The Boo Hoo Dance

Even as we have just ended the holiest time of year, I cannot bring myself to feel sorry for “the poor”, or should I say the liberals’ dystrophic version of “the poor”..

Let me be specific. There are two totally different groups of “poor” people. The first group is an ever-changing assortment that finds themselves temporarily in the lowest strata. These are the folks who truly do “fall upon hard times”. The “bread winner” loses their job for example, and with the Obama domestic policy of “destroy American jobs by the millions”, this group unfortunately has gotten appreciably larger since January of this year.. The crucial words within the description of this group are “ever-changing assortment” and “temporarily”. My compassion for this group is genuine and heartfelt, as they have found themselves in this position through no fault of their own and it is their deepest desire to remove themselves from it as quickly as possible.

The second group I call the “professional poor”, otherwise known as the “liberal base”. These are the liberal myrmidons who have been conditioned to believe that the world owes them something. Scratch that, the world owes them EVERYTHING. These are the people who refuse to even attempt to contribute to society in a positive way even though they are fully functional and completely ambulatory. For them I have only contempt and bile.

Only within the demented mind of the left is the classification of “poor” meant to be a permanent avocation. The liberals have programmed generations to believe that that which has been earned by others is somehow the rightful domain of the underclass, that those who have “more” have acquired it through some kind of theft or deception.. The liberals’ “poor” who are essentially oversized children, have no problem digesting the fact that they acquire that which was earned through the hard work of others via the “theft and deception” of the liberal government and then redistributed to them.. All that matters to them is that they reap the profits without any of the pesky “work” therefore the right people are doing the stealing and deceiving..

The “permanent poor” and their baby sitters mutually benefit from each other’s existence. The “poor” are a “cash cow” in every sense of the word. The liberals “creative compassion” collects untold billions of tax dollars, all of which are completely wasted because they are then funneled from the liberal government to the mendicants. In-between these two dysfunctional groups, the liberal government has created yet another typically dysfunctional group which employs countless billions of other liberals in order to “properly” redistribute the collectivist collected cash..

These benevolent Bolsheviks are also just another group in the liberal line who shave significant amounts off of the top of the loot pile before it ever gets handed to the loafers. After the litany of liberals all get their copious cuts, then and only then do they lovingly redistributed what is left to the rabble. The more of the “permanent poor” that the liberals can create and sustain, the more liberals that will need to be employed within the layers of the ever expanding liberal moronic monolithic government to take “care” of them..

These “poor” have absolutely no desire to better themselves. Were their “living conditions” actually as horrific as the liberal media like to make them out to be, they would actually do something THEMSELVES to change their station in life. The liberal government, for all of its blather about “change”, NEVER wants the lowest class to do anything except get bigger and more dependent. This liberal conspiracy appears to be perfectly acceptable to all parties involved. The limousine liberals are content to act as plantation overseers again and the derelicts are absolutely fine with the idea of having the liberal government give them what they do not deserve.

These people are not despicable because they are poor. They are despicable because in far too many cases they are poor by choice and they are even more despicable when they act as though they aren’t poor by choice when it appears to be financially expedient or convenient.

Periodically when the feeling of being downtrodden and displaced strikes, a few of the bottom feeders assemble with misspelled placards and they stomp about in dirty little evil circles in front of some liberal government office. What they DO is they grouse and moan about their “conditions”, conditions that they have done absolutely nothing themselves to alter, and they then turn to the compassionate liberal government to make things all better for them. Their station in life isn’t anywhere near as bad as they pule about when the liberal media has turned on the cameras and the microphones. All that they want is a “raise” without having to work for it..

The liberal government then takes money that I have earned and they benevolently hand it over to the “poor” who have refused to participate and to produce (they sure do reproduce though..) within a society and an economy that depends upon its citizens to do both. This is the modern day liberal’s definition of indentured servitude. The manacles and the fire hoses of the past have been replaced with EBT cards, welfare “benefits” and the handouts that they laughingly feel is “helping” those that they have enabled, enslaved and emasculated.

