Systemic Failure In Chief

The surfing Socialist finally came out of hibernation and chatted a bit about the attempted attack upon the Christmas day flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. He didn’t have too much of substance to say as he had to race off for yet another totalitarian tee time.. Being as vague as he always is, Obama said very little but he managed to blame nary a liberal for all of this but then later, he reflexively found someone to blame..

Obama said that “information about the terror suspect was not properly shared among intelligence agencies..” Since Obama is too much of a coward to lay the blame for this, I will do so for him. The fault lies with one Jamie Gorlick, former Clinton hack who orchestrated her position on, of all things, the 9-11 commission. This was important because she had to cover up her responsibility (along with Bill and Hill’s) for building the “wall” surrounding the dissemination of information that should have been made available to federal agencies that literally made 9-11 easier for the terrorists. (Sandy Burglar did a little document barbecue on the Clintonistas behalf as well..)

As a sidebar, Gorelick was given the position of Vice Chairman of Fannie Mae from 1997 through 2003 even though she had no experience within the financial field at all. Please note the consistency within the cancerous liberal party as this is the same procedure used for choosing their recent presidential candidates and we have seen just how magnificently that has worked out.. During that time, Fannie found themselves part of a $10 billion dollar accounting scandal.. Coincidence? You decide.. Yet another liberal is responsible for that which Obama has deemed “totally unacceptable”. This is another responsible liberal party that Obama forgot to mention..

In “Obama: ‘Systemic Failure’ Allowed Terror Suspect to Board Flight” (foxnews) we are again told that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s (the Uni-Ball Bomber’s name keeps changing every day..) father reported his son’s demented religious activities to the State Department at least six months ago. Six months ago yet another liberal, one Rodham, was in charge of the State Department through her unjust appointment as the Obama Secretary of Statists, which was obviously based upon her vast inexperience.. Obama forgot to mention this responsible liberal party as well..

“The warning signs would have triggered red flags (the only ones the liberals recognize and they are usually accompanied by a little yellow hammer, sickle and star in the upper left hand corner..) and the suspect would never have been allowed to board that plane to America..” What in the Hell is he doing using “would” twice within that imbecilic diatribe? They SHOULD have set off red flags and he DID board that plane bound for America. You forgot to mention that you and your employees are responsible for these transgressions..

If Obama had a shred of decency and a modicum of honesty, he would be able to answer the question as to why this terrorist was allowed to board. The answer is that if he had been stopped properly based upon these “red flags” that Obama is suddenly concerned about, some scumbag attorney with a ponytail and a Nehru jacket would have filed a lawsuit based on the First Amendment right of “free speech”. The terrorist’s “right” to “political speech” would have been the reasoning behind the “action” now deemed “speech” and they would have shopped this lawsuit around until they would have found a fellow traveler in a black robe who would have then gladly gaveled in the terrorists’ favor.. Undoubtedly they would have ended up right at the doorstep of the Ninth Circuit and they would have been welcomed with open arms..

Obama likes to act as though he doesn’t understand this, but there is also another reason. Umar was black. If the whole “Islamophobia” farce had fallen flat, $harpton and Jack$on would have stepped forward and taken up the cause of this “brother who was profiled”.. The racists have made the government turn away from one of its basic Constitutional responsibilities based upon the over-exaggerated fiction and the shakedown fundamentals of “racism”. The Mooslim clerics and other turbaned troublemakers have picked up on just how easily the government will flinch when it comes to jettisoning the rights and the safety of the American people based upon the shameful efforts of these two racist charlatans.

Taking note of the racists successes, the Mooselim “dry run” was completed back in November of 2006 when six Mooslim “clerics” were removed from a US Airways flight. Immediately, all of the bellyaching and hollering began. Screams of “boycotts” filled the air.. The ground work was laid.. Thinking about it, as a point of procedure, ALL Mooslims should unceremoniously heaved from all flights. They will then bellow for a “boycott”.. If all of the Mooselims “boycott” an airline, what do you think that the chances are that one of their aircraft will mysteriously blow up at the hands of some smelly demented cab driver or some spontaneously exploding foreign exchange student? None, maybe?

