The Dance Of The Demented

Sometimes the eternal optimism of a child doesn’t take into account all of the things that they have done prior to their pronouncements that make their proclamations impossible to bring to fruition.. Thus ANY statement or release from the Obama obfuscators must be taken with a grain of salt. Strike that, it must be taken with a block of salt..

Demokratik desperation seems to be breeding an idiotic brand of optimism that appears almost nonsensically naïve based upon the realities of the economy that has been forced upon America by Obama and the liberal Demokrats since 2006. The “Blameless Black” in the White House constantly repeats his Marxist mantras for effect, as if the mere repeating of fascist fiction would somehow make it true.. The next step will be for them to say the same things only louder.. Liberal lunacy does not become more lucid with volume..

After vanquishing the “Pantsuit Progressive” in the primaries by saying nothing and allowing Rodham to hilariously spontaneously combust, Obama got around to this “liberal logic” against McCain. Every other minute, Obama regaled the masses of asses who were carefully choreographed for the “impartial” news media with versions of the following: “They are going to try to make you scared of me..” Color blindness mysteriously morphed into color consciousness and it was off to the “races”..

As well, “proof” qualifies as a curse word within the liberal lexicon, similar to “work” or “cologne”. The liberal true believers don’t need proof, they just want to imbibe the soothing elixir of the Obama oratory, specious and vacuous words that the rest of the nation views as the “political Ipecac” that they are. Occupying the moral high ground makes the need for “proof” within the liberal kaleidoscopic logic unnecessary. The “realities” of the “Demokratik Deficits” and the “Obama Depression” are irrelevant to the liberal base. The economy doesn’t effect the bottom feeders of the left because OBAMA pays them due to their status as “voluntary Demokratik indentured servants”. Obama “pays” them by penalizing the productive.. Obama and his crew of Marxist marionettes just “talk” to hear the timbre of their own empty and disingenuous words..

With that as your backdrop, the Slight House has decided that based upon their amazing performance of the past year, “The United States is likely to average 95,000 more jobs each month this year..” (White House: 95,000 Jobs to Come Each Month” fox news) Please understand that EVERY word has meaning. The liberals cheapen words by using them without character or conscience but make note of one very important word within that last missive.. “Likely”.

That is all of the wiggle room that the pusillanimous progressives need. If jobs mysteriously go up, Obama alone is a “success”. When jobs go “down” due to the carcinogenic collectivist and his poisonous policies, “I INHERITED this economy”.. The infantile, “I say it, therefore it is so” logic chopping of the left has been called onto the communist’s carpet by the voters/victims of late but the liberals aren’t at all flexible enough to respond sensibly due to their political DNA being interlarded with moronic myopia..

The liberals like to help each other in this regard as well. “The Council of Economic Advisers also trumpeted the $787 billion economic stimulus package which it said saved or created about 2 million jobs”.. The lack of specificity, which is inherent to the liberal squawking points, is stunningly obvious. “Specificity” can otherwise be known as “proof”. Liberal helpers may want to buoy Obama’s sagging confidence with the infantile, but the perpetually murky malarkey of “save or created jobs” do little when the day-to-day realities of the Obama Depression say otherwise. A “saved” job is simply one that Obama and policies of progressive poison haven’t gotten around to destroying yet.

Their “created” jobs have had a tendency to be located in “phantom” zip codes that do not exist in countless number of Obama’s “57 states”.. The Obama answer to that theft/misuse (whatever) of taxpayer dollars, was to blame the recipients as there is obviously no need for “accountability” from Obama or his lackeys.. When uncounted multiple millions of dollars are unaccounted for through the Obama incompetence, it sounds as though he needs to “save or create” a few jobs for accountants..

The other helpers in the “impartial” media like to try to aid their “Dear Leader”. Flowery headlines laced with arsenic are commonplace. “Breaking News: Jobless claims drop more than expected to 440,000..” That doesn’t mean that Obama created a single job. What that means is that thousands upon thousands more have completely given up trying to find a job when the liberal’s centralized form of oppressive and overreaching government does everything that it can to punish investment or job creation..

In Obama’s “message” to Congress, he “pointed out that the economy he inherited was losing 700,000 jobs each month..” Obama didn’t point out that: he did nothing to stem this tide as he “inherited” this “economy” from himself. Obama was occasionally occupying a seat in the United States Senate as the “Chicago Charlatan” during that time. At that time he was SURROUNDED by fellow travelers of the hammer and sickle crowd who had control of BOTH Houses of Congress since 2006. He did nothing neither did the Socialist Sandbagger who now steals money posing as the Secretary of Statists.. Each time this rococo rogue repeats his pre-chewed collectivist cud, I will respond in kind..