Please keep in mind that when the liberal media begins to cluck and snort about the “poor”, they like to leave everyone with the image of a “Grapes of Wrath” type of “poverty”. Today’s liberal “poor” all have one or more automobiles, cable or satellite television, actually numerous televisions, cellular telephones, video games and an endless assortment of modern conveniences and trappings. “All that they ask” is that everyone else pay for their groceries, their gas, their electric, their rent, their health care…etc.. They do not have the time to find a job as they are too consumed with the hobby of standing in some liberal government line somewhere. As long as they have the stamina to merely endure the horror of weaving between endless velvet stanchions, my tax dollars await them in the form of another dozen or so handouts at the end of the day.

These “beneficiaries” are willingly being enslaved. All that the liberals ask is that they remember who “pays” them come election time. I have long contended that if the poor did not have the right to vote, the liberals would not have a care in the world for them. Actually the poor, who contribute nothing, should not be allowed to vote, especially when it comes to the garnering of revenues by the government. Their opinion will matter once they begin to contribute to the coffers.

The liberals are “paying off” the “poor” with our money. These “poor” have no dignity, they have no souls and they exist merely out of spite. So as the liberals all line up to do the boo hoo dance for their benefit of their solipsistic slugs, I will be the one trying to unplug the juke box..


34 responses to “The Boo Hoo Dance

  1. Family,

    Periodically as the news flow goes quiet, with the holidays for example, I will attempt to throttle a few of the liberals favorite topics and a few of their chrished “special interests”.

    I hope that this one hits the mark..

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Thanks as always,


  2. Family,

    As well, for a giggle, check out the aptly named: “I Need Money” at the “Thought of the Day”:

    Thanks as always,


  3. Proof that conservatives have no voice in the media.

  4. and every time the Progressive Socialist put on that tired old record “tax da rich, gib to duh po’ ”
    these people just start dancing….election after election after election….and they are NEVER any better off.
    Take a good look around you Mr Welfarian.
    You grew up in that slum.
    Your parents grew up in that slum.
    Your grandparents grew up in that slum.
    And if YOU don’t “change” it, your chillen will grow up in that same stinking slum.
    Don’t tell me there’s “no way out” when you keep voting into office the same old “jailers” who want to keep you bottled up “down on the farm” while they keep “farming” your vote, and stealing BILLIONS from taxpayers.
    The BILLIONS that mysteriously never make its way to YOU!
    Wake up! Mr Welfarian.
    And, our patience.

    2010 is OUR YEAR.
    Its time to roll up the sleeves and go “bare knuckle” on the Progressive Socialists…
    Drive them out of office…
    out of our lives…
    and out of our country…



  5. Lightcrosser

    Originally an attempt was made to limit the vote to property oweners, it failed. As long as the “poor” created by the welfare state vote the country will continue to slide to socialism.
    AS long as privelege is earned and matched by responsibility the republic will prosper. When the plebes (professional poor) figure out they can vote for wealth unearned the republic is doomed. Try reading Starship Troopers by ?R.H. Heinlein pretty much sums up the problem SIASSL

  6. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    Originally, our forefathers didn’t want the common folks to vote, because they knew that most of the people are too stupid to vote intelligently. They were talked into giving the people the right to vote, but they excluded women and slaves. As the years went by the women and slaves were given the right to vote and that is why we are in our current predicament.

  7. The first Revolutionary War was fought on the premise of “no taxation without representation”.

    The next Revolutionary War will be about “no representation WITHOUT taxation”.

    ie, if you don’t pay any taxes, you don’t vote!


  8. Home run, Larry.It should be part of the chapter “This is John Galt Speaking” in Atlas Shrugged. The generations of “Give Me” will be the death of this country and freedom all over the world if we do not start in 2010 to change congress, the liberal give away laws, and the need to work or be productive to receive welfare. I agree there are truely people that need help, but it should come from the community and churches not the givermut.If you are not a member join 9-12 project, We the People, NRA, other groups that support the constitution.If we are not active our way of life is gone. I think Me, my wife and Stitch will go down in a hail of gun fire. Fight, Fight, Fight!!!!!

  9. And we’ll be the ones who have your back.



  11. Amen, Larry.

    I find it interesting that the so-called language over abortion raised such a rift in Obama’s healthcare deformity bill. We are now letting life continue for the as yet un-broken Federal teat-suckling welfare recipients who have proven their worthlessness. Abortions occur the most frequently amongst the ingrates that will not do for themselves and expect others to do for them.

