Within Our Grasp

Hearts were all aflutter in the state of Pennsylvania as the “Health Scare Rickety Road Show” finally skulked out of Washington and ambled out to where the victims of the “plan” live. Fear not as this was a sufficiently scrubbed get-together, not unlike the Obama campaign events where women in burkas were hustled off of the stage before the flashbulbs popped.. Obama showed up at Arcadia University (Who? Where?) after thirteen months of failing to convince his own party that this is a really great “plan”.. Nice of him to finally get out of the House.. And the Senate too for that matter..

The ASSociated Press was all agog over the humorous homilies being read from totalitarian teleprompters by the sanguine socialist. Yahoo news (Obama pitches health plan in spirited appearance) called the fascist freak show a “spirited, shirt sleeved appeal” and they said that it “stirred memories of his campaign for the White House.” No this wasn’t a “town hall” type of scenario, Obama isn’t in the mood to hear from the multiple millions of people who fervently disagree with his Democratic Death Panels.. The only thing being “stirred” here was the Bolshevik bouillabaisse of buncombe and blather.. Obama was talking to “students” who have never paid any taxes and only stand to benefit from this “plan”.. That was about as brave a maneuver as Oprah talking to a group of fellow fatties about Ring Dings, Yodels and Ho-Ho’s..

Apparently according to the article, “legislation that once seemed on the cusp of passage, only to run into difficulty when Senate Republicans gained the seat..” I suppose that having Al Franken in the Senate hasn’t paid any dividends as the liberals have stumbled all over themselves for over a year only to have the “next convenient excuse” for failure fall into their laps..

The liberals, once firm believers in the “argumentative minimalism” (Racist!!) have now decide to elongate their lies once again. It is either the “two-step approach”, (the SIDE-STEP approach is more like it..) or its “rules denying Republicans the ability to demand a 60-vote majority..” These are polysyllabic versions of “reconciliation” which has apparently become a liberal media curse word. The impartial media has no qualms with talking of “filibusters” or “Republican stalling-tacits” this time around. “Reconciliation” is yet another “political maneuver” that just happens to be being utilized by the liberals today, so all bets are off..

Obama was “appealing” for “passage of long-stalled health care changes”. This “long stall” is the result of the liberals being incapable of deciding just exactly how much each of their votes will cost the taxpayers. People like Lincoln, Landrieu and Nelson at least managed to get their payoffs lined out, the rest of the liberals were apparently playing hard to get.. Maybe the “long stall” was due to Pelosi and her fetid friends carefully “draining the swamp” of corruption in Washington, you know the most “honest and open Congress in history”..

Obama in taking a page from the progressive play book decided to cast capitalists as the “problem”, not unlike his juvenile attacks upon “corporate America” or the “Wall Street interests”.. Now the “problem” is the insurance companies, they are an “obstacle”.. “They continue to ration care on the basis of who’s sick and who’s healthy..” Unlike the liberal’s great “plan” where all of the leftist’s leeches will be clogging every emergency room within sight with every hangnail and tummy ache imaginable since the middle class will be forced to pay for it..

The funny thing is that under Obama’s “plan” of Marxist Medicine, “ration care on the basis of who’s sick and who’s healthy” is exactly what they are going to do and please keep in mind that they are going to do it as efficiently as they have handled the “stimulus”.. It will be done as effectively as their “bailouts”.. Socialized medicine is all about “rationing” and there will be no choice but to “ration” health care when Obama drops “10-30 million uninsured”, an assemblage of ILLEGALS, mendicants and loafers, into the mix.. Obama’s proposal “would give the government the right to limit excessive premium increases..” Correction: Obama’s proposal would give the government the right to limit EVERYTHING, and they will have to..

