Too Big To Fail

Not unlike the other unconstitutional intrusions the Obama administration has made into both the middle classes’ life savings and the formerly free market, as yet another last ditch effort, Obamascare will very soon be advertised as “too big to fail”. Judging by all of the liberal bribes, transparent/back door wrangling and the typical Democratic “status quo” and judging by the Obama histrionics, calisthenics and impeachable actions, this totalitarian time bomb has been “too big to fail” since its immaculate conception/deception.. Why it hasn’t been exhibited as such from its inception is as big a mystery to the nation as Obama’s personal provenance..

Since Obama has repeatedly said, “the time for talk is over, it’s time to vote”, (and he has said this in relation to number of topics as well..) the liberals are finally taking this to their Bolshevik black hearts as they are.. Wait a minute, hold on a second.. Obama is STILL the only one talking about it and now the liberals have decided that they want to up the ante on their “reconciliation” dodge by devising the “Slaughter Solution”. Utilizing this chicanery, the leftists don’t even have to VOTE on the bill! That’s right, no talking, no deliberating and no voting, they just “deem” the bill passed.. Presto change-o, it’s now a law, liberal style!

For those who would like a prognostication relative to all of the progressive skullduggery and subterfuge, I will borrow from Jewish folklore and Solomon.. Just as the alleged “stimulus” and so many other fascist takeovers masked as “legislation” before them have, “this too shall pass..”

Obama is pulling out all of the stops on his snake oil salesmanship side show as he is telling “nervous Democratic lawmakers that their political fates are linked to the bill’s passage..” (“Obama to Dems: Our fates are tied to health bill” AP news my way.) The desperate despotic Democrat has for once spoken something remotely resembling the truth. What is His latest angle? “He is attempting to ‘discourage the notion that they can save themselves by opposing it.’” Attention Democrats, voting FOR this collectivist catastrophe will SAVE your seat.. Only an imbecile liberal would buy such Bolshevik baloney and a number of them have already switched over and signed on..

Is he desperate? “Obama has “pushed aside almost all other matters to try to embolden House Democrats”. Please note the key word, “almost”. One of these things that DIDN’T get “pushed aside” was his “promise” to Luis Gutierrez (La Raza- IL) that he and Congressional Democrats will “soon move a major immigration bill”. Thus on Thursday, Gutierrez said, “I’m committed to voting for this health care bill on that basis..” “ON THAT BASIS”. His vote has nothing to do with the alleged state of health care, it has nothing to do with cutting health costs or lowering the deficit as this Obama lunacy alleges that it will.. No, his “vote” is based on making tens of millions of ILLEGAL aliens LEGAL in time for the November elections where the liberals will be scrambling to amass millions voters to replace the millions of voters that they have “disenfranchised” since early 2009.. THIS is the “status quo” of Democratic politics. This is the “business as usual” of “change”.. This is how they “drain the swamp”..

According to the socialist sock monkey/moronic mouthpiece Robert Gibberish, Obama is “making great progress”. However, Gibbs “repeatedly sidestepped questions of whether Obama has told them his presidency’s fate depends on the legislation’s passage..” Such an egomaniacal epiphany leaves out the fact that the legislation dooms the fate of every individual who has the “audacity of hope” to cast their vote for it..

From the Louisiana Purchase to the Cornhusker Kickback to the Cadillac plans for the unions, from reconciliation to “deeming” the bill passed, the Obama oligarchy will stop at nothing to ensure that this will “move forward”.. Any liberal not in “lock step” with the Turd Reich will be charged with apostasy and a fatwah will be placed upon them by Obama’s personal imam, Jeremiah Wrong..

Obama spent time last week wooing certifiable psychopath Dennis Kook-cinich (L-OH) with a wonderful trip on Air Farce One at the taxpayer’s expense. After the haranguing, Kook-cinich held a press conference where he talked about seeing UFO’s, Oprah’s book of the month club and other sporadic random and nonsensical observations.. He then decided to “Kerry” and he flip-flopped onto the Obama side of the ledger. As one of the “public option” poltroons, this is not at all that hard to imagine.

