This Is An Opportunity

Yesterday, Obama called several shell-shocked liberals to the Slight House for a last ditch neck pinching and a final eye gouge or two. He was reported to be “pleading with them to put aside their qualms and vote for his massive health care overhaul.” What are mere “qualms” to the Ebony Eulogizer are known as matters of “political life or death” to those that he managed to assemble.. I will wager that he was bowing to beat the band as each of these shaky liberals entered the room..

In “Obama Pleads With Dems to Pass His Health Bill” (fox news dot com) we read that these liberals are “uneasy” and that Obama wants them to “focus on the positives rather than their deep disappointment with parts of his massive health care overhaul”.. “Parts”? The nation is a bit more than “disappointed” and these liberals skulking about with bulls eye’s on their backs are “disappointed” in the fact that Obama is more concerned with his own liberal legacy than he is with the collective futures of the collected collectivists.. “Focus on the positives” means that Obama refuses to listen to the overwhelming outcries of a nation that can no longer be cajoled or deluded by the Obama “focus on the positives”..

“Obama assured them the legislation was merely the first step and he promised to work with them in the future to improve its provisions.” Here Obama acknowledges that this ludicrous legislation is overwhelmingly more than imperfect, yet he demands that it be throttled on through anyway. This is the cornerstone of the Republican argument. There is too much WRONG with the legislation for it to be passed in such an underhanded manner. Obama REFUSES to “improve its provisions” BEFORE it has been turned into law, who in their right mind believes that he will work diligently to repair things AFTER it becomes law?

Obama said that this nonsense is “the opportunity of a generation, a chance to revive the party’s agenda..” It is apparent that Obama is still posing for his history book snapshots and “the party” is irrelevant to him, it is “his” (or should everyone say in unison, “His”..) agenda that he wants “revived”.. This ridiculous corpse cannot be “revived” in any way, shape or form.. Were they to try to do so, the liberals will have Joe Biden portraying Larry Wilson, Rahm Emanuel featured as Richard Parker and Obama Himself as Bernie Lomax as it seems that the liberals are casting for a new “Weekend at Bernie’s III”, much to the nation’s delight and the liberal’s dismay..

“Congressional leaders said that they were hoping for votes on the legislation in as soon as two or three weeks..” Why is that the timeframe from the liberal’s disjointed perspective? The answer is to be found within the fetid pages of the LA Times..

Here is the headline, “Obama looking to give new life to immigration reform”. Obama and his arrogant administration understand that they have all but lost millions of independents and those too easily confused from 2008. Now it is on to a NEW block of governmental addicts ripe for the picking, if you will..

Now Obama behind the scenes and out of the headlines reveals the true “Progressive Plan B” when the fascist fallout hits the fan. Obama feels that he is about to lose millions of his former friends and the duplicitously duped, what better way to make up the difference than with the eternally grateful eleven to twenty million or so ILLEGAL aliens!

“Obama took up the issue privately with his staff in a bid to advance a bill through Congress before lawmakers become too distracted by approaching midterm elections..” They are finally getting the message that the big “D” on the ballot in November means “Dead”. We have both a lame duck president AND Congress, so they had better get to the business of trying to completely destroy the United States.. This “distraction” is the liberals all clearing out their offices in Washington and yet another destructive Obama “bill” that needs to be rammed through “before it is too late”..

“Citizenship would not be granted lightly, the White House said. Undocumented workers would need to register, pay taxes and pay a penalty for violating the law..” Nonsense. The ILLEGALS will all get another of the Obama “sweetheart deals”, similar to the one that the liberals gave to the unions in order for them to “support” his health scare plan.. “Not be granted lightly”? This will undoubtedly be the mother of all ultimate ridiculous rubber stamp scenario as the bribes and payoffs for the ILLEGALS “coming clean” will top those given to Nelson, Landrieu and Lincoln.. I will wager that deep within the recesses of this “bill” there will be a proviso that demands that these “new Americans” be registered to vote on the spot..

