The Victory

John Brennan is upset. Using the most confusing of visual analogies, Brennan complained of a “500 mile screwdriver from Washington to Detroit”. I concur. I am upset over the ludicrous legal logistics and the cunning cartwheels of the Obama hacks relative to the Christmas Day Mooselim mambo.. After reading what he said about the situation, it would appear that Brennan is annoyed for a different reason. Relative to the “500 mile screwdriver”, I have visual analogies that are more appropriate and applicable to the Obama caliphate and I will reveal them a bit later on..

It is easy to understand why Brennan is upset. He is the “top counterterrorism advisor” to Obama, a position that must be as wrought with frustration as being tapped to be Michael Moore’s conditioning coach.. He has been the Director for the National Counterterrorism Center, he was the CEO of The Analysis Corporation and he is the Chairman of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance. I imagine that he is quite upset at the sophomoric stunts pulled by Obama and his dim witted Attorney General relative to all things terrorist and terrorism related since January of 2009..

Lets just say that we hope that the reason for Brennan’s headaches has been that these two Bolshevik boobs have been ignoring Brennan’s sage advise and for example, doing such idiotic things as demanding that Mooselim terrorists be tried in public in places like New York City.. Sir, you are not alone in being upset if this is actually the case.

In “Brennan Fed Up With Politics Played Over Christmas Day Bomber” (fox news) we read that Brennan “expressed frustration with Washington”. Again Sir, you are not alone as the overwhelming majority of true Americans have been “frustrated with Washington” since your bumbling boss and his crew of communist cronies slithered into town..

But Brennan continued on, “Republicans are playing politics on national security” and “making ignorant allegations”.. It sounds as though the Obama teleprompter totalitarians have been bending Brennan’s ear of late. To disagree with Obama and/or ANY of his employees always finds one accused of the time worn progressive phrase, “playing politics” or the proverbial “political football” again gets tossed into the field of play..

First off, the loyal opposition has the right to point out any and all of the Obama failures relative to terrorism and his soft soap solipsistic responses. This may come as a surprise to Obama and his henchmen but the overwhelming majority of Americans are not willing to walk in the “lockstep limbo” that Obama demands of the Demokrats. What happened to the old liberal mantra “question authority”, and since when has that idea become such a bad thing? I know, I know.. Since November 4th of 2008..

For an administration so adept at “creating” imaginary Constitutional rights where none exist, for someone who allegedly placed “Constitutional Law Professor” on his gossamer resume, a little quiz is in order. “Provide for the common defence” is actually a part of the Constitution and it is so important that you will find the phrase a mere twenty words into the seminal document. The liberal mental mush of “kinder and gentler”-isms MUST be exposed for the dangerous and sophomoric sentimentality that they are. One would hope that Brennan is on board with this theory unless he has swallowed the Obama Eucharist as well..

Brennan said “the GOP is motivated by partisan purposes and second-guessing the case..” I would have thought that someone with a resume the size of Brennan would be the one doing the “second-guessing” but it seems that he supports the Obama terrorist tactics and tricks.. If Brennan won’t then I am glad that the “GOP” is “second-guessing” such stupidity. “They’re unknowing of the facts.” Maybe if the alleged “transparency” that Obama lied about while seeking office was a “number one priority” after he took office, the entire nation might not be “unknowing of the facts.” Brennan “said he personally briefed top GOP lawmakers on Christmas night..” Name them please. Silence..

The “facts” are that “underwear Umar”, an “enemy combatant”, was treated as though he were a shoplifter by the Obama administration. Suddenly, the Miranda “rights” had to be made available TO AN ENEMY COMBATANT. That way the appropriate number of ACLU ponytailed perverts could be alerted so that this failed Mooselim terrorist could be freed as quickly as possible so that he could try again to achieve his dimwit destiny with Godspeed.. After putting in place the “walls” of political correctness which led to the Fort Hood TERRORIST travesty, the liberals mishandling of the Christmas Day attempt MUST be brought to light.

“Partisan purposes” is a collectivist cloak that fits this administration as if it were tailored for them. Senator Kit Bond “accused the White House of its own political games for revealing that Abdulmutallab was talking to interrogators after saying he had clammed up after being read his rights..” Since the liberals make up the rules as they go along, they don’t understand that an entirely different set of very real rules applies to military tribunals as opposed to the liberal paradise of the “snivel courts” where, depending upon just how liberal the robed fool on the bench is, anything goes..

Representative Pete Hoekstra said “it’s not possible to take Brennan’s claims seriously that the administration (and Brennan himself, as he claims.) consulted with Republicans when its own FBI Director, national intelligence chief and homeland security secretary were all out of the loop..” Someone is lying and the recent trend among the liberals after the “Brown out” in Massachusetts has been to try to rope in as many Republicans as possible in order to “share the wealth” when it comes to their incessant socialist snafus.. Just yesterday, the suddenly conciliatory Obama said, “we can’t solve all of our problems alone..” Since the house of collectivist cards is collapsing onto Obama, NOW its time to “work together” so that I can blame YOU..

