Moved Us Closer

As the socialist smoke and the fascist fog have finally cleared from the “silly summit” which could have just as easily been held at your local Chuck E. Cheese, the liberal “leaders” are all out doing their best “Bolshevik Buck and Wing” in public.. All of their “leaders”, except for Howard “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” Dean who is still shackled to the wall in Pelosi’s parlor.. You will note the lack of enthusiasm from the run-of-the-mill liberal office holder who has to contend with this liberal leprosy.. Their silence is more telling than the liberal “leaders” and their dystrophic dance of dementia..

First out of the box was the Bolshevik biddy and she picked up wrong (not “right”..) where she left off.. Feverishly paddling her collectivist canoe down “denial”, she believes that the “historic health care drive was closer to passage..” Such childish progressive projection may impress the lemmings back in the “City by the Gay” but it isn’t having any effect upon the actual victims of the Obama nonsense. Dead Ted might just as well be behind the wheel of this “historic drive” analogy because this “drive” will murder the middle class and it will drown the economy.

In “Pelosi: US health overhaul will happen”, (breitbart) the ridiculous relic reiterated that “we are determined to pass health-care reform”.. I am here to tell you that that is not what the liberals are going to do..

The last word that I would use to describe the liberals is “intrepid”. It would take courage for them to actually pass ANYTHING related to the previously tabled health scare initiatives. They have to know that they will pay a political price that would be too steep for anyone not clinically insane to bear when the midterm elections roll around were they to do so. Either above board or through “reconciliation”, the liberals do not have the courage of their convictions. As a matter of fact, they posses neither “courage” nor “convictions”.

There will probably be another nonsensical type of “summit” or some other media charade where the “ideas” of the Republicans are allegedly “welcomed”. Their intention is to move the goalposts just long enough for the midterm to get by. They will tell their mendicant constituents that the evil “Republicans” blocked the way and the only way around them is to elect MORE liberals.. Obama loves to blame others for his failures and his flailing and the temptation to resort to this progressive pattern is too great for the liberals who are better at hiding underneath rocks than moving them..

“Pelosi said she was working with Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on a way forward but invited Republicans to contribute more ideas..” When the liberals start croaking about “the way forward”, they want to do nothing more than to stand still.. They want more time to tick off of the clock. These “ideas” and the fact that they want “more” of them are another thing altogether.. The first set of Republican “ideas” didn’t fit into Obama’s “framework” I suppose.. More “ideas”, more “time”..

“If they have a good idea and it works for the American people, bravo, we welcome it..” It seems that the progressive Pinocchio has mastered the art of containing the growth of her proboscis when she blatantly lies in public, “bravo”.. The liberals DO want “ideas”, ideas that they can mull over, ideas that they can have “roundtable discussions” over, but not “ideas” that have meaning.. Tick tock, tic tock, tic tock..

The “good idea” of starting over and actually ALLOWING the Republicans to participate, well, that is just “ridiculous” according to Bob Casey. (L-PA) The “good idea” of eliminating waste from Paul Ryan, (R-WI) that apparently wasn’t “good enough” for Obama, Pelosi and Reid.. The liberals do not want to “do” anything, they want to be seen “doing” something no matter how long it takes.. The longer the better..

The liberals crowed about a “timetable that calls for action within the next month to six weeks..” “Action”, there it is.. The liberals want the appearance of “action”, they want to “look busy, accomplish nothing” blaming the Republicans for the “delay” when the courageous would look towards reconciliation. George Bush used reconciliation to get tax relief past the liberals. Obama should use it now to get his health scare/ tax increase past the middle class.. If he dares..

“We look forward to working with you over the next few weeks to see if we can come to agreement”, so said Steny Hoyer on the House floor. What he left out was, “No really.. Take your time.. I want your ‘ideas’. No hurry..” Tick tock, tick tock..

“If we can’t do it, then we’re going to proceed and that’s what he (Obama) told the American people he was going to do..” Steny forgets to mention that the liberals are quite cognizant of what the “American people” told THEM in Massachusetts.. “Just how long can we stall while simultaneously finding someone else to effectively blame..” THAT is the totalitarian “timetable”..

“That timeframe could also prove necessary for Democrats to overcome considerable internal divisions..” No no no no no no.. The “Republicans” are being all hateful and “acrimonious” and stuff, that’s the real problem.. The liberals are all under the big tent of “inclusion and ideas”, right? Hopefully they will “move forward” and their tents will collapse upon them and sufficiently suffocate them in the process..

Their FIRST excuse was the loss of the “supermajority”. This was AFTER the months and months worth of time when they just couldn’t agree amongst THEMSELVES as to exactly how much to bribe each other relative to this amazing piece of “historic” legislation.. Reconciliation gets them around this excuse and any other that they would like to manufacture..

This wonderful and carefully planned time delay also affords the liberals time to forget about both the economy that they have destroyed and all of those pesky “jobs” that Obama HASN’T “saved or created”.. If I may point out just two other important issues that the Obama fascist focus upon his health scare has driven to the very back burner..

Cybersecurity, the plans to keep federal agencies and private services secure in case of a “cyber attack”. Senators Rockefeller (L-NY) and Snowe RINO-ME) have a bill for consideration. BUT, “the ongoing debate over healthcare reform could postpone action on the floor for many months..” (“Cybersecurity bill to give president new emergency powers” thehill dot com)

Fannie Mae wants ANOTHER $15.3 billion bringing their impressive total stolen from the taxpayers to $76.2 billion, after their “10th consecutive quarterly loss.” (“Fannie Taps Treasury for $15.3 Billion More After a 10th Loss” Bloomberg dot com) Fannie’s stock once valued at $87.81 a share now brings an impressive 99 cents a share.. I see a “rubber stamp” request being moved “forward” as the Congress will have to “move forward” with the health scare “debate”.. Tick tock, tick tock..