Who is “responsible” for this ugly turn of events? Chuck Schumer (L-NY) and Lindsey Graham (Idiot-SC).. Obama managed to find a Republican willing to help him in his quest to keep the House and Senate in 2010. But why this “two or three weeks” timeframe for the health scare vote? Obama and friends don’t want to be behind the collectivist curve on this one as an “immigration” rally is set for March 21 in Washington, something that should “spotlight the issue and build needed momentum..” “Building momentum for whom” needs to be the question that the desperate liberal should be asking themselves..

Nick Shapiro, “White House spokesman” said that Obama’s support for an immigration bill is “unwavering”.. We’ve heard that one before and every time that we have, Obama’s polling numbers have dropped by another couple of points or so..

Again, Obama needs to choose between whom that it is that he is “angering”. “Obama risks angering a growing, politically potent Latino constituency if he defers the goal until 2011..” Does he “anger” the overwhelming number of those opposed to ILLEGLS being granted yet another amnesty or does he “anger” the ILLEGALS with their “chain migration” and their thousands of “anchor babies”? Decisions, decisions..

Schumer said, “It’s tough finding someone, we just need a second Republican..” Who else would like to join Graham Cracker and the rest of the Democrats getting their walking papers? Anyone? “There is a consensus that a proposal needs to move by April or early May to have a realistic chance of passing this year..” Let me add to the end of that last statement.. “..and the only chance that it will pass will be what was once a ‘seldom used’ vehicle known as reconciliation, a Democratic dodge that has taken the liberals by storm..” Oh well, back to the health scare “bill”..

“Republicans want to scrap the plan and start over..” The liberals “feel” that ANY bill is better than no bill. Obama even said that he will “work with them in the future to improve its provisions.” After it has “passed” and this disaster has become law, what will motivate Obama to “improve its provisions” and more importantly, WHEN would he consider doing so? I will wager that the answer to that query is NEVER. The process formerly known as “Democracy” involved the attempted “perfecting” of bills PRIOR to them becoming law..

Fox’s silly attempts at “impartiality” made this boner evident in the article, “Senate Democrats were left one vote shy of the margin they needed to bypass Republican stalling tactics..” Like “reconciliation”, the “filibuster” is part of the democratic process but the reality is that for eleven months, the liberals had a “filibuster-proof 60 seat supermajority” and they STILL couldn’t get this done..

As a humorous side bar, Kathleen “Sneezy” Sebelius met with insurance company executives “and asked them to provide justifications for double-digit price increases that have angered consumers..” Such sanctimony is hilarious as Sebelius’ anger mimics the TAXPAYERS who have asked the Obama administration “to provide justifications for double-digit TAX increases, unemployment rates and deficits that have angered voters..” Hopefully the insurance executives provided the same silence to the Obamzombies that they have provided to the middle class..

Democratic Representative Raul Grijalva said, “the president very pointedly talked about how important this is historically, this is an opportunity, it’ll give us momentum..” Momentum infers movement but it doesn’t infer direction.. The liberal’s “momentum” is quickly approaching “terminal velocity” despite their silly happy faces and their optimistic deflections of Bolshevik blather.. This IS an “opportunity”, one that the Republicans had better take full advantage of..


28 responses to “This Is An Opportunity

  1. Good article.

  2. Regarding the illegal’s ‘anchor babies’ – why do the libs want to continue the free prenatal care, free delivery, free diapers,and SSI checks to them, while at the same time encourage the destruction of life with funded abortions for our citizens ? Is an illegal life more important than the life of a US citizen? What am I missing ?

  3. Larry the hits (on all of us) just keep on coming . thanks for another good article. I can’t wait to pass along your description of Lindsey Graham- (Idiot- SC) , a perfect summary.

  4. JJ,

    You aren’t “missing” a thing..

    You have a soul, the liberals do not..

    Thanks as always,


  5. wingman,

    I appreciate your kind words.

    I don’t get what Graham is up to.

    Are there THAT many ILLEGALS in SC??