The “public option” worms will actually be very easy to “convert”. These fools believe that the Obama health nightmare DIDN’T go far enough, that it doesn’t have ENOUGH destructive capability without the “public option”. As a group of vile “crass separatists”, Obama will simply present these pernicious progressives with the evidence of the damage that will be done to the middle class even without the “public option”, all of which directly benefits their base of bottom feeders. The “public option” fools are an easy conversion because as “Good Democrats”, they would rather cause SOME destruction to the middle class as opposed to none at all.. If that doesn’t somehow convince these patriotic Americans, Obama will “promise” to add another “public option” ONCE the bill is passed in order to secure their votes..

The Stockholm Syndrome that must be afflicting Obama is causing him to actually utter the following, “we’re far better off passing this bill, politically..” Henry “Nostrils” Waxman (L-CA) seems to have swallowed the progressive projection as well. “Members who think they have a tough race are not going to find security in voting ‘no’. If this bill doesn’t pass, they are going to be wiped out” (in November). Are these liberal “leaders” serious? A “NO” vote will not only help them to secure office in November, it will also assure them that Obama won’t come out to campaign for them.. This has to qualify as a “win-win” from the demented Democratic point of view..

Testing the “Powers of Progressive Pinocchio-ism” to its absolute maximum, “White House officials say Obama offers no overt promises or favors to House Democrats who agree to back the health care proposals..” Could you define: “overt”, please? What are the “promises” to Landrieu, Lincoln, Nelson and the unions to be defined as? What of the most recent “promise” made to Gutierrez? And there are others..

“Freshman Representative Suzanne Kosmas (L-FL) repeatedly failed to obtain an audience with Obama to discuss her concerns about cuts at NASA, but she got invited to the Oval Office last week (where Obama proudly showed off all of the stains left behind by the last liberal lecher to sully the place..) when Obama needed her vote on health care. She has declined numerous interview requests from reporters ever since..” Do you think that she too has had a taxpayer funded awakening similar to Kook-cinich and Illinois’ La Raza Representative? Nahhhhhhh..

Finding those that would even comment vaguely about their “meetings” with Obama is a difficult task but those that do describe the exchanges as “policy-drenched conversations”, as opposed to those you would have with Joe Biden which would be “drenched” in some type of potent potable.. Unable to be restrained in the manner that has succeeded with Howard Dean, “Absolut” Joe got into the “act” as he said that he has “supported the Hyde Amendment for 36 years of the United States Senate..” The typically clumsy sentence structure aside, the Hyde Amendment came about in September of 1976, so Biden is a little less incorrect than he usually is. That fact is mildly surprising.. Between gulps Biden said, “Well, it wasn’t around 36 years. For the entirety of the time it’s been around..” This man is a breath away from the White House and later in Jake Tapper’s interview, Biden unleashed this sentence, “Some of them I say they say, well, Joe, look, man, I mean, you know, you guys haven’t massaged this very well..” A mind is a terrible thing to baste..

Biden, still a team player and apparently coming down from his high said, “Republicans have been very skillful in using every tactic in the book to slow down the process to prevent and up-and-down vote..” Biden obviously overlooks the Democratic “tactics” of “reconciliation” and “deeming” and to boot, “deeming” even sidesteps the constitutional precedence that an “up-and-down” vote should even take place! The liberals want “pass” the bill without having their fascist fingerprints on it.. Believe me when I say that the overwhelming majority of Americans want a “transparent up-and-down” vote on this so called “bill” so that they know exactly who to hold accountable in November..

“Obama is telling nervous Democratic lawmakers that their political fates are linked to the bill’s passage..” This remains to be seen as the American public has a very high tolerance for apathy, intellectual lethargy and inaction. “Too big to fail”? This is SO BIG and so out of control that it HAS to fail but I believe that in the end, it won’t..


34 responses to “Too Big To Fail

  1. Family,

    After proofing this one, I put this on the TOTD:

    Busy lunch, back to work..

    Thanks as always,


  2. You are right on target, as always.

    I read an article by B. Parks on Big Government dot com today and he says that the bill needs to pass in order to assure that the conservatives can win back the House in November. It will give us the campaign slogan “repeal it”. Maybe he has a point, but it will be a hard pill to swallow. It just flat fries my cookies that these idiots will get this mess passed especially now that they have decided not to use their “deem and pass” trick play.