    Yet the “language” for abortion is causing a stir. Let me be brash. I would pay to be rid of a street crawling life-form than to save it from abortion and have it reproduce creating more of the “you owe it to me, it’s not fair” bastards.

  12. Recently in the Key West Citizen Cokie Roberts wrote how wonderful the food stamp program was going to rescue the economy buy putting money to revive the grocery industry, employees and related services…trucking, fuel, repairs……What an IDIOT! Based on that welfare for everyone would pull these United States out of the mess this man/child has gotten us into. ! A year ago only 3000 on stamps, now 6500 and still only 6% unemployment in Monroe County . (oh sorry she said it was Bushes Fault). The NYT is not worth the ink and trees required to print it. Cokie, it should be FREE for the training of my new puppy.
    Buy Gold and Buy Lead!

  13. Great article.

    We should all have emphaty for those that are poor, but what we have today is a different kind of poor among some in our country.

    I was at the grocery store yesterday and the lady ahead of me had 3 full baskets of food piled high – probably over $300.00 worth.

    She weighed at least 300 pounds and her 2 children, who looked around 12-14, weighed over 200 pounds each.

    She paid with her food stamp card. Her children frowned at me as I tried to smile at them. I believe they hated me, and I wondered why. Perhaps her Mother has told them about the evil rich white people. I am not rich, far from it. My wife is disabled and we live in a $425.00 apartment.

    I am fortunante to have a good job and work at least 50 hours every week.

    It is not the children’s fault, and I have always tried to put myself in someone else’s shoes and walk around in them, and not be judgemental without understanding the situation.

    I will continue to do that, because that is right, but the look from those children and their Mother’s snarl was sad.

    The children did not know that I, and many others were paying for their food, and I have no idea what was running through their Mother’s mind.

    Am I wrong in being angry?

    I know what it’s like to be poor. I don’t know what it’s it like to be poor and feel entitled to deserving of money from the government.

    My wife gets a small disability check. She has type 3 Congestive Heart failure from being diabeitc since she was a child. She worked for over 20 years as a school teacher before she became ill.

    I don’t view her disability check the same as welfare because she worked and paid into the system for 20 years (you cannot get disability otherwise).

    Am I wrong to view that differnetly?

    I don’t think so, but please give me your opinion.

    This is a great site with a lot of very wise folks.


  14. Fine post Larry – 2 vivid memories come to mind. Several years ago I was with my kids driving back f rom a basketball game, when we stopped at a diner for a meal. Getting out of the car I noticed a man inside a dumpster looking for something (I guess) to eat. I pointed him out to my boys, “look at that poor person, how lucky we are, we have a home and can affort to eat whenever we want. You know one of those lessons in life you want to pass on. I was about to give him some money for food, when my eldest son, said. “Dad, he has a walkman”. Sure enough, he had his ear phones on . Second come to mind memory, buying gas on Saturday mornings, having to wait in line while the “poor” used the welfare checks and food stamps to buy lotto tickets. ARGH! I should have been a pirate. PS: Keep the pressure on state attorney generals to challange the “HealthScare” bill as unconstitutional. States rights, the only way to stop this train wreck. Never again is not long enough.

  15. Family,

    Yet another shameless plug for the “Thought of the Day” site..

    There’s the link. 99.9% of the stuff there is different from the stuff at NLTZ..

    It’s always good for a giggle or three.

    Thanks as always,


  16. Everyone believes we should have a safety net for the poor.
    But our “safety net” is not a “safety MATTRESS”!
    Get off your butts!
    Get back in the game!

    We’re sick and tired of carrying these people.

    Kick them all to the curb, then we can one-by-one decide who REALLY needs help, and who is just looking to get “paid for their vote”.


  17. Dave, Anaheim…as a female physician working my butt off for the medicaid population (best quote thus far in my career, “I have medicaid and I’m not afraid to use it!”) I must say I resent your remarks. The current problems stem from the vote of the non-tax payers and the tax-suckers. It really should be, “If you work and pay taxes (and no, working for the federal goverment doesn’t count), you can vote”. Period.

