Fraught With Risk

On February 9th, yet another liberal IED exploded in Washington. Surprisingly, I will wager that you haven’t heard a single word about it until now. The “revenue recidivist” himself said that he is “agnostic about raising taxes on households making less than $250,000 as part of a broad effort to rein in the budget deficit.” For those who are fond of brevity, this is known as a “Kerry” or a “flip flop”. For those more historically inclined, this is an “HW”..

When an Obama claims to be “agnostic” about something, it is a good idea to be absolutely firm on the definition of what it is that he is talking about because we know that he himself isn’t.. “Agnostic: a person who holds that the existence of the ultimate cause, as God, and the essential nature of things are unknown and unknowable, or that human knowledge is limited to experience.” This comes from the “Dictionary” in my telephone. (My how technology has changed our lives..) Lets delve into this liberal looking glass of a word..

With Obama and the limousine liberals, “the ultimate cause” is a centralized collectivist government bent upon collecting as many “revenues” as they can possibly redistribute. With Obama and the left, taxes ARE the only “God” that they believe in. Obama’s personal preacher, “Reverend” Jeremiah “Wrong” may be stunned to hear this.. Possibly all of those searing sermons demonizing the United States has had some effect upon the Illinois imbecile as he snoozed away and drooled upon himself in the front pew..

“..the essential nature of things are unknown and unknowable”.. The essential nature of the free market and capitalism certainly fall under this heading when discussing Obama.. However, within the dark and cavernous liberal mind, the “unknown and unknowable” simply do not exist. The liberals know EVERYTHING and if you ask them they will tell you so. They also know what is best for you and if they get the opportunity as they did after November of 2008, they will give it to you with both barrels..

If “human knowledge is limited to experience”, Obama who has absolutely no experience, knows absolutely nothing.. With a campaign that was loaded with words and syllables that were lighter than helium and a resume that was as nonexistent as “global warming”, this is news only to those who were deceptively deceived by the homilies of “hope” and the cacophony of “change”.. The collective ignorance of all of those so deceived is the crown of thorns that we who obviously knew better must unfortunately bear..

Obama sat for an Offal Office interview that was reported by Business Week (“Obama ‘Agnostic’ on Deficit Cuts, Won’t Prejudge Tax Increases”) where he said, “a presidential commission on the budget needs to consider all options for reducing the deficit.” Such a commission wouldn’t be necessary if Obama would “consider” not spending money both printed and still yet to be printed, as though it were going out of style. Actually, if he keeps spending in such a disorderly and unrestrained manner, the dollar WILL be going “out of style” as it will be as worthless as any other Obama pledge or promise..

Obama wants this Barnum and Bailey “commission” to consider for inclusion “tax increases and cuts in spending on entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare..” If EVERYTHING needs to be on the table, why didn’t Obama mention Medicaid? Could it be that the beneficiaries of this Bolshevik balderdash are exclusively members of the liberal-voting base of bottom feeders and siphons?

The sticky wicket in all of this is yet another of the Obama “promises” that will need to be lacerated in order for his Marxist misappropriation of the monies of the productive to accelerate unimpeded. “Obama repeatedly vowed during the 2008 presidential election campaign that he would not raise taxes on individuals making less than $200,000 and households earning less than $250,000 a year.” Obama fired right out of the blocks in January of 2009 with unrestrained and ill-advised ridiculous spending sprees which conveniently exacerbated and helped to create the “crisis or the “epidemic” or the “pandemic” that he now wants a “bipartisan advisory commission” to deal with for him.

Not only that, “putting preconditions on the agenda of a bipartisan advisory commission would just undermine its purpose..” This “purpose” is for Obama to “create” an opportunity that will allow someone else to be placed under the under the microscope of taxpayer scrutiny. That “someone” happens to be the Republicans whose momentum needs to be harnessed as the time ticks away towards the mid term elections. The “Obama onus” appears to be a burden that the capricious collectivist doesn’t wish to handle alone any longer..