    Thanks as always,


  6. Margaret in CT

    He may be waiting another 2 to 3 weeks so that he can hand out a few more judicial, or whatever, plums to “persuade” these spineless punks to vote his way. It is frightening to think that some in Congress are waiting for the right plum to come their way, with no thought of what passing even a portion of the health care overhaul will do to our country. The Dems are worried that the public will tire of hearing about health care. I’m worried, too. Americans have a tendency to say, “Just get it over with. Do something or shut up,” when they should be saying “Do nothing, or you’re gone.”

    Larry, I know you realize that Obama is pulling the typical socialist trick of substituting a death of a thousand cuts for the swift decapitation of our democratic system that he thought he was going succeed in pulling off last year. Commentators say cap and trade is dead and health care is hanging by a thread. I don’t believe it for a minute. These fascists will continue to try to get socialist health care and energy policy through the back door, chipping away at our freedom in small increments. None of his evil plans will be dead until his administration is disabled by the midterm elections or voted out in 2012. Beware of apathy, our number one enemy.

  7. Thank you for an excellent article. I will be sharing parts with others and Idiot was right on!

    JJ – I too, seem to be missing something because I agree one hundred per cent with you. A very large part of the problems we are experiencing are due to the abortions. As a generation ages, the succeeding generations take over the running of life and it continues on and on. But the problem is, we aborted the next generation of workers and tax payers, and this bloated and obese government is no longer getting fresh tax payers so it raises taxes on everybody and their pets to keep themselves in the luxuries to which they have become accustomed too. I sent to my three congress slicks an email I received with a Constitutional Reform Act of 2010 which suggests it is the way to fix the government, but it needs a sponsor. I asked them if they would be THE ONE to introduce the legislation, then answered my own question saying they had been infected with the spending bug and me, me, me virus which we plan to cure this November, so be ready. I will be positively shocked if I get a reply from any of them, and I sign my name a state my residence and fax number on the five I have sent this week.

    Larry, have you done any more thinking about combining your articles into a book form? I think it would be a great read.

  8. Larry, to answer your question, there are a LOT of illegals here in SC. Our unemployment rate was higher than the national average even before this so-called Great Recession because they have displaced a large number of natives, especially in the construction industry.

    We are embarrassed to death that we have to claim ‘Graham Cracker’. I just love that! At least Jim Clyburn (L-SC) has an excuse for his stupidity.

  9. Margaret,

    Your comment was a thing of beauty..

    I can add no more to it without lessening its impact..

    Thanks as always,


  10. Richard,

    Yet another thing of beauty..

    The death cultists of the left, the young and the infirm..

    There is something distinctly wrong with them..

    Thanks as always,


  11. T,

    Well, there you have it.

    Graham is just trying to prsonally pad his own nest..

    He works to keep his seat by allowing countless millions MORE to invade this once solemn nation.

    This didn’t stop the rush when Reagan did it. (One of two disagreements that I had with the great leader. The other Lebanon.) This only encourages more to “border burgle”.

    Even Obama’s destruction of the economy and all of the jobs that have gone with it haven’t stopped these ILLEGALS from invading.

    This isn’t a “racist” diatribe, ILLEGALS come from every nation but as long as they skirt the rules, take them to their “home” embassy at the United Nations and let them get them out of here themselves. Put them on AMTRACK on their way to NY, the government owns that too..

    Thanks as always,


  12. Immigration and Campaign Finance reform were the 2 main reasons I didn’t want to vote for McCain. But what choice did we have? The devil that you know.
    Did you see that the Demobrats have lost another Congressman? The guy who got caught sexually harrassing a male staffer resigned today. What a loser. But the good news is that another one bit the dust. Remember that idea about them imploding from the weight of their own corruption?? It is happening right before our eyes. Keep praying, keep talking, and never give up!