Brennan says that everyone is “second-guessing what they are doing on the ground with a 500-mile screwdriver from Washington to Detroit..” Obama has been using a screwdriver on the middle class since he took office and he has been using it in places where such instruments aren’t supposed to go.. Obama is actually a “5,000 mile screw-up”, from New York to Los Angeles and all points in-between..

Its not what “they are doing on the ground” that is being questioned, its what Obama and his administration are doing with the collected intelligence and the terror suspects themselves once they take possession. These “they” that Brennan is trying to align with the liberal madrassa have nothing to do with what Obama decides he wants to do with the information that “they” have given him. The real “they” in question is Obama and his administration.

Brennan wasn’t alone in trying to sing for his supper, Rodham tried to do a timid tap-dance on behalf of the Obama oligarchs herself. Rodham believes that Al Qaeda is as weak as the Obama administration. “I don’t see them as stronger”, she said. Taking this line of lunatic liberal logic farther she said, “but I see that they are more creative, more flexible, more agile. They evolve..” It is interesting to note that these are the exact same qualities LACKING in the Obama administration.

Each and every bit of pertinent terrorist information and every terrorist handed over on a silver platter are wasted when such commodities are given to the Demokratic dolts. Rodham couldn’t resist the urge to exaggerate for effect based upon the liberal belief that anything that they say will be believed without any supportive proof or evidence.. “We have it contained..” Rightttttttt.. I’ll bet that she believes that she has Willie’s willie “contained” too..

Brennan couldn’t contain himself. “He “believes” that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed “would face the ‘full weight of American justice’ when he is tried no matter what the venue..” His dedication to Obama and his administration is cute but the idea that twelve people who couldn’t think fast enough to get out of jury duty will be dispensing “justice” of any kind is naïve at best and downright dangerous at its worst.. Remember, Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder thought that it would be awesome for Mohammed to be tried in New York..

“I’m not going to give Al Qaeda the victory of being able to overturn our system of jurisprudence..” Brennan doesn’t seem to realize that Al Qaeda got “the victory” that they needed on November 4, 2008. Though Brennan may not realize it, Al Qaeda certainly does and their actions of late are all of the proof necessary for those whom Brennan feels are “unknowing of the facts” in order for them to realize it..


36 responses to “The Victory

  1. Family,

    Also check out:

    Thanks as always,


  2. Dave, Anaheim, CA

    Al Qaeda got the victory they helped buy. 800 million dollars of the money Obama raised for his campaign came from Iran, Russia, Al Qaeda, Hezbullah, Hamas and George Soros. This explains all of his policies and the speed at which he is destroying not only the United States, but the whole western world.

  3. Just a matter of time before we get attacked and Republican opposition is demonized.

  4. Another incompetent member of the Obama Administration. No surprise there!!

  5. Larry,
    obowdown was not a college professor
    Barack Obama claiming that he was a “professor” at the University of Chicago when he was really only a “senior lecturer.”
    Just to set the record straight.

  6. Rick,

    Thus the ever-present quotation marks around “Constitutional Law Professor”..

    Thanks as always,


  7. This has been going over and over in my head all day – well actually since I heard this lie perpetrated on the networks yesterday.

    Any boob knows that what Brennan is trying to sell here is a goddamn lie. But, you and me – all we can do is complain to those who will listen on the internet. Each other.
    I want to find a way – I want to know how to get these assholes attention and let them know we know the game they are playing and we arent going to put up with Barry’s Bullshit any longer. Ive had enough with this crap. Im ready to do something. How can we get their attention?

  8. Margaret in CT

    These fools provide endless opportunities for ridicule. They have instituted a form of “don’t ask, don’t tell” for terrorists by Mirandizing the panty bomber, a Nigerian with no claim on constitutional rights. They are readying themselves for a “show trial” of KSM in New York, a typical tactic that Communists use to fool the public into thinking that they are taking action. They don’t seem to see the illogic in claiming to extend to a foreign enemy, whose declared purpose in life is to kill us, all the benefits of our judicial system and then trampling on his purported “constitutional rights” by declaring him guilty countless times before trial and discussing changing venue (from Federal Square to the Governor’s Island, no less) without so much as a judicial hearing. If KSM were tried according to our true legal system, he would be freed because of our inability to provide him with a fair trial. He should have been tried by a military tribunal and shot. Whatever we do, he will be a martyr, so why not just dispose of the problem without all the posing and pretense.

  9. Holy snowballs, Batman, Congressman John Murtha has died!! May God have mercy on his miserable soul. I wonder what the folks in PA will do now that they have to actually think instead of just voting for ‘the devil you know’?