  18. @chuck0410-
    You are right as rain mister.
    MOST of us have been “poor” at some point.
    I can tell stories of going MONTHS without heat or hot water, without phone, without a car, and going for days without ANYTHING to eat.
    Most people assume that not having ANYTHING to eat means I looked in the frig (stocked with food) and sighed and said, “uhg, there’s nuttin to eat…”.
    No sir.
    I was so low I actually licked salt out of my hand just to have the TASTE of food.
    Seven days. That’s the longest I have gone without one crumb of food.
    Only water.
    Unfortunately, there’s not ONE SINGLE gubment program for “single white men”.
    And I could go on and on and on, but I wont, because that’s LIFE.
    I have never felt sorry for myself or ANY “poor person” I have ever met.
    And I have met immigrants to our country from every continent on earth (except Antarctica), and some of those I took pity on.
    Mostly because they came here, escaping the horrors that held them behind the Iron Curtain for decades, with literally NOTHING but the clothes on their backs.
    No money. No extra clothes. No job. Can’t speak English. Temporary lodging. Etc, etc, etc.
    Ok, I “felt” for these and did what I could to help.
    No “gubment deductions” for the time, money, clothes, supplies, and anything else I could give them – just a simple thank you.
    And THAT, a simple “thank you” is the ONE thing these lazy, good-for-nothing, SOBs, BORN in this country, can’t seem to choke out of their food-filled mouths.
    Food that I PAYED FOR!

    “safety net” implies effort.
    People sitting on their gubment-funded asses have no need of a safety net.

    How many times does a child TRY to walk before they succeed?
    And every time they plop down on their little asses, we pick them up and let them try again.
    But not these people.
    Once they’ve “plopped down” on their comfy gubment-paid sofas, just hand them the remote and 48-oz’er.



  19. Hey, I learned a new word — “solipsistic” — as I often do when I ” read Larry.” Thanks, Larry.

    So, I guess Obama pretty much has a solipsistic view of the world, then?

  20. The definition of Insanity in to keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. They, their parents and grandparent before them have voted for Dimocrats and they can’t seem to understand why their situation doesn’t get any better. And the only time their congressman ever shows up is in an election year. Then after the votes are miss-counted they won’t see them till the next one. HELLO. Wake up suckers.
    BTW. 60% of the welfare budget goes just to cover administration costs. And the living standard of our “Poor” would be considered middle to upper-middle class in other industrialized countries.

  21. Stich76
    Yes it was supposed to be a safety net but they have turned it into a hammock, or more od a lounge chair.

  22. Docta G.

    ” Working for the Federal Government.” Now that’s an oxymoron if I ever saw one. And yes, it does seem to be run be morons lately.

  23. Stitch,

    “Safety Mattress”..


    We have known some pretty lean times haven’t we? I don’t recall either of us turning to the government for a lifetime stipend..

    Thanks as always,


  24. Docta G.,

    First off I am thrilled that someone with your high level of intellectual achievement chooses to read my columns. God bless you and thank you for your tireless efforts.

    I hope that Dave didn’t mean what ended up being submitted.. I sometimes hit the “submit” button a little too quickly sometimes.

    Thanks as always,


  25. PapaBear,

    Your comment was the motivation behind yet another “Thought of the Day”:

    There is the link and thanks as always,


  26. beyond disgusted

    Larry – absolutely outstanding! I could not have said it any better myself. I’ve long thought that those who receive a government hand-out should not be allowed to vote. They should not be able to pick their neighbors pocket.

    To Dave, Anaheim CA & Docta G,

    As a woman, I feel I can say this. How many election cycles have we been through where the “womens vote” goes to the liberal democrat candidate? From what I’ve seen, more women vote for the libs than not. There are many reasons for this, but one of the reasons is they think the government can take better care of them than they or their husbands can. Or they vote soley on which candidate is pro abortion, or any other single issue that meets their fancy. It is pathetic! Sadly, I have a sister-in-law who is in this category.

    This is not true of female members of this site, or conservative women in general; but it really would be nice if ALL women voted with their brains, and not their feelings.

    Just my humble opinion.

