A Conversation At State

Yesterday the Secretary of Statists came out of her makeshift hovel, saw her copious shadow and we are now going to have three more years of Obama.. Actually Rodham, resplendent in a typically “Russian” red pantsuit, spoke to the press after meeting with the Yemeni Foreign Minister. My “anonymous” sources within the Obama caliphate have surreptitiously passed me a transcript of the conversation that took place between them and I will faithfully pass it in its “unaltered” state on to you.. (For any liberals who may be reading along with their finger right now, this is called “sarcasm”..) (Rodham quotes are taken directly from “Clinton Says U.S. Will Increase Aid to Yemen” fox news)

Lets set the scene.. Yemeni Foreign Minister Abu Bakr al-Qirbi sits patiently on a large couch in the rotunda of the State Department building located in the Foggy Bottom section of Washington. “Al” as he likes to be called, thinks to himself that an area named Foggy Bottom seems to be the perfect location for the Obama White House, not the State Department.. “Al” turns to his interpreter, Abu bu bu Ali al-Muhammed al-Franken, or as he is better known, “Boo Boo”, and says, “Here she comes..” “Boo Boo”, looks up and sees nothing for about thirty seconds when suddenly two large doors open and out strolls the Secretary. “Boo Boo” turns to “Al” amazed and says, “How did you know, I had no idea that you had the psychic powers?” “Al” sardonically says, “She is wearing a corduroy pant suit, I could hear her coming from about two hundred yards away..”

Rodham, surrounded by liberal lackeys and totalitarian toadies, plops down forcefully on another couch facing the Foreign Minister. She immediately begins with, “The Obama administration will provide more counterterror and development aid to Yemen..” “Al” after conferring with “Boo Boo” says, “What do you mean by ‘developmental aid?’” An obviously annoyed Rodham snaps, “The administration is worried about the crisis facing your impoverished country..” “Al” taken aback says, “What has being impoverished have to do with any of this?”

Before the Bolshevik bovine could begin huffing and puffing, “Al” spoke ahead of her.. “Mister Secretary, you like all of your collectivist contemporaries, flounder under the delusion that “terrorism” is somehow motivated by “poverty”. This leads those like you who believe in the handout mentality, those who feel that they have to “buy” or “bribe” their friend so that they will be their friends, to sanctimoniously try to “end poverty” by writing a check or checks suitable for deposit..”

“Terrorism is motivated by an individual depravity that is “enabled and empowered”, as you like to say, by demented imams who prey upon the weak and the defective as well as the personal perversion of the teachings of the Koran by same. The vast majority of the Yemeni population may suffer in poverty, but the overwhelming majority would never consider terrorism. I find it odd that after decades of trying to “end poverty” here in America by the same outdated and ineffective methods, that the liberals haven’t come up with something that might actually succeed if actually “ending” poverty is your goal..”

“Without Yemeni governmental changes, the United States and other donors would balk at sending aid..” After conferring with “Boo Boo”, “Al” leans forward and says, “I understand that the Obama administration has been big on the ‘takeovers’ of American companies and I know that they like to make ‘demands’ with useless ‘timetables’ and such.. Knowing all of that but I was wondering, have the Chinese demanded “governmental changes” from your administration for the trillions of dollars in “aid” that you have asked them for being that they are YOUR largest “donor”?

“Listen Al, the success of this investment depends on Yemen’s ability to make the tough choices necessary to improve the capacity to govern, to reform the economy, to protect human rights, to combat corruption and to create a better environment for business and investment..”

“Al” responded with, “How does one ‘improve the capacity to govern’”? Should we follow your Democratic lead and institute unfettered socialism? What “tough choices” should we be prepared to make? Should we again follow your lead and take over all of our nation’s businesses? How should we ‘reform our economy’”? Should we ‘manufacture’ double digit unemployment and ‘create’ a deficit bigger than any in history as you have? Should we ‘combat corruption’ by placing a gaggle of known tax cheats into our cabinets? How should we ‘create a better environment for business and investment’? Should we portray business owners as ‘evil capitalists’ and then tax any profits that they manage to make while claiming to be ‘reforming the economy’”?

