The Progressive Prune has “ordered committee chairmen to postpone their hearings” if they just happen to be about ANYTHING other than the Obama Health Scare. The liberals don’t seem to understand that they have no choice but to assemble various committees and have any number of meetings relative to each and every other thing that they have destroyed through their grotesque governance. Jobs? Not now, pass the bill.. Unemployment? Not now, pass the bill.. Useless “stimulus” packages? Not now, pass the bill..

In “Democrats Cancel All Hearings in Anticipation of Health Care Negotiations” (fox news) we read that all hearings are hereby cancelled so that the liberals “can meet to chart a course for one last sales job” on the health scam. I thought that the Brown Bolshevik said that “the time for talk is over, it’s time to vote..” The only ones still “talking” about this are the liberals and the problem is that they haven’t said anything new for months and regardless, no one is listening to what they say..

The Obama quote came from yesterday’s visits to St. Louis where a large number of local Democratic office holders and seekers stayed away from the Obama events in droves. The last thing that any liberal wants right now is to end up in the same picture as Obama.. When Obama or any of the liberals start saying things like, “the time for talk is over”, they know that the jig is up. Under normal (whatever passes for “normal” when discussing the liberals..) circumstances, the leftists love to rely on their superior abilities of “communication” combined with their immense cerebral capacity to convince any unbeliever into seeing the liberal light.. When the liberals clam up and start squawking about voting, they have something to hide and with as much as today’s liberals have to hide, they’re going to start loping around Washington looking like a pack of Bactrian camels..

“Whether it’s expanding Medicaid, tax-funded abortion service, special kickbacks for resistant lawmakers or the untallied costs, none of the unanswered questions has left Democratic leaders from insisting a deal is near..” The powerful undertow of trying to tread water in Denial will drown “untallied” numbers of liberals in November. The liberals refuse to see that these are the exact reasons that the nation does not want anything resembling a vote on this hideous heresy..

“Decision time is here, and that’s it” said the Speaker or the Louse. She “added that the House and Senate bills are 75 percent the same..” It’s that nagging 25 percent incompetently empowered through bribes, kickbacks and graft that has the nation fuming.. Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic dunces just want to “talk over” the deafening roar of the overwhelming number of Americans vehemently opposed to this “bill”.

Pelosi INSISTS that the “bill must be passed BEFORE the details are all sorted out..” (Caps mine.) What was her quote on this? “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy..” The “fog” is coming from the socialist smoke machine, the “controversy” will go away when this horrible legislation does.. Back in January, the liberals “promised” to put the health care bill on line for seventy-two hours before voting on it.. Now it’s all locked doors and secrecy and everyone has forgotten yet another broken Obama promise..

“The bill has no price tag yet..” Is this “price tag” for the bill or for the bribes? Will the final “price tag” include all of the bribes from yesterday, today and tomorrow? Democrat Rod Blagojevich demanded bribes so that Roland Burris could take Obama’s vacant (in more ways than one..) Senate seat. Obama “bribed” one of the health care Democratic dissenters by giving his brother a seat on the Tenth Circuit Court. Representative Jim Matheson of Utah now has Obama to thank for his brother Scott Matheson being “upped”.. Obama wants Jim to “change” his mind.. It’s just Illinois politics on a larger stage..

Pelosi continued on with yet another transparent/closed door meeting where the liberals huddled over “additional subsidies to help lower-income families purchase health insurance and more aid for states under the Medicaid program for low-income Americans..” All of these “low-income Americans” vote Democratic and contribute nothing to society except for boatloads of a different kind of “anchor babies”. These will be “anchored” to the lowest class and the governmental teat ad infinitum.. Please do not forget that the “Medicaid” ruse was the bribe given to Landrieu so it would appear that this chicanery will rear its ugly head again.. No matter, the middle class will pay for it..

The liberals want to keep themselves both out of sight and busy as their “Weapons of Massa Distraction” have come home to roost. It certainly appears that Pelosi wanted to “drain the swamp” so that she could then refill it with a potent progressive pollution.. Liberals with cash in their freezers, liberals selling Senate seats, New York governors (Spitzer and Paterson..) and New York Representatives, from rookies to veterans.. “Everybody look over there, your shoe is untied..”

Now we learn that the “Massa” problem had been presented to Pelosi’s office all the way back in October and yet she did nothing.. Now it is time to once again trot out the liberal refrain and tighten it up just a bit.. “What did she know and when did she know it?” Her delirious disclaimers relative to the fact that she knew good and well about Massa will mirror her dopey denials when she was confronted about being briefed by the CIA on the bogus “waterboarding” horror..