Obama called this a “catastrophic breach of security”. “Pat” Napalitano decided to take a progressive page out of John “Easter Island Statute” Kerry’s book by first saying “the system worked” and then changing moments later to “the system failed miserably”.. The safety and security of the American public should have been the “number one priority” of this Bolshevik as opposed to taking over private enterprise, bailing out his campaign contributors and destroying the nation’s health care system.. This administration is a “catastrophic” mess of incompetence and dangerous ineptitude. The “system” failed. THEY are in charge of the “system” and THEY didn’t “change” it.. Obama forgot to mention that as well..

After forgetting that he and the rest of his liberal minions are personally responsible for this terror breach, Obama suddenly remembered that it was something “we inherited”.. “It’s becoming clear that the system that’s been in place for years now is not sufficient..” There you have it, it is someone else’s fault and you know who that “someone” is.. Even if that were even remotely true, shouldn’t the vastly intelligent liberals have seen these deficiencies in ten month’s time and then gone about rectifying them? Shouldn’t the liberals Gorelick, Clinton and Rodham be made to answer for what it is that Obama has “inherited”? It appears that “security” isn’t as important to Obama as rampant Socialism and totalitarian takeovers..

When a liberal starts mooning about the “system” being insufficient, prepare yourself for MORE of what already doesn’t work. Grab your ankles and prepare for more and more intrusive and ineffective government. The liberals will demand more screeners who aren’t allowed to realistically look at the information available to them for fear of being cast as a “racist” or an “Islamophobe”. Every white person and every elderly passenger will now be entitled to yet another federal governmental involuntary colonoscopy if they want to board an airplane while the “usual suspects” will all be ignored for fear of hurting their fetid feelings.. As always, the liberal government will concentrate all of their efforts on those who would never consider terrorism as a hobby because their lawsuits are always easily dismissed.

Once the liberals got around to agreeing on the idea that this was a “systemic failure”, Obama said that “our security is at stake and lives are at stake..” The most frightening element of all of this is that “our security and lives” are being “protected” by the “Systemic Failure in Chief” and the rest of the demented Demokrats.. Obama called this fiasco “totally unacceptable”. What is “totally unacceptable” is the reality of having the spineless liberals handling the nations’ defense and our national security..


23 responses to “Systemic Failure In Chief

  1. Dave,

    Sorry but I couldn’t save your post.

    When I put the article on the site, strangely whole sentences dissappeared so I had to dump the whole thing and when that happens all of the comments go as well..

    Put ‘er up again, my friend.

    Thanks as always,


  2. The terrorist paid $3,000 in cash, had no luggage and this didn’t set off a red flag by itself? Delta/NWA/KLM should have informed security in Amsterdamn of this fact. Purchase of a one way ticket, paying cash, and having no luggage was what the 9/11 terrorists did, of course that would be thinking, which airline employees are incapable of.

  3. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    This retired USMC Sgt. Major has his Stuff together.

    Jimmy Carter, you are the father of the Islamic Nazi movement. You threw the Shah under the bus, welcomed the Ayatollah home, and then lacked the spine to confront the terrorists when they took our embassy and our people hostage. You’re the “runner-in-chief.”

    Bill Clinton, you played ring around the Lewinsky while the terrorists were at war with us. You got us into a fight with them in Somalia and then you ran from it. Your weak-willed responses to the USS Cole and the First Trade Center Bombing and Our Embassy Bombings emboldened the killers. Each time you failed to respond adequately, they grew bolder, until 9/11/2001.

