More Permanently

It was with great sadness that I read the headline from the Washington Times. “American reliance on government at all-time high”.. For those who believe in being self-reliant, this news both concerns and angers. For the liberals, it is reason for jubilation and I am sure that they are all congratulating the architect of this madness as he bows to their collectivist cries of “mission accomplished”..

The article calls this Democratic debacle the “so-called Great Recession”.. The Obama magic has created another “Great Depression” and on many levels, this one far surpasses the one that was socialistically shepherded by another liberal megalomaniac. This is the “Obama Depression” or the “Great Depression Redux”, if you prefer and any attempts to sidestep this reality is mere mooney Marxism or progressive protectionism..

When the liberals start hearing the press going on about “reliance on government”, it is like collectivist catnip, an arrogant aphrodisiac.. “Reliance on government” is nothing more than “control” and that is exactly what the liberals have been working towards for over sixty years.

This article routinely describes the pogrom of the Obama administration as “astonishing”, “massively”, “record”, and “unprecedented”.. Such frightening phrases as, “Americans took in more aid from the government than they paid in taxes” are the result of direct and targeted work by the liberals who have been in charge of government since 2006. This is exactly what the liberals have wanted to produce and they are thrilled with the chaos that they have created.

“While wages and other job-related income fell by a record $206 billion last year to $7.84 trillion, transfer payments from the government such as unemployment checks and Social Security burgeoned by $231 billion to $2.1 trillion..” Taxes paid “plummeted by $325 billion to $2.1 trillion.” “For the first time since the Great Depression (Great Depression I, that is..) Americans took more aid from the government than they paid in taxes.” This is the only way that the liberals will ever agree to a tax cut, when they are the result of their efforts at besting their last Great Depression..

Economists Harm Bandholz said that the “situation is unsustainable because the government has to borrow massively to prop up the economy and cannot continue that binge for long..” In the jaundiced eyes of the left, this is absolutely perfect as they will have then created another “epidemic” for which their answer is to do more of what they have already done which has already failed on a massive scale..

Enter Senator Jim Bunning. Bunning held up a “long-term jobless aid” bill with his vote. Listen to his logic, “If we can’t find $10 billion somewhere for a bill everybody in this body supports, we will never pay for anything..” Were the liberals truly concerned with positive results for this jobless aid bill, they would demand a halt to payments for ACORN or possibly a large scale immediate cut to Medicaid. “Turban” Durban immediately responded with a childish salvo painting the collectivist creators of this economy as the only saviors for the victims of this economy.. Accountability doesn’t matter, the liberals are busy allegedly putting out their own fires..

This momentarily takes the attention off of the most recent attempt by the liberals at “control” or “reliance on government”, Obamascare.. The liberals are determined to use any hi-jinks necessary in order to ram the bloated bill into law. Remember that this health scare is yet another “pandemic” augmented through the government’s previous presence and overindulgence in health care and as well, the liberals always tag their topics with such frightening descriptors for a reason..

When you occupy a self-imposed moral high ground, when your fascist feet are implanted within the soft socialist soil of sanctimony, ANY method used to accomplish your “end” is perfectly acceptable. After all, the bigger the goal that you are trying to accomplish, the more important it is that you do so.. Health care is for the “good” of the entire country. So resorting to chicanery becomes “justified” as the end result of this is allegedly going to “cover all Americans”..

That is precisely the point. By “covering all Americans”, the liberals CONTROL all Americans.. Control confers power. The liberal hollow talk of “cutting costs” relative to the implementation of this idiotic bill is inane. Liberal government is completely unconcerned with “waste” or “costs”, especially a liberal government led by someone obsessed with “accomplishing something historic”.. Liberal government is unconcerned with “thrift”, so when they pule about adding “30 million uninsured Americans” to the ranks of the governmentally addicted, ask yourself this. Do you believe that this will be a miraculous zero sum game funded by the elimination of redundancy, waste or fraud or another repulsive “revenue grab” from the middle class?

The “importance” of the “issue” means that the accumulation of additional revenues takes precedence over mere bookkeeping.. Whatever it takes to “control” as many persons as possible, the ends justify the means within the liberal body politic.

“Total debt in the United States has soared to an all-time high of 370 percent of yearly economic output, far exceeding its peak of 300 percent during the Great Depression..” Thus Bunning’s rationale became another opportunity for the liberals to parade their “concern” for those that they have intentionally placed in harm’s way.. “The simple fact of the matter is that this is an emergency situation” (that we have carefully crafted and created..) said the apoplectic Durban. Gauche grandstanding for the cameras while reinforcing the “reliance on government” which courses through his vitriolic veins..

The LAST thing in the world that the liberals want is for ANYONE to remove himself or herself from the government teat. Those who successfully manage to do so have no need for the typically intrusive liberal form of oppressive oligarchy. The Democrats have altered their “old” version of indentured servitude with its fire hoses, manacles and baseball bats to today’s version that is considerably “kinder and gentler”. Now it’s all about “benefits” and “aid” which has created an effective addiction within the inner cities, now the liberals want to take their game across the entire nation. The “progressive perfect storm” in the White House and Congress is well on their way towards that despicable “goal”..