Massa was forced to “resign”, Rangel merely “stepped down”. On the scale of “political problems” or “ethical violations”, Rangel’s constant issues with ethical shadiness for decades rates more than just a simple “paid vacation” from his post as the House Ways and Means Chariman.. By the way, Rangel’s “paid vacation” will probably again be to the Caribbean and will again be paid for with “corporate money”.. Massa took the “deal” that was “presented” to him by the liberal elitists which means that by resigning, the left won’t come after him legally and he will rapidly be out of sight, out of mind. (After listening to this text book liberal on the talk shows the day before, “out of mind” is the appropriate descriptor..) Massa’s “offense” surely is the equivalent of Mark Foley’s or Larry Craig’s but Massa was quietly swept out of both the door and the headlines. The liberals, well beyond the expiration date of the “story”, used Foley and Craig and the “impartial” media willfully helped the leftists by continually “reporting” it..

So it is off to more “closed door” meetings where the “transparent” Obama thugs will be fashioning concrete overshoes for the assembled liberals in order to “convince” them to vote Obama’s (Carlito’s) way.. These liberal patsy’s also have to know that if they cave on their alleged “convictions”, the voters will be fashioning concrete shoes as well as heating up the tar and the feathers..

It has to be terribly hard on the liberals to constantly keep trying to distract the entire nation about the health scare “bill” when they are constantly dodging the distractions of their own unethical liberal provenance..


20 responses to “Distractions

  1. Man, I sure agree with you regarding the ‘one last sales pitch’ about to happen. How many ‘last’ have we heard now? Way, way too many. It’s time to cut bait and I mean cut it. Stake it with a wooden stake, put garlick all around and bring out the crosses. Maybe a barf tub or two as I am literally going to toss my cookies if they don’t stop their whining and crabbing and pouting. It is dead, but the three idioteers will drag the body along wherever they go. I just want them to go away and take the cadaver with them.

    You do realize you can’t understand anything nor believe anything coming out of the Potomac Swamp. There are so many different counterpoints in all this, you need a large chart on the wall to keep score. Twits! Every one of them!

  2. Richard:

    “the three idioteers will drag the body along wherever they go.” It sounds an awful lot like the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s”, doesn’t it? Except that was a comedy and at least we could laugh at that. There’s nothing funny about these bozos and they don’t stop.

  3. If the GOP did these things a few years ago, the late nite comics would have so much ammo that their 5 min. monologue would last 30 minutes!

    Just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all, these ‘ three idioteers’ ( thank you Richard) produce more nonsense. Perhaps there are some screen writers out there who are taking notes, and collecting sound bites. Their films could cover a wide range of catagories from ‘comedy’ to ‘disaster’. A possible title in the “How to ” category might be :
    “How to lie, and lie and lie and . . . . .”

  4. Another petition to sign:

    The Free Our Health Care NOW! Action Army


    Once again, sign and pass it on to everyone you know.

  5. These clowns don’t know when to stop, do they? Passing bills without having written them, let alone read them is bad enough, but the Slaughter Gambit of simply passing bills without even voting on them just shows what I’ve known all along: they won’t stop until we stop them.

    If we can’t stop Obamacare from passing, they we need to impress upon the state legislatures to simply invoke nullification. Simply put, the law cannot be enforced if the states won’t go along with it.

    Come November, vote all the incumbents out, and send a message Obama can’t ignore. If need be, it may take people surrounding the White House every night with lit torches (at no point trespassing or inciting violence, we don’t want that) so he understands the people of this land are mad at him and all the Progressives. Obama doesn’t deserve our votes, our sympathy or our respect. He is a monumental disgrace to this country and he has dishonoured his post at every level and he should be cast down into the oubliette of history.



  7. Since these three idioteers claim that this healthscare is so important that they are apparently willing to bet their political careers, and those of other libs, on it – then I would suggest that everyone sign it, BUT with one provision. Namely , that these three idioteers tender their resignations at the exact same time.

    If it is so crucial to pass it now, they should be willing to do the same thing they have asked of their colleagues – sacrifice their careers for the American people. Show some real leadership, and put your money where your mouth is.

  8. Larry,

    Maybe with all the cancel this, cancel that, Obama and the First Klingon can cancel their little spring vacation to Asia/Australia. Now would’nt that be a pity.

    In the Democrazies’s trotting out the sob stories, like the child whose mother died and left three children. The mother had two hospital visits and medicaid. The child’s trip was paid for by George Soros and SEIU. Follow the money and the power and who is pushing this health care debacle. Left, lefty and leftier. Oh yes, socialism orchestrated by progressives.