    John Kerry, dishonesty is your most prominent attribute. You lied about American Soldiers in Vietnam. Your military service, like your life, is more fiction than fact. You’ve accused our military of terrorizing women and children in Iraq. You called Iraq the wrong war, wrong place, wrong time, and the same words you used to describe Vietnam. You’re a fake! You want to run from Iraq and abandon the Iraqis to murderers just as you did to the Vietnamese. Iraq, like Vietnam, is another war that you were for, before you were against it.

    John Murtha, you said our military was broken. You said we can’t win militarily in Iraq. You accused United States Marines of cold-blooded murder without proof and said we should redeploy to Okinawa. Okinawa, John? And the Democrats call you their military expert! Are you sure you didn’t suffer a traumatic brain injury while you were off building your war hero resume? You’re a sad, pitiable, corrupt, and washed up old fool. You’re not a Marine, sir. You wouldn’t amount to a good pimple on a real Marine’s ass. You’re a phony and a disgrace.. Run away, John.

    Dick Durbin, you accused our Soldiers at Guantanamo of being Nazis, tenders of Soviet style gulags and as bad as the regime of Pol Pot, who murdered two million of his own people after your party abandoned Southeast Asia to the Communists. Now you want to abandon the Iraqis to the same fate. History was not a good teacher for you, was it? Lord help us! See Dick run.

    Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Carl Levine, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Russ Feingold, Pat Leahy, Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer, the Hollywood Leftist morons, et al, ad nauseam: Every time you stand in front of television cameras and broadcast to the Islamic Nazis that we went to war because our President lied, that the war is wrong and our Soldiers are torturers, that we should leave Iraq, you give the Islamic butchers – the same ones that tortured and mutilated American Soldiers – cause to think that we’ll run away again, and all they have to do is hang on a little longer. It is inevitable that we, the infidels, will have to defeat the Islamic jihadists. Better to do it now on their turf, than later on ours after they have gained both strength and momentum.

    American news media, the New York Times particularly: Each time you publish stories about national defense secrets and our intelligence gathering methods, you become one united with the sub-human pieces of camel dung that torture and mutilate the bodies of American Soldiers. You can’t strike up the courage to publish cartoons, but you can help Al Qaeda destroy my country. Actually, you are more dangerous to us than Al Qaeda is. Think about that each time you face Mecca to admire your Pulitzer.

    You are America ‘s ‘AXIS OF IDIOTS.’ Your Collective Stupidity will destroy us. Self-serving politics and terrorist-abetting news scoops are more important to you than our national security or the lives of innocent civilians and Soldiers It bothers you that defending ourselves gets in the way of your elitist sport of politics and your ignorant editorializing. There is as much blood on your hands as is on the hands of murdering terrorists. Don’t ever doubt that. Your frolics will only serve to extend this war as they extended Vietnam. If you want our Soldiers home as you claim, knock off the crap and try supporting your country ahead of supporting your silly political aims and aiding our enemies.

    Yes, I’m questioning your patriotism. Your loyalty ends with self. I’m also questioning why you’re stealing air that decent Americans could be breathing. You don’t deserve the protection of our men and women in uniform. You need to run away from this war, this country. Leave the war to the people who have the will to see it through and the country to people who are willing to defend it.

    Our country has two enemies: Those who want to destroy us from the outside and those who attempt it from within.

    Semper Fi,
    J.D. Pendry – Sergeant Major, USMC, Retired

  4. Larry,

    Another great article. When this story first broke, we expected the “I”, “ME”, “MY” fraud in the brown house to blame it on G.W.Bush , in one way or another. And, he did – no surprise.

    However, whenever the “system” works, this fraud praises himself for any success, even if he had no part in it ! Then , of course, “Chuckles” Gibberish has to echo the praises of the annointed one. Disgusting.


    Thanks for the J.D. Pendry post – it should appear in every newspaper in the US – but as we know, it won’t.

    Best wishes to Larry and the Family for a very happy and prosperous new year.