Obama fired away at “Republican critics” as well. “You had 10 years. What happened? What were you doing?” The Obama “taunts” are as effective as any Obama “promise” as the progressive projection can’t be hidden between the licentious liberalism.. The LOGICAL question to ask is “Why with an unstoppable ‘supermajority’ for over ten months couldn’t you accomplish this ‘important’ task?” As well, why not ask, “When you were cooling your heels in Washington as the Senator from Illinois and bravely voting ‘present’ on so many occasions, why didn’t you introduce a bill or two addressing this ‘number one priority?’”

The article said that “he taunted members of a party that held the White House for eight years and control of Congress for a dozen..” Again, the impartial media chose to ignore the relevant questions. “Why couldn’t a Democratic majority in BOTH Houses since 2006 manage to address the ‘epidemic’ of health care?” The answer to that query might very well be, “Maybe they were afraid to try again since the last idiot liberal who tried to “overhaul” health care with the ‘help’ of his imbecile wife was then soundly trounced at the very next midterm election.” Remember, the liberals are at least TWICE as smart as the conservatives, I will ask yet another poignant question. “Since, according to you, the Republicans had control of Congress for ‘a dozen years’ and couldn’t do it, why couldn’t YOU solve this vexing problem in half the time since you posses twice the cerebral capacity?”

“The outcome could affect every American..” There is no “could” about it, it WILL effect “almost every American” and in a horribly negative way for those attempting vainly to outlast the Obama socialism.. ILLEGALS and loafing liberals of every Socialist stripe will of course benefit, however the middle class will be bankrupted and even the unborn will be further targeted by the Marxist Mengeles and their “plan”. This is what we know about within this nearly 3,000 page pogrom, remember that Pelosi herself said that “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it..” (Pelosi Remarks at the 2010 Legislative Conference for National Association of Counties 03/09/2010) Transparency? Nonsense..

Never ones to leave well enough alone, “House Democrats have been lobbying to add to the health care bill unrelated legislation overhauling the nation’s student loan programs..” The “government” will “save” “about 87 billion over a decade”.. This is as good a “guess” as the ones the Obama shills have been making relative to their shameful “stimulus” tripe and their “jobs saved and created” stupidity.. If one looks deeply enough at this alleged “proposal”, one might discover that this is another Democratic “earmark”. Yet another item for Obama to “control” and something that has NOTHING to do with “health care” and allegedly, “earmarks” are yet another of the things that Pelosi wants to allegedly “end”.. However, she only wants to “end” them for ONE YEAR..

“‘I’m kind of fired up’, Obama said at the beginning of his remarks, a variation on his oft-stated 2008 refrain, ‘Fired up. Ready to go’”.. I’m kind of “fired up” too, but an appropriate “change” is in order for the text.. “I’m fired up. Ready to NO..” Obama crooned, “Let’s seize reform, it’s within our grasp”.. I like that. Lets “change” it just a little bit more.. “Let’s seize Congress in 2010. It’s within our grasp”..


41 responses to “Within Our Grasp

  1. Thanks Larry, for another great read.

    “The outcome could affect every American..” Well yes, except those in congress who, Surprise, have exempted themselves from yet another law.

  2. I read this morning that last month, Iran launched a warship that they had built and yesterday successfully test fired a surface to surface missile in the gulf. Things are getting dangerous over there and the Dims have spent the last year focused on health scare. I’m thinking we are going to get a wake up call.

  3. I do “one man tea parties” in my home town from time to time and I stand on a busy corner with some different signs and hold one that says HAD ENOUGH YET? IMPEACH OBAMA.
    A gentlemen came up to me and asked me “what do you think obama has done that is impeachable?” I answered that he has lied to the American people, we had a brief discussion and he left.

    I tell this story to ask for in put from you all (someone tell me if in put is right, imput?) on developing a list of specific things obama has done that are impeachable and next time someone approaches me with that question ill have a flyer to hand him.
    I know this group can come up with a real nice list and I thank you in advance for any feedback

  4. PapaBear,

    I forgot to mention the UNIONS who are exempt as well, another bribe for “going along” with Obama..