He also forgot to point out that since his ACORN powered win in November of 2008, he has done NOTHING except ADD to the numbers that he has INHERITED from himself.. Just to make matters worse, he has alarmingly increased the deficit by a factor of at least FIVE from which he INHERITED.. The statute of limitations has run out on the “inherited” tripe, the liberals just aren’t smart enough to understand this fact..

Obama Girl Christine Romer, “head” of the COEA (Council of Economic Advisers or for the realistic, Clique of Enabling Admirers..) said, “we certainly inherited an economy with a number of economic problems..” Romer appears to have insightfully located a few of the “problems” that need immediate solving by the socialist savant. “Soaring health care costs, the failure to invest in education, innovation, clean energy..” You just can’t fix stupid, you can only “hope” that they can’t reproduce..

Reality is irrelevant to the left. “Indeed, even in adding an average of 95,000 jobs each month, unemployment is likely to remain around 10 percent this year and not fall below 6 percent until 2015..” No matter, the “we inherited this mess” expiration sticker will be ignored by the left and their inevitable defeat at the polls will be attributed to some vague “-ism” perpetrated by an “acrimonious” but unidentifiable group of “-ists”..

“Obama’s economic report predicts the economy could grow at a rate of 2.5 percent..” The Obama imbeciles can paint as many silver linings onto the black clouds that they have seeded with their unique brand of solipsistic socialism, but the “acid rain” of liberalism will be a hurdle that a capitalist economy can never jump without an actual “change”, not the liberal “status quo”..

Recovery will prove difficult “if Americans continue to save at high rates as the White House report predicts they will until the financial sector eases lending..” “Saving at high rates” becomes a matter of survival when the Obama caliphate penalizes “investment” and investors. Anyone or anything that actually makes a profit is exorbitantly taxed so that that “revenue” or “investment” can be then redistributed to the undeserving. Companies that make money are taxed and targeted for totalitarian termination and branded as “evil capitalists”. Why “invest” in a stock market where your victories are taxed as “windfall profits” or a place where the Obama policies and procedures are focused to destroy your investment as the market plunges with each succeeding Obama failure?

“..until the financial services sector eases lending..”?? Isn’t that how this whole “inherited” mess began when the liberal’s “fairness factor” was forcefully applied to the nation’s lending institutions and the concept of “easy lending” was then created as a perpetual Christmas gift for those who would never pay their loans back? This was a liberal financial “repair”. Lets return to the Obama “report”: “A full economic recovery is unlikely until and unless the financial system is repaired..” When the liberals are doing the “repairing”, I find it to be the equivalent of having Jack Kevorkian as your primary physician..

So Obama is going to “save or create” fifty billion jobs in the next quarter, he is STILL fighting the “economy that he inherited” and the “stimulus” will save the entire free world from debt and despair. I said it, I need no proof, signed Barack.. It is just a part of trying to understand the Demkratik dance of the demented..


50 responses to “The Dance Of The Demented

  1. “..until the financial services sector eases lending..”?? Isn’t that how this whole “inherited” mess began when the liberal’s “fairness factor” was forcefully applied to the nation’s lending institutions and the concept of “easy lending” was then created as a perpetual Christmas gift for those who would never pay their loans back?

    Not only is that how the whole thing started. Congress wants to keep it up ad nauseum. See how they plan to extend the CRA.

  2. You just can’t fix stupid, you can only “hope” that they can’t reproduce. Great line. Unfortunately, the stupid procreate more than the not so stupid and the not so stupid end up paying for their proclivity for childbirth. It just gets more bazaar every day. 95,000 jobs a month going forward, only a lunatic would come up with that number and only a super-lunatic would stand behind it. It’s becoming habitual for me to look for the next adminstration prat fall. This is like driving your car by looking in the rearview mirror. He & everyone around him is dangerously nuts. Did you ever think what is unfolding before your eyes is not really happening? Makes me dizzy. What will tomorrow bring forth?- Only the phantom knows. Never again is not long enough.

  3. Larry:

    “masses of asses” Good definition for the liberals. If brains were rain, they’d be a desert.


    “He & everyone around him is dangerously nuts.”

    Unforetunately, the lunatics are definitely running the asylum we call government.

  4. This is a great read. Thanks. I enjoyed your multiple “Rip isms”. The liberals deserve everyone of them.
    S Boles
    Viet Vet

  5. Why do I enjoy these articles so much…..because I look forward to sending them to my idiot friends that still support the WH Lunatics.
    Buy Gold and buy Lead!

  6. I so thoroughly enjoy when I receive No Left Turnz in my mailbox which gives rise to greater enjoyment when I forward them to my libtard “progressive” brother. He hates it and I enjoy the poking..