  9. Margaret in CT

    Some ruminations: I wonder whether Pelosi has a copy of the Constitution nearby. Probably not, because it contradicts all that she holds dear. Betcha Saul Alinsky’s little red book of Rules for Radicals is on her shelves, dog-eared and tattered from use.

    Now I hear that Obama is postponing his “official” trip to Indonesia so that he can make phone calls to help spur passage of the health care bill. Then, he’s off to show his daughters the Madrassa that he attended as a child. How touching. Why is it considered white collar crime when an executive takes a trip overseas, thinly veiled as a business trip, with his family in tow and bills it to the company as an expense write-off, but Obama’s excursion to Indonesia is viewed as official business? We’re the company, in Obama’s case, and we can forget the write-off..

    When the bill is passed “so that we can find out what’s in it,” we may have to pay to have it spirited dramatically to Obama’s overseas outpost for his signature. I wonder how much the transportation of a bill that they could have passed in Feb. 09 will cost per page. Why should we care? It’s only our money.

    Can we now expect the Congress to write a tax bill that dramatically increases our 1040 taxes along with a myriad non-1040 fees, so that we can finally find out what this wonderful plan for Americans is going to cost?

    Would Charlie Rangel still be in office if he resembled Tom DeLay politically and “pigmentarily”?

    Just wondering.

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  12. dancingczars

    Wait a minute, Nancy has told us how many times she has the votes. LOL watch head roll when this goes down in flames, J.C.

  13. These clowns may pretend that we do not have a “Constitution” , but each state can follow VA and legislate to opt -out of Obamascare.

    On a side note, Joe ‘Absolut” Biden strikes again – in Israel , no less. Hey Joe, can you spell “Protocol” ??

  14. More corruption from this administration, the Attorney General, FBI and Department of Justice. We can thank Judicial Watch for exposing this crime against the constituents of this Country. This is obstruction of Justice of the highest order of the judicial system in the United States. Here the complete story from the legal website YID with LID:

    It’s Official: Obama Administration Shut Down Acorn Investigation
    Documents Show Obama’s Justice Department Put Kibosh On ACORN Investigation
    Thursday, March 11, 2010

    Now we know why the there is no federal investigation of the criminal enterprise ACORN. There was one, well that is until President Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder made it disappear.

    Judicial Watch has obtained documents from the FBI (embedded below) which detail federal investigations into ACORN. The FBI documents show serious allegations of corruption and voter registration fraud by ACORN. They also show the Obama administration’s decision to shut down the criminal investigation and let ACORN off the Hook.

    The documents include background information on two specific complaints filed in October 2008 by Lucy Corelli and Joseph Borges, Republican Registrars of Voters in Stamford and Bridgeport, Connecticut, respectively, during the 2008 election season.

    According to Corelli, on August 1, 2008, her office received 1,200 ACORN voter registration cards from the Secretary of State’s office. Over 300 of these cards were rejected because of “duplicates, underage, illegible and invalid addresses,” which “put a tremendous strain on our office staff and caused endless work hours at taxpayers’ expense.” Corelli claimed the total cost of the extra work caused by ACORN corruption was $20,000.

    Likewise, Borges contended that: “The organization ACORN during the summer of 2008 conducted a registration drive which has produced over 100 rejections due to incomplete forms and individuals who are not citizens…” Among the examples cited by Borges was a seven-year old child who was registered to vote by ACORN through the use of a forged signature and a fake birth certificate claiming she was 27-years old.

    The FBI and Department of Justice opened an investigation and gathered some evidence. But Obama Justice Department, had to protect the President’s buddies. While noting that ACORN had engaged in “questionable hiring and training practices,” closed down the investigation in March 2009, claiming ACORN broke no laws.

    By contrast, the documents also include records related to a federal investigation of ACORN corruption in St. Louis, Missouri, involving 1,492 allegedly fraudulent voter registration cards submitted by Project Vote, a liberal non-profit organization affiliated with ACORN on voter registration drives, during the 2006 election season. Assistant United States Attorney Hal Goldsmith initiated the investigation with “concurrence” from the Department of Justice and the participation of the FBI. According to a Justice Department memo, Goldsmith “advised he would prosecute any individual responsible for submitting fraudulent voter registration cards.” Goldsmith identified the statute for prosecution: Title 42, USC 1973 (gg), which provides for criminal penalties for fraudulent voter registrations. In April 2008, eight former ACORN employees from the St. Louis office pled guilty to voter registration fraud.

    Other documents show that the Bush Justice Department failed to prosecute ACORN voter registration fraud of non-citizens in Phoenix, Arizona in 2007 because the allegations that led to the opening of the investigation were “unverifiable.” Notably, the FBI document detailing this questionable decision reveals that a “draft Intelligence Bulletin…concludes that ACORN’s employment practices perpetuate fraudulent voter registration.”