    The impeach Obama folks are screaming bloody murder today.

  3. Larry,

    Welcome back – must have been a long lunch. Yes, it will probably pass, because the liberal whores accepted the bribes. Ah, to be a fly on the wall behind those closed doors !


    Unfortunately it will be very difficult to “repeal it”. Might be easier to challenge the constitutionality. In any case , Obamascare is totally “unacceptable” .

    The “three idioteers ” need to be sent out on their merry way – they’ve been around far too long and have caused far too much damage.

  4. T,

    I don’t think that it has to pass for the conservatives to win in November.

    Just remembering how much the liberals tried to weasel this through should be enough.

    It’s up to us to not let anyone forget.

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Thanks as always,


  5. JJ,

    I wrote the article this morning then I let it sit for a few hours and then on lunch I posted it..

    Sorry if it sounded confusing..

    Thanks as always,


  6. I had to shut it off today, the blood pressure was raising as I screamed at the TV. The dogs were hiding in the spare bedroom and the cat went upstairs and hid under my bed.

    I sent out 52 emails today to the blue dogs and a few of the staff members. Guess what? They shut off their email accounts and got a return email telling me that due to the tremendous amount of emails that they could no longer accept my email.

    So, let me get this straight. They have taken the phones off the hook, shut off their fax machines and now this email bullshit. So, how are they representing their constituents when we cannot reach them? Are we being represented at all?

    I am so sick of this shit and I really hate these people. Not a dislike, pure HATRED. I’ll try again tomorrow morning. You cannot stop me from exercising my right to speak my mind.

  7. Larry:

    “Believe me when I say that the overwhelming majority of Americans want a “transparent up-and-down” vote on this so called “bill” so that they know exactly who to hold accountable in November..”

    I’m voting against all of my mis-representatives and my e-mails have informed them of my intent for months. They are all democrats so I know what their position is anyway. They don’t need to leave their fingerprints on this monsterous mess , their smell is all over it.

  8. Good job, Larry. My stomach is so tied in knots, I may not recover if this dung heap is let fly. I tried watching CSPAN and was sobered to see nobody listening to anybody . . it was all show! I still think we need a full rotation in the HoR and the Sen.

    What happens when we start impeachment proceedings? Do we get to add malfeasance, tyranny and failure to the charges? We need a whole lot of auditors to go through the government and hi-Lite all the fraud and corruption. I think we need to re vote for 2008 now that we have awakened our somnambulists!

  9. Eileen,

    You are too important to be “out of the game”.

    Don’t let these liberals effect your health.. so to speak.

    We have to keep our own health care in check because if the liberals have their way, hospitals will more than likely resemble “roach motels” in more than one way.

    Overcrowded, inefficient, mismanaged.. America’s “medicine” will mirror the “medicine” in Cuba or China.. no more “breakthroughs”, no new medicines, it will all just be band-aids and bailing wire..

    It’s up to us to take care of ourselves.

    Thanks as always,


  10. LadyWolf,

    Call it “guilt by association”. There MUST be a bit of care taken.

    Sometimes it is hard to measure the difference between a “moderate” Democrat and a “maverick” Republican..

    Snowe or Collins verses a Stupak, for example..

    Conservatives need to pick up the flambeau and take the challenge.

    Thanks as always,


  11. Richard,

    For years I have said that Washington needs more accountants and less lawyers..

    They are so devoted to subversion that they want their “vote” on this to be done on a Sunday.

    They certainly want this “done” in any manner possible.

    As I have said for months, once this is “passed”, the collectivists will claim a “great victory for the American people”.

    The harshest measures relative to all of this, those that penalize the middle class and the producers financially, will be “factored” in AFTER 2012. It wouldn’t surprise me if a number of these initial “benefits” will expire in 2013..

    Prior to that, the left will simply say, “See, this wasn’t the disaster that the oppositon said that it would be, we really are nice guys..” “Benefits” will trickle out, time will pass, lethargy sets in and “America” gets back to doing what it does.. Tick tock.. Tick tock..