Rodham vomited forth, “Yemen’s government is weak..” “Didn’t your president just get back from campaigning for a political candidate who was running for office in a state that has only sixteen percent registered Republicans? Didn’t the Democratic candidate in that state lose based on the ‘weakness’ of your president, his progressive policies and his inability to get your country to believe in a socialized medicine program that his ego wouldn’t allow to be defeated or delayed? Which country is truly ‘weaker’..”

“This must be accompanied by improvements in people’s lives that will make them less prone to turn to violence..” “Al”, nearly apoplectic said, “Were your nonsensical theory to be true, Mister Secretary, how can you explain multi-million dollar athletes who decapitate their ex-wives and an acquaintance? How do you explain multi-million dollar athletes who shoot their chauffeurs? There is an endless list of those who were successful, those who have ‘improved lives’ who have still perpetrated acts of ‘violence’ and other crimes.. Bin Laden is a multi millionaire. His right hand man is a doctor. The British bombing plot was hatched by doctors.. It’s not a lack of money, it is a lack of morality..”

With that, “Al” and “Boo Boo” stood and “Al” said, “This meeting has accomplished nothing. You will never understand terrorism and what it takes to effectively combat it..” Rodham, assisted to her feet by two servile socialists, straightened her pinko pantsuit and said, “Accomplishing nothing is exactly what I am all about.. Thank you. Show yourselves out. I have to fly off with Bill as he is scheduled to give a speech to Tiger Woods on how to beat being addicted to sex and stuff..” As Rodham waddled perilously towards the doors, “Al” said, “Better yet, keep your cash, you have more problems here in America to try and solve.. We don’t have much oil but we do have a lot of natural gas. We will just raise prices on our American exports..”

We can only wish that that had been how things had transpired.. The sad reality is, Al-Qirib “blamed the lack of reform thus far to a lack of resources” and he even called those he was begging from “donors”.. He also “praised” Obama and his “security team” for “having a greater understanding of the challenges faced by Yemen ‘than the previous administration..’” “A greater understanding” means that the Obama saps and simpletons are more willing to try to “bribe” anyone who says that “change” is in the air..

The Yemenis, whose unemployment rate is only slightly higher than the unemployment rate that Obama has ‘manufactured’ here in America, simply want an infusion of cash so that their decrepit leader can lead tours through his mansion while pointing out to everyone of the gold toilets that “America” kindly paid for.. I am sorry to say that the analogy works because any money given by the benevolent Bolshevik to the Mooselims in Yemen in order to “fight terrorism” is as good as flushed anyway..


29 responses to “A Conversation At State

  1. Family,

    I couldn’t resist..

    Kick ’em when they’re down.

    Thanks as always,


  2. Family,

    Check out the new TOTD:


    Go ahead and subscribe while you are there. Obama will not tax you if you do..

    Thanks as always,


  3. Methinks I detect a trend here… Hallelujah!!!

  4. It is sad that the idiotic liberals think they can buy friendship with OUR money. The Yemenis truly understand the libs and will milk them (and us) for every cent they can.

  5. This week has really been a fun one, Larry. You tell a great story. Had me chuckling all the way. Your discriptive narative is a hoot! Maybe you can come up with a State of The Union address for the telprompter!

  6. Keep kicking them Larry.

  7. Todd,

    They may act like sixth century barbarians but they sure picked up on the same tactics used by certain “special interest” groups here at home..
    Thanks as always,


  8. Richard,

    Wouldn’t that be great to somehow hack in and replace all of the liberalisms with sensible conservatism?

    I’ll be rearranging my sock drawer, too busy to watch the Pravda sponsored broadcast.

