Too Little With Too Much

It would appear that Barack O-bow-ma has plans in place to begin the systematic sequestering of the necessary revenues in order to pay for his historic “hope and change”. For the Red Staters, this is translated from the liberal obfuscation to “the stealth mode targeted tax increases on the middle class are being arranged as the money is needed to reward the liberal base of unproductive siphons and limousine liberals who donated to his campaign”..

If you didn’t read the Reuters article relative to this topic this morning, you are too late to do so now. The article has been “withdrawn”. Is it possible that all of the promises of “transparency” were just the necessary diversions needed in order to attain higher office? Why would such an article be “withdrawn” and who made the mystery call to Reuters? To paraphrase the progressive parasites when they were puling back in 2007, “I want to know what Obama knew and when he knew it..” It’s alright, the early bird got the story and now we can go about getting the worm..

The article entitled, “Backdoor taxes to hit middle class” flatly says what all of the sixty million Americans know who DIDN’T fall for the idiotic commercials with their tinkly pianos and their licentious black/back stories that would have made the Brothers Grimm proud back in 2008.. “The Obama’s administration’s plan to cut more than $1 trillion from the deficit over the next decade relies heavily on so-called backdoor tax increases that will result in a bigger tax bill for middle-class families..” Just a few points, if I may..

With that as the opening salvo of this article, it is no wonder that Blathering Bobby Gibbs or another of the Obama oligarchs demanded that this article be lifted and shelved.. All of this “backdoor” talk has Backdoor Barney Frank changing into his favorite Bolshevik bloomers in hopes of attracting yet another life partner.. It is imperative that you find the operative word within the first line of the article.. “Relies”. When it comes to Obama and taxes, he lies and then he relies and then he relies again..

Obama, as the perfect representative of the liberal belly crawler, doesn’t have the courage of his convictions to come right out and raise taxes on the very same people that he is going to ask to vote more “liberal tax and spenders” into Congress in November.. Now is the time to resort to chicanery, hijinks and cloak and dagger communism.. Socialist subterfuge.. The article calls it “stealth” and “backdoor taxes”.. The cat is out of the bag.. The jig is up.. The penny has dropped..

“The White House wants to let billions of dollars in tax breaks expire by the end of the year-effectively a tax hike by stealth..” Remember that Obama has said that he was “busy doing stuff” which was another of the lame liberal lies that he has trotted out when caught in a mistake before. Not only will he say that was he “too busy doing stuff” to notice this expiration date, now he can say that he “inherited” this tax increase as Bush should have made the timetable for the expiration of the tax breaks several years later! Ahhh yes, the “progressive pattern of perjury and prevarication”..

The provisions of the “Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001” will unceremoniously expire on December 31st of this year if Obama is still “busy doing stuff”.. The top tier tax rate will go from 35% to 39.6%. The 25% rate will revert back to 28%, the 28% bracket will return to 31% and the 33 percenters will be increased to 36%. Have no fear my friends, Obama WILL cut taxes relative to all of this. He is going to take the ONLY taxes paid by the liberal base of mendicants, which was a measly ten percent and make it disappear.. “The special 10 percent bracket is eliminated..” Certainly giving a tax break to the liberal base of unproductive breeders will “stimulate” the economy..

The economy is in a shambles because of Obama, his deficit and the fine works of the Demokratic House and Senate that has been in place since 2006. Investment is the only way out of the Obama Depression but here is the Obama plan.. “Investors will pay more on their earnings next year as well, with the tax on dividends jumping to 39.6 percent from 15 percent and the capital gains tax increasing to 20 percent from 15 percent.” The estate tax will re-appear in 2011 and “there has been talk about reinstating the death tax sooner..” Raise taxes, discourage investments and reward the sloth of the permanent underclass who produce nothing but more leeches and siphons..

At the heart of the Obama TAX INCREASE is the warping of the AMT, or the “Alternative Minimum Tax”. Here is yet another stealthy move to raise taxes without taking the credit..

The AMT was originally created in 1969 and was intended to punish 155 high income homes that had used so many of the tax benefits that they paid little or no taxes whatsoever. These same “tax benefits” are utilized by the liberals like Pelosi, Reid and Obama, but that is a different story.. The AMT has not been adjusted for inflation, which has created a “bracket creep” which is being utilized by the bracket creeps in the Obama administration to subtly penalize the middle class. “Class envy”, being one of the driving farces behind liberalism, empowers and enables their ambivalence towards rectifying the AMT penalty being shouldered by the middle class. Besides, they are just addicted to the idea of spending other people’s money..