    …The documents also include details regarding numerous allegations of corruption extending beyond voter registration fraud, to include attempts by ACORN employees to coerce workers to participate in campaign activities on behalf of Democratic candidates.

    Thus giving additional credibility to the testimony of Anita Moncrief, the ACORN whistle blower who is being sued by the organization.

    “These documents reflect systematic voter registration fraud by ACORN,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “It is a scandal that there has been no comprehensive criminal investigation and prosecution by the Justice Department into this evident criminal conduct. Given President Obama’s close connections to ACORN, including his campaign’s hiring of the ACORN’s Project Vote organization, it seems rather obvious why Attorney General Holder has failed to seriously investigate these and other alleged ACORN criminal activities.”

    Boy oh Boy, this must be what the President means by transparency, hiding the activities of a criminal enterprise that just so happens to be an integral part of his progressive movement.

    Here are the backup documents obtained by Justice Watch from the FBI, all 489 pages.


  15. Eileen, isn’t that just lovely. Proof of what we suspected all along. Here’s a good item for that list of impeachable offenses someone was looking for.

  16. T,

    Nobody is reporting it as far as I know, not even Fox. Maybe they did and I missed it, I’m not watching it as much as I did, it raises my blood pressure too much and the continuous Obama this and Obama that. I cannot take it any longer it drives me crazy of this media love affair of this highly corrupt President, and his corrupt associates, employees, supporting organization, Staff and Secretary’s in his administration. I won’t make it to 2012, if I keep watching. Last weekend the pressure was 187/130. Not a good number even on medication.

  17. Eileen,

    You’ve proven a point that I have made since Day One:

    They have liberal leeches that have branched out in every possible direction. The stuff making the headlines is just the tip of the iceberg..

    They have saturated every level of government and they all have their marching orders.

    Fumigate the fascists!

    They want government to be so big that it would take decades to weed out the vermin and their handy work. They can literally hide in plain site.

    Thanks as always and please take care of yourself.


  18. Eileen:

    That is definitely not a good blood pressure reading. I agree with Larry, you do need to take care of yourself. Don’t let these weasels get to you, God will deal with them.

  19. Eileen: I agree with the comments on care of your blood pressure. You know both numbers are dangerous to your life.One thing I did was to start taking 1/4 teaspoon of Cinnamon a day. It really helped.We really like Garlic, and cook with it 4-7 times a week. It also helps to lower the pressure. I am sure you know all the loose weight, little or no alcohol, etc, so I will not list them. The comments in these posts should be read by all sensible people. We pass out a list of sites to visit at each of our Tea party meetings, and this site is on top, so we are reaching more people all the time if they will just tune in. GOD Bless the USA…

  20. Everyone,

    Thanks for your concerns. The blood pressure is back to a good level again of 115/75 pulse 80. I was trying to make the point that I cannot do this all day, every day of dealing with this scum in Washington.

    I take vitamins and minerals in addition to taking my medication, and the doctor is happy with my numbers. One of the mineral is two cinnamon tablets in addition to Niacin
    Vitamin B3, Multivitamin, Vitamins E, B12, C and D. I take one Elations drink a day as well.

    I have to have a full belly before taking my array of medication, vitamins and minerals, if not I’m nauseous all day.

    I wish I could lose weight, I miss exercising. I have a full gym in a second room off my bedroom. I’ve got treadmill, bike, StairMaster, plus a machine that I can place different weights to work on my legs, thighs, a ball, stepper, and an array of weights, hand weighs. Like I said almost a full gym, minus a screaming trainer. I have Pilates equipment and tapes, plus DVD’s up the wazoo from Biggest Loser, walking, yoga and basic DVD’s for working on specific body parts, stomach crushers, butt, thighs, etc.

    I cannot use any of them because I lose my balance and have fallen a number of times trying to use them. I’ve gained a lot of weight since the stroke (20lbs), I’m short and have been chubby, most of my life and being active in sports, dance, aerobics and watching what I eat I could control my weight. I watch what I eat still and eat healthy. A lot of salads, veggies, fruit (some canned, fresh, frozen), fresh fish, chicken, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, and sweet potatoes (over regular potatoes).

    Even at Christmas I made cookies using soy flour or wheat flour. Some came out great, while others were given to the dogs, who could have cared less how they tasted.

    I’m frustration most days by my limited movement. If anyone here has any ideas they are welcomed to give me advise on how I could lose weight. Please realize that I cannot stand for more than 5 minutes because when I fell that day, my back hit the a concrete curb which hurt my back in addition to the stroke.

    Welcome to my World.

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