  27. Dave Anaheim and beyond disgusted,

    I totally understand what you are saying, I just wanted to make sure we stick to the facts and not get into generalizations the way that the libs tend to do. Yes, many women and minorities vote for the democrats, but not all. Interestingly, the majority of people at the Tea Party rallies have been women. The conservative and independent women seem to be starting to realize that if they don’t take care of their kids, no one will.

    I love this site and look forward to Larry’s next article, all the comments it will bring, and the chance to stand together with all of you patriots!

  28. My parents grew up during the Depression. They never had a lot but they survived the hard times and learned from it. My father died when I was 21 months old and my mother was our sole support. She never asked for or wanted welfare. She worked a full-time job and had part-time jobs as well. We also rented rooms to boarders. My Grandmother lived with us and took care of me while my mother worked. When I got older, I babysat to help out.

    We didn’t have a lot of material things either but we had a roof over our heads, food to eat and clothes on our back. And, most important of all, we had pride and we worked for what we had.

    Like you, Larry, I have a hard time feeling sorry for some of the poor. I worked for the Social Services Department in my county for 22 years and I saw the PLOM (Poor little old me) attitude
    and the entitlement attitude almost everyday. If I had clients who needed a hand up so they could get out of the welfare system, I put a lot of effort into helping them to do so. The people who were looking for a permanent handout didn’t want the help and wouldn’t take it when it was offered. The liberals have them so brainwashed, they can probably never be salvaged.

  29. A friend forwarded this article to me that is very damaging to this Administration. They had all the information but where it was originating from if they had passed this information onto the airlines that could have placed a US air Marshall’s on-board.

    I made a comment on another site yesterday and was attacked for posting my opinion which is the reason someone forwarded this article to me.

    Here it is…

    President Obama received a high-level briefing only three days before Christmas about possible holiday-period terrorist threats against the U.S., NEWSWEEK has learned. The briefing was centered on a written report, produced by U.S. intelligence agencies, titled “Key Homeland Threats,” a senior U.S. official says.

    The administration official, who asked for anonymity when discussing sensitive information, says that nowhere in this document was there any mention of Yemen, whose affiliate of Al Qaeda is now believed to have been behind the Christmas Day attempt by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to bring down a transatlantic airliner with a bomb hidden in his underpants. However, the official declined to disclose any other information about the substance of the briefing, including what kind of specific warnings, if any, the president was given about possible holiday attacks and whether Yemen came up during oral discussions.

    According to the official, the holiday threat briefing—one in a series of regularly scheduled sessions with top counterterrorism officials—was held in the White House Situation Room on Dec. 22. Present were representatives of agencies involved in counterterrorism policy and operations, including Attorney General Eric Holder, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, and FBI Director Robert Mueller. The CIA and the national intelligence director’s office were represented by deputy agency heads: CIA deputy director Steven Kappes and David Gompert, the principal deputy to national intelligence czar Dennis Blair. Also present was Michael Leiter, director of the National Counter-terrorism Center, a unit of the intelligence czar’s office that was created after 9/11 to ensure that intelligence reporting about possible terrorist plots was shared quickly among all U.S. agencies that might have some capability to do something about it.

  30. Here is what I posted yesterday on the other website. It’s nice to be proven right especially from a liberal magazine. It just seems that passing a healthcare Bill was more important then keeping holiday travels safe.

    How can we stop all of this? First, we need to analyze their methods and expose the rest of America what they really are and honestly believe.

    In a two party system, we need to identify their methods. We need to illuminate everyone’s mind, but also touch their souls. We can move those of us who are destined to deliberate, (and are sometime side effects, to new dimensions of consciousness and understanding. Most Americans, myself included, have never been attracted to Marxism, Communism and Socialism, and could never understand anyone who would even want that for our Country to hand off to our children and grandchildren, this repeatedly very flawed system of Government. It never works so for me, it never made much sense, seemed self-evidently repulsive, morally abhorrent, and opposed to everything in which I believed, having been raised on the Bible and then reading Ayn Rand’s novel Atlas Shrugged about a dystopian anti-utopia that will never be good for anyone living under its grasp.