    Thanks as always,


  5. PapaBear,

    These are the liberals, they will just sign some idiotic “accord” or something and all will be well.

    “Peace in our time” never sounded so good coming from the New Age Neville’s..

    Thanks as always,


  6. Bill,

    First off, you are a hero to all who “talk” about doing something. Where will you be with your signs? ALL “family” members within your area would probably join you.

    I would tell anyone curious enough to ask, “The liberals need to understand that their dystrophic government’s power ENDS with the last word of the Constitution and the Amendments, it does not BEGIN there..”

    For example, their hideous ignoring of states rights.. Amendment #10 for the liberals who haven’t actually read the Constitution..

    ANYTHING outside of those parameters is impeachable in my opinion..

    Thanks as always,


  7. Family,

    A hot one fresh over at the “Thought of the Day”.



    Thanks as always,


  8. Good shot! Seizing Congress in 2010 is certainly within our grasp and I plan to grab hold enough to leave earmarks on their ears, like my dad twisting my ear when I misbehaved. Only thing different, I don’t like the people in charge!

  9. Richard,

    Don’t feel badly my friend, the liberals don’t really like each other as well.

    Thanks as always,


  10. Re: Arcadia University

    It is in suburban Phila. and was originally a female- only college and underwent a name change a few years ago. It’s former name was Beaver College – absolute truth.

    Since so many kids at these so called “institutions of higher learning” are so enamored by the fraud in the WH, I wonder where we are headed ! Will they become leaders or sheeple ? Will they be able to overcome the liberal indoctrination?

  11. Larry,
    Bolshevik bouillabaisse of buncombe and blather.. love it .,. also add bloviating bullshit, bubkiss(sic), baloney, balderdash, etc. Whenever, I see, and/or hear the POTUS and/or any these @#($#* liberals (progresssives) I get sick. I can’t read about them without feeling ill. Nancy “we have to pass it to learn what’s in it” Pelosi, argh!!!
    Never again is not long enough.

  12. Alabama Rednek

    Larry, great post and spot on.

    As a side thought, you mentioned the Dims trying to insert a student loan bill onto Obamacare. What they esentially want to do is take over the student loan program entirely and freeze out the banks, etc. The end result would be that only schools that the Dims approved of and taught their liberal agenda would get the financial aid for students. No one else would. But the real kicker is that once a student takes that loan they are locked into it. That is, they cannot refinance it at a lower rate anywhere and cannot pay it back ahead of time. Again, total control. Really makes me wonder just how low the bottom of their cess pool is. They just seem to be going deeper and deeper into all that caca. Must make them feel at home. Sort of warm and mushy.

    Have a great day and we are all fine here.

  13. Thank you Larry for your kind words, I’m not sure “hero” is the right word but i will differ to you as the wordmeister.
    I have had people stop by when I do this one man tea party thing and ask me to call them when I plan to do it again because they want to join me and I tell them they don’t really need anyone to do it with, just make a sign and pick a corner, I would like to see every corner in every city occupied by one person protesting this illegal regime. I only do this from time to time, usually for about 2 hours, and I pick different locations. I wear a t-shirt that is available at infowars that says in huge bold letters front and back TYRANNY RESPONSE TEAM. Its a lot of fun to get the feedback pro and con, and the whole exercise is rather addicting! So for those that have the time and are as furious at this administration as I am, give it a shot and lets see how many liberals we can piss off! ……hehehe

    My question remains as to the impeachable offenses of this man. I’m looking for SPECIFIC actions and charges against obama that are impeachable, with documentation if possible, so I can print out a little flyer to hand out to people that ask the question.
    Thanks for any help the family can provide !



  14. “Fired up”, eh? How nice. With a ‘blazing’ speech he may elevate the now fewer in number admirers, filling their hearts with enthusiasm and instilling in their minds a new zest for life. He’s giving them hope! Promising them change and the moon, but alas, invariably they’ll find their doom.

    Obama can project the glories of false images in his fine rhetoric and take his place amongst history’s most famous narcissitic leaders.