“Because of bleak job prospects during the recession, (read: Obama DEPRESSION) some people were forced to go more permanently on the government dole..” These are the sweetest words ever written from the perverted perspective of the “control” minded liberals..


16 responses to “More Permanently

  1. I too, am very saddened by this crime perpetrated from our petulant congress. I’m sure you have received E-mails along the lines of how much this country pays for illegal aliens and other mind boggling facts. I have printed them and faxed the entire story to my three reps asking them to fax me back their comments. I have done this three days in a row, and in my fax yesterday I asked why they hadn’t responded. I truly am mad as Hell and will not forget when elections come. I am hoping Bennett gets his walking papers in May when the convention nominates his replacement. I think this congress is the most dishonest, do nothing and self serving body I have ever seen. There is no way on God’s green earth we can sustain this overspending.

    Utah is 60% owned by the government. We are now preparing to sue the government to get our land back. When the Western States were give Statehood they were supposedly to be on equal footing as the eastern states. Yet, much of the west is in control of the bureaucrats in Washington who have no idea how to manage these public lands, for they know nothing about the states. We are hoping other states will get on board the lawsuit, thereby forcing the Supreme Court to weigh in on our sovereignty. The concept of bureaucrats in Washington knowing best for states they have never visited, let alone understand the economics of the states needs, is tantamount to the UN mandating a global small guns registry. And I am going to win the next big lottery. Yeah, right.

  2. We now see the true ambition of the Progressives. The unemployment was planned, as was the housing bust. For years I have told people that the blacks are slaves to the Dumbocratic party, worse that the slavery before the Republicans set them free. Richard, today Rush or Glenn discussed the new plan to make millions of acres into national parks, so no drilling or processing of oil shale can be done. To me this is not for the environment, but to bust the country, and transfer our wealth to Muslim states. GOD help the USA. Pray Pray Pray

  3. Margaret in CT

    It worries me greatly that no Republicans stepped up to support Sen. Bunning’s attempt to put the brakes on this juggernaut. They showed themselves to be political cowards, and in that sense, they are no different from the Demokrats. Either they believe in government subsidy or they do not. For me, there is no gray area on the issue of government spending and the resultant control that it gives the few over the lives of the many. Bunning backed down, and now his act is being described by some as “symbolic.” Symbolic doesn’t cut it. Just trying to make these socialists look bad won’t work. They don’t give a damn how they look, as long as they reach their goal of complete control over our lives. Congressional Republicans must take a stand. If they wait for us to act, they may find themselves out in the cold with the rest of the congressional maniacs.

  4. Richard,
    I have given up on the US GUBMINT and have focused my energies at the state level (The Obamaniacs move so fast you can’t keep up with all the FUD). Montana has the “states rights” issue rolling with its “manufactured in Montana stays in Montana” gun law. Texas also has its’ act in gear. More states are catching up. Unfortunately, there are just as many rear-ends at the state level as there at the national level so it’s hard to find the movers and the shakers. I am so mad I sometimes want to go out on and lay down on I-95 in protest. Our progressive leaders in GUBMINT wouldn’t last 1 week in the private sector. Jim Bunning blocking the unemployment benefits extension is a bright spot on a very very tarnished dirty landscape. Never again is not long enough.

    PS: ” soft socialist soil of sanctimony” -Gotta love it Larry. Thanks for the wordsmithing.

  5. Since Kay Bailey Hutchinson promised Texan she would leave her seat whether she won or lost the GOP Primary for the Governor of Texas. Jim DeMint has started a campaign to have Governor Perry appoint her replacement (if she lives up to her word).

    There is a petition online for Michael Williams, the current Texas Railroad Commissioner to fill her spot. Williams is a conservative and a black man. Williams appears to be the Democrats worse nightmare. He’s a principled, outspoken conservative who will fight to stop the massive spending, bailouts and takeovers that have destroyed millions of jobs and piled a mountain of debt on our children and grandchildren,” said Senator DeMint. If you want to support Michael Williams, then please sign the petition and pass it on to others.

    Thank you

  6. Cheryl/Texas

    “unprecedented”.. yeah. This IS very sad. We are slowly (or maybe NOT so slowly) reaching the point where everyone is either working for the government or taking handouts from the government. How on earth do they think they can sustain these payments – both kinds – if no one is working in the private sector to pay taxes into the system? I have been amazed during the last few months to discover an increasing number of very intelligent, well-educated people who are secretly making preparations for their family to survive “off the grid” – i.e. no jobs, all money is worthless and no hope in sight. The Obama Depression (history needs to mark his name indelibly on this) is well on it’s way. My husband & I may be able to survive but I am terrified for our three kids and their spouses who are just now preparing to start their families. Never, ever thought we’d get to this point in my lifetime.

    You are a very talented writer, Larry – you say it like it is with an amazing vocabulary and a lot of flair. Keep up the good work. Between you and Glenn Beck, I am able to distinguish between the truth and the lies.

