Abandon Ship

The fog horns are sounding all over the liberal socialist steamer named “hope and change” and the as the vessel continuously lists precariously portside, the liberals on board are all looking for flotation devices in order to abandon ship.. If Teddy were still around gathering dust and further vulcanizing his liver, at least seventy head of liberal could cling to him as he was the biggest Bolshevik buoy of them all..

The liberals all gathered their governors together for what will be the last go around as the “party in power” thanks to the Democratic demolition derby known as the Obama administration. With the mid term election looking to bring a “forced” bipartisanship to the allegedly “bipartisan” Obama and friends, these liberal governors are seeing the “trickle down” theory of the recklessness of their Washington contemporaries beginning to cause a flash flood across the nation.. The rising tide of totalitarianism could drown them all..

The Democratic governors are worried about “Obama’s track record on fighting Republican political attacks..” If Obama and his collectivist Keystone Kops administration weren’t so generous in supplying the ammunition for these attacks, the Republican guns would all be shooting blanks.. With his pathetic progressive policies and his forcing of a centralized government onto an unwilling nation, he is literally feeding the ammo belts for the Republican fifty caliber machine guns..

In “Democrats worried about Obama track record”, (apnews my way) we read that these governors “urged him to better connect with anxious voters”. This means that it will soon be time to regurgitate the powerfully persuasive message of “they’re trying to scare you because I’m black” that worked so well against the flaccid old “maverick” who still managed to get more votes than any other presidential runner-up in history without even trying.. The old Obama “supermajority” didn’t have to “connect” with anyone, the constituents or the Republicans. They are liberals and they know what is best for you whether you like it or not..

When “I inherited this mess” failed as a “message”, Obama just decided to ignore the economy. He had bigger fascist fish to fry, a number of capitalist companies to “takeover”, a “stimulus” to create and a health scare plan to implement. It’s easy to see why Obama has had so many problems because every other day he has had another “number one priority” to address.. From the beginning Obama demanded a blind expediency from his fellow fifth columnists because he was at least smart enough to see that there would soon be an end to the liberal supermajority. However, he incorrectly assumed that this “end” would come AFTER the mid term elections, not before..

“Most Americans are frustrated with-even angered by-persistent unemployment and gridlock in Washington. Democrats fear voters will punish the party in power.” The “party in power” until a few weeks ago, had a “supermajority”, something so rare in Washington that there hasn’t been one since.. The 95th Congress and Dhimmi Carter in 1977 and we all know how well that one turned out.. When Obama said, “I don’t look like the other presidents”, was he talking about his complexion or his failed policies? On the latter, he and Dimmi must have been separated at birth.. Any day now, Obama will start building rickety houses for mendicants, a “killer rabbit” will attack him in a row boat and he will find his long-lost alcoholic embarrassment of a brother..

“Democrats are looking to him for political fixes”.. What this means is that it will be time to crank up the progressive propaganda machine which will pollute the environment with more of his patented palaver and his licensed licentiousness.. Ed Rendell said, “Right out of the box, we lost the spin war..” Rendell should consider that the “spin” might have finally caught up with them at a time when the campaigning was over and the nation wanted “results” as opposed to the flowery flatulence of “hope and change”. Obama has been “spinning” since his primaries against the socialist sandbagger from Illinois/Arkansas/New York, so it is actually self-evident that he is more than just a little daffy and dizzy.. Even a Whirling Dervish would have keeled over by now..

Always willing to emphasize their inherent short-sightedness, the governors feel that “the White House is losing the communications war”.. THIS is why the liberals are losing incumbents faster than Joe Biden is losing hair plugs. They believe that the only reason that they are losing is because they haven’t been able to “talk” their way out of their messes by merely blaming George Bush and by saying that they have “inherited” everything on their progressive plate..

If Obama never held another press conference, if the liberal supermajority had actually accomplished something other than blatantly bribing themselves in public and bragging about it, their “actions” would speak louder than any “words” that they would ever say. The public wouldn’t care about the silence coming from Washington because they created jobs, they lowered taxes and they solved problems as opposed to exacerbating them and just “talking”.. They can’t “talk” their way out of this mess that they have “inherited” from themselves..

Bill Ritter of Colorado reinforces the talk tripe by saying that the communication issue was “perhaps over the pace at which jobs would come back..” The jobs “pace” that Obama is setting could be timed with a calendar and THAT is just ONE of the problems.. The old saying goes that “talk is cheap” but when Obama is the one doing the yapping, “talk” is anything but cheap, just ask the middle class..

“Obama may appear to be out of touch with the concerns of Americans.” Governor Deval Patrick said, “I think he’s got more work to do on that”.. I will bet that he said that from across the room so that Obama wouldn’t appear in any photo taken of Patrick.. Proving why Patrick himself is politically vulnerable he said, “They were so busy dealing with an economic crisis that it was hard to stay in touch with the voters..” Oh my goodness..

Here the liberal myopia displays itself within the primary problem that afflicts politicians in general. The election is OVER. Once that happens, the “voters” become the “constituents” and the “constituents” are of no value until they are magically transformed into “voters” again a few years down the line.. Again, if Obama had actually managed to do ANYTHING positive in relation to the economy, people like Patrick wouldn’t have to spend their time apologizing for Obama’s overwhelming powers of concentration and his underwhelming political aptitude..

Patrick isn’t alone in playing both sides of the road on the Obama implosion. Governor Mike Beebe of Arkansas complains of Obama’s “terrible” poll numbers in his state but, “in fairness, he didn’t create this problem..” Yes he did. He and the other members of the Congress have been “the majority” since 2006 but even if that weren’t an undeniable fact, he and his band of merry men have had an unencumbered twelve months to fix things and he has only succeeding in making things considerably worse during that time.. These “terrible” poll numbers are the result of “results” or a lack thereof, depending upon your perspective..

Patrick says that he needs to “understand the voters plight. He suspects Obama will do the same while campaigning for Democrats.” If the Democratic governors were worried about Obama’s “track record on fighting Republican political attacks”, they must be quickly approaching a grand mal seizure over the idea of him “campaigning” FOR them.. You will notice that Patrick didn’t mention that he wants Obama campaigning for HIM anytime in the future.. Patrick and the rest don’t want to join “Marcia” Coakley, Jon Corzine and Creigh Deeds as they “supersize” orders in the drive-through wearing those attractive paper hats and smocks..

Delaware Governor Jack Markell, who sounds as if he is the governor of “Unaware” said, “The stars are aligning” as he feels that the White House is “turning things around”.. Mind you, back in May of 2009 Obama himself said that “the stars are aligned” in relation to his health scare shampaign.. Markell, still drunk from swilling the Obama elixir continued on, “the challenge has been to get through the clutter of ‘no’”.. This “clutter” has come from these pesky “voters/constituents” that the liberals have intentionally ignored since they have felt that they have been swept into power under some unspoken and mysterious “mandate”. The Republicans have just decided to listen to the voters/constituents as opposed to the liberals who have chosen to sneer at the proletarians from behind the tinted glass of their limousines..