  5. Spot on sir. Another great article. They’ll blame Bush for the next fifty years.

  6. There isn’t a thing I could think of that I didn’t agree with in Dave’s post. Wow. That was awesome. That was a genuine ripping.

  7. Ah yes, the we inherited it argument is out once again. That is the most dishonest statement and anyone that believes it is truly stupid. He ASKED for the job and a bunch of truly stupid people gave it to him.

  8. Another great post Larry and I also agree with Dave’s post of J.D Pendry.

    I’m more than concerned with Obama’s executive order giving INTERPOL total immunity on US soil. This slipped in a week ago without so much as a peep from any news organization. I hope someone pushes him for his justification.

  9. God bless you Sgt. Major Pendry, and all those with whom you served with valour an honour. I must agree with assessment of the ‘Axis of Idiotcy’. How these self-serving A-clowns can look themselves in a mirror, let alone the American people and lie through their collective teeth is beyond me, and their colossal arrogance is beyond the pale.

    What we’ve seen in Washington, the manner in which the Democrats is charge had run our foreign policy is not only disgraceful, but borders on outright treason. When one considers they threatened to shut down a SAC base in Nebraska to get the last Senate hold-out to vote for Obamacare, it is clear to me that they will do nothing but play their political games to get their way, and who cares if they endanger our national security along the way.

    So now these so-called geniuses have figured out that no potty breaks an hour before landing will solve the security problem. They’re more than happy to strip-search Grandma, but they refuse to profile possible terrorists. We no longer have a War on Terror, but DHS claims the biggest threat comes from vets (like the above mentioned Sgt. Major), Tea Party supporters, and white males. Eight years after 9-11, and they still cannot connect the dots, or at least pick up a phone and talk to each other, even after the ‘Crotch Bomber’s’ own father turned him in?

    Janet Napolitano should have the good graces to tender her immediate resignation, failing that, the American people should demand she be fired, and that our security apparatus be investigated for signs of corruption, malfeasance and outright incompetence. Make no mistake, people, we are at war.

  10. Margaret in CT

    I so agree with you, Larry. They think that they can tweak “the system” and make us all safe. No one seems to realize that whatever we do to the system, these very patient people of very evil intent will find a way to confound it. If all passengers were required to enter the airplane naked some jihadist would apply himself to the preparation of a substance that could be injected under the skin and detonated. Whatever it takes, and however long it takes, they will continue to try to kill as many of us as possible. Janet Napolitano has about as much ability to lead the homeland security effort as I have of successfully heading up NASA (I’m a copy editor of medical journals, but that doesn’t equip me to lead a space agency).

    I think the libs had begun to believe their propaganda that the “manmade disaster” of Sept. 11, 2001, was an isolated incident perpetrated by a bunch of people whose feelings had been hurt by the U.S. All Obama had to do was apologize to everyone, and everything would be okay. His very presence would be our shield against terrorism. So, they threw the governor of Arizona a nice juicy bone. Parked her at Homeland Security so she can plump up her personal coffers at our expense and do little else, while the socialists engineer a takeover of our country. She should avoid buses in the coming weeks. A certain golfer wants to throw her under one, and his name isn’t Tiger Woods.

    Have they stopped and thought of where the terrorist sought to commit mass murder? Detroit, where a large community of Muslims and a larger community of blacks live. The message couldn’t be clearer to me. The jihadists are not romanced by a black U.S. president with an Islamic middle name. They wanted to show just how unimpressed they are by BHO, by killing black people, many of whom hold the false hope of gaining from his dismantling of the capitalist structure of our country. And they wanted to show the Muslim residents of Dearbornistan (one of my favorites Larryisms) that the jihadist brand of Islam is the only one that is acceptable and the only one that will keep their lives and limbs intact.

    It isn’t worrying about how to protect us that’s distracting the First Golfer from his game. It’s how to place the blame and get this pesky business behind us so that Congress isn’t diverted from the real business at hand—the destruction of our country from within. We’re in serious danger on every front.