Obama actually wants the logical logjam of the political process to be the focus, not the liberal policies and procedures that have made and magnified this “crisis”. When the liberals suggest raising taxes on the middle class as their “bipartisan” solution, the Republicans will balk thereby giving the opportunity for Obama to say that the “acrimonious” opposition is the ONLY THING holding up the end of the Obama Depression and as well, the success of the advisory commission..

“There are going to be some who say that we can’t look at raising taxes and pretty soon, you just can’t solve the problem..” Whoever this “some” is, they are right if an actual RECOVERY from your Depression is actually what you seek. Obama will DEMAND Republican “participation”, the process will grind to halt due to the taxation fixation of the blathering Bolsheviks and Obama appears clean.. Obama wants all of the proper pieces in place so that “you can’t solve the problem” becomes the only possible outcome. Besides, “under a presidentially appointed commission, Congress could ignore any panel recommendations..” What better way to “not solve the problem” than for the liberal Congress to continue with their “status quo”..

Never one to stray too far from the limited prepared text of his past, Obama only slightly rephrased his “inherited” dimwitted dodge. “The U.S. faced a structural deficit that was in place before the recession began..” For the liberals out there (and where else would they be but “out there..”) this “structural deficit” talk is another round of “beating around the Bush” which is an Obama addiction and apparently cathartic for the communists. This “structural deficit” has been built by the collectivist carpenters who have sufficiently strangled both Houses since 2006..

Obama caught himself actually making sense and he quickly decided to blame yet ANOTHER time worn socialist shibboleth so that he could get back on track.. “The real problem has to do with the fact that there is a mismatch between the amount of money coming in and the amount of money going out.. and that is going to require some big, tough choices that so far, the political system has been unable to deal with..”

This “in and out” confession caused Obama to panic because the liberal Congress since 2006, empowered by a 366 day supermajority, did ALL of this “money going out” stuff.. Thus the bony Bolshevik started discussing “big, tough choices” which he has avoided like the plague and the comfortable comforter of calumny known as the “system” called out from deep within Obama’s subconscious.. Reality check: the “political system” has been completely controlled by the liberals since Obama’s declaration of Sharia law in January of 2009. If the “system” was so bad, why didn’t the liberals effectively “change” things when they were the only game in town? They were so ineffective, they couldn’t even bribe each other well enough to pass their own health scare fiasco..

As with yesterday’s imbecilic promise to add “95,000 jobs a month, the math surrounding Obama’s latest request for a tax grab doesn’t solve the problem of liberal girly spending, regardless of the idiotic liberal optimism enveloping it.. “Even with those revenues, the administration projects a deficit of $752 billion in 2015..” That number almost exactly matches the deficit that Obama “inherited” from Bush/himself.. According to their own mathematics, in seven years time after fleecing the middle class throughout, all Obama will have managed to do is protect the “status quo” for someone else to “inherit”, namely your great grandchildren..

“Going back on his campaign pledge would be fraught with risk for Obama. Former President George H.W. Bush paid a steep political price when he abandoned his 1998 campaign promise not to raise taxes..” In the end, the nation paid this “steep price” as we were stuck with eight years of liberal political embarrassments from Caligula Clinton and crew..

If Obama egomaniacally takes this “risk”, it will most assuredly be enough to gift wrap the mid term election for the Republicans and it will also put a bow on a 2012 return to normalcy.. We have learned the hard way that allowing the election of a greenhorn liberal Demokratik president, empowered by the Demokratikally demented and duped, and enabled by a liberal House and Senate was what was actually “fraught with risk”..


31 responses to “Fraught With Risk

  1. Family,

    Getting geared for CPAC..rehabbing the ENTIRE second floor of the house..

    Still time to point out Obamanations.