Taking a page from the Clinton “tax the rich” nonsense of the nineties, “the AMT could affect an estimated 25 million taxpayers with incomes as low as $33,750 (or $45,000 for joint filers). The tax will hit American families that can hardly be considered wealthy..” When the liberals are the ones doing the “considering”, you will be amazed as to who will be considered to be “rich”.. When it comes to stealing taxes, the liberals consider a galvanized pool in the backyards of West Virginia to be the equivalent of an in ground pool in Beverly Hills..

Taxes will be raised by eliminating deductions for state sales tax payments, a $250 teacher tax credit for classroom supplies, the tax deduction for up to $4,000.00 in college tuition and expenses, the standard deduction for up to $1,000.00 in property taxes and on and on and on.. Obama even wants the first $2,400.00 in unemployment benefits taxed.. No matter, the liberal base has never worked so they aren’t eligible for any unemployment compensation..

Beyond all of the wild and idiotic promises of “stimulus” packages and “bailouts”, there are other reasons for this mandatory theft from the middle class. The Washington Times reports one of those reasons in, “Largest ever federal payroll to hit 2.15 million”..

The only jobs apparently available are the ones working for the Obama machine taking monies forcibly from the middle class and then benevolently redistributing it to the nation’s unproductive. When the Republicans FORCED the liberal lecher to declare that “the era of big government is over”, little did they know that it would be replaced with the “era of oh-my-God sized government”.. Trivia question: what “cause” has Obama’s wife taken on in her capacity as the nation’s most invisible first lady ever? Obesity.. She needn’t look any farther than down the hall because the obesity in Washington will certainly be known as this “nation’s number one killer”..

“The expansion could provide more ammunition to those arguing that the government is trying to do too much..” No, not quite.. The liberal government of Demokratik deficits and Obama unemployment and “backdoor taxes” is actually doing too little with too much taken from the productive..


31 responses to “Too Little With Too Much



    Understand that reuthers article is now available in four places and well may come back to them but with a new lead message
    I posted yesterday that 43,000 per person debt would mean one million two hundred thousand
    just for my large family of 30 the figure today is 75000 per person so now a whopping two plus million GOD SAVE AMERICA

  3. “When the liberals are the ones doing the “considering”, you will be amazed as to who will be considered to be “rich”..

    You’ve got that right Larry. I’ve already been informed that the taxes on my pension have gone up. There will be no COLA on the pension or on Social Security. It seems that the liars that figure have decided that there has been no increase in the cost of living. Yeah, right.

    I went from the working poor to the retired poor and now I’m part of the “middle class” Why am I not excited and thrilled?

    It’s time for payback. No incumbents in 2010.

    Never give up, never give in, never again.

  4. I think we could make a very clear case of “taxation without representation” for all the middle class. Our representatives in the Federal gubermint are just calling our tea parties ‘white noise’. Well, they ain’t heard nothin’ yet. By the end of August Americans will finely tune their ears to the point more and more incumbants will throw in the towel rather than be disgraced. I still firmly believe we need a complete rotation in the House and Senate. Glenn Beck has demonstrated on his chalk board how tax increases have a drastically negative affect on tax revenues. We need a law prohibiting congress spending money we do not have and balance the budget. We should always have fifty per cent of next years budget in reserve and employment in the government not to exceed 15 per cent (military excluded) of the national workforce and EVERYBODY pays into Social Security and no elected official can raise their own salary, and any elected official does not receive a golden or any form of a retirement plan. Salaried workers in the government should receive the same retirement and/or savings plan as though they were in the public sector.

    When the House and Senate has been returned to the rule of the people, their salaries need to be adjusted to be more in line with similar public jobs. Any gifts or other income while an elected official is taxed same as the private sector. Each state should provide housing for their representatives while serving in Congress if they are too far away to commute daily. This would be a field leveler as each state would not give lavish accomadations to their representatives, and the newly elected representatives would take over the previous representative’s residence, just like the White House.

    We should also limit Congressional travel and not supply personal transportation for their descretion. They should have a travel budget to be set by each state they represent and a full accounting of their travels and expenses. If they travel for personal speaking engagements, they do so at their own expense or the expense of whomever is paying the speaking fee. And they may not be excused from their duties as our representative for personal gain. We the people should set the hours of work for our representatives and vacation times.

    All bills should be crafted only by the representatives and should be read on the House and Senate floors publicly as well as posted on the internet five WORKING days before a vote is taken. Any ammendments or riders would require the bill be reread and reposted before the vote.