    If you’ve read this novel, you can foresee what our lives would look like under the liberal/secular progressives. We have already watch our society collapse around us as the government increasingly asserts control over all or major industries (AIG, GM and America’s banking system), while society’s most productive citizens, slowly but progressively we disappear from society. Liberals have always used and abused our emotions (while they have no emotion) by withdrawing the “minds” that drive United State’s society’s toward growth and productivity. Their assault will come from different sources by using their creative minds in hope to demonstrate that the economy and society would collapse without their profit, wisdom and motive of their collective efforts of the rational and productive. Those assaults will come from different sources, from industries, education, finance to artists to spread the word.

    Until now, I never understood the minds of those who buy these Marxism/Socialist illusions that they are seduced by, nor at the heart of its core beliefs. I now know how radicals think, and have a deeper understanding of the other side, rather than a mere instinctive recoil. That my instincts have been right, will come as no surprise to conservatives and many moderately minded Americans, but will be denied by hard core liberals, which is one of their central points: “There are none so blind as those who will not see.” Liberals today still deny, obfuscate, distort, and twist their own perceptions in order to revive the socialist dream, even after the Nazi, Soviet, and worldwide Marxist disasters of the past two centuries collapsed under their own weight. That the very ideas of socialism are malevolent, and responsible for the atrocities, not merely the failures of the implementers. In other Countries, it may have failed, but in our hands, it will succeed.

    The closer we get to the Liberals Socialist agenda (and most liberals are repealed by Socialism).
    Unfortunately. Liberal Democrats view themselves as intellectuals (which may explain why they go to Ivy League University’s and why most of those Universities are in the blue states) were it not blinded by their mystical, ego-bound delusions of an Utopian life where they are the messiahs of the world, they would have recognized, not just the impracticality of socialism, but the evil of it long ago. There can never be equality of condition, even in a totalitarian state, because the equalizers must necessarily be illustrious above the equalized, and pointing a gun, all the way.

    There always seems like some of our liberal politicians seem to have an emptiness and/or emotional void. There is a disconnect between them and “the People” and the more they reject the principals that the Founder’s had envision, the more taxpayers will lose. They seem to treat socialistic system of Government as some sort of religious roots of socialism.

    We cannot talk about the Left and the origins of their ideology, (it is still Marxist socialism, masquerading under the benign-sounding names of “progressivism”, “liberalism,” “feminism”, “egalitarianism”) pick an “ism” any “ism” and the Left would love and support it. However, anyone willing to do the research on their own instead of accepting what the liberal lame-ass media proliferates. Pick an epidemic any epidemic and you’ll see the liberal Democrats in this Country and others exploit your emotions, for their own personal gain. AIDS, Flu etc. Look at how the liberals injected their reaction to the swine flu and the so-called pandemic they tried to assume by playing with emotions. Barack Obama was in the middle of confirming his Cabinet members in the Senate and some of his choices raised some eyebrows, the tax cheaters, telling us the only person that could save the economy was tax cheater and now head if the Internal Revenue Service, little Timmy Geithner. The Senate was forced to approve some of those like Janet Napolitano and Kathleen Sebelius. It was serious emergency that some of these appointments needed to move forward.

    Right now, this latest emergency regarding the crotch bomber is being used as another ploy to approve Obama’s choice for the head of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration who has said he gave a Senate committee misleading data but it was “inadvertent.” Erroll Southers is another appointment with questionable behavior and background. He acknowledged recently he inappropriately accessed our federal database two decades ago — but he corrected his account of the infraction in a letter to the committee one day after the panel approved his nomination to head the TSA; as this administration continues to blame Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) for the delay in his confirmation. Their motto, when in doubt blame others or the Republicans.

    Knowing this administration’s agenda and with the knowledge and forethought that this suspect’s father contracted the authorities about his son’s being radicalized by the Muslim extremist from Yemen. Is it at all possible it’s another “we must confirm this appointment because it’s another emergency” for the liberals?

    I’m sure that Southers confirmation will be the first agenda item when Congress reconvenes on January 18th.










    * A JOB,
    * WELFARE,



  32. Stitch
    Unfortunately your grasp of the situation is all to correct. Maybe we could adopt Mexico’s immigration laws.


    There used to be a time when people were embarrassed to be on the dole. Now they act like it’s an achievement.

  33. Stitch

    Well said – LOL here – you have a firm grasp on the situation

  34. Papa Bear

    There are still some who are embarrassed, but they are few and far between.

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