“Helpful” Ed Rendell said, “they just need to take a breath, look at what happened and revamp their strategy..” “Revamp their strategy” means nothing more than “refine the lies, refocus the debate and obfuscate at will..” “The Associated Press asked Rendell what, specifically, Obama should do right now to right his political ship. ‘I don’t know’, he said..” Don’t worry Ed, the “right” will soon be taking over the “political ship” so I would advise you keep the life jacket, the swim fins and the snorkel handy..


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  1. Family,

    Hit the ground running.. Thanks, Mr. President..

    Tonight, 02/22/2010 at 9PM CST, in the “comments” section of this article, a “live chat” will be taking place as I will answer any and all questions relative to CPAC on the spot.

    Glad to be back with the “family” and I will see you all later tonight!

    Thanks as always,


  2. Arthur Nankervis


    CPAC now over, 2 thoughts / questions come to mind: 1. George Will for President!; and 2. As once mentioned mentioned by W.C. Fields “Never work with children or animals” i.e. Didn’t like the 14 YO kid. What say you Captain?


  3. Hello Cobber,

    Love George Will. A subdued intellectual ellegance with a flawless approach.

    I for the life of me can’t remember the Kid’s name. They thought a lot of him, his damn book was everywhere you looked.. It’s a nice little niche, little kid talks conservatism.. I agree with you, not much there for me as well.

    Thanks as always my friend,


  4. Family,
    As well for your perusal, a brand new TOTD:


    Tell me what you think.

    Thanks as always,


  5. Larry,

    Welcome back – hope that CPAC was time well spent.

    When Ed Rendel was mayor of Phila. , he was known as “the nation’s mayor”. Now as Gov. Rendell, perhaps he considers himself to be the “nation’s governor”. He was thrilled to get ‘stimulus’ money for PA, since it made it easier to promote his own state budget, thanks to that “free money”. However, it is becoming more difficult for ‘fast Eddie’ to defend the tactics of the liar in chief.

  6. Welcome back Larry. Hope you accomplished what you wanted. The news hasn’t been given any seasoning while you have been gone, so I’m looking forward to more of your posts. You really spice it up, therefore we are prone to have a lasting memory of certain treasonous acts.

  7. Welcome back, Larry. We were definitely missing your perspective on the news of the day. I have liked George Will for a long time. The kid needs a little seasoning, then maybe he will stop sounding like he’s quoting someone else.

  8. Larry this is one of the best yet, keep up the great work, J.C.

  9. Great to have you back Larry,
    Will you transcript the “live chat” tonight so that I can read it since there is no possible way for me to participate?

  10. Larry welcome back. I was glad to see your post in the inbox. The liberal steamer can’t sink fast enough. Keep loading and firing those torpedoes.

  11. Larry, Right to the truth as usual. When the administration is in crisis go out and campaign some more and more, and more. All the while he just reinforces his naivete’, this man child. But, wait, Joe, dropping plugs in his wake, Biden is watching out for the money being spent on all our shovel ready jobs. Yeah right.

    Now here’s a kicker. In the Arizona Republic today there is an article with the headlines, “McCain: I was misled on bailout”. God help us! I had to vote for his man.

    Last week I went to the J.D. Hayworth rally on his announcement to run against McCain for the Senate. Sheriff Joe Arpaio and an enthusiastic crowd was there. Let’s get McCain to RETIRE!!! We want YOUNG CONSERVATIVES!

    Welcome back Larry. We do appreciate you.

    As a side note. This week-end I was talking to a banker who worked in the mortgage department here in Phoenix. He said all the home mortgage bailouts only worked six months. Now, those same people are in the same hole and asking for more. When you see the news about more foreclusures coming it’s this group and it is true. More money down a rat hole.

  12. Quixtop,

    The entire sequence will be recorded right here manually in the “comments” section of this article.

    Sorry that you can’t be here.

    Thanks as always,


  13. Speaking of Pennsylvania, someone forwarded to me this article regarding the Philadelphia suburb of the Lower Merion School District and their webcams.

    Pennsylvania School Denies Officials Spied on Students with Webcams
    PHILADELPHIA — A suburban Philadelphia school district accused of secretly switching on laptop computer webcams inside students’ homes says it never used webcam images to monitor or discipline students and believes one of its administrators has been “unfairly portrayed and unjustly attacked.”

    The Lower Merion School District, in response to a suit filed by a student, has acknowledged that webcams were remotely activated 42 times in the past 14 months, but only to find missing, lost or stolen laptops — which the district noted would include “a loaner computer that, against regulations, might be taken off campus.”

    “Despite some reports to the contrary, be assured that the security-tracking software has been completely disabled,” Superintendent Christopher W. McGinley said in a statement on the district’s Web site late Friday. Officials vowed a comprehensive review that McGinley said should result in stronger privacy policies.

    Harriton High School student Blake Robbins and his parents, Michael and Holly Robbins, filed a federal civil rights lawsuit Tuesday against the district, its board of directors and McGinley. They accused the school of turning on the webcam in his computer while it was inside their Penn Valley home, which they allege violated wiretap laws and his right to privacy.

    The suit, which seeks class-action status, alleges that Harriton vice principal Lindy Matsko on Nov. 11 cited a laptop photo in telling Blake that the school thought he was engaging in improper behavior. He and his family have told reporters that an official mistook a piece of candy for a pill and thought he was selling drugs.

    Neither the family nor their attorney, Mark Haltzman, returned calls this week seeking comment. A listed number for Matsko could not be found.

    “We believe that the administrator at Harriton has been unfairly portrayed and unjustly attacked in connection with her attempts to be supportive of a student and his family,” the statement on the Lower Merion School District site said. “The district never did and never would use such tactics as a basis for disciplinary action.”

    A district spokesman declined further comment on the statement Saturday. Lower Merion, an affluent district in Philadelphia’s suburbs, issues Apple laptops to all 2,300 students at its two high schools. Only two employees in the technology department, not administrators, were authorized to activate the cameras, which captured still images but not sound, officials said.

    “While certain rules for laptop use were spelled out … there was no explicit notification that the laptop contained the security software,” McGinley said. “This notice should have been given, and we regret that was not done.”

    The district’s Web site said 42 activations of the system resulted in the recovery of 18 computers, not 28 as district spokesman Doug Young had said earlier. They reiterated that it was done only to locate lost, stolen or missing laptops. “The district has not used the tracking feature or webcam for any other purpose or in any other manner whatsoever,” the Web site said. The site also noted that there was nothing to prevent students from covering the webcam with tape. McGinley said the district had hired former federal prosecutor Henry Hockeimer Jr. to review past practices and suggest improvements.

