Getting The Message

In a Fox News article entitled, “Obama Gets Voters’ Message: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs”, I have to wonder whether Obama and the liberal statists will EVER get the message, not that I am concerned that they ever will.. The liberals have to try to navigate the leftist’s Titanic around the glacier-sized ego of the Super Ego, so they have their work cut out for them. What is the “message”? The old school liberals used to have trouble driving over the water, the latest liberal “lyin’” seems to be having trouble walking on it..

After another progressive pow wow yesterday, the liberals have “concluded that the economy-jobs specifically and the broader topics of the nation’s financial health- must be priority No. 1..” Proving that they are ever so quick on the uptake, the leftists only took 366 days to figure out that by passing measures specifically intended to stifle both job growth and job creation, ALL of Obama’s OTHER “number one priorities” weren’t of any concern to real Americans. Supplanting capitalism with socialism isn’t the answer unless the question is, who is the only president that makes Americans say, “that Carter wasn’t such a bad guy”..

“If there is any path out of this mess Obama found himself in..” The “path out of this mess” was charted on January 19th and Obama, along with the liberal House and Senate specifically MADE this “mess”, circa 2006. He has “found” himself there because he decide to follow the route that he laid out for himself by using his “Marxist MapQuest”..

What is his answer to his own habit of pooping in his own progressive nest? “Aggressive promotion of the administration’s economy-boosting efforts coupled with criticism of the Republican approach..” “Aggressive promotion” actually means “divert and deflect”. The “administration’s economy-boosting efforts so far have rung up an over ten percent domestic unemployment figure coupled with an Obama deficit of nearly fifteen TRILLION dollars. These are the same liberals who used to go into a diarrhea panic and they would cluck and snort over a deficit of 765 billion when Bush was fighting the liberal House and Senate..

Obama wants to focus “greater attention on the nation’s angst and anger over unemployment persisting at near 10 percent, government expansion, Wall Street excesses and federal deficits..” Let’s break that nonsense down.. Obama is personally responsible for the unemployment rate, he is personally responsible and he will unquestionably continue down the progressive path of unlimited government expansion, Obama personally “bailed out” the Wall Street that he now pules against and the ballooning federal deficits topping fifteen TRILLON dollars are what he wants your grandchildren to “inherit”..

Let’s just take one element from that last missive. Wall Street. Obama wants to have it both ways. As a genetic socialist, it had to personally lacerate Obama to “bail out” Wall Street, but “bail them out” he did. Obama didn’t want to just be the “benevolent banker”, he wanted to make the rules and change how the game is played even though neither he nor any of his asinine administration has even a clue as to how capitalism actually works.. He “bails out” Wall Street which benefits the limousine liberals, then he wants to stick his thumbs in the eyes of Wall Street in order to placate the progressive proletarians who represent the liberal “base”.

Not to be done with all of that, Obama now wants to “tax” the bank (and probably the Wall Street) bailouts. He gives them “bail out” funds in order to “stimulate” the economy, then he wants to tax them if they manage to make a “profit” which always ends up slowing, if not stunting, the economy that he allegedly wanted to “save” or “stimulate”. See: Capitalism 101 for further instruction, Barack..

Now Obama has to deal with the “suddenly imperiled passage of the marquee domestic agenda item- a sweeping health care overhaul..” That being said, it seems that Obama DOESN’T get the message.. This “marquee domestic agenda item”, formerly known as one of his “number one priorities”, was the fulcrum that launched Senator Scott Brown into office. This “prompted a series of questions about the president’s political judgement, clout and popularity..” When you promote the mailroom clerk and place him in the CEO’s spot at the table in the boardroom, things like this will naturally occur. His liberal inexperience with the real world means that the reality of his lack of tangible POSITIVE results is directly related to his sudden “unpopularity” which is a total mystery to him.

Bob Casey (L-PA) said, “If the dominant message isn’t about jobs and spending, we’ll be making a difficult challenge exponentially more difficult..” Stepping as far away from Obama and his administration that insists upon administering their sophomoric socialism would certainly make the “challenge exponentially” EASIER but no Democratic underling would ever consider trying to “right” the ship by grabbing the helm of the “Good Ship Lolli-Fop” from their steer-less leader..

In his “daily closed door meeting”, (transparency?) ” the president told staff they had accomplished a lot in the year..” “A lot” is a mild understatement however, “direction” in relation to these “accomplishments” is critically important. Obama doesn’t seem to understand that spiraling the nation and the economy into the abyss of simpleminded socialism may be an “accomplishment”, but not one that any sensible person would want to brag about in public.. It also goes a long way towards explaining the Scott Brown election which is still a puzzlement to the beleaguered Bolsheviks..

