if it cuts into the money they steal from us.
    And helping those TRULY in need only matters if those people VOTE for THEM.
    Case in point, the elderly people are turning on Obama faster than a dead skunk on hot Alabama highway “turns” in the middle of August.
    So, where’s Obama’s “compassion” for the elderly?
    Well, those that VOTE FOR HIM are getting “free” money.
    Those that do NOT vote for him…..are getting “end of life counseling”.


    BTW – saw video of Sen Sheldon calling US racists because we oppose Socialism.
    Let’s take a look at the FACTS:
    FACT: America is MOSTLY White.
    FACT: MOST of the taxes are paid BY WHITES.
    FACT: MOST blacks support Obama
    FACT: White people’s money is being “redistributed” to who? Blacks.

    Who’s the racist?


  31. blue state blues

    Stitch et al;

    The guy behind Gore. I cannot remember his name but he is a German who lived in the US. He was a consultant to the UN and got busted for a ponzi type scheme. He is a multi billionaire who made his fortune in, are you ready for this……………….oil. He now resides in Beijing and funds all the pre Cap and Tax activities including Al Gore and the myriad of companies that are “start ups” waiting for the wind fall of Cap and Tax.

    Regarding CO2 consumption I can only add to Stitches analysis by adding that ocean plankton is estimated to consume 30 to 50% of all CO2 emitted during the burning of fossil fuel.

  32. blue state: you are correct.

    Never forget the “hole in the ozone” scaremongering from the 1980’s-90’s.

    Again, its “Vol” the “Volcano God” coming to destroy our villages unless we pay homage to….Al Gore…(or some look-alike) and give him some (most) of our stuff.
    (and if we run out of stuff, we can always “sacrifice” a…

    Well, that crap lost its “scare-value” when SCIENTISTS pointed out: Yes, there is a hole in the ozone, HOWEVER, we do not know how long it has been there….a day?…a week?…a year?…..a hundred MILLION FRIKKEN YEARS??….we just don’t know.

    So they dropped the issue.
    Remember? They were tracking the “hole” around the planet, issueing warnings for the people below??
    Vol – the Volcano God is coming to get you!!
    Can you say: BS!

    In case anyone is worried – the moon is gradually pulling away from earth!


  33. I was asked to forward this article, so I thought I’d share it with you.

    Illegal Alien Murders Teen for Speaking English in America!

    Posted on Tuesday, December 22 @ 19:39:41 EST
    Topic: illegal immigration alien arrests

    Brent Batten: Immokalee stabbing shows another side of immigration debate

    Posted December 21, 2009
    Naples News

    I swear we don’t plan this stuff out.

    But no sooner than does a series of articles about the Collier County Sheriff’s Office program to deport troublesome illegal aliens conclude than an illegal alien is in the headlines, and not in a good way.

    The sheriff’s program, as outlined in stories Sunday and Monday, targets illegal immigrants who run afoul of the law. Deputies, through extra training, are empowered to enforce federal laws and begin deportation proceedings as they see fit. In places without the program, local authorities have to rely on federal agents to undertake the deportation process against known illegal immigrants residing in their jails, a demand the feds are not always prepared to meet.

    The program and the articles about it elicited the predictable responses from good-hearted people who see tragedy in the separation of families. They fret over the anxiety experienced by those who skirted the rules to find a better life in the United States yet are one traffic stop away from losing it.

    Then along comes Mauricio Escalante. The 33-year-old illegal immigrant was arrested Saturday for stabbing to death a 17-year-old on the streets of Immokalee.

    The teenager’s affront that set off the fatal confrontation — daring to speak English in America.

    According to Sheriff’s Office reports, around 3 a.m. Saturday Charlie Guzman and some friends gathered at the laundry of an apartment complex on Colorado Avenue. Three others, including Escalante, were already there and the two groups began talking until a dispute erupted over the victim’s group speaking English, not Spanish.

    Escalante went to a nearby apartment, got a knife, and fatally stabbed Guzman, according to reports.

    So much for the notion that illegal immigrants are universally a hard-working, law abiding set committed to doing the jobs Americans won’t do, all while trying to assimilate.

    While plenty of people in the community of illegal immigrants, a majority, no doubt, fit that description, there are bad actors in the group.

    The bad actors are the ones targeted by the sheriff’s program. For proof of that, one need look no further than Escalante. A year ago, he wound up in jail because deputies found him so drunk he was deemed to be a threat to himself or others.

    But being drunk out of your mind in public isn’t the sort of thing that gets you deported under the sheriff’s system.

    “Until the murder, he didn’t have a criminal history with us,” Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Karie Partington said.

    In two years, about 2,200 illegal immigrants have been either deported or are awaiting deportation through the sheriff’s efforts. Among that many cases, there are bound to be a few where the triggering offenses seem minor or the hardship upon family members here legally seems great.

    But there are hardships to be borne by turning a blind eye toward illegal immigrants among us.

    Ask the family of Charlie Guzman.


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