  13. dancingczars

    Larry you continue to bust me up. This was one of he bests yet, Ebony Eulogizer, perfect, I will begin calling him the Ebony Euthaniser for all things health care for the rest, he will be known as the Ebony Pontificator . I’ve been taking incoming fire on calling this fraud the smoken, choken token.
    I have a completely new design, and have branded myself Charging Elephant, same url, have a look.

    Well I for one have faith in the scumbags in the Democratic party. Their own personal interest always trumps that of their constituents, ergo, I don’t believe they are willing to take a bullet for Obama, Pelosi and Reid. To do so would bring new meaning to taking one for the team. No matter what your political position would you want the above three on your team? Would you want to be on their team? That’s my case. Should I be wrong, none of this will go into effect until 2012, and be completed by 2018 plenty of time to get rid of the progressives and restore order to America and Washington, I’m Jim

  14. blue state blues

    “Every act of a delegated authority, contrary to the tenor of the commission under which it is exercised, is void. No legislative act, therefore, contrary to the Constitution, can be valid. To deny this, would be to affirm, that the deputy is greater than his principal; that the servant is above his master; that the representatives of the people are superior to the people themselves; that men acting by virtue of powers, may do not only what their powers do not authorize, but what they forbid.”

    — Alexander Hamilton

  15. noleftturnz

    Dancing czars/ Charging elephant,


    Like the new look a lot. Great stuff.

    Keep up the great work.

    Everyone stop by:

    Thanks as always,


  16. noleftturnz


    Yes I did hear and the silence is molden..

    This was about the time towards a mid term election when Mark Foley had his moment.

    Every other minute that was all that you heard..


    Unlike the lascivious liberals, I do not find this to be that earthshattering, it’s not like he lied under oath about it..

    They are certainly dropping like fascist flies aren’t they?

    Thanks as always,


  17. noleftturnz

    blue states,

    Come on, we can’t be quoting “dead white guys” here now can we?

    Isn’t the Constitution a “living breathing document” which somehow excuses the leftists IGNORING of the document?

    Did you read “Agreed?” over at the Thought of the Day from 02/23?

    This expalins my stand on the liberals and their aversion to the Constitution.

    Tell me what you think.

    Thanks as always,


  18. noleftturnz


    Check out the latest Thought Of The Day:

    I am tired..

    Thanks as always,


  19. Larry

    “Obama as Bernie Lomax.” Thanks, the image makes me smile. Great way to start the weekend. the scene where they drag him downstairs feet first and his head hits every stair. Nice.

    I have often pondered about abortion and wondered how many future Bill Gates, Thomas Edisons, Henry Fords, ect, lives have been snuffed out due to being aborted. The left argues ” well look at how many potential rapeist and murderers were not brought into society.” But that would be a small percentage of those who have been aborted. It is a sad legacy that we will all have to answer for.

  20. Papa Bear – I have also wondered about the great minds or leaders or artists or caring people who have not been allowed to draw a breath. And yes, we certainly will have a reckoning regarding this. I actually feel sometimes we are just getting a small taste of reckoning every now and then because we have shunned Christ. This is a chosen land, but Christ will not force us, we have to invite him to our homes, our hearts and to mingle with our families. We are after all, a Christian Nation, no matter what zero says or wants. God bless us all.

    NEVER give in, NEVER give up and NEVER again!

  21. Richard,

    Yes, we are a ‘Christian nation’ , and as long as “In God We Trust ” remains on our currency, we have a fighting chance. God bless us all – we sure can use some help.

  22. blue state blues

    Hey Larry,
    I just checked out Agreed. Loved it! I have a short attention span so those little, powerful bursts like that get me fired up. You are right on the money. They don’t get, or don’t wanna get, that their authority ends at the last word in the Constitution.

    Keep up the great work. I appreciate that you continue to charge when I get so frustrated that I want to stop and smash something.

    I saw you and Lady Wolf over on Take Back America. I’m there under Wayne Fluri. Let’s drag some of those good people over here!

  23. noleftturnz

    blue state,

    That was the whole idea behind the “Thought of the Day” site. Each “thought” could be expanded to article size, but I like the little snipes as well..