    Then the calendar hits December 2012 and all Hell breaks loose..

    This is the exact method of operation used with the “stimulus”.

    Pass it NOW, the “benefits” will come close to the November 2010 midterm election.

    They have INTENTIONALLY toyed with the lives that they have intentionally destroyed by “leading them along” so that the bulk of what they have stolen from the middle class gets handed out (for the cameras) just before the midterm.

    Never give in, never give up and never again. Never forget in 2010..

    Remember it, believe it.

    Thanks as always,



    1 – 800 -INDIA

  13. Michele from NY

    I empathize with you Eileen, this debacle is making me physically ill also. Every time I see Pelosi’s smug mug I want to vomit. I just keep telling myself November isn’t that far off. But when I think of the havoc they’ve already caused, they could certainly do a lot of damage in the next 8 months.

    “socialist sock monkey” had me giggling though, Gibbs is such a putz. Liked the “Turd Reich” also Larry, thanks for the laughs.

  14. hopefully, they will keep it tied up in litigation until after Nov. By then, we shd glean a whole new host of bribes.
    As for the Impeach Obama tribe, give me 1 good reason why that shd not be done. The tyrannical, treasonous actions shd be enough. Frankly, don’t know if my heart or ever rising blood pressure can handle 2 more yrs of the Emporer Obama.

  15. Larry,
    “Socialist sock monkey”? That has to be one of the all-time greats! I read a lot of blogs, and you are truly one of the best.
    How many of these idiots do you think will have town hall meetings? My guess would be NONE. The traitor Stupak thinks he has cover. Is he in for a surprise.
    I have recently become a member of the movement to impeach this muslim son of a bitch- a movement which shall grow every day.
    Believe me when I say the work you are doing becomes more vital with each passing moment.

  16. I have a friend in a very high financial position that believes the Kenyan, to get re-elected in 12, will ask all nations to, forgive our debt. Refuse to pay up on the Treasury notes overseas. His plan to place us, in his belief as the third world nation, he dreams for us to be.
    Buy Gold and buy Lead…………
    My bumper sticker…01/14/13

  17. The only thing I can add is the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. It is telling me the passage of this vote will further alienate our country. Some, not all, are already saying many mean nasty things and it can only get worse.
    In our frustration we all want to do this but it can not help.

    What really got my goat was watching stretch Pelosi marching up the capitol steps with the shit eating grin on her stretched out face. Flaunting herself in front of the Tea Party people.

    See what I mean?

  18. Michele,

    Thank you for noticing those little “shots”.

    To just “report” the Obamanations without injecting humor might be too much to bear.

    Thanks for your comments as always,


  19. Larry, I also heard on Fox this morning that the Dems are going shrink Medicare BUT in order to gain senior votes before 2010 they will send them all a check for $250.00 to buy their votes!

    I can’t believe seniors are that stupid!

  20. Sling,

    Thanks as always for your kind words and for your comments.

    This, as I have predicted, will pass.

    I am sorry, it is my fault.

    I didn’t get the word about NLTZ out to enough people.

    I have over 1600 subscribers, thanks to Stitch, a Facebook fan page with over 700 “fans” and I can’t get 250 reads on a day when an article posts.

    I didn’t do enough and I apologize to the entire NLTZ family.

    Maybe I did too much.. I’ve written well over 10,000 words on this debacle in the last three weeks, maybe that was overkill..

    Thanks again,


  21. Monica,

    Votes have been bought by the liberals for less..

    The orchestrated “march” was typical liberal.

    I am working on a new Thought of the Day relative to what happens next.

    I wish that when it came to predicting the liberal machinations that I weren’t quite so good..

    Thanks as always,


  22. I, ashamedly, am the owner of Senator Cornhusker Kickback Nelson who sold his 60th vote out in the the senate behind closed doors.

    He is still satisfied with what he did, if not proud, claiming that it is for the good of Nebraskans. I, along with the majority of my fellow statesmen let him know of our dissapproval of his decision… he ran media ads. Whenever I e-mail him I get a form letter response (never having anything to do with my original issue) and today, like Eileen, while e-mailing about healthcare my messages were returned. How’s that for a working government! A side note; I had no problem with my Republican Senator’s e-mails.

