The “fog and phony” show otherwise known as the health scare summit has come and gone and the repulsive residue left behind is no different than the socialist snow job that had taken place until the day before the silly summit.. EGObama proved just how useless the whole charade was because he “strongly signaled” that the liberals will “move forward with or without the Republicans”. The collectivist compass is off as usual because “forward” won’t have anything to do with this apostasy..

In “In Gamble, Obama and Dems Prepare to Ram Health Care Through” (fox news) we read that “at stake are Democrats’ political fortunes..” When it comes to “political fortunes”, the liberals have decided that they should send their “political fortunes” down the same perverted path that they have been taking the nation down for thirteen months.. Their “political” fortunes and the monetary “fortunes” of the middle class are both almost completely bankrupt..

Flyweight champion Obama is “preparing his party for a fight whose political outcome will rest with voters in November..” This should read, “Obama is preparing his party for a fight within his party..” The party of poltroons are completely oblivious to the fact that millions of voters have already said “no” in no uncertain terms to almost every element of this Democratic debacle.. Obama wants fellow liberals to all walk the progressive plank in order for his elephantine ego to be sufficiently stroked.. Obama wants the “lock-step” liberals to faithfully fall into their fifth columns and to perform their best impersonation of the typical leftist lemming..

“Obama told Republicans he welcomes their ideas—even ones Democrats don’t like—but they must fit into his framework..” No one could be surprised by this egomaniacal epiphany, as this has been the established Obama pattern since January of last year. Scratch that, until the “Massachusetts Brown-Out”, the Republican’s “ideas” were locked out of the process completely. Even CSPAN had to bow to the Brown Bolshevik (and he bowed back..) as his pathetic pledge of “transparency” relative to health care allotted them one measly hour of coverage until the “summit”.. “That’s the deal”, the article said. It’s as good as any of the prototypical “deals” that involve the taxpayers and their involuntary contributions to the aspiring Bernie Madoff’s in the Slight House..

“It’s a gamble for Obama and his party, and it’s far from certain that Democratic congressional leaders can rally their members to muscle a bill through on their own..” Even under “reconciliation”, it will be hard for Obama to convince fifty-one of his fascist followers to bite their cyanide capsules.. “At stake are the Democrats’ political fortunes in the midterm elections..” Those of you who thought that Billy Bob Clinton got a spanking during the 1994 midterm election, this will be yet another “history-making moment” for the 143 day wonder.. This one will easily top his double-digit unemployment and his trillions of dollar deficits..

Understanding the futility and the failure of his photo-op, Obama said, “There may not be a reason for Republicans to want to do anything..” The “reason” that they had better not “do anything” is that this lunacy is ALL YOURS, the “Party of No” piffle didn’t fly and it would take colossal chutzpah to blame your impending failure on “the mess that I inherited..” Just like in the primaries where Obama said absolutely nothing and Rodham continually refused to shut up, sometimes you can move “forward” by standing still.. The Republicans seem to have learned from Obama’s tactics in defeating the candidate with “35 years of experience” that all motion is relative and silence is golden..

“I don’t need a poll to know that most Republican voters are opposed to this bill..” Apparently he needs a few dozen polls in order for him to “know” that a large number of Democrats and the overwhelming majority of independents are “opposed to this bill”.. As just one example, the most recent USA Today/Gallup poll has a 49-42 number AGAINST “a health care bill similar to the ones proposed by Obama and Democrats in the House and Senate”. How about the same poll and the results relative to the liberal “nuclear option” or “budget reconciliation” question? Fifty-two percent AGAINST and thirty-nine percent in favor.. It might be time for Obama to take a serious look at ANY poll relative to this collectivist clunker..

The realities surrounding this socialist sophistry have to be getting through to the Obamazombies in his administration. Their cries matter not to the nitwit Napoleon as he wobbles towards his Waterloo. Either naively or moronically he said, “We’ve got to go ahead and make some decisions, and then that’s what elections are for..” Yoo hoo, Barack… “NO” is a decision, it just doesn’t “fit into your framework” and the “election” will be a Republican rout..

“The plan would be funded through Medicare cuts and tax increases..” Two strikes and you are out. These are the Bolshevik bean balls headed towards the noggins of each and every liberal candidate come November. “On the core issues of how to expand coverage and pay for it, Democrats argue a stronger government role is essential and with it higher taxes..” The government is already too involved in “health care”, maybe that’s why it is an “epidemic” or whatever they are calling it.. That could be the reason that costs are “out of control”, look at how Obama has already spent the middle classes’ life savings as though he were Joe Biden at the discount liquor store or Howard Dean at the “Bipolar Boys are Us” drug counter..