    I used to save a thousand words worth of “thoughts” and place them into lagniappes. I liked the TOTD format better. Gets the “hot” ones out there quicker.

    Lets drag as many over here as possible. I have always believed that the MORE information, the better. I visit LOTS of sites but NLTZ and the TOTD are HOME.

    Thanks as always,


  24. Patient in PA


    Here is another opportunity.

    The entire Congress of the United States is corrupt. And I mean both Houses and I mean both major parties.

    I realize that a few Members of each House are trustworthy, but, as a group
    they are absolutely the most corrupt bunch to ever disgrace our Nation.

    In November of 2010 the entire House of Representatives will stand for re-election;

    all 435 of them. One third of the Senate, a total of 33 of them, will also stand for re-election.

    Vote every incumbent out.
    And I mean every one of them. No matter their Party affiliation.

    Let’s start all over in the House of Representatives with 435 people who have absolutely no experience in running that body, with no political favors owed to anyone but their own constituents. Let’s make them understand that they work for us.

    They are answerable to us and they simply have to run that body with some common sense.

    Two years later, in 2012, vote the next third of the incumbents in the Senate out.

    We can do the same thing in 2014 and, by that time we will have put all new people in that body as well.

    We, the People, have got to take this Country back and we HAVE to do it peacefully.

    That’s what the Framers of our Constitution envisioned.

    I am also suggesting term limits on the NEW BUNCH — 8 YEARS FOR REPRESENTATIVES.


    12 YEARS [2 terms] FOR SENATORS.




    And we do away with their Special Retirement system and their health program (they should have same health programs everyone else in America does). When they are through serving their country they go back to being private citizens. They should view their service as a privilege; after all it was designed to be a part time job to represent the voice of the people, NOT the special interest groups and those who can do favors for them.

    If they don’t like this proposal then don’t run for office…

    Please, if you love this Country,

    send this (as I have done)
    to absolutely everyone whose email address

    appears in your address book.

    This thing can permeate this Country in no time.

    Let’s make it happen.






  25. What I find the most interesting to watch is this:

    Barry Soetoro really thinks he is the reincarnation of Kennedy.

    You’ll recall that Kennedy invaded Cuba – the Bay of Pigs fiasco.
    After a humiliating defeat Kennedy demanded that his administration study the failure and tell him why it wasn’t the best strategy.

    What he learned from his staff was that his advisors, most of whom had all come from the same top universities – the same backgrounds, were a cohesive bunch but they all thought alike.

    Here we go again. Barry and his band of group-think Chicago mobsters all think alike and for his claim of being such a fan of diversity – his advisors have no diversity of thinking whatsoever.

    He’s no Kennedy because Kennedy learned his lesson and applied many of his findings toward peaceful resolution of the Cuban missile crisis a year later.

    Not only does this president not learn from his mistakes, he doesn’t think he makes mistakes, and he’s certainly not going to listen to what the majority of the American people want. He’s simply there for Barry.

    So, unlike Kennedy, Barry Soetoro won’t have the benefit of the intellect that would be available if he wasn’t so arrogant and narcissistic. Imagine what it would be like if someone actually told him that (and he got it like Kennedy did)?

    But perhaps to our benefit, Soetoro’s last two years in office won’t be at all what he envisioned. All because he won’t include diverse thinkers into his inner circle – people who would challenge him and show him where his thinking is off.

    Barry’s view of the world is that the North Pole is up on the map. He won’t take the time to consider that maybe it’s the South Pole that’s up? His map of the world is limited just as he is. His loss. Our gain.

    This makes predicting Barry’s fate pretty easy don’t you think?

  26. DP you are so right. They have corrupted the definition of diversity and forgotten that it refers to more than just color. He is such a narcissist that he fits the definition of insanity to a ‘T’. He just keeps doing the same things over and over hoping that the result will change.
    Hopefully his ‘predictable’ fate will not take us all down with him so far that we aren’t able to get back.

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