    The president, once he is elected, shall be a president for the people, no matter which party, and said president may not be used to campaign for ANY candidate and may not endorse one candidate over another. In other words, the President is neutral during elections which have no direct effect to his retention of his position.

    Well, I can dream, can’t I?

    Never give in, never give up, and never again.

    God bless American!

  5. Richard, every one of your ideas is a winner. I guess I’m a dreamer, too.
    Larry, another one out of the park. In my company productivity is King and every idea for change or progress we have is measured by that metric. If it is good enough for us then it is good enough for congress!!!

  6. “machine taking monies forcibly from the middle class and then benevolently redistributing it to the nation’s unproductive. ”

    I don`t know of any unproductive losers getting any obama money.
    Whatever money your talking about dosen`t get out of the sticky hands of the politicians.

  7. Margaret in CT

    Another beautiful job of exposing the deceit of the liberals, Larry. The administration’s squelching of the Reuters article is like the guy who goes into the restroom, pulls down his pants, and then yells for someone to close the door. He’s already been exposed. The word is out all over the blogs and talk radio. My prediction to my Democrat friends that they would be “rich” in the eyes of the Feds by the time they got through raising taxes behind everyone’s back has sadly come true.

    They are running out of ideas for hiding their lies, but Obama has come up with another ploy. This a.m., I heard that the promise that “you’ll have the doctor you have always had” has gone by the boards. Obama now claims that the architects of the current healthcare scam are “sneaking” language into the bill that he did not know about. “That one got by me,” was the quote I heard. He continues to hide behind the skirts of the Congress, and they don’t seem to be able to get enough of taking all the negative feedback for him.

    His bowing to the mayor of, what was it? Tampa?, is another sign of his narcissism. It is done out of false modesty. He’s too cool for the room wherever he goes, and so he gives the mayor a thrill by bowing to her. If only she knew it, his gesture shows the low regard he actually has for her. A good response would have been a kick in the teeth, but I’m certain she properly swooned.

  8. Some cogent thoughts of our first President obtained from the book “The Meaning of Independence” by Edmund S. Morgan:

    1. Dearer by far to him was honor. Honor required a man to be assiduous and responsible in looking after his interests.

    2. Washington had so fully identified his own interest and honor with the interest and honor of the new nation, that he served without pay.

    3. The Constitution the Convention produced, whatever its defects, seemed to him the best that could be obtained and its acceptance the only alternative to anarchy.

    4. John Adams and the new Senate worried about how to address him, and to Washington’s annoyance Adams made himself ridiculous by arguing for the exalted forms of address employed for the kings of European countries. Washington carried so much dignity in his manner that he required no title to convey it.

    5. He never swerved from the maxim, as he interpreted it, that apart from commercial transactions, the United States should have as little to do as possible with any other nation.

    6. Although Washington anticipated commercial benefits from this policy of neutrality, he did not think it wise in negotiating treaties to take undue advantage of the bargaining position offered to the United States by the distresses of other countries. In his view, since he believed nations acted always according to their interest, a treaty was useful only so long as its provisions coincided with the interests of both parties.

    7. If the interests of two nations happened to coincide, a treaty was scarcely necessary to bind them together. If their interests conflicted, no treaty would be sufficient to hold them. At best, a treaty could only regularize and expedite friendly relations between two countries. At worst, it might weaken a country by misleading unwary statesmen to act for the benefit of an ally without due regard to their own country’s interest. Thus, treaties in Washington’s view were of little worth.

    8. Less than a year before his death in 1799, he was still affirming that “the great mass of our Citizens require only to understand matters rightly, to form right decisions.”

    9. Fourteen years after Washington’s death, Jefferson recalled how the president had often declared to him “that he considered our new Constitution as an experiment on the practicability of republican government, and with what dose of liberty man could be trusted for his own good; that he was determined the experiment should have a fair trial, and would lose the last drop of his blood in support of it.”

    10. To the end, Washington’s honor demanded the preservation of the American republic, free of every foreign connection. That was the meaning of independence for Washington.

    Oh, how things have changed since then!!

  9. Michele from NY

    ““That one got by me,” was the quote I heard.”

    Seems to be his new shampaign slogan. Everything “gets by him”.
    Time to impeach the idiot.

  10. If you didn’t read the Reuters article relative to this topic this morning, you are too late to do so now. The article has been “withdrawn


  11. Danno:

    I’m not sure if this is the original Reuter’s story or not.

    Larry , you read it so maybe you can verify if it is the original.