    The FBI is looking into whether any federal wiretap or computer-intrusion laws were violated, according to an official who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the official was not authorized to discuss the investigation. Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman has said she might also investigate. Andy Derrow, father of a Harriton junior, said he does not believe the district was spying on students. He said he has two other sons who graduated from the school and had substantially benefited from the computer program.

    “I don’t think there was any ill intent here,” he said “I think we all need to take a breath and wait and see what the facts are.”

    Isn’t this what the Democrats were saying that George Bush was going to do? Look what happened and who was responsible for it, in a Liberal area of the State of Pennsylvania in a liberal school district.

    Oh, What a Tangled Web They Weave when they practice to succeed.

  14. Flash!! Hot off the news wire: A recent poll has discovered that more people in the USA believe that Elvis still alive, than Obama’s $787 billion stimulus program has created jobs!
    Who would’ve thunk it?!!

  15. For you history buffs: “Afghanistan: where empires go to die!” (Seen on a T-shirt in Russia.) It seems that the USA has either forgotten–or never knew–that little bit of trivia!

    Factoid: No country has EVER defeated Afghanistan on its own turf!

  16. Welcome back Larry. The not so Goodship Lollipoop can’t sink fast enough to suit me either.

    I’m looking forward to hearing about your trip. I loved Newt’s remark about the three jobs the liar in chief could actually take credit for.


    “Factoid: No country has EVER defeated Afghanistan on its own turf!”

    Excellent point. An enemy on his own turf is always far more dangerous. When we first went in to Afghanistan, some told me that we would win in no time flat. I told him, that if Russia spent nine years there and couldn’t defeat them, he shouldn’t count on us winning real soon. Funny, he hasn’t mentioned Afghanistan to me in years.

  17. Larry,
    Welcome back! Thought I’d let you know I saw NLTZ mentioned in the comments of a couple of other websites. Keep up the great work.

  18. Michele from NY

    WB Larry…missed your wit and clarity.

    As for the rats abandoning ship, they still have Barney Frank to “cling” to as a buoy. I’m sure he’ll enjoy the groping.

  19. OK, triviaman, but we did break the Taliban once, with Afganistan’s help and we are fighting with them again to get the Taliban out of another part of their country.

  20. Ultimately, Obama never had a “message” other than ‘hope and change’ that with his glib tongue in the campaign, promising one thing in a speech, promising the exact opposite in another, was easily swallowed by a gullible public. A public to used to a credit card living and living beyond their means. They didn’t know (and are getting a quick lesson in) what economics means.
    Obama didn’t ignore economics, he has (like so many other things) no idea what the concept is about. This groomed and kept “leader” has never had to earn a dollar for himself and family. He has been preened for this position by well financed and high powered figures interested only in promoting his socialist ideals and the destruction of capitalism.

    “Their” idea of “political fixes” is to turn the car upside down to fix a flat as in the case of healthcare. I recieved a reply from my “Cornhusker Kickback” Sen. Nelson after I’d written him telling him to vote “no” on the upcoming healthcare legislation. He said that he would look it over carefully and (as usual) only vote if it was in the best interests of Nebraskans. This is, of course, after he’s gotten the 100 million behind closed doors bribe for his 60th vote to pass the Senate bill. The man, as seemingly most of the democrats in Washington, don’t understand (or don’t care) that we don’t want government healthcare!
    Obamacare is totally bigger government and non-Constitutional!!

    I will not go silently into the night!
    I will not go down without a fight!

  21. Sling,

    Do you remember which ones out of curiousity?

    Joe said that he hit Human Events for me, was two others?

    Thanks as always,


  22. Michele,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I had forgotten about “Buoy Barney”..

    Nice one.


  23. I’m sorry. I have to give thanks to Obama. I mean, just look at what he is doing! He is even better than Jimmy Carter and Carter’s wimpishness gave us Ronald Reagan.

    I can only hope that we have, as true conservatives, and otherwise suddenly “awakened” Americans that there be another person with the equal or better scrupals, morals and love of our country’s founding principals without the glib promises of “hope and change.”

    We as citizens should and must, if we are to exist as a Republic of “For The People By The People” in freedom and self-liberties, have no alternatives but to return to the guidance of our Founding Fathers and the Constitutional Law of our Nation and hold our now so-called “government” accountable of it.

  24. After I posted that, I read it and maybe I need to clarify a little. I just don’t want a GOP talking head doing no more or less than what they’ve been doing since Reagan was President. I don’t want a person in there as president who feels more for his Party than he does for the country and the American people!

  25. Anyone here yet?

  26. Family,

    Fire away, ready when you are.


  27. Well, I guess the most important to me is did you connect with the powers that be?

  28. Larry,

    Who made the greatest impact on CPAC?

  29. Eileen,

    I managed to corner the editor from Townhall. He looked as though he were twelve.

    I asked what the process was for submitting material to Townhall. He said, “we normally don’t take unsolicited material..” I said, “Let me rephrase, what do I need to do to become one of the solicited..”

    I gave him backdrop on NLTZ, I told him that I am putting out 1,00-1,500 words and article every other day. This impressed him. He wants something emailed to him, I will..

    Found the advertising VP from Newsmax. He gave me his card and gave me the contact info for their editor and he told me to tell the editor that I spoke with the ad VP..

    So..maybe, maybe not..


  30. Well, it something.

    Did you hook up with the dude Andy from Glenn Beck?

  31. Monica,

    GREAT question, no doubt…

    The Tea party.

    There were lots of tea party people there. They need a place to belong because the tea party itself is leaderless.

    The Repubs are scared to death of the Tea Party. Period.

    I believe that the Repubs are buying into the liberal media’s marginalizing of the Tea party by branding them “extremists’.

    Wrong move. Take in the Tea Party NOW. Make a stand.

    Face it, in Washington walking down any street the liberals look the same as the Republicans. They dress alike, they all talk on cell phones constantly. You could tell a tea Party person at CPAC from across the room.

    Lots of buttons and their hearts on their sleeves.

    The Tea Party will NEVER vote Demo, but if the Repubs aren’t careful, a critical case of voter apathy could be in the offing.


  32. Who was the best speaker, who made the most impact on the audience? I’ve heard about Glenn Beck, Newt Gingrich and a few others from Erick at Red State. Right now my favorite two conservative Republicans are John Thune and Jim DeMint. I think someone said DeMint was there.

  33. Eileen,

    No, a HUGE mistake in my opinion was the lack of contact with the “powers” and the attendees. Even the “diamond” attendees who forked over a minimum of 700 beans didn’t even get a pass by from the “stars”.

    Coulter did a book signing, the hotel security were acting like the KGB, barking orders at the CPACers. No pictures! Nothing signed other than books! Get moving!!