“Obama was furious with Martha “Marcia” Coakley for what many in Washington saw as inept handling of a once sure-fire victory..” Obama need look no farther than “The Invisible Woman”, his Secretary of Statists for the template of losing “sure-fire” victories.. Obama’s visit to Massachusetts on Coakley’s behalf ended up being more beneficial to Brown with the liberal stumbler’s penchant for fascist foot in mouth disease..

“He made a mistake in not making his aims clear to the American public..” Obama has never needed to say a word to the American public. What the liberals will never understand is that the vast majority of thinking Americans (which leaves all of the liberals out and all of the Obama fan club members as well because they need EVERYTHING explained to them..) knew exactly what Obama was up to since his first “number one priority” was forced down the nation’s throat. Had he been better at concealing his collectivism, yet another Marxist marionette would be taking her seat in Kennedy’s oversized one.

“We were so busy getting stuff done and dealing with immediate crises..what they’ve ended up seeing is this feeling of remoteness and detachment..” How “seeing” something translates to “feeling” something is something that only the complicated liberal mind can comprehend. These types of verbal toe stubbings come from those looking to simply obfuscate the obvious.. Again, Obama doesn’t get the fact that “getting stuff done” Obama style is exactly what the American taxpaying citizen finds so abhorrent. This “remoteness and detachment” that everyone was “feeling” came from the liberal bravado of a supermajority in the Senate, the feeling of fascist invincibility and their inability to see the future that was bearing down upon them..

“Obama was expected to try out his retooled message first on Thursday..” His “retooled message” is entitled “refool the public”. Nothing is going to “change” except for the manner in which it will be delivered. It will still be the same masticated Marxism that Obama has been regurgitating since he was sworn in..

Never one to learn from his copious mistakes, “Obama is depicting Democrats on the side of Main Street taxpayers. He unfurled that pitch against Brown on his last- minute dash to Boston to help Coakley, even though it didn’t work..” When your ego overwhelms your political acumen, good things always seem to happen to your opponents. No matter how hard he allegedly tries, Obama will NEVER get around to getting the message..


39 responses to “Getting The Message

  1. Family,

    The TOTD site is humming with excitement as well..

    Thanks as always,


  2. Wow, Larry! You are hot this week. And you have hit a bullseye with each and every article. I am at a loss as to what zero will have to say about the state of the union. His view is so out of sync I can’t help but agree with you regarding his ego. His ego has ALWAYS been overwhelming. I have often wondered regarding the royal marriage. We often saw Laura Bush with George, but seldom see Mabelle with Obi. And each time I do see her, I always wonder if she was just at the local thrift shop picking out a new outfit to wear. This is the first time in my life I have been so aware of a presidential family having no class.

    I am a firm believer in marriage being a huge benefit to the man because it really takes a woman to refine the man. And I’m not talking about naggers, but a couple becoming one with each other. We should choose to be closer to our spouse than our children, because they grow up and marry and move away. But you are (hopefully) mated for the rest of your life after you get married. I am very aware that divorce happens, but if you and your spouse work as one, great things happen. I have been blessed by good parents and a special Mother-in law who died too young. She would be very proud of her offspring.

  3. You are so right, Larry, Obumbler will never really get the message. “Scott brown was swept into office just as I was on a wave of anger and frustration.” Only he goes on to say that it was the anger and frustration of the “last 8 years” of the Bush administration. Are you serious? When are you going to take responsibility for your own administration?

    For the love of Pete! What an ignorant ASS!!!!! Typical Liberal Pablum!!

  4. Margaret in CT

    A million thanks, Larry, for your high-energy response to the many events of the past 48 hours. It is easy to be lulled by the gentle fog of euphoria, but your wide-awake commentaries help keep us aware of the work that is yet to be done. We can’t rest until every one of these thugs is out of the hallowed halls that our service men and women continue to fight for daily.

    I have to print out your messages and read them later these days, but I gain strength from your strength. “Never give in, never give up and never again” has NEVER been so apropos. We have ’em on the run! We can’t stop to do anything but reload.

  5. Richard,

    GREAT point on the Barack/Michelle front. You are right on point..

    Relative to the rest of your comment, I am quite sure that your parents fell the same towards you.

    Thanks as always for all of your contributions to NLTZ,


  6. T,

    I love it: TLP..

    Typical liberal pablum.


    Thanks as always,


  7. Margaret,

    Thank you for your kind words.

    “We can’t stop to do anything but reload..”

    I wish that I had come up with that one..


  8. More liberal logic at it’s finest :

    The liar in chief is blaming Bush for Scott Brown’s victory – he is blaming a Republican for a Republican victory!

  9. Obama doesn’t “get” anything. Especially the Constitution!

  10. Great post, I like your thoughts, I’m going to feature your recent posts on a list that I run on the bottom of my page, keep up the great work. I’m Jim

  11. Michele from NY

    LOL JJ, so true…they’ll place the blame on anyone or anything, just not on themselves.

    Larry, great articles (as usual)…thanks for keeping me laughing. Your writing, along with the looks on Pelosi and Reid’s faces have made my week!!