    Backdoor taxes to hit middle class

    Mon Feb 1, 4:09 PM
    By Terri Cullen

    NEW YORK ( –The Obama administration’s plan to cut more than $1 trillion from the deficit over the next decade relies heavily on so-called backdoor tax increases that will result in a bigger tax bill for middle-class families.

    In the 2010 budget tabled by President Barack Obama on Monday, the White House wants to let billions of dollars in tax breaks expire by the end of the year — effectively a tax hike by stealth.

    While the administration is focusing its proposal on eliminating tax breaks for individuals who earn $250,000 a year or more, middle-class families will face a slew of these backdoor increases.

    The targeted tax provisions were enacted under the Bush administration’s Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001. Among other things, the law lowered individual tax rates, slashed taxes on capital gains and dividends, and steadily scaled back the estate tax to zero in 2010.

    If the provisions are allowed to expire on December 31, the top-tier personal income tax rate will rise to 39.6 percent from 35 percent. But lower-income families will pay more as well: the 25 percent tax bracket will revert back to 28 percent; the 28 percent bracket will increase to 31 percent; and the 33 percent bracket will increase to 36 percent. The special 10 percent bracket is eliminated.

    Investors will pay more on their earnings next year as well, with the tax on dividends jumping to 39.6 percent from 15 percent and the capital-gains tax increasing to 20 percent from 15 percent. The estate tax is eliminated this year, but it will return in 2011 — though there has been talk about reinstating the death tax sooner.

    Millions of middle-class households already may be facing higher taxes in 2010 because Congress has failed to extend tax breaks that expired on January 1, most notably a “patch” that limited the impact of the alternative minimum tax. The AMT, initially designed to prevent the very rich from avoiding income taxes, was never indexed for inflation. Now the tax is affecting millions of middle-income households, but lawmakers have been reluctant to repeal it because it has become a key source of revenue.

    Without annual legislation to renew the patch this year, the AMT could affect an estimated 25 million taxpayers with incomes as low as $33,750 (or $45,000 for joint filers). Even if the patch is extended to last year’s levels, the tax will hit American families that can hardly be considered wealthy — the AMT exemption for 2009 was $46,700 for singles and $70,950 for married couples filing jointly.

    Middle-class families also will find fewer tax breaks available to them in 2010 if other popular tax provisions are allowed to expire. Among them:

    * Taxpayers who itemize will lose the option to deduct state sales-tax payments instead of state and local income taxes;

    * The $250 teacher tax credit for classroom supplies;

    * The tax deduction for up to $4,000 of college tuition and expenses;

    * Individuals who don’t itemize will no longer be able to increase their standard deduction by up to $1,000 for property taxes paid;

    * The first $2,400 of unemployment benefits are taxable, in 2009 that amount was tax-free.

  12. LadyWolf,

    That’s it.

    This one was yanked early. I had never seen that before. I saw the initital story but then Drudge had a headline that it was yanked. Went to the link and it was true, a little one line message was entered below the headline..

    Maybe early coverage made them put it back up in different venues. When someone like Drudge puts it up, millions of hits are generated in an hour.

    Has any of the big conservative television and radio stars broght this up? This all happened before most of them went to air the day before.

    That’s why I get up early. I had 300 hits that day, at least they knew about the chicanery..

    Thanks as always,


  13. Wow Larry: Great read, brings new meaning to “Freedom of the Press. Love you take no hostages approach and “O’bow’ma, LOL J.C.

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  15. A friend sent this to me and I thought it was very moving.

    Cemetery Watchman …..

    I just wanted to get the day over with and go down to Smokey’s. Sneaking a look at my watch, I saw the time, 1655. Five minutes to go before the cemetery gates are closed for the day. Full dress was hot in the August sun. Oklahoma summertime was as bad as ever–the heat and humidity at the same level–both too high.

    I saw the car pull into the drive, ’69 or ’70 model Cadillac Deville, looked factory-new. It pulled into the parking lot at a snail’s pace.. An old woman got out so slow I thought she was paralyzed; she had a cane and a sheaf of flowers–about four or five bunches as best I could tell.

    I couldn’t help myself. The thought came unwanted, and left a slightly bitter taste: ‘She’s going to spend an hour, and for this old soldier, my hip hurts like hell and I’m ready to get out of here right now!’ But for this day, my duty was to assist anyone coming in.

    Kevin would lock the ‘In’ gate and if I could hurry the old biddy along, we might make it to Smokey’s in time.

    I broke post attention. My hip made gritty noises when I took the first step and the pain went up a notch. I must have made a real military sight: middle-aged man with a small pot gut and half a limp, in marine full-dress uniform, which had lost its razor crease about thirty minutes after I began the watch at the cemetery.