    Should Obama lose healthscare it would be a veritable slap in his egotistical face. Would he be able to handle it? The fact that he is mere mortal and not The One, the Saviour, the man mean’t, destined for greater things as he pictures himself? The socialistic nature of government-run healthcare scares the hell out of me, but seeing Obama knocked down below rock-star status gives me all the more reason in seeing this bill defeated.

    I have to agree though, it will be through our nation’s Constitution that we will ultimately repulse and defeat this travesty of a medical care law.

    “The Constitution, which at any time exists ’till changed by an explicit and authentic act of the whole People, is sacredly obligatory upon all.”
    ~~ George Washington ~~

  23. Joe,

    The Constitution? What the Hell is that? To the liberals it is just another document put together by “dead white guys” that Sandy Burglar hasn’t gotten around to destroying for the Clintonistas..

    The rules don’t matter with this group of fascists. One of them even said, “we make up the rules as we go along” yesterday.

    Thanks as always for your input here at NLTZ,


  24. Family,

    Lets all say a quick prayer for Eileen.

    I know how much she gets worked up over the Obama communism.

    Thanks as always,


  25. Since this healthscare scam began, I have not met in person, one individual who was for this disaster – NOT ONE !

    Are those who are in favor of it afraid to admit it, or are they just pretending to oppose it ? In most instances, I did not initiate the topic, therefore precluding someone from being honest about their opinion.
    Has anyone else experienced the same scenario ?

    I would really like to have a debate with someone who favors Obamascare , but it just isn’t happening !

    It makes me wonder – just how many people really want it to pass .

  26. Mr. Obama,

    No other political system in the world would have provided you the opportunity to rise to the most powerful position in our government you now occupy. In only one place on earth would this be possible. You should be humble, grateful and thank God for the priviledge to serve this great people nation. But no, you chose to F#*$ us over and over and over. Already you have the next big government socialist makeover waiting in the wings, comprehensive immigration. How many latino health care yes votes were leveraged with this new voter scam. Read my lips, “vacuum”. I never imagined I would feel so negative towards our government and it’s leaders. I can’t think of one long term positive thing coming out of Washington. Family, what am I missing? Never again is not long enough.

  27. JJ

    You have to go to the south side of Chicago and the streets of LA and San Francisco. To Washington DC, the downtown district, and you will find those in favor of health care. You will not find them at your work place from people working and paying taxes. After all, it is going to be paid for by the Obama “stash”.

    Our government has ceased being “For the People, By the People” God help the children.

  28. March 21,2010: “A day that will live in infamy!”

  29. Larry:

    “Sometimes it is hard to measure the difference between a “moderate” Democrat and a “maverick” Republican..”

    In New York state, the majority of my mis-representatives are democrats. There are no “moderates” among them. They are so far to the left, they are almost out of sight. Unlike a lot of voters, I watch the candidates very carefully to see how they vote and how responsive they are to the people. Trust me, my vote will be cast to reflect how well they have represented us.

    My state senator, John Bonacic, is a republican and he has always been extremely responsive to the e-mails and concerns of his constituents. You can tell by his responses that the communications were read because the answers address the issues. He will receive my vote.

    Hinchey, Schumer and Gillibrand almost always vote against whatever the people support. Their responses rarely address issues, instead they often say that they can’t respond at this time because they are soooo busy. I have already informed them that I will vote against them.

    I expect a surprise candidate from the republican party in the governor’s race and, if all goes well there, that individual will get my vote. Believe me, one Cuomo as governor was enough, I don’t want a repeat performance.

  30. Larry:

    In my opinion, you have no need to apologize to the family. It is not your fault. You have done your very best to inform as many people as possible. I have said many times over that God opens our eyes when he wants us to see and our ears when he wants us to hear. Everything works according to his plan, not ours.

    Just keep on doing what you are doing, when HE is ready to have those eyes and ears open, it will happen. Each of us are, in our own ways, making a difference. Just stay the course he has set for us and we will prevail.

    Never give up, Never give in, Never again.