    I took out my iPhone and snapped away.. I don’t do “no” well..

    Every night there was a “diamond reception” where the diamond people gathered and did networking. No better chance than for say Newt or John Bolton, etc., to rub elbows and for more folks to possibly want to sign up as a “diamond” next year. If word had gotten out that these “celebs” were hanging with the diamonds, Katie bar the door next year..


  34. And of course my favorite female writer Ann Coulter was there as well. I love her mocking and ridicule of the Demos and Obama in particularly.

  35. What did Ron Paul saythat got him booed?

  36. Eileen,

    Brace yourself.. I didn’t see a single speaker in the Marriott Ballroom. Here’s why..

    CPAC made the same mistake as last year. They oversold the conference. They had a strict “no re-entry” policy in the ballroom. You left, someone else took your seat.

    I was there for a different reason. I had hoped that there would be more conservative writers type of people. People from Regnery, from other prominent conservative sites LOOKING for other new writers. Nothing.

    It was a shot in the dark and I have the Townhall and Newmax emails to send but after all they are emails and the delete button isn’t that hard to find..

    I left NLTZ business cards around like they were confetti in the hopes of grabbing new subscribers. Every little bit helps at this point.

    I would love to assemble a “NLTZ street team” where each conservative radio show would be follwed by one of the team in the hopes of getting on air to plug NLTZ. Also watching conservative sites and plugging into their comment sections.. Ahhh to dream..

    Imagine someone getting on to Rush and tossing NLTZ out there. Imagine Rush taking a look and liking what he saw.. The sky’s the limit at that point.

    Maybe I will switch back to nights so that I can try this myself but this would hugely cut into writing/research time..


  37. Sometimes there their own worse enemies. They complain about the elite politicians and they do the same damn thing.

    Was Dick Morris there? No one answered my question. He will be doing the cruise again this year, so I thought he might not do both.

  38. LadyWolf,

    Readers Digest version:

    A group called “GOProud” a gay group did the booing of Paul.

    Didn’t know what he said, but it had to be negative towards this faction alone.

    How much did the Tea Party have in attendance at CPAC? Ron Paul won the straw vote due to the support of the Tea Party. Period.

    Let’s see if the Repubs get the message as it was sent loud and clear.


  39. The Repubs better start talking to the Tea Party.

  40. Eileen,

    They were pushing a conservative cruise at CPAC but Morris isn’t on the agenda. No one of consequence actually.

    About the “biggest name” was one of the doofuses from that annoying “Red Eye” show, Andy Levy..


  41. LadyWolf,

    I went to several seminars while the big shots were flapping their gums in the Marriott room..

    It was all about “building coalitions”.

    “Politics is 75% relationships and 25% politics”..

    They are not willing to back down the liberal media interpretation of the Tea Party as nutbag extremists”. In some seminars they were actually looked down upon.

    HUGE mistake. They won’t vote liberal, they just won’t show up.

    Or..perish the thought.. Another Ross Perot steps forward.. Only not as annoying and a little more sane..

    The Tea Party was there hoping to be welcomed. That didn’t happen. They just kind of “put up” with them..

    BIG mistake.


  42. I found myself at some of the seminars, taking notes that are going to end up as “Thoughts of the Day”..

    Example, tomorrow’s TOTD:


    What do you think?


  43. It’s very easy for them to forget how hard it was to get published. I, myself tried to do it and never ever got a response. Here’s why I think they won’t help, they don’t want the competition.

    There was another poll done that gave Jim DeMint as the conservative the top spot over Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Ron Paul, Michael Steel. People said he represented their ideas. He got 73% of the conservatives want him to be the voice of conservatives. He would be the voice I want to see lead us out of this chaos.

    Unfortunately, the message went over their heads. Orrin Hatch made a rude comment about the Tea Party members when someone criticized his friend Bob Bennett. Not the sort of language that represent his Moron background.

  44. That is a HUGE mistake Larry. They need the Tea Party, they won’t stand a chance without their support. If the voters don’t have a choice, they won’t show up.

    I’m sure Ralph Nader will put his oar in the water again and we don’t need any spoilers to take away votes.

    “Politics is 75% relationships and 25% politics”..

    From what I’ve seen in my county and state, the % for relationships might be just a little higher but your numbers are real good.

  45. Great idea. Do it. Will you try to go to next year? Will you need a partner, hopefully by then I’ll have a website to promote and a t-shirt, bumper sticker business to get off the ground. We’re there any there? Or were they banned?

  46. Eileen,

    The answer is not for the Repubs to just say, “we aren’t the Democrats, vote for us.”

    Reagan didn’t do that.

    I have always said that I will NEVER bend the rules of conservatism to gain converts. The strength of conservatism when its message is clearly voiced is all that those in need of direction will need. Say it, and they will come.


  47. LadyWolf,

    When Scott Brown tosses his vote towards a bsaically meaningless jobs bill penned by the liberals, it becomes clear that it is ALL about relationships..

    It’s not a big deal ,but it is definately a message..

    No matter what, he will be better than Teddy was.

    The two Maine RINO’s threw in as well as two retiring Republican Senators including Missouri’s Kit Bond..

    Relationships..Pork.. The constituents be damned..

    Your tax dollars at work.


  48. The Country is craving sanity, common sense in politics and a stop to all the bad lying they’ve done over the course of a year. Conservative, real conservatives like DeMint, Boehner, Pence, Paul (both Ron and Rand) that will abide by the Constitution and not just pull it out to score some points. We’ve done that before and it didn’t work. People like Hatch, John McCain, Bob Bennett, and Lindsey Graham are watching the rejection from the Conservatives in this Country. They can say anything they want but if their actions don’t represent what they do, they’ll never get any true support. They want to play politics and games. We are looking for a sane individual who represents our values and unfortunately, the moderate Republican cannot see pass it.

  49. Eileen,

    I am not sure.

    I had considered assembling a small “book” and buying a booth in the “sponsors” are and giving the book away but the most that I might get out of that would be new subscribers..

    I need to hunt up some “writing seminars” but generally, “political commentary” is looked down upon at such events.

    I’m giving it some thought but it would be an even costlier gamble dollar wise than this years event was..


  50. Are you still in training with Daimon? Cause I can start looking again for you. I know where to go, because of my mom (worked for a small company that rates Insurance carriers and lawyers, she published the books that went out every year. AM Best is the company.)

  51. Eileen,

    Until the concept of “single issue bills” is forwarded, the idea of “relationships” in DC will be the norm.

    When a bill for a stop sign in Bent Elbow Texas ends up as a three thousand page “omnibus” of graft and boodle, the “relationships” are the only way to secure votes for your bill..

    That’s just plain wrong no matter how you slice it.


  52. Eileen,

    No we are out of training.