“Special budget rules allow majority Democrats to get around the requirement for 60 votes..” Thus we return to the “ever-popular” (See: Polls, USA Today/Gallop..) reconciliation process. Do it. Go ahead, I dare you. Obama even played along, “Americans want a decision on health care, and most think ‘a majority vote makes sense’”.. The next time Obama sees a “majority vote”, he will be watching the results of the midterm election with the two other Democrats left in both Houses..

Even their “back-up” or “scaled-back” plan calls for insuring “15 million more Americans rather than the 30 million covered under the congressional bills..” Adding 15 MILLION of ANYTHING to anything is outrageous enough, but adding 30 MILLION? Besides, the “big lie” around the health scare is that these liberal dependents aren’t getting any “health care”. Wander into the emergency room of ANY hospital in ANY inner city and ask to see everyone’s insurance cards.. You’ll hear crickets along with a chorus of “no habla English..” By the way, Princess Porcelain Puss said that passing the health bill will create “400,000 jobs almost immediately” thereby proving that Botox causes brain damage.. A mind is a terrible thing to baste..

Watch for this Obama “out”. Hearken back to the “stimulus”. There the bulk of the stolen revenues were programmed to be dispersed nearly twenty-two months after the bill was passed further adding to the agony of those suffering under the “Obama Depression”, but conveniently just in time for the midterm election.. Obama will pass/force down the nation’s collective throat/”reconcile” health care through, “fulfilling his campaign promise and his number one priority”, yet the bulk of the mandatory cuts and the oppressive taxes will be programmed in so that they are garnered in early 2013.. This “plan” seems just weasely enough..

Liberal ferret Harry Reid said, “It’s time to do something and we’re going to do it..” Good. Hurry up about it.. Thank you for ushering in another “supermajority” from those who had better begin advertising themselves loudly and proudly as the “Party of No”..


30 responses to “Recon-silly-ation







  2. Family,

    The end of the third to the last paragraph got clipped:

    “I don’t know why Pelosi was talking about “jobs”, as that word has diappeared from the liberal lexicon. The liberals have given up even lying in public about “creating or saving” jobs, they are too busy destroying them by the boat load to be distracted..”

    Thanks as always,


  3. “the mess that I inherited..” I am so tired of hearing that excuse. What about the mess he has and is creating? Throw all the weasels out.

    The “health scare” is more like a health snare. Once you get caught in the noose, you won’t get out. If they would investigate and prosecute all the crooks double and triple billing medicaid and medicare that would solve one big major problem by cutting costs.

  4. The alleged “Mess” The Obama inherited is nothing to the disaster he is going to leave behind. I feel sorry for who ever follows him as POTUS, but I’m sure we will not hear them whine about doing what needs to be done and not running around casting blame.

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  6. You kill me Larry, “Princess Porcelain Puss”… hilarious.

    Lady Wolf brought up the one thing I thought the Republicans could have put on the table and perhaps break the ice. Obambi himself said that by eliminating fraud we would save billions. What the Repubs should have said; since we both agree on abuses costing billions, lets start by first eliminating it and then see what we can afford.
    But of course that would have made too much sense,

  7. We actually watched most of the 7 1/2 hours on Fox News at least with one eye on it to see what the rascals had in mind. The Republicans actually had good ideas and pinpointed much of the silly stuff when they were allowed to talk. However, the President pulled rank and dominated the time with no limits to his rambling soliloquy. We in Wisconsin were proud of Paul Ryan who really nailed some points of projected waste. While I am not a McCain fan I was mortified to see this polite man treated so shabbily by Mr. Obama. How dare he!The best statement of the day was “WE CANNOT AFFORD THIS”. Amen!

  8. The entire deal was a well arranged joke. Sadly for the radical left, the joke was on them and Obama.
    They appeared unprepared, mad statements that were complete lies, were taken apart by the Republicans who came well prepared, new the bill inside and out, and showed anyone watching that they certainly had workable plans that could be implemented with in most cases a signature on an executive order by Obama. You know like the kind he did to seal all of his records. For an additional serious tongue and cheek yet serious tear down on the summit that wasn’t check this out. and while you are at it see Paul Ryan take Obama apart here:

  9. Quixtop, CA.:

    I worked for county government for 22 years and I learned pretty much from the start that sense and logic do not exixt in government. I’ve seen the government scrap a program that works, replace it with a program that doesn’t work and then replace that with basically the same program they had replaced. If it makes sense, they do the opposite.