    I had lots of nasty, true, but nasty things I could have said about him, but I won’t stoop to the level of the looney left. We’ll just let the moonbats cry in peace. Does God have a plan? I think so. And that’s all I have to say about that.

  10. Larry and Family:

    19-term U.S. Representative John Murtha (D-Pa) died today. It seems the liberals are down one more. How very typical of a liberal to take the easy way out of a tough political race.

  11. Brennan is a political hack and when he actually, in a fit of conscience stimulated by the amateur hour cast that that is the Obama administration, actually assumed the role of a professional security expert, he was quickly brought back into the herd. Endanger their cushy retirement and their government privileges and they all come around rather quickly, don’t they?

  12. DP,

    I can suggest finding a local “Tea Party” get together in your area. Try internet sites like “meetup” and put “conservative group” in the search engine. They will show you conservative groups near to you and when they meet.

    You just missed the “Tea Party” convention in Nashville. CPAC is coming up on February 17-20th in D.C. Go to CPAC dot org for further info..

    That’s my suggestion. Talking to EVERYONE and visiting conservative sites to keep up on events at leats gets you started.

    Thanks as always,



    Another outstanding review of these a-holes.
    I like the line by T god’s plan working re the
    death of john murths
    Bost6on herald had a question for the public re John Kerry
    Over 80% SAY HE IS NEXT
    wants to create an admenment to the Constitution after the SCOTUS made the last ruling on freedom of speech

    May these yooyoo’s keep it up so we can deck them all in November

  14. Great article, again, Larry…

    Love LadyWolf’s comment on Murtha also..


  15. Hello All,

    Lets not forget how wonderful the appeals are going to be when Khalid Sheikh Mohammeds’ conviction is overturned due to Mr. Obamas prescience concerning the aboves guilt before the trial has even started.

    I thank God everyday for our great Communicator-in-Chief


  16. They are playing their political games. This weekend Ms Nancy complained about Obama by mocking him. President Obama where are the jobs you promised. She knows there are no job coming down the pike.

    This appears to be just another one. Pointing their fingers at each other won’t get the “job” done but they still insist continuing the charade.

    I read an article this morning from the American Spectator entitled “Obama’s Miranda Madness” regarding this issue, pointing out that they got absolutely nothing, Nada, zitch from their favorite Fruit of the Looms one handed jockey. All his comments that they got great intel from him was a bunch of crap.

    Here’s a snippet from the article:

    The White House claimed the briefing was to “contextualize” the testimony and comments made earlier in the day before the Senate committee by Director of National Intelligence Dennis C. Blair, CIA Director Leon Panetta and FBI Director Robert Mueller. But after those comments were made public, the FBI requested that the White House not hold the briefing.

    That press briefing was held anyway because it was intended, according one White House official, to quell the continued criticism of the Obama Administration’s handling of the Abdulmutallab case: the fact that the President chose not to speak about the attempted terrorist attack until more than 48 hours had passed, that senior Administration officials chose to essentially treat Abdulmutallab as a U.S. citizen and to provide him with Miranda rights, and to treat the case as a standard federal criminal case in Michigan.

    “It’s one thing for someone to go out and say that we’re getting intelligence from someone like Sheik Mohammed,” says a former Federal Bureau of Investigation official. “It’s another to have what amounts to a propaganda event because you’re getting tired of being criticized in the media and you want the media to give inaccurate information to the American public.”

    Adding to the confusions, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder had announced that it was his decision alone to go the criminal justice route with Abdulmutallab, rather than the national security route. “No one here believes that,” says a Department of Justice attorney in the Criminal Division. “We all know Eric is falling on his sword for the guys up the street at the White House. Something this big doesn’t take place without input and final sign off from the Executive Office of the President.”

    In a New Yorker interview, Holder continued to give the Obama Administration cover, saying, “What we did is totally consistent with what has happened in every similar case” since 9/11. “There’s a desire to ignore the facts to try to score political points. It’s a little shocking.” But current and former Department of Justice and National Security Agency officials dispute that claim, pointing out that over the past nine years, a vast majority of those cases involved either joint sting operations or arrests prior to any attempted acts of terrorism, and that in the case of foreign nationals on U.S. soil, different strategies were used to elicit intelligence.

    To read the full article

    So all the posturing and getting great intelligence was all a lie, they got absolutely nothing from him before they asked him if he wanted an attorney.

  17. Larry, I am all for reading theses terrorists (oops not allowed to use that word) their rights as they dangle from the end of a rope. That should guarantee they remain silent…..!

  18. John Murtha, may the memory of his “flexible ethics” live on. Luckily for our military, his hitch is over.
    On another note, does anyone know of any middle east funding for any of the global warming charlatans?
    Dr. Dave

  19. How many lies must the Obama faithful hear , before they realize they’ve been duped ? For most of us, it might be one, or two – but no more than three. The threshold for these loons must be around fifty, because they are still buying it. They are not only gullible, they are blatantly stupid.

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