  53. I’ve been doing more research on term limits, and I think it will help keep the politicians on the straight and narrow. Right now many of them don’t feel the pressure because the goal currently is to remove the Democrats, but when there is no difference between Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell, he doesn’t feel the pressure when we are looking to remove Reid and Pelosi.

    Term limits will be a hard struggle, when it came up in the individual states they were overturned. There needs to be an Amendment to the Constitution in order to move it forward and if those in Congress don’t want to make a Commitment to their Constituents then the people will need to push for a 2/3’s majority by a Constitutional majority.

  54. Eileen,

    “Bloggrs” were treated abysmally at lsat years CPAC. They had this crappy little room out by the loading docks.

    “Blogger” is a term that is meant to demean. The “mainstream media” folks use it to marginalize just like the media does with “Tea Party extremists”..

    They set up a blogger room, two readers pointed out to me that they were allowing bloggers to set up there but you had to register.

    I did so and got an email saying that everything was being processed and that there didn’t appear to be any problem.

    Three days before CPAC, I get an email telling me that they were now ou of room for me..

    These bloggers walked around CPAC with these silly Matt Drudge fedoras with their blogger tags stuck in the rim just like the old time reporters.. It was cute.. Sort of.


  55. Willing to travel air/bus or car?

  56. Eileen,

    If it were put to the voters, EVERY state would ratify.

    What politician would cut everyone’s throat by placing such a bill into procedure?

    Politics has become a career and I can’t see them ever overturning that reality.


  57. Eileen,

    Travel? All of the above..


  58. Superman and Jimmy the cub reporter dude wore one. It’s kind of hokey if you ask me.

    Erick from Red States was there he even took images from the room he pointed out who was in there.

  59. I’ll start researching that tomorrow and will forward it to you when I’m done.

  60. Eileen,

    It might have been nice to maybe rub elbows with those struggling to get “noticed”. Maybe a hint or two might have helped..

    It was so strange that just days before, suddenly there was “no room at the Inn..”

    I think that the “street team” concept would work but it is a time committment to be asked of people who have better things to do than to promote NLTZ..

    I don’t want to pay to advertise but that could be an option as well..

    Maybe someday.


  61. Larry, Something hopeful I heard. Over 50% of the attendees were under 25 years old. I hope this is true. We need young people to take an interest in conservative politics. After all we have heard of the indoctrination of our youth at the liberal universities. Did you notice this?

  62. Eileen,

    I appreciate any help that I can get.

    I suppose that we should just call this a “wrap” as it is approaching 10:30 PM here.

    Thanks to all who participated.

    What will Obama bring me tomorrow?


  63. Monica,


    LOTS of college kids.

    I believe that that number may be counting the volunteers though..


  64. The public is generally pissed off right now and if some Republican show there is no difference between the Democrats and Republicans, then in 2012 we will remove them as well. McConnell is very corrupt and I really don’t want him to be our next speaker.

    I go to a number of different site every day and read about everyone’s frustration with not only Obama and the Democrats, but the parrot of the Republicans too. I’d say about 80% want them all gone.

    The politicians have a clear conflict of interest and we cannot count on them to look out for the Country, when they are so set on retaining their power.

  65. ObamaCare would be my guess.

    Have a good night eveyone.

  66. Eileen,

    Beck said as much which brought about a bit of a rebuke from Bill Bennett today.


  67. It is hard not to be dissappointed in Scott Brown’s vote. He is also coming to Phoenix to campaign for McCain, just like Sarah Palin. I guess politicians have a set of stripes and you can’t change them. McCain helped them and now it’s pay back time.

  68. Larry:

    My cousin had a friend who was an editor for a publishing company years ago. He may have retired by now, but I’ll try to get in contact with him to see if he has any suggestions.

  69. Monica,

    The Brown vote doesn’t worry me as much as a vote for Obama health scare 2010 would have.

    The bill is allegedly about “jobs” but these will be government jobs and probably only about four of them so Brown’s vote is as symbolic (useless) as the the bill itself..

    I wouldn’t want to be on the same side as Snowe and Collins.. Kerry and Reid..


  70. LadyWolf,

    You rock and thanks for that.


  71. LadyWolf,

    Here is the writing conundrum:

    Publishing Houses will NOT take “unsolicited manuscripts”, period.

    You need a “literary agent”.

    Good news, the “good ones” cannot charge you unless they get you signed. The bad ones wnat “reading fees” and other such theft..

    The bad news: literary agents tell you to go away by saying that “they are not taking any more clients..”

    No literary agent, no publisher will read..back to square one..


  72. Bill Bennett won’t get re-elected. I’m 95% sure. He has four real conservatives running against him, two I particularly like. Their is only one Democrats and he’s right behind Bennett.

    The people are showing a distaste for all Democrats, especially in Utah.

    Scott Brown has to run for himself come 2012 (when Kennedy would have been up for re-election). If he doesn’t follow through by what he promised then, he won’t get elected.

  73. You’re welcome Larry. I’ll call my cousin tomorrow. I know they keep in touch, so he should have the telephone number.

  74. Eileen,

    Unless a case of the “Arlen’s” hits him..

    Brown’s vote isn’t significant, the message that it sends is.


  75. LadyWolf,

    You just made my Christmas card list..

    Thanks as always,


  76. Another issue is most literary agents want liberal viewpoints so you’ll have to really dig for the conservative representative. We are in luck as the public doesn’t trust the liberal viewpoint so we might be able to find a good one.

    Good night everyone.

  77. Eileen,

    That is why I was hoping to converse with some conservative authors just to find out who their literary agent was.. I wish that there had been a few accessible authors there..

    Good night to you.


  78. Goodnight. Keep the faith everyone.

    Never give up, never give in, never again.

  79. LadyWolf,

    Goodnight to you as well..

    It’s time to roll in the sidewalks..

    Time to start working on the rehab.

    Thanks to everyone,


  80. A story appearing in the American Speculator regarding the Administration of crimes:

    White House Accused of Federal Crime in Specter, Bennet Races

    By Jeffrey Lord on 2.22.10 @ 6:09AM

    “Whoever solicits or receives … any….thing of value, in consideration of the promise of support or use of influence in obtaining for any person any appointive office or place under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.” — 18 USC Sec. 211 — Bribery, Graft and Conflicts of Interest: Acceptance or solicitation to obtain appointive public office

    “In the face of a White House denial, U.S. Rep. Joe Sestak stuck to his story yesterday that the Obama administration offered him a “high-ranking” government post if he would not run against U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania’s Democratic primary.”
    — Philadelphia Inquirer
    February 19, 2010

    “D.C. job alleged as attempt to deter Romanoff”
    –Denver Post
    September 27, 2009

    A bombshell has just exploded in the 2010 elections.