Pelosi, still delusional, deceiving and dodging said that the seven hour “talks” on Thursday “made a difference and it moved us closer to passing a bill..” The only thing that any consideration of any Obama health scare bill would do is “move us closer” towards the socialist paradise/purgatory that the liberals dream of inflicting upon this once great nation.. No matter what avenue that they would like to take and no matter how many brave poses they strike for the media, I don’t believe that they have the audacity (of hope) to try it…Yet..


10 responses to “Moved Us Closer

  1. blue state blues

    You may be right on the money Larry. They may not have the audacity (I was going to say COURAGE but that would give them way too much authenticity). But I still wonder why they have even taken it this far. I can’t fathom that they are that stupid. Some of them are still carping about the “public option”. Maybe they are as mentally ill as Mark Levin says they are. Maybe they are that committed to Socialism that they would sacrifice themselves for the good of future Bolsheviks. Or maybe the only way to recover from the debt they created already is too get total control of health care, have everyone paying their monthly premiums to the Fed, and then reduce services and payouts so that they can scam a couple trillion a year off the top.

  2. That is a very good question. Nancy and Harry sure are dragging their feet. I just thought they were incompetent, or running around trying to heard all those Democrat chickens, but maybe they are doing it on purpose. I guess if they wait until right before the election they thing folks won’t have time to get mad? Could they really be that dumb? What am I saying? Of course they could.

  3. Interesting thought about stalling until midterms have passed to resume active cramming the health scare bill down American’s throats. I had thought about that but considered it somewhat far-fetched, even for those liberal loonies, however as Pelosi seems to be going more insane with each passing day, Reid now without any rational thought and walking around drooling on himself and Obama blaming everyone and thing except Muslims, out of desparation this may be the best plan they could come up with.
    I think it will still be dead in the water as the American people will know that the bill is still lurking under the table. Not trusting this Congress or the health scare bill any more than they do, their still going to eliminate a greater part of them.

  4. I’m beginning to think we need to create a NoLeftTurnz Dictionary/Thesaurus/Synonyms-Antonyms to chuckle over daily. “City by the Gay” is a real winner among many other in past posts. I substitute ‘health scare’ with ‘health swear’. I think the Republicans need to take ‘courage’ and ‘convict’ the Dems. If this administration were to be a TV show, it would be cancelled after the third episode because it is so unbelievable that the most free nation on earth can let this happen. Viewers would see it as a ridiculous fantasy.

    Why does anyone say let’s start over when what really needs to be done is drive a stake through the heart of this unconstitutional legislation. Why start over when there is a hole the size of Alaska through which money is hemorrhaging? Reform needs to start with plugging the holes and by stopping the fraud and raids on the treasury.

    It was a great statement when Massachusetts ended the majority even though this Maverick is starting to look less stellar. But I am hoping his win will inspire more honest and upright citizens to throw their hat in the ring. But let’s not elect so many lawyers and empty suits. We need people who have perfect hearing and courage of their convictions to bring about change. And one big change needs to repeal the automatic pay raise for congress and in fact adjust salaries downwards then putting a cap on that can only be moved through national elections.

    NEVER give in, NEVER give up and NEVER again. That phrase could be the title of our dictionary!

  5. Margaret in CT

    The political bravado that was so evident in February ’09 is obviously damped down or missing in Feb. 10. I’m wondering whether the Dens are dragging their feet on everything (including writing a tax bill) until they can pull a “government shutdown” a la 1994 and then cry “Chicken Little” while passing their putrid legislation in the face of a “government fiscal meltdown.”

    Panic among the populace worked wonders in derailing Gingrich’s Contract with America in 1994. I’m not convinced that the populace has learned its lesson yet. They are still looking to their DC Supernanny to do such things as putting a “stop” to foreclosures. Many voters are still addicted to the quick fiix.

  6. Tony in Alba, TX

    I believe the democrats will have enough votes to pass obama-care, although it will cost them their re-election to Congress. They will be promised a Million Dollars cash and full retirement benefits. Now who could pass up a deal like that? Is there anyone that is following all this money that is being tossed around willy-nilly? I think a few should be going to jail.


    It is hard for me to believe that the little
    state of Taxachusetts is common place in our
    writings here at NLTZ
    Dead Ted and the word ACTION IS Mass
    We had a program called ACTION
    American Council To Improve Our Neighborhood

    I also hope that Mr Brown has bigger stones
    than shown by his Jobe VOTE

    Richard a NLTZ dictionary is a great idea
    the labeling is funny as hell.

    Keep it up LARRY

  8. noleftturnz


    I just can’t quit..


    Thanks as always,


  9. Sling Blade

    We go back almost two years, and it has been a pleasure watching as you hone your craft. I have never failed to enjoy your articles, which is saying something for I am hard to please -just ask my ex-wife.
    I think Nancy Butox and her gaggle of fellow death-wishers see themselves as martys for the progressive cause.They think if they throw themselves on the spears of those opposed to this hideous monstrosity and are roundly defeated, they or others after them shall pick up the banner and carry on the fight, heaping plaudits on “Stretch” Pelosi and her demented minions for leading the way.
    Her only problem- other than being quite obviously insane- is that the American people are angered and disgusted far beyond what they were in 1994. I have a strong feeling that, even without passing a health care bill, the demonrats are dead meat for the forseeable future.

  10. Sling Blade

    Sorry, meant “martyrs”.

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