    Thanks as always,


  9. Yeah, Larry, I’m going to be rotating the batteries in my flashlights, so-darn it- I’ll probably miss it to.

  10. Just as an added delight when I purchased one of the few remaining tickets to the Met Opera’s HDTV “Encore” broadcast of Der Rosenkavalier at my local multiplex, it’s being broadcast on Wed. Jan. 27, at the very same time as the most boring program on TV that night. What a contrast – and what sheer delight!! Absolutely beautiful music and an A-list cast! By contrast, the only game on the Hill that night will be to see if Nazi Lugosi’s botoxed face moves a muscle….

  11. My wish for the State of the Union address is very simple – that the teleprompter vaporizes about 6 seconds into the speech. Then, everyone can see just how great an” orator ” is the liar in chief. As I said, it is a simple wish.

  12. Larry and all,

    I just found out that a Conservative is running for the open Senate seat for Illinois. His name is JUDGE DON LOWERY. You can see all the information about him on the below link. It does appear that he is a true Patriot and conservative. I never thought that we could ever take the MA Senate but we did it! Now, let’s continue to find candidates that listen to the people instead of their party leaders.


    Never give in, never give up and never again. (Larry maybe you should register that sentence and call it your own).

  13. draw a blank, which happens a lot lately, but declare the phrase as your copyright.

  14. Drat. Since the wizards of smart decided to end all analog broadcasting the only station I get is FOX. And if a car drives by or someone moves in the house, the signal is gone. And since BHO’s economy is doing so great, ( ABS,CBS, & NBS, please tell my again how BHO has turned things around. I seem to be missing it.) I just cannot afford to get cable or a dish. Well I guess I’ll just go re-primer the jeep.

  15. Margaret in CT

    Should be no problem for the Libs to fund the Yemeni thugs. They’ve been funding thugs in this country for decades. They’re very good at getting money to the people who don’t need it and bypassing those who do.

    They may find that these folks who are in the habit of hiding terrorists among their women and children while smiling sweetly at fools like Rodham aren’t as easy to buy as $harpton and Jack$on. They’ll take the money, but when it comes time to “vote,” they’ll do it by looking the other way for a repeat of the U.S.S. Cole or the Crotch Rocketeer. Why don’t we just put the cash directly in the hands of the terrorists instead of dusting off and trotting out our barely awake Secretary of State for these dog-and-pony shows?

  16. Larry, well done. And may I be the first to volunteer in buying a pair of new boots should yours start wearing thin from all the kicking. Come to think of it I’ll even throw in a pair of hip-waders ’cause we all know what comes from the liberals bull.

  17. don’t forget, during his Wirlwind World of Wonders tour, candidate Obama made LOTS of promises to all of the African nations too.
    Those of us who bothered to keep tabs, and tallies, on all those “promises” came to the grand total of almost $1 TRILLION.

    All BHO needs now is an excuse, or “crisis”, to start printing money in an African currency….


  18. Family,

    I have to submit an article to one of my other publishers who puts out new material once a week.. In the last week I have done five and I am working on one as we speak/read :”Really Odd”..

    Which one should I send him tonight?

    Just wanted your opinions..

    Thanks as always,


  19. May I suggest, “Getting The Message.”

  20. “Getting the message” is great. I also liked the new one: “really odd”

  21. A Conversation of Statists is a great primer on basic economics, while also being a nice poke in the eye to the libtards who still obessess about the poverty-causes-terrorism (all wet) excuse.

  22. Larry:

    I like them all so it’s hard to pick one, but I have to agree with Joe and T on “Getting The Message.”

  23. I too think they are all great, so Getting the Mesage is the one for me. Good Lucj.

  24. Never heard of terrorists shouting “poverty” as they are about to claim their 72 virgins…

  25. Larry,

    I vote for “Getting the message”

  26. Wow what a great article Larry! That was such a good read. I love the analogy. I can’t wait for the book. How’s that coming along?

  27. Larry, I am sure the actual transcript of the meeting varies little from your (as usual) excellent parody.

    Keep up the great work.

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