    For the second time in five months, the Obama White House is being accused — by Democrats — of offering high ranking government jobs in return for political favors. What no one is reporting is that this is a violation of federal law that can lead to prison time, a fine or both, according to Title 18, Chapter 11, Section 211 of the United States Code.

    The jobs in question? Secretary of the Navy and a position within the U.S. Agency for International Development.

    The favor requested in return? Withdrawal from Senate challenges to two sitting United States Senators, both Democrats supported by President Obama. The Senators are Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania and Michael Bennet in Colorado.

    On Friday, Pennsylvania Congressman Joe Sestak, the Democrat challenging Specter for re-nomination, launched the controversy by accusing the Obama White House of offering him a federal job in exchange for his agreeing to abandon his race against Specter.

    In August of 2009, the Denver Post reported last September, Deputy White House Chief of Staff Jim Messina “offered specific suggestions” for a job in the Obama Administration to Colorado Democrat Andrew Romanoff, a former state House Speaker, if Romanoff would agree to abandon a nomination challenge to U.S. Senator Michael Bennet. Bennet was appointed to the seat upon the resignation of then-Senator Ken Salazar after Salazar was appointed by Obama to serve as Secretary of the Interior. According to the Post, the specific job mentioned was in the U.S. Agency for International Development. The Post cited “several sources who described the communication to The Denver Post.”

    The paper also describes Messina as “President Barack Obama’s deputy chief of staff and a storied fixer in the White House political shop.” Messina’s immediate boss is White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.

    Sestak is standing by his story. Romanoff refused to discuss it with the Denver paper. In both instances the White House has denied the offers took place. The Sestak story in the Philadelphia Inquirer, reported by Thomas Fitzgerald, can be found here, While the Denver Post story, reported by Michael Riley, from September 27, 2009, can be read here.

    In an interview with Philadelphia television anchor Larry Kane, who broke the story on Larry Kane: Voice of Reason, a Comcast Network show, Sestak says someone — unnamed — in the Obama White House offered him a federal job if he would quit the Senate race against Specter, the latter having the support of President Obama, Vice President Biden and, in the state itself, outgoing Democratic Governor Ed Rendell. Both Biden and Rendell are longtime friends of Specter, with Biden taking personal credit for convincing Specter to leave the Republican Party and switch to the Democrats. Rendell served as a deputy to Specter when the future senator’s career began as Philadelphia’s District Attorney, a job Rendell himself would eventually hold.

    Asked Kane of Sestak in the Comcast interview:

    “Is it true that you were offered a high ranking job in the administration in a bid to get you to drop out of the primary against Arlen Specter?”

    “Yes” replied Sestak.

    Kane: “Was it Secretary of the Navy?”

    To which the Congressman replied:

    “No comment.”

    Sestak is a retired Navy admiral.

    In the Colorado case, the Post reported that while Romanoff refused comment on a withdrawal-for-a-job offer, “several top Colorado Democrats described Messina’s outreach to Romanoff to The Post, including the discussion of specific jobs in the administration. They asked for anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject.”

    The Post also noted that the day after Romanoff announced his Senate candidacy, President Obama quickly announced his endorsement of Senator Bennet.

    The discovery that the White House has now been reported on two separate occasions in two different states to be deliberately committing a potential violation of federal law — in order to preserve the Democrats’ Senate majority — could prove explosive in this highly political year. The 60-seat majority slipped to 59 seats with the death of Senator Edward Kennedy, a Democrat, and the election of Republican Senator Scott Brown. Many political analysts are suggesting Democrats could lose enough seats to lose their majority altogether.

    This is the stuff of congressional investigations and cable news alerts, as an array of questions will inevitably start being asked of the Obama White House.

    Here are but a few lines of inquiry, some inevitably straight out of Watergate.

    * Who in the White House had this conversation with Congressman Sestak?

    * Did Deputy Chief of Staff Messina have the same conversation with Sestak he is alleged to have had with Romanoff — and has he or anyone else on the White House staff had similar conversations with other candidates that promise federal jobs for political favors?

    * They keep logs of these calls. How quickly will they be produced?

    * How quickly would e-mails between the White House, Sestak, Specter, Romanoff and Bennet be produced?

    * Secretary of the Navy is an important job. Did this job offer or the reported offer of the US AID position to Romanoff have the approval of President Obama or Vice President Biden?

    * What did the President know and when did he know it?

    * What did the Vice President know and when did he know it? (Note: Vice President Biden, in this tale, is Specter’s longtime friend who takes credit for luring Specter to switch parties. Can it really be that an offer of Secretary of the Navy to get Sestak out of Specter’s race would not be known and or approved by the Vice President? Does Messina or some other White House staffer — like Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel — have that authority?)

    * What did White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel know, and when did he know it?

    * What did Congressman Sestak know and when did he know it? Was he aware that the offer of a federal job in return for a political favor — his withdrawal from the Senate race — could open the White House to a criminal investigation?

    * What did Senator Specter know about any of this and when did he know it? .

    * What did Governor Rendell, who, as the titular leader of Pennsylvania Democrats, is throwing his political weight and machine to his old friend Specter, know about this? And when did he know it?

    * Will the Department of Justice be looking into these two separate news stories, one supplied by a sitting United States Congressman, that paint a clear picture of jobs for political favors?

    * Will Attorney General Holder recuse himself from such an investigation?

    While in recent years there have been bribery scandals that centered on the exchange of favors for a business deal (Democrat William Jefferson, a Louisiana Congressman) or cash for earmarks (Republican Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham), the idea of violating federal law by offering a federal job in return for a political favor (leaving two hotly contested Senate races in this instance) is not new.

    Let’s go back in history for a moment.

    It’s the spring of 1960, in the middle of a bitter fight for the Democratic presidential nomination between then Senators John F. Kennedy, Hubert Humphrey, Lyndon Johnson, Stuart Symington and the 1952 and 1956 nominee, ex-Illinois Governor Adlai Stevenson.
    Covering the campaign for what would become the grandfather of all political campaign books was journalist and JFK friend Theodore H. White. In his book, the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Making of the President 1960, published in 1961, White tells the story of a plane flight with JFK on the candidate’s private plane The Caroline. The nomination fight is going on at a furious pace, and White and Kennedy are having another of their innumerable private chats for White’s book while the plane brings JFK back from a campaign swing where he spoke to delegates in Montana.
    The subject? Let’s let White tell the story.
    The conversation began in a burst of anger. A story had appeared in a New York newspaper that evening that an Eastern Governor had claimed that Kennedy had offered him a cabinet post in return for his Convention support. His anger was cold, furious. When Kennedy is angry, he is at his most precise, almost schoolmasterish. It is a federal offense, he said, to offer any man a federal job in return for a favor. This was an accusation of a federal offense. It was not so. Let’s focus on that JFK line again:

    “It is a federal offense, he said, to offer any man a federal job in return for a favor.”
    With a fine and jail time attached if convicted.