  12. Larry, as usual a great take on all things Obama. I’ve subscribed to you for awhile and am now going to feature your new posts on my roll of most favored sites at the bottom of the page each day, I’m Jim Great work keep firing,

  13. The Obmabi blaming Bush for the victory in Mass. is right up there with Hugo Chavez blaming the US for the earthquake in Haiti. While Pelosi has declared Obambicare being all but dead, we cannot afford to offer respite to the enemy. We need to call our Senators and convince them not to allow Ben Bernake to be renewed for another stint as Fed head until a full and complete audit of the Fed has been done. We also need to tell them not to favour the Small Arms treaty Heil Hillary is agreeing to with the UN. It seems the Reichmistress is agreeing with the globalists that our Second Amendment rights stand between them and the success of the Progressive Globalist Agenda.

    The war has only just begun my friends.

  14. blue state blues

    Has anyone noticed that Obama has stopped wearing his eye shadow and ice blue eye lid accent! Maybe Michele told him that the King Tut look wasn’t turning her on anymore.

    Great article Larry! You are nailing it!

  15. Larry.
    Keep them coming.Spreading the word to expand your viewership All my hits fron campaign for Senator BROWN have been
    told of your web site.I will follow up.


  16. Boy, this “crowd” really personifies the quote by Ben Franklin…..”He that is good at making excuses is seldom good for anything else”.
    The second revolution has just begun!!!

  17. We also need to keep a close eye on this new Wall Street – Banking reulations bill. You may remember this is the one where he gives himself the power to take over any company that some beurocrat decides might be heading for financial trouble. They can fire the officers and CEO, replace the board and appropriate the profits of the company. The House has already passed this bill. It is just waiting for the Senate to start working on it.

  18. Larry and family,

    What a week! Our president I call a NAP, (Narrsisistic, Arrogant, Progressive) will not change is stripes.

    With his record let’s hope he does go campaign for Harry Reid next month. Will it be too soon to measure Harry’s lair for new drapes?

  19. JR,

    Thanks for the help, every little bit helps a lot.

    Thanks as always,


  20. Go Larry!!! You’re on a roll.

  21. Spot on….again.
    Lots of good quotes too.

    Obama and his Circle of Socialists are not THAT stupid.
    They’re stupid enough to fall for Socialism, but they know how the people feel, they just don’t care.
    This is like a thief getting caught.
    “Oops, sorry, I promise to never do it again.”
    But turn your back on them, and they’re jimmying the lock on someone else’s door.
    Born thieves, that’s WHO this administration is.
    They WANT to take over EVERYTHING.
    They got slapped down.
    Did they get the message?
    Yes and no.
    The dangerous part about them is now they know we are on to them. They know the American people are aware of their socialist agenda, and we’re going to stop them….unless….they go full steam ahead, in another direction, towards the same socialist goals.
    Look for a feint towards “listening to the people”, but watch WHERE they position their troops behind the next hill.
    Sure, they’ve pulled back from the frontal assault of jamming their crap down our throats, but everyone stop, look left, look right, watch the flanks…they’re out there waiting to attack from a different direction…
    Keep your eyes open, ears up, and powder dry…this war has a LOT more battles to come.


  22. I had once said that some people are calling “health care” Obama’s “Waterloo”, but I say this is our “Alamo”.
    We are surrounding on all sides, outnumbered at every corner.
    They have vast majorities in the House, a super-majority in the Senate, and Santa Anna himself sits in the White House.
    But just as those men said at the Alamo in 1836, it doesn’t matter what happens here today, in the end Texas…will be free.
    And in the end, this nation will free itself from the self-serving socialists of the far left.
    Now it appears we have WON the Alamo!
    But not so fast…
    These people are liars, thieves, and cowards.
    They make backroom deals and pass legislation in the middle of the night.
    Their “leader” picks a convenient time, late at night, on the weekend, preferably a holiday weekend, and preferably when some other news story has grabbed the headlines, to sign this piece of trash legislation….like a coward…like a thief….like a liar…

    Are we not still in the Alamo?
    Does our adversary not still have a vast army surrounding us (even though we just knocked their upper-Massachusetts left molar out)?
    Is Santa Anna not still firmly entrenched in our White House?

    Then stand your ground.
    Man your posts.
    Keep vigilant.
    Prepare for the next wave of attacks.

    “Sam Houston” is out there, building an army….let’s buy him some more time…

    “all those who pledge their lives in freedom’s cause, come over to me” – Col Travis, Alamo – 1836.


    PS – EVERY man came over…and history was made.

  23. Stitch:

    You’ve got the socialists and their agenda pegged. They will attack on every flank and, like a cornered animal, they will become more dangerous.

    “Remember the Alamo!!!”

  24. Here’s a good article about why the Supreme Court decision on Campaign Finance is a great day for America and how the left is vowing to fight it ….

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