    Jim Jones, the charismatic leader who led 900 of his followers to cheerfully commit suicide and even their own children was a narcissist. David Koresh, Charles Manson, Joseph Koni, Shoko Asahara, Stalin, Saddam, Mao, Kim Jong III, and Adolph Hilter are a few examples of narcissits of our time.

    Obama is pathological narcissitic. He really does not care about government or agenda, that is a mere inconvience to him, it is about mind-set. His mind set. He is the only one that counts, he is above it all. Unfortunately he has help from two other narcissisits in Pelosi and Reid and elected, corrupt, gutless wonders called “Congressmen.”

    Obama does want control of EDUCATION, ENERGY, AND HEALTHCARE from the start. The auto and banking industries just fell into his lap.

    It really IS up to each of us to reclaim our beautiful America. Educate everyone you see now.

  15. Bill,
    How about all of the Czars? They aren’t constitutional.

    How about hiring felons to work @ the White House?

    How about the bald faced lies about what is in the Health care bill? Abortion, coverage for illegals, “you can keep your Doctor and your current insurance”, this will reduce the cost of health care, this bill is deficit-neutral, the list is endess.

    Larry, another great one! I do believe that we are turning a corner. People are paying attention and getting fired up.

  16. Larry,

    Great post. I especially liked the question that I haven’t heard posted anywhere else: If this is really a number one priority of Obama’s, why didn’t he write a couple bills while cooling his heels in Washington as a senator from Illinois. Loved it!

    We are fired up and I do believe a storm’s a comin’.

    Never give up! Never give in! Never again!

  17. Kurt,

    Thanks as always for the kind words.



    Been reading all your posts re health care
    Just spent four days in the hospital with
    a need for a blood transfusion.I had a loss of three pints of blood and we only have ten in our body
    called 911 had tests on heart,lungs ,legs,kidneys,stomach chest xrays
    and next week a colonoscopy blood level is maintaining
    Great care
    If Obamacare was it I would have gone to a DEATH PANEL and be pushing up roses

    Best to all

  19. Alabama,


    Your two crucial words: “take over”. I used “control” but in the end, the liberals want to “help” or “empower” when all that they really want is to “help” themselves to our freedoms and to overthrow capitalism.


    Thanks as always,


  20. whosebone,

    Keep up the good work.

    Hundreds upon hundreds of Tea Partiers came to STL when Obama dropped in..

    LOTS of fellow DEmocrats STAYED HOME as opposed to being seen in public with him..

    The corner may have been turned.

    Thanks as always,


  21. Joe,

    Can’t add another word..

    Thanks as always,


  22. Docta G.,

    I try to ask what hasn’t been asked. That is why I don’t listen to Rush or Hannity, why I don’t read Coulter or Malkin..

    I’m just trying to keep the integrity of the articles as my “number one priority”. The good thing is with the liberals, they screw up so much from so many different angles that there is plenty of uncovered real estate even after Rush and Ann get through..

    Thanks as always,


  23. Margaret in CT

    You don’t suppose the Medicare cuts that are included in the health care bill are based on RISK and COST, do you? If we have a toe fungus, our care will be funded. If we have cancer, our options will be few and our life expectancy limited.

    It’s simple: Abort the unborn and exterminate the old. Our medical care will no longer be provided by white-coated caregivers but by brown-shirted killers—whose salaries we will pay.

  24. JR,

    Glad to hear that you were well taken care of.

    You are right. Had the doctors managed to save you under “ObamaScare”, they would have had at least two or three “end of life counselors” available with their Jack Kevorkian autographed clipboards and a couple a strange looking syringes at the ready..

    I wouldn’t advise that anyone cough in public if these weasels manage to finagle this pogrom through..

    Thanks as always,


  25. Margaret,

    Their “risk assessment” will also be based on the liberal’s “quality of life” assessments..