  31. Monica,

    No thanks, I have no desire to go to any of those cities. Thanks for reminding us of “the stash”, it is just more evidence that “stupidity” put this fraud in the WH !

    Frisco gave us Pelosi, Chicago gave us the fraud and a gang of thugs, and DC gives all of them a cushy place to waste our resources ! LA gives us the Hollywood elite, plus it’s the home of many illegals.

    As I said, – no thanks.

  32. Quixtop, CA.

    I’m afraid God wanted those eyes and ears open a long time ago, Lady Wolf.
    If the people can’t see or hear the stupidity in spending 950B unnecessarily to save 150B then they closed their eyes and ears to Him permanently.
    God helps those that help themselves. We all have free will, we have to ALLOW God to open those eyes and ears.

  33. I’ll let my anger get the best of me Monday I was so discussed with the events that unfolded, late Sunday evening. I’m disgusted with all the bribes, broken promises and theft of the American taxpayers. I just started writing and wrote a two page letter to Supreme Court Justice John Roberts.

    The first half of the letter covered a lack of communication between the People and their representatives. I want him to explain to me that if Congress cuts off all forms of communication than how are we being representative? I don’t feel we are, they seem to only representative progressive ideology and the Democratic leadership. So, this would take us back to what our founders discovered. We are not being represented or acknowledge of our opinions and have them listen to our concerns. That was my lame argument so he could see most people’s frustration.

    I next went on the behind closed door wheeling and dealing bribing members of Congress that the People didn’t want, and to add insult to injury they cut off all communications with those they represent.

    I just found out what changed Bart Stupakity mind on the Bill. It seems that what Obama waved under his nose.

    Three airports in the district of infamous fence-sitting and ultimately kowtowing Democrat Bart Stupak were awarded $726,409 in grants by the Obama Administration just two days before a vote on Obama and Pelosi’s government takeover of healthcare.

    Did Stupak compromise his supposed principled stand against taxpayer funding of abortion in exchange for taxpayer dollars for pet projects? HELL YES.

    Alpena County Regional Airport received a $85,500 grant, but had only 7,519 passenger boarding’s in 2008 (the most recent year for which there is information) according to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) data. Alpena County Regional Airport serves fewer passengers than even the late Rep. John Murtha’s famous “Airport for Nobody.”

    Delta County Airport has even less customers than that, but still received a $179,209 grant.

    Chippewa County International Airport received a $461,700 grant, but had only 13,733 passenger boarding’s in 2008.

    Will Stupak come clean about this apparent deal with Pelosi and Obama? Probably not, but it was enough to allow the public to pay for all abortions. So he sold out the unborn for close to $800,000. Just another Democrat who throws away their principals for cold hard cash. I would what the others from his group got in exchange for THEIR vote?

    These are bribes and politicians used to get arrest, tried and sent to prison, but these deals are ones done behind close doors and it’s Bart (Ben, Mary, Blanche, etc) against Pelosi, Obama, Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod, etc. So unless one of them does something very illegal the FBI could give them a deal if they talked. I really don’t see this happening.

    I’ve been saying this for a while and I want to alert you to some progressive espionage going on in the Tea Party and 9/12 people. The Democrats have been sending in their spies. The Tea Party members call them Coffee Drinkers Party or Latte Party, they been the ones showing up at these events and screaming racial slurs, holding up disgusting signs. Middle Americans don’t behavior this way. I think what gave it away at an event in Texas was the sign was misspelled. The sign said, ObamaCare = Socialized Medicine = N****r. ObamaCare was misspelled so was Socialized and of course the racial slur. The man holding up the sign sought out the TV camera’s and newspaper photographers. He was caught and arrested for attacking another Tea Party member. But there have been a number of incidents that have the leaders of these organization concerned.

    They are doing this for a number of reasons. 1. To give these organization a bad name and the participates to damage or degrade the movement; 2. In hopes of creating a riot or out burst that will lead to violence.

    I think the second item is their end goal. Create a riot close to election day so that Obama can declare Marshall Law so we cannot vote them out. If you attend any of these event, don’t get caught into their sick and disturbing behavior. These people are ruthless aren’t they?

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