  12. Anyone in the mood for some levity? Here are some Obama jokes.

    The liberals are asking us to give Obama time.
    We agree and think 25 to life would be appropriate.

    America needs ObamaCare like Nancy Pelosi needs a Halloween mask. Opps, she does.

    Q: Have you heard about McDonalds new Obama Value Meal?
    A: Order anything you like and the guy behind you has to pay for it.

    Q: What does Barack Obama call lunch with a convicted felon?
    A: A fundraiser.

    Q: What’s the difference between Obama’s White House cabinet and a prison?
    A: One is filled with tax evaders, blackmailers and threats to society. The
    other is for housing prisoners.

    Q: If Nancy Pelosi and Obama were on a boat in the middle of the ocean and
    It started to sink, who would be saved?
    A: America!

    Q: What’s the difference between Obama and his dog, Bo?
    A: Bo has his papers.

    Dave thank you for sharing that post with us. I was moved and agreed with what J.D. Pendry wrote and everything is unfortunately for America true. Spineless simps all of them. Now Americans are trying to figure out how we got ourselves here, we trust corrupt, career politicians who only think about themselves and how to stay in power. Maybe the next election will reverse some of this crap, but I won’t hold my breath.

    To all of you have a happy and healthy new year. If your going out to celebrate, please don’t drink and drive.

  13. This is classic….difference between being “proactive” and “reactive”….but don’t expect these idiots to understand it.
    Considering all that has come down on us this past year with this pathological narcissist…it isn’t the system that failed, but the “attitude” towards it’s implementation.
    On the executive order regarding INTERPOL….I believe they have a file on BHO and cohorts…which for now we will never see.
    This bottom feeder is spending lots of money covering his tracks including his bogus slew of social security numbers and addresses. This guy is dangerous….I’ve said it all along….nothing has changed that fact in my mind.

  14. 391 members on Facebook and counting.

  15. Dave, Anaheim, CA:

    Thank you for passing on Sergeant Major, J.D. Pendry’s words, He may be retired but, once a Marine, always a Marine. With men like the Sergeant Major, we have a chance of saving this country. Two of my cousins and several of my friends were in the Marines. Most Marines have their “stuff together” and will do what they have to in order to protect their country and its citizens.

    Never give in, never give up, and never again.

  16. Larry and fellow posters (family), thanks for the interesting and informative year. What would we do without all this information and a chance to vent our frustrations?

    Less than a year in office and three terror attacks on us. We can only pray this last one shook up the idiots and they do some serious changes.

    Happy and healthy New Year.

  17. 427 facebook friends and growing…

    Fans of No Left Turnz:


  18. Family,

    This might be the last article of 2009.. Who knows what blasphemy tomorrow might bring from the Bolsheviks, so I can’t say that with all certainty..

    Thanks to all of you for your thoughts, comments and well wishes. The commenters here make this the BEST conservative site on the net. Period.

    Stitch, thanks again for your help with the Facebook. You da man.

    Happy New Year to each and every member of the family.

    Thanks as always,


  19. Larry and Family:

    A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year to you and your families.

  20. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    A must see. This is where obama and piglosi’s dream is taking us.

  21. Folks we need to pray for Rush Limbaugh, who had a heart attack yesterday while on vacation in Hawaii, reports say he is in serious condition at this time. He’s a sane voice in all this insanity.

  22. Fun – and spot-on – comments on the new NLFT Face Book page – YEA!! Trust your readership will grow – as it deserves – when others find you/us on Face Book. Happy New Year to Larry & the Family – and may 2010 begin to see a welcome turning of the Leftist Tide toward the sanity of a Conservative land o’ plenty once again. This jobless “recovery” is killing me!!

  23. He seems to have evaporated into nonexistence, but who was the “well-dressed gentleman” standing beside the pantybomber, expediting his boardage with soft whispers of “He’s Somalian and it’s done all the time”?

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