  7. Cheryl/Texas

    Thanks for the heads up – I just signed the petition. I had the opportunity to meet and hear Michael Williams speak a few years ago. He’s a great guy and a great conservative leader. I hope Kay Bailey keeps her promise – she became a lame duck several months ago and is no help to Texas.

  8. beyond disgusted

    You have so nailed this, Larry. I find it absolutely revolting how the statists cloak their “goals” in compassion and phony concern. If they really had any compassion, they would all resign.

  9. noleftturnz


    I greatly appreciate your very kind words.

    It’s nice to be thought of in the company of such an important conservative mind.

    Thanks as always,


  10. Lightcrosser

    2010 Entire house up for election vote them out.
    1/3 of senate up for election vote them out. Do this in 2012 and if the country and elections still exist every two years after that until All Federal involvement stops. All of us baby boomers not on social security and medicare should opt out use the money saved to pay down the deficit. Suck it up do something for the country other than whine. SIASSL

  11. This was a huge story here in Alabama because of our close approximation to Florida, but it has got to be two of the best answers to two stupid questions.


    An illegal alien in Polk County Florida who got pulled over in a routine traffic stop ended up ‘executing’ the deputy who stopped him. The deputy was shot eight times, including once behind his right ear at close range. Another deputy was wounded and a police dog killed. A state-wide manhunt ensued.
    The murderer was found hiding in a wooded area and as soon as he took a shot at the SWAT team, officers opened fire on him. They hit the guy 68 times.

    Naturally, the liberal media went nuts and asked why they had to shoot the poor undocumented immigrant 68 times.

    Sheriff Grady Judd told the Orlando Sentinel: ‘…Because that’s all the ammunition we had.’
    Now, is that just about the all-time greatest answer or what!

    The Coroner also reported that the illegal alien died of natural causes.

    When asked by a reporter how that could be since there were 68 bullet wounds in his body, he simply replied, “when you are shot 68 times, …naturally you are gonna die.”

  12. blue state blues

    Larry, great article. Probably your best snap shot of the larger Progressive effect and their maniacal, ceaseless efforts to destroy the Constitution and create a socialist national government.

    We need to all be aware of how pervasive and insidious this has become in our everyday lives. Most of time, the laws that Progressives have enacted at the Federal, State and Local levels go unnoticed until you run smack dab into one.

    For example, Richard’s post about how the Fed is controlling massive amounts of land in Utah and other Western states is not something you hear about everyday. But when you are awakened to the troubling nature of it and then consider the vastness of it, you realize that we are surrounded by Progressive fascist laws that have quietly become a giant fence around Liberty and States Rights.

    I myself just had an astonishing awakening concerning by two boys that are still in HS. My 15 year old had the misfortune to get himself busted for having marijuana in his possession. He does not smoke pot but his girlfriend does. He got caught holding her weed. The school reacted quickly and the police were called. By the time I got there he was under arrest. Skipping all the details of the arrest, I’ll fast forward to the next steps. Immediately upon his release, we drove to a Quest Lab to have a drug screening done. So here is the first evidence of the Progressively controlled State; I could not test him without his permission and without the permission of our family doctor even though I was paying out of my own pocket and not using insurance. Apparently this is a State Law through Federal mandate with Federal funding at risk for non compliance. OK, we got past that hurdle with my son’s permission and a Doctors fax with his permission. Two days later we were called by his doctor that the results were in. So I drove over to pick them up so that I would have a hard copy for a school meeting later that day. When I arrived, I was informed that I could not see the results without permission from my 15 year old son. What?? Yes, I needed his signature! I had to have the school get him out of class, sign a release and fax it to the doctor. Now armed with his drug screen (which was negative for any banded substances) I went to the school for a parent meeting with the administration. By this time my son was required to meet with a school drug counselor for 90 minutes of evaluation. At my meeting with the school I asked what the results were of my sons counseling session. With astonishment in their eyes that I asked such a question, they informed me that I could not see the results without my sons written permission. At this point I was ready to eat every teacher and administrator in the room. Are you kidding me??? I had to have my son give me permission? Well he did only because he knew that there would be consequences at home. But they will soon figure out how to neutralize parents even in the home. Think about it. They will probably arm our children with “home rights” so that they can turn us in if we violate their State authorized right to privacy that is controlled at the local level by school administrators and teachers.

    We are being choked at every turn. Our liberties are fast disappearing. And I personally don’t think its reversible because even Conservative Republicans are passive on a lot these subtle Liberty assaults. Individual States must reassert their sovereignty and start to take on the their own individual uniqueness as the Constitution intended them to do. We should have distinct choices of preferences embodied in each State government. We should be able to choose a State government that agrees with our personal preferences. The one-size-fits-all Federal Progressive juggernaut is killing the spirit of American ideals as set forth by our framers.

  13. blue state blues

    What do you mean by “the latest and maybe the last”? Are you going somewhere?

    I tried to link through but the link is not working. I’ll have to try it the old fashioned way and type it into my browser.

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