    What Larry Kane discovered with the response of Congressman Sestak — and Sestak is sticking to his story — combined with what the Denver Post has previously reported in the Romanoff case — appears to be a series of connecting dots.

    A connecting of dots — by Democrats — that leads from Colorado to Pennsylvania straight into the West Wing of the White House. And possibly the jail house.
    “It is a federal offense,” said John F. Kennedy, “to offer any man a federal job in return for a favor.” And so it is.

    Jeffrey Lord is a former Reagan White House political director and author.

  81. On the Republican/Tea Partier’s issue; I think the GOP wants to buy in ( as in buy out) to the Partiers voice but not for reasons one might think. Republicans are, in all actuallity afraid in becoming the party of conservatism that they were once were. In welcoming the Tea Partiers to stand with the GOP, they are doing so only for their own political gain and will eventually mute the true conservative voice and will continue, “business as usual” Republican style.
    Unfortunately, the Partiers have no clear leader to represent them. However, they represent the American conservative people’s movement, people that are tired with the same old BS of Washington and it’s so-called representatives. Yet, even now, the two major parties either deride the Tea Party or offer them weak homage, still not fully understanding that they represent true Americans voices.

    Big government, and most importantly, along with increasing citizenry apathy, is the direct result of Democrat and Republican parties as well.

    “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.” ~~ Thomas Jefferson ~~

  82. Wow Eileen!!! I have not seen this even on FOX yet. We may not need to do as much as we thought. They are so incompetent they are just goint to implode.

  83. Larry,

    About Townhall. Checkout Jillian Bandes a featured reporter for them on CPAC.
    Enemies are among us, carefully watch where you place your feet. The earth below is not always solid in supporting you.

  84. Joe,

    Tell me more..


  85. Joe,

    I just wasted three minutes of my life listening to that nonsense..

    Is that Townhall’s attempt at being “fair and balanced”?

    I had to BEG to get someone at Townhall to read my material and Townhall gave that imbecile a microphone?

    Just a little more than frustrating.

    I’ll admit that I spent an inordinant amount of time in the area where she was “taping” and I didn’t even notice her.

    I almost wish that she would have stopped me and said something inane to me..

    Just one more Tina Fey wanna be would have ended up crying..

    Thanks as always,


  86. Eileen:

    Great information, as usual.


    “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.” ~~ Thomas Jefferson ~~

    Thanks, that is one of my favorite Jefferson quotes, and, ain’t it the truth?

  87. Larry:

    I called my cousin and he wasn’t home so I left a message. He might be out of town for a few days. He usually tells me if he’s going somewhere but he may have forgotten. We’re getting a lot of snow in my area of NY so I don’t think he and his wife are out wandering around. He’ll call back as soon as he gets the message. Hopefully, his friend will have a few suggestions. He’s been in the publishing business for many years and, if I remember correctly, he was a published writer.

  88. Larry,

    This braying “jenny” Jillian seems more suited in spreading her Brande of progessive mule fodder on one of MSM ultra liberal news and web sites. Could this supposedly “conservative only” Townhall be a training grounds?

    I too, when reading the trash she spewed in her column, couldn’t help but wish that she’d run into you. In interveiwing you, either on tape or by question and answer, I knew that unless there’d been and independent camera and reporter there your reasoning would have never made it to her slanted spin. Once you were through, I would have actually enjoyed see this particular demo ding-bat dishelved and drowning in her tears.


    It is the truth! Thomas Jefferson, in my opinion is one of the deepest intellectuals that has ever walked the face of our planet.

  89. Joe:

    I totally agree with you. If only we could find someone like him today.

  90. LadyWolf,

    I appreciate your efforts on my behalf..

    After Joe’s eye opening message, I needed a bit of a pick-me-up..

    Thanks as always,


  91. Larry,
    I believe one was HU-Ann Coulter, but I can’t recall the other one. Sorry.

  92. Arthur Nankervis


    On Benedict Brown
    An Associated Press article shown at the Newsmax site quoted Dante Scala, a political science professor at the University of New Hampshire: “The way they survive with voters in their homes states is by making it clear that, first and foremost, they’re the servants of their constituencies, not the party label. So, they’ll make a point of defying their party and going their own way.”

    Why then, do people like Brown campaign on a GOP ticket? That’s the only thing that got him elected (that and Independent voters) in the first place and I’m of the opinion that there should be more ‘vetting’ of candidates before they are allowed to pull on the party Guernsey.

    The above mentioned article also stated: “Snowe and Collins hail from economically ailing Maine, and they can’t stray too far from the Democrats who populate much of New England.” This being the case: Why has Snowe and Collins won their last 3 Maine U.S. Senate Elections (Snowe 94, 00, 06 – Collins 96, 02 and 08)? The politics of Maine are confusing, to say the least!

    “Voinovich and Bond also are from states hard hit by the recession.” So! What’s new in the U.S. and around the world? There is no excuse for straying from the party-line at a time when all this political posturing is inconsequential. Americans have realized that Obama’s Bills are nought about ‘Jobs or Health Care’, but about control. Likewise, I’m sure that the people have seen that voting alongside the Democrats for (State) financial gain is simply ‘Pie-In-The-Sky – It remains to be seen if these gains will come to fruition. The male gendered pair are definitely not the rugged outdoor types with Snowe and Collins hardly being able to hold a candle to the likes of Sarah Palin. Looks are everything! – If you don’t look the part, you can’t be expected to do the part. A good example is Dingy Harry, now if he doesn’t look like a weasel, have the mind of a weasel and act like a weasel, then I’ll bare my backside in the main display window at 601 Olive Street, Saint Louis.

    Some excellent comments on the subject:

    “When Scott Brown tosses his vote towards a bsaically meaningless jobs bill penned by the liberals, it becomes clear that it is ALL about relationships..”

    “The politicians have a clear conflict of interest and we cannot count on them to look out for the Country …”

    “It is hard not to be disappointed in Scott Brown’s vote.”

    Disappointed! Disapointed to the nth degree I am. I had visions of Brown being the new Sir Galahad. (Galahad was the natural son of Sir Launcelot. His mother was Elaine) … Except for the spelling .. there’s that name again. But alas, it is not to be and as one blogger put it “Brown, a one-term Senator.”

    Larry, from what you write it does not appear that the GOP is going to take advantage of The Tea Party momentum and as you write: “Let’s see if the Repubs get the message as it was sent loud and clear.” I don’t think they will. Maybe it is time that the TP went it’s own way: Use the people’s donations for what it was intended: Endorse their own candidates at all levels of government and stick to the basics, if one could call the American Constitution ‘basic’. I see nothing out of place in endorsing the ‘Joe – The Plumbers’ of America. I also think that people are afraid of having a woman as president. We tend to forget that for somewhere between 14 years and forever, we relied on a woman’s decisions to get us where we are today. Dads have limited input in the formative years (although most would think differently).