    I stopped in front of her, halfway up the walk. She looked up at me with an old woman’s squint.

    ‘Ma’am,may I assist you in any way?’

    She took long enough to answer.

    ‘Yes, son. Can you carry these flowers? I seem to be moving a tad slow these days.’

    ‘My pleasure, ma’am.’ Well, it wasn’t too much of a lie.

    She looked again. ‘Marine, where were you stationed?’

    ‘ Vietnam, ma’am.. Ground-pounder. ’69 to ’71.’

    She looked at me closer. ‘Wounded in action, I see. Well done, Marine. I’ll be as quick as I can.’

    I lied a little bigger: ‘No hurry, ma’am.’

    She smiled and winked at me. ‘Son, I’m 85-years-old and I can tell a lie from a long way off.. Let’s get this done. Might be the last time I can do this. My name’s Joanne Wieserman, and I’ve a few Marines I’d like to see one more time.’

    ‘Yes, ma ‘am. At your service.’

    She headed for the World War I section, stopping at a stone. She picked one of the flowers out of my arm and laid it on top of the stone. She murmured something I couldn’t quite make out.. The name on the marble was Donald S. Davidson, USMC: France 1918.

    She turned away and made a straight line for the World War II section, stopping at one stone. I saw a tear slowly tracking its way down her cheek. She put a bunch on a stone; the name was Stephen X.Davidson, USMC, 1943.

    She went up the row a ways and laid another bunch on a stone, Stanley J. Wieserman, USMC, 1944..

    She paused for a second. ‘Two more, son, and we’ll be done’

    I almost didn’t say anything, but, ‘Yes, ma’am. Take your time.’

    She looked confused.. ‘Where’s the Vietnam section, son? I seem to have lost my way.’

    I pointed with my chin. ‘That way, ma’am.’

    ‘Oh!’ she chuckled quietly. ‘Son, me and old age ain’t too friendly.’

    She headed down the walk I’d pointed at. She stopped at a couple of stones before she found the ones she wanted. She placed a bunch on Larry Wieserman, USMC, 1968, and the last on Darrel Wieserman, USMC, 1970. She stood there and murmured a few words I still couldn’t make out.

    ‘OK, son, I’m finished. Get me back to my car and you can go home.’

    Yes, ma’am. If I may ask, were those your kinfolk?’

    She paused. ‘Yes, Donald Davidson was my father, Stephen was my uncle, Stanley was my husband, Larry and Darrel were our sons. All killed in action, all marines.’

    She stopped. Whether she had finished, or couldn’t finish, I don’t know. She made her way to her car, slowly and painfully.

    I waited for a polite distance to come between us and then double-timed it over to Kevin, waiting by the car.

    ‘Get to the ‘Out’ gate quick.. I have something I’ve got to do.’

    Kevin started to say something, but saw the look I gave him. He broke the rules to get us there down the service road. We beat her. She hadn’t made it around the rotunda yet.

    ‘Kevin, stand at attention next to the gatepost. Follow my lead.’ I humped it across the drive to the other post.

    When the Cadillac came puttering around from the hedges and began the short straight traverse to the gate, I called in my best gunny’s voice: ‘TehenHut! Present Haaaarms!’

    I have to hand it to Kevin; he never blinked an eye–full dress attention and a salute that would make his DI proud.

    She drove through that gate with two old worn-out soldiers giving her a send-off she deserved, for service rendered to her country, and for knowing duty, honor and sacrifice.

    I am not sure, but I think I saw a salute returned from that Cadillac.

    Instead of ‘The End,’ just think of ‘Taps.’

    As a final thought on my part, let me share a favorite prayer: ‘Lord, keep our servicemen and women safe, whether they serve at home or overseas. Hold them in your loving hands and protect them as they protect us.’

    Let’s all keep those currently serving and those who have gone before in our thoughts. They are the reason for the many freedoms we enjoy.

    ‘In God We Trust.’

    Sorry about your monitor; it made mine blurry too!

    If we ever forget that we’re one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under!

    You are required to pass this on NOW!!

    Let me just add something else. These are the real people who matter, not the Harvard and/or Yale law school lawyers who hold sit in the Capitol Building or work at the White House. Our Country was founded by great men and women. Those lawyers will never get that at all. I’d hate to break it to you Obama, but we are a Nation founded in the name of God. That’s what I trust and it’s a shame you’ll never get that, you pompous, arrogant sycophant. Up Yours, Obama in honor of our fallen soldiers direct from the United States Marine.

    Let me ask you, Obama would you give up your life to defend this Country? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

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