    Remember, they will HAVE to “ration care on the basis of who’s sick and who’s healthy”. 10-30 MILLION more mendicants all grousing about the bad pork chop that they ate (which was also paid for by you..), rationing will be absolutely necessary.

    Doctors and nurses will be understaffed and overrun by the lowest class and the moochers “needs” will make another series of “czars” necessary in order to “determine who is just how sick and how much care that they need.”

    Quality of care will be gone. “Doctors” will be “graduating” from mail order medical schools and soon America will mirror all of the Turd World countries..

    Where will the rest of the world go for the medical care that they now come to America for? Iran? Venezuela?

    Brace yourselves..

    Thanks as always,


    Next stop: The socialist’s Soylent Green.

  26. A petition to sign and pass on to everyone you know.


  27. I Don’t know why I cannot post here anymore, let’s try this again.

    Here is a petition that I like us to sign and pass to everyone we know.


  28. Margaret in CT

    So true, Larry. Nothing turns a Connecticut democrat into a conservative faster than working as a volunteer in the emergency room of the hospital where I volunteer. The very doctors who helped put BHO in office are scrambling to determine how to weather the coming storm. Here’s hoping that they fire their political weapons at the Congress in November.

  29. Whosebone, the word you are looking for is “input”.

  30. Eileen,

    The bottom line: When ANY comment comes with a link, Worpress puts the comment into the “spam” file. I don’t do it, they do.

    I have to periodically look in the file to see if anything is there.

    I’ve asked them to override this but they won’t.

    I’m trying to keep up..

    Thanks as always,


  31. Thanks Eileen. I signed and passed it off to twenty others hoping they will sign.

  32. As with the porkulos money ( Dimocrat districts received twice as much funds as Republican districts) with this bunch, I have no doubt that when you go to the hospital the first thing they will check is your political affiliation. A D and you get cared for, a R and it’s, forget-a-bout-it. Or am i just being pessimistic?

  33. Eileen
    Thanks for the link. Signed, delivered & passed on.

  34. Everyone mentions the control that the Dims are lusting after in the Healthscare takeover. but let’s not forget the money they expect to be poring into the federal coffers. I’m sure they have run the numbers and at 4 to 8 thousand per family paying annual insurance premiums, (what you pay plus your employer,) they probably expect billions to come rolling into the federal coffers . They believe it shouldn’t go to greedy insurance companies when we in the federal government could do so much good with it.
    I also seem to remember when they first took over congress, there were rumors of them wanting to take over retirement accounts ( 401k’s, IRA’s ect.) as there was trillions just sitting there and it would be better put to use in the general fund. Which is the same train of thought that the unions had with their retirement funds and got them into trouble. Their plan was that they were going to federalize there accounts and pay everyone an extra 3 to 4 hundred bucks on top of social security when they retired. And of course if you die before retirement, they keep it all. How nice of them.

  35. BHO & his legion of snake oil salesmen (Dems) should take a dose of their meds!

  36. Since the unions want special exemptions for their members, perhaps we should go along with their request, and form our own union , so that the rest of us would get the same exemptions. We could be the ” Conservative American Workers Union”, and charge a nominal $1.00 membership fee ( to cover the cost of the membership cards), and when the labor unions try to organize our places of employment, we could respond that we are members of the CAWU. And since they want everyone to join a union, they should be happy that we are unionized !! Yes, sounds far-fetched, but there must be some way to slow down the union take overs. Just a thought.

  37. Alabama Rednek


    What an excellent idea. This is something that could take off if handled right. I can visualize 40, 50, 60 million or more that are NOT really union oriented and would be most happy to join this kind of union. Not only would it encompass all the perks that labor unions get but it would igive us a lot of political clout as well. Hmmm, it is really something to think about. What say you, Larry???

  38. Re: CAWU

    I would also suggest the inclusion of all workers , including the CEO, the self employed, the military, the part timers, the stay at home moms, and even the ‘retired’ workers. Open to all collars – white, blue, reversed, and none.

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