    Thanks as always,


  2. Thanks Larry for another timely on target post. “The real problem has to do with the fact that there is a mismatch between the amount of money coming in and the amount of money going out.. and that is going to require some big, tough choices that so far, the political system has been unable to deal with” BIG Resounding DUH Mr. President!!! Simple math. Just think, 3 more years of his BS, etc.. As I have stated before, States rights is where I am focused.

    Link to Pat Buchanans latest.

    Never again is not long enough… Kurt

  3. Margaret in CT

    A very good parsing of the intentions behind Obama’s words, Larry. Congress will write a crippling tax bill that includes a raft of non-1040 taxes and stops the economic recovery in its tracks. Those making far less than $200,000, or even $100,000, will find themselves included among the “rich,” and !surprise!, Obama will say that he has been forced to break his promise, for the good of the country, so that we can recover from the dreadful burden left by Bush & Co. Unfortuately for him, and perhaps fortunately for us, everything that he has tried to hide behind has become transparent. That “hope” and “change” BS and, increasingly, the Bush-did-it excuse aren’t cutting it for Obama anymore.

    I’m wondering whether, now that the cat is out of the bag and is broadcasting BHO’s intentions to an awakened electorate, our Peerless Leader will find that Pelosi’s posse has fallen out of formation and is hesitant to continue to serve as the “beard” for his socialist takeover. Many of them know very well the part they’ve played in this debacle. Surely the gallows that we are preparing for them on November 2 is well in focus now. They may try to avoid fashioning their own noose. Interesting and vital times lay ahead.

  4. as much as I love to say “I told you so”, I’ll say it again, “I TOLD YOU SO!”.
    (“you” being rhetorical)

    First, WHY is he talking about raising taxes on middle class (aka WHITE) people?

    Remember when I said the government takeover of health care (aka health CONTROL) was not (NOT NOT NOT) about providing health “care”, it was about STEALING OUR MONEY??
    Now pay attention and follow the dots…..

    Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid ARE bankrupt.
    WHY, oh WHY, hasn’t this “genius” even TRIED to do anything about that for the past 12 months?
    (btw- as someone with a measured IQ as high as 150, I can spot those “in the club”. BHO is NOT a member.)
    Why? Because, if he can FORCE all of us into his gubment-run health system, which would FORCE all of us to PAY into that system (or our employers to pay), then he will FORCE the insurance companies OUT OF BUSINESS and CONFISCATE all of the TRILLIONS that OUR insurance companies have stored up for US for our senior years.
    Then he would “redistribute” that cash throughout Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, – minus, of course, his “liberal” cut.

    You know, Obama/Pelosi attack insurance companies for having those surpluses. But did you know that the gubment REQUIRES them to have those surpluses?
    When Katrina hit New Orleans do you think the insurance companies could throw up their arms and say, “oh well, we’re out of money….sorry!”??
    No way.
    Duh Gubment REQUIRES them to have that cash ON HAND for emergencies…floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.
    AND, frikken AND, for babyboomers becoming SENIOR CITIZENS!
    Seniors make 50% of the claims against insurance companies.
    And the babyboomers have become….senior citizens!
    This huge bubble of people is slamming into the senior years, and will be making HUGE claims against those insurance companies for the next 2-3 decades.
    BUT, guess what….a similar HUGE bubble of people is slamming into….Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid!!!
    BUT, his majesty (no caps) has not provided a DIME for this event.
    His plan was to STEAL it from OUR insurance companies who HAVE made provisions for US!

    Now, here we are.
    Gubment Health Control is DEAD.
    Obama’s dreams of stealing our money to be “redistributed” died along with it.
    But, our insurance companies are fine…..they HAVE the surpluses, as REQUIRED….BY LAW, to handle the crush of babyboomers.
    But, the government system does NOT.

    And what should really tick you off the most….that money WAS there.
    CONGRESS STOLE the money from Social Security to pay for all the rest of their BULLSHIT.
    Money paid into Social Security is suppose to be for SENIOR CITIZENS! NOT, “bridges to nowhere”.