  7. We the hippie generation need to suck it up and
    kill social security medicare, and welfare. If we don’t we will put our children into abject slavery to the government. We owe so much money to China they can now dictate our foriegn policy while shipping toxic, shoody, and dangerous products to us, with no hope of stopping it. Vote with your wallet, don’t buy any anything made in China, Taiwan oky china nope. Unions and corporate taxes have driven jobs from every major company to china. SIASSL

  8. I am as a helpless child drifting in a feedlot sea of cow “droppings.” I find that unemployment ‘dropped’ to only 9.7% when there were 20,000 jobs lost in January. I simply can’t understand the arithmatic.
    Atop of all this we find that the Labor Department made a “little” mistake by showing 600,000 more jobs lost than was originally reported in 2009. Oops!
    A government that can’t even count, expects us to believe that they could effectively run a health care reform system?!?

    Cinch your hip-waders up, clench your fists and tell your Republican Congressmen to become known as a Party of NO!!!

  9. Family,

    What do the Mooslim “scholars” have to say?

    Thanks as always,


  10. Mr. Boles,

    Thank you for your kind words and a hearty welcome to the “Family”.

    Thank you for being a hero in Vietnam. My brother went back twice. I salute you.



  11. Dick,

    There is nothing more satisfying than annoying a lib..

    Except burying one..

    Thanks as always,


  12. Harry,

    I’ll bet Christmas time at your family get-togethers gets pretty saucy.

    That’s OK, I have a very liberal sister with two very liberal daughters..

    I told them last year, “Three against one? You had better get some help..”

    Thanks as always,


  13. lightcrossr,

    Excellent point..

    As I like to say, “We used to boycott our enemies, now we bankroll them”.

    Thanks as always,


  14. Joe,

    Their inabilities at mathematics comes from being educated by the liberals of the NEA at their public skoolz.

    That would certainly qualify as a mitigating circumstance..

    Thanks as always,


  15. Family,

    From the “unedited” or “director’s cut” of “The Dance Of The Demented”:

    Reality check: Obama “inherited” a deficit of $765 billion dollars from Bush. Obama transformed that sum into a FIFTEEN TRILLION dollar deficit.. There is no telling how much more the next Republican that takes the oath of office in 2013 will “inherit” from Obama..

    Thanks as always,


  16. Larry, I saw two posters on Ann Coulter’s column today that plugged for you! It was great to see.

    “When the liberals are doing the “repairing”, I find it to be the equivalent of having Jack Kevorkian as your primary physician..” Truer words were never spoken.

    Never again!

  17. T,

    That is great to see. Being mentioned anywhere near a column by a writer as good as Ann is certainly a compliment that I appreciate. If I see her at CPAC, I’ll ask her what she thinks..

    Thanks for letting me know.


  18. T and Larry,

    In the past Ann’s blurb has always rejected my comments if it contained NoLeftTurnZ in it and had to edit it out before they would accept it. (offensive) I quit commenting because I couldn’t say what I wanted to say.

    Perhaps her site has woken up to the fact that it’s not protectionism they should be fighting for but the cause of the common good for our nation.

  19. Thanks once again for another ‘great read’..still cannot figure how you manipulate the language, Larry.

    as an aside, have you ‘family’ members seen the speech by Australia’s Kevin Rudd??

    We need this spread about!!
    Perhaps one or two of our Reps will find some backbone like his..

  20. Stirling,

    I would say it..Heck I said it last night in the TOTD:

    Thanks as always my friend (hi to Jean),


  21. When the liberals are doing the “repairing”, I find it to be the equivalent of having Jack Kevorkian as your primary physician..

    Color blindness mysteriously morphed into color consciousness and it was off to the “races”..

    Larry you are so good with words. Those were my favorites.

  22. On Canada Free Press, there is another revealing article signifying how much trouble Countries get into, by their “don’t hurt anyone’s feelings attitude..
    Everyone else suffers EXCEPT the intolerant ones!
    (see the article on York University in Toronto)

  23. Larry – how is your new ‘partner’ working out?

    (the 4-legged one)

  24. Joel,

    I always appreciate your kind words.

    Tell the world, on to November!!

    Thanks as always,


  25. Stirling,

    Daimon is doing quite well, thank you for asking.

    He is enjoying his vacation and he gets ample opportunites to play in the snow.

    Explosives detection is a different world.

    You pull up, there are hundreds of people outside. Some “boss” says, ‘its in there somewhere, go find it..”

    You search, sometimes for hours on end.

    If I make a mistake right there, Daimon and I are probably gone.

    If I make a mistake and I don’t find it, too many innocent people may be hurt or worse.

    I choose the former..

    No pressure.

    Thanks as always,


  26. Spot on, Larry, Always a delight to read

    Joe, I’m ready for a set of hip wadders and working my way into the slums to get the message out. There is not one thing wrong with being known as the party of “NO”. That is how children learn their boundaries and those in the political ring have forgotten or were never taught. Time to get their attention with a sharp smack along side the head to wake them up.



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