    “Ahhh to dream.. One day Larry! … One day! I hope that you make it big and not from picking up crumbs from the established media. It will come to you … Go for the jugular and try something like a direct assault on those IC at The Tea Party. Do they have a media outlet that works with them, travels with them and doesn’t just report on events? Surely, they must be approachable … Getting to know the people with insider clout will be an obstacle, but not an insurmountable problem. Like the motto of The Australian Advisory Unit in SVN (1962 -72) : PERSEVERE.

    Names of potential presidential candidates keep running by me and if I stick to what I have written thus far, it is hard to go past Palin, Bachmann and George Will (if he will accept a TP nomination). I used to think of Ollie North, but Larry suggested that he carries too much baggage (name a politician who doesn’t) and I still like his style. If the TP doesn’t get a move on, it will all be too late and the wishes of the people will (again) be diluted into something akin to handing out how-to-vote literature at the 2010 polling booths. If I sense correctly from all your snippets about the convention, the mood of the GOP towards the TPs is one of distain. Would this be a correct summation?

    Wouldn’t mind a scanned copy of the NLTZ business card.

    00 : 16 Sierra Time your end Larry – 13 : 16 Golf here. Not sure if you are in the fart-sack or up at the computer doin’ what you love. Whatever you are at, I’ll say night night


  93. Arthur,

    The Tea Party appears to be a double edged sword.

    As of now, each individual faction is an entity unto itself. The repsective “parties” haven’t gotten together and formulated a hierarchy.

    That makes them approchable but somewhat unorganized. Once “organized” the typical shills and intermediaries would be there to run interference making them unaccessible not unlike thier big brothers in the GOP..

    In one of the seminars, one of the talker said that “the media almost feels guilty about covering the Tea Party”, that there was so much momentum that they HAD to cover them.

    I feel that that is exactly how the Repubs feel about them as well. They don’t want to embrace them, they don’t want them to go away either..

    I believe that Ollie would make an exceptional Secretay of State. Put John Bolton back at the UN, Lt. Col. West as Defense Secretary, Dick Morris as Press Secretary..

    Has the makings for a great group, doesn’t it?

    As a sidebar about the seminar mentioned above, after it was over, I approached the speaker whose business card says, “syndicated columnist”.. I asked him for any hints or contacts that might help me in my quest to become syndicated. He said, “I should know more about that.. send me an email and I’ll se what I can find out..”

    I found that dodge to be pretty pathetic..

    Thanks as always,


  94. Larry, thanks for your pkg. Talk about a Superman image! Does Daimon fly also?

    I am so sorry that the CPAC thing was uninspiring for you, and for so many others.

    I hope that you had at least a few good moments in your quest.

    Grateful for all you do, both here, and at your full-time job.

  95. Stirling,

    Both he and Basko fly in my mind..

    Not many moments but I had to try.

    Thanks for your kind words,


  96. Well, I’ve been busy today doing research. I have been listening to so many conservatives are piss off that Scott Brown broke his promise. So I went in search of what he voted on. Unfortunately, I found it.

    Here are all the gruesome details.

    The JOBS Bill HR 2847, Amendment SA 3320?

    I’ve been listening to the complaints regarding Scott Brown deception. I became curious on what the Senate was voting on. What I found has only angered me more about our useless politicians. Every day I find more stuff that I wished I hadn’t seen.

    What was voted on this week was an Amendment to an existing Bill HR 2847, which was passed in 2007. So if this was already in existence then where are the jobs and why were they holding back? Were we in trouble in 2007, 2008 and 2009? When were these jobs supposed to appear? Let’s not pretend any longer that these political creeps care about the American taxpayers, it all about claiming victory over the other party. The complete title of Bill 2847 is H.R. 2847, Making appropriations for the Departments of Commerce and Justice, and Science, and Related Agencies for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2010, The Jobs For Main Street Act, 2010.

    This Bill has nothing to do with creating jobs. It’s only about spending our tax dollars on the pretense of creating jobs. Have you read it, the Bill? Take a gander at it. S Amdt 3310 to HR 2847: All they did was create a number Amendments to an already exist Bill. S.AMDT.3311 , S.AMDT.3315 , S.AMDT.3316 , S.AMDT.3319 , S.AMDT.3320 , S.AMDT.3324.Don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do.

    All they did was change the date on when it will go into effect. It was originally suppose to go into effect in 2011. So, why didn’t they start the original Bill sooner? Don’t you find that odd, because I certainly do. Weren’t we in need in 2009? 2010? Yet they set this job bill to start 2011. Why?

    S.AMDT.3310 is about In the nature of a substitute. Motion to waive the Budget Act with respect to amendment SA 3310 made in Senate.

    S.AMDT.3311 is about changing To change the enactment date. S.AMDT.3312 is To provide for a study.

    SA 3312 fell when cloture invoked on the motion to concur in the House amendment to the Senate amendment with an amendment (SA 3310).

    S.AMDT.3313 is Of a perfecting nature. SA 3313 fell when SA 3312 fell. S.AMDT.3314 is Of a perfecting nature. SA 3314 fell when SA 3313 fell.

    S.AMDT.3315 is for the Purpose will be available when the amendment is proposed for consideration. See Congressional Record for text. Sponsored by Sen Sessions and Sen. McCaskill. 2/22/2010 Senate amendment submitted.

    S.AMDT.3316 Purpose will be available when the amendment is proposed for consideration. See Congressional Record for text. 2/22/2010 Senate amendment submitted Sponsored by Sen Landrieu.

    S.AMDT.3317 Purpose will be available when the amendment is proposed for consideration. See Congressional Record for text. 2/22/2010 Senate amendment submitted Sponsored by Sen Landrieu.

    I think you get the point, there is just a series of these Amendments. They are just substituting the “Jobs for Main Street Act, 2010” as Division A of the Act and the “Statutory Pay-As-You-Go Act of 2009” as Division B. (Regular appropriations for FY2010 for activities funded in the C-J-S Appropriations Act were included in the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2010; see Division B of P.L. 111-117.) The report of the House Rules Committee on H.Res. 976 (H.Rept. 111-380, p. 5) summarized the matter included in Division A of the Act concerning the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP); infrastructure, employment, and public investment programs; unemployment insurance; COBRA; small business loans; the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage; the child tax credit; surface transportation; and certain civil rights claims.

    Read the Bill here and here.

    http://www.agc.org/galleries/advy/H.R.%202847%20Green%20Jobs%… and http://www.washingtonwatch.com/bills/show/111_HR_2847.html

    I don’t think we can take any of them to be honest. I don’t trust them so I do my own homework and all I see is deception. God! I hate politicians. They are all sleazebag, who should be on the bottom of the Ocean.

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