    That is why Obama is in the pickle he finds himself.
    He gambled on the bank robbery (stealing from our insurance companies) to pay for their ineptitude, deceit, and corruption (hey, what would YOU call it when they misuse money that they collected in the name of “caring for senior citizens”??), but that plan FAILED!

    Obama is floating out a trial balloon on this “agnostic” bullshit.
    (Rememeber the “let wounded soldiers have their private insurance companies pay for their war wounds” trial balloon he floated out last summer??
    Let this one float on by….
    Let him believe no one is paying attention…
    Let him think we don’t care if he LIES, breaks his promise, and raises taxes on middle-class Americans.
    And let him do it BEFORE the November elections….
    Can you think of anything that would turn ALL Independents against him more than that?
    …can you say….”ka…..BOOOM!”??
    This could be the end of the Democratic Party as it has come to be known: Progressive Socialists!


  5. oh, and while on the subject of GOVERNMENT REQUIRED SURPLUSES, do you remember WHY Obama would NOT allow the banks to return the money they borrowed (and most were FORCED to borrow)?
    Because they did not have enough RESERVE on hand in case there was another downturn in the economy.

    Come on, people – wake up!
    Gubment REQUIRES the banks to have surpluses, then ATTACKS them for having surpluses as rich greedy bastards!

    AND, the banks paid out some handsome rewards to those employees who worked their butts off making those surpluses REQUIRED by the gubment, and now Obama is attacking those employees for DOING THEIR FRIKKEN JOBS – TOO GOOD!


  6. Simple math, redux:

    “Rich” people make $1.5 trillion per year.
    Middle class Americans make $6-8 trillion per year.
    Obama spent over $5 trillion last year, and looks to break that record this year.

    This is not “Advanced Financial Mathematics”.

    This is simple ARITHMETIC!



  7. I wonder how the liar in chief would respond to Stitch’s ‘simple math’ !!

    In addition, I wonder how “chuckles ” Gibbs would spin it – assuming he understands “simple math ” .

  8. Chuckles Gibbs understand simple math??? LOL He doesn’t even understand English!

    Great explanation, Stitch! You are exactly right. The Liar In Chief and his minions still think they have dumbed-down enough of us to get this “new math” by us. But they are wrong. We are NOT that dumb and their day is coming.
    Never again!

  9. The Obama said ” and that is going to require some big, tough choices that so far, the political system has been unable to deal with.” So are we to expect the person who voted ” Present” in the Illinois senate to actually make the tough choices? You can tell by his bi-partisan commission to reduce the budget. They do that when they want cover from making choices that will be unpopular. If he wants a starting point he could go to Citizens Against Government Waste’s web site. They have a list of government programs and expenditures that have plenty of pork in them. We could start with ending a lot, if not all, foreign aid. All it has become is global welfare and just keep corrupt dictators in power and the citizens don’t learn to fend for themselves. It’s the old teach a man to fish proverb. Also if we can’t eliminate it completely we could cut our dues to the UN in proportion to our population. Sense there are countries that don’t pay hardly anything. Most of the members don’t like us so let’s move it somewhere else. Hey, there is lot’s of open real estate in Antarctica and I’ll bet they could get the land real cheap. And they could study “global warming” baloney up close and personal.
    His promise not to raise taxes on incomes over $250,000 was at the start of the campain. The longer him and Biden went on the lower it got with the bottom at about $125,000. I’m sure if truth be told, with this bunch it is much lower now.

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  13. My former roommate called me Sunday night and said that he heard on the Alex Jones shortwave program earlier that according to a “person in the know,” that the total debt is nearly…ready now?…nearly one quintrillion dollars!! No, not the entire world’s debt, but just the USA’s! I clicked on a link somebody posted a few weeks back here, and that web site said the total USA’s debt was around “only” 1.4 quadrillion dollars! My, but that’s a fast-growing virus! Who would’ve thunk it?

    And the beat goes on…

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