  10. Listening to Obama speak during the healthscare summit has been a real education to many folk. For the first time the general public actually got to hear that the Repubs actually have concrete ideas of how to fix the problem. They also got to hear just how tone-deaf the Party of Compassion truely is. They also got to listen and find out just how much of a grade A a-hole their Ersatz Ebony Evangelist truely is.

    Should the Democrats actually carry out their threats of reconcilliation (something they cried foul over when Bush did it, and defend to the hilt for themselves), whether they succeed or fail they may cost themselves their party as a viable organization, as the voters will have their revenge at the ballot box.

    When in doubt, vote the buggers out. Send Reid and Pelosi to the unemployment, where they belong. BTW, did Bush ever tell people to heed tsunami warnings?

  11. Michele from NY

    “thereby proving that Botox causes brain damage.. ”

    Yes, along with sucking on the liberal lemon too long, which this whole health scam is, yet another lemon to add to the brown clown’s trail of ineptness.

    Just saw him on tv telling Hawaii and Cali to “heed the warnings”. Surprised he hasn’t blamed this latest natural disaster on the previous administration too.

  12. When the Gov speaks of Medicare and Medicaid fraud I have noticed every administration that is power say they are going to fix it and use this as a platform for some plan they are trying to get though, however, once they get what they want the fraud goes by the wayside and just continues as before. The only administration that did anything was, and I don’t like saying so, but true, was Clinton. He did address some of it but not all, and we Americans paid a hefty price for the Clintons involvement because he somehow allowed the insurance companies to take over health care. Not really a good thing is it? Some results were good but others were not so good. For example, I was working as a visiting nurse at the time and suddenly we could no longer go to blind patients that needed their medicine boxes filled for the week. This was one of the ways these people could stay out of nursing homes and live independently. This segment of our population now had to go to nursing home in which the money for this came from Medicaid and not Medicare. What this means is the States now become responsible for the expense not the Feds. This is just one way Clinton claimed he saved money but in reality he did not because the expense was just shifted and more expensive to you and I. Nice guy Clinton was.

    Now I come to one of the ways we the people are being bilked once again though Medicare. Wound care companies, which are just home care companies, now go into nursing home, at no expense to that home, and do all the would care at quite an expense to you and I. How you ask, the company charges Medicare or Medicaid, whichever applies, per wound somewhere around $25.00 per. Consider on average a person has 2 wounds each so there you have $50.00 charge per day times 7 days. The average nursing home has about 15 patients in residents that need this care so now we can times the $50.00 times 7 times per week times 15 times how many nursing homes in the USA times 1 year. We are talking billions here. And we can include the same for these IV companies that go into hospital and charge a large sum of money for their services to, YES, the American people, for a service that should be done by the nursing personnel that work for those facilities and that is included in there daily care which is charged to Medicare or Medicaid. Why are we paying twice for the Medicare and Medicaid patient to have these services? We can’t keep saying, “that’s the Government”, and let it go. If I can find this much inefficiency I believe there must be billions of dollars more we can find but the problem is, how do we get those public officials to listen and do something about it?

    I have written to 2 Congressmen about this and never has either one acknowledged my letters. Why? Would that be they don’t really care?

    I know this is a bit off subject but I just had to express my thoughts and hopefully get some feedback from you good folks and ideas how to get this message out. Thanks

  13. Quixtop,

    “Fraud” has ALWAYS been irrelevant in DC..

    The liberal believe that the only cure is MORE of what they have already wasted..

    Then they tell you to tighten your own budget.

    Thanks as always,


  14. Pego,

    Agreed. McCain was literally shaking with anger at the Obamanation.

    He has ten times the dignity of the “ACORN accomplice”..

    Thanks as always,


  15. I wah-one, I whaaa-one, I Whaah-one, Na na na , naa nah….
    Obaby is right. What an imbasile! That was the saddest excuse for meeting I ever saw. Slob stories from the left and shutup and take it from the right…….some body has got to have the balls to put this Kenyan in his arrogant place.
    Buy Gold, Buy Lead

  16. G.,

    “Ersatz Ebony Evangelist..”


    “Scientists” who have been busying themselves of late with the “science” of global warming (NEVER call it climate change, gives the worms too much room to squirm..) have discovered a very large crack at the bottom of the ocean leading to these recent earthquakes.

    Obama quickly decided to name it “Bush’s Fault”..

    I had to pass that one along..

    Thanks as always,


  17. Liam for Liberty

    Has anyone noticed that BO seems to be losing his cool? His pissy comment to John McCain at the health care summit seems typical. Oh, well, Rasmussen Report has BO at -21 (strongly approve – strongly disapprove among likely voters). If my calculations are correct, only 1057 days until he’s gone.

  18. NJ Nurse,

    They will never contact you as you have actual “bots on the ground” experience and you could help alleviate the fraud and the suffering.

    Politicians never really want to “cure” a problem. They want to be seen “addressing” the problem, fraud, waste and outright theft are irrelevant. We need more money. This is the liberal MO across the spectrum. Less lawyers and more accountants..

    Ahh to dream..

    Thanks as always,


  19. I’m not a big fan of polls, but I cannot help but think that out of the greater precentage of those who favor Obamacare are from the dregs of society… those who are irresponsibly used to being taken care of, un-taxed and having “life” handed to them.

    In having Obama present his “new healthcare plan” the Monday before the “BI-PARTISAN” summit and then say that he welcomes Republican ideas but they must fit into his framework is the audicious ultimacy of his and the Congress’ supreme arrogance!

    I truly do not understand the collectivist thinking. A government that takes from the rich to give to the poor will only result in three things. A bigger over-seeing government, tax laden fewer rich and more dependent poor.
    This has been proven in history time and time again. Yet, the liberals do not heed the lessons.

    We have a person in the White House with a majority in the Congress who are only concerned about their re-elections, not in the consequences of the legislature they pass.

  20. Michele,

    Yellow seems appropriate.

    Most liberals have an overabundance of the color near their spines..

    Thanks as always,


  21. Joe,

    Your third paragraph nails the liberal ethos.

    There is no lesson for them to learn, this is exactly what they want!

    The “lesson” has to be learned by those who continue to put these people into higher office.

    No one continues the same pattern and expects the pattern to change, the loafers and the mendicants came out, the “I’m for Mitt” and the “Ron Paul” sulkers stayed home. Period.

    Thanks as always,


  22. Liam for Liberty,

    Welcome to the family here at NLTZ.

    Excellent points.

    Obama is uncouth, a liberal “community organizer” (AKA;unemployed..) who was sired through the process. A 143 day wonder surrounded by liberal lackeys and toadies..

    Soon everyone will be saying, “That Carter wasn’t so bad was he?”

    Thanks as always,


  23. dancingczars,

    Oh yeah, Ron Ryan! Now that’s putting on the table without shouting “you lie!” Didn’t know whether Obama was obsorbing all Ryan (without a teleprompter) was saying, trying to look ‘presidential’, falling asleep or thinking of a brew on the front lawn. Oops, to much white stuff piling up out there, best have that in the Oval.

  24. blue state blues

    Let’s see Larry; you have a plethora of unique quips this time;
    Elephantine ego
    Fog and phony

    And I love the following two and added my spin:
    Brown Bolshevik or the Mocha Muscovite
    Princess Porcelain Puss or Bella Pelosi

    But seriously, if you step back, this is growing more insane every week. What Summit? That was not a Summit? Where was the negotiation? Republicans did present the only substance and none of it was given the slightest consideration or even acknowledgement.

    The best the Bolsheviks could muster was to try to out do each others pathetic sob stories from the 4 Americans they could find that purportedly had suffered from LOHI (Lack of healthcare insurance). One of them, I can’t remember which one, incredibly told us that one of her constituents had to use her sisters dentures because she had no insurance. What!!?? So now were including dental insurance? What about pet insurance? And while we are at it, how about life insurance? What difference does it make? If they pass any of this nonsense it will bankrupt us anyway.

  25. blue stae blues,

    In about five minutes, “Moved Us Closer” will be up and hopefully it sheds a bit more light on what has transpired since the “summit”.

    Tell me what you think..

    I’ll have a link up in about four minutes..

    Thanks as always,


  26. Family,

    Here it is:

    Thanks as always,


  27. Shame upon us for letting this happen ! When talking among ourselves , we all said it would happen, and it did. Lets get off our backsides while we still have something to take back. We can do it!!

  28. Don,

    You have found the primary theme of NLTZ:

    Never give in, never give up and never again!

    Apathy, complacency are our enemies.

    Gold star my friend.

    Thanks as always,


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