Accomplish Something Epic

Since the liberals zeal for monogrammed rubber aprons and engraved ice tongs was what brought the alleged dozen or so “Pro Life Democrats” into the political spotlight, since their amazing last second conversion to the “Dark Side” put this albatross upon the nation’s productive, lets look at this Marxist monstrosity from just this ONE angle for a few moments.. Keep in mind that Illinois’ Mulatto Mussolini and his Bolshevik brown shirts have now negatively effected HUNDREDS of different health care “angles”, abortion or the “liberal genocide” is but one of so many..

Stupak and his invisible minions who were “converted” by the oracle Obama didn’t like the FACT that this bill will use taxpayer monies to fund abortions. Suddenly, Bart says that what was there the day before yesterday isn’t there today.. “Make no doubt about it, there will be no public funds for abortion..” Is this just the cry of the deceived, the naïve or is this the hubris of the newly and sufficiently bribed? Six to five and pick ‘em I say..

Will Stupak be diligently scrutinizing the nooks and crannies of the Obama Bolshevik Behemoth from this moment forward looking for any taxpayer funded abortions being facilitated at the liberal’s “Friendly Family Planning Abattoir”? Will he be doing so for the rest of his political career? (which will probably be about another eight months..) Will all of these so-called “Pro Life Democrats” being doing the same as Bart or are they just going to take the Obamazombies word for it? If I may borrow from Stupak, “make no doubt about it, there WILL be public funds for abortion..” Here are just a few of the reasons why..

This Obama “promise” relies upon an alleged “Executive Order”. Produce this document. Getting Obama to produce ANY documents, even the ones allegedly verifying his own personal provenance is an absolute impossibility.. There is no Constitutional basis for “executive orders” so the liberals aren’t beholden to follow them. Besides, according to liberal lunatic Alcee Hastings, “There are no rules, we make ‘em up as we go along..” As well, the Constitution has been irrelevant anywhere near the fetid fascist swamp in Washington since January of 2009..

How will abortion NOT be paid for with public funds? Simple.. “The bill tries to maintain a strict separation between taxpayer funds and private premiums that would pay for abortion coverage. No health plan would be required to offer coverage for the procedure. In plans that do cover abortion, beneficiaries would have to pay for it separately and those funds would have to be kept in a separate account from taxpayer money..” (Abortion compromise doesn’t satisfy critics” Yahoo news) Note the key word: “tries”.. Health plans that cover abortion would be getting federal money, taxpayer money.. Public funds WILL be paying for abortions. Stupak is a liar. He knew all of this the day before yesterday, the difference is that Obama’s check cleared the following day..

Obama’s goal, which is the same for any socialist, is to make government bigger. Mission accomplished. The problem is that no liberal in history has EVER been concerned with effectiveness and efficiency of government, regardless of its size. The government’s unnecessary role in health care PRIOR to this heresy has unquestionably contributed to the “problems” Obama and his wrecking crew constantly identified as being so pernicious. Making government BIGGER has never, nor will it ever, make it more efficient or effective regardless of what it alleges to address. Hiding in plain sight becomes all the easier when you are “hiding” in the shadow of a bloated liberal caliphate. Once the liberals identify another health care shortfall or shortcoming as a “crisis” or a “catastrophe”, the leftists won’t demand an end to their inherent waste and redundancy, they will DEMAND more taxpayer money from the middle class in order to “fix” things because that would be “fair” when “so many are suffering”.. This is just reality versus “feel good fascism”..

“Pass the bill, we will “change” it..” This “change” will be ceremonial and done under the cover of darkness. When Marxist Mengeles like Diana DeGette (L-CO) say that an alleged executive order “doesn’t change anything”, which is exactly what the pro life side of the issue is saying, there WILL be public funding for abortion and Stupak and company were “bought out”. This proves undoubtedly that a “moral liberal” is as nonexistent as a “patriotic” one or a “sanitary” one..

Moving on to other areas of this scam, here is how this nonsense will begin playing out at a theater near you.. This “bill” will address a few items immediately. These items will be “high profile” and the “impartial” media will trumpet every fascist fart from the “Not Quite White House”.. These initial items will not be very “costly” but they will give the appearance of “progress without pain.” The taxes and the penalties are arranged to kick in AFTER the election, AFTER the votes are counted.. The most expensive provisions of this “bill” will start going into effect in 2013.

Just like the “stimulus”, this “bill” will be choreographed to “pay out” near the next election. The stimulus will pay out near the 2010 midterm election, the health scare near the next election in 2012. Obama intentionally dangled “help” in front of those that the Democrats have put out of work with his so called “stimulus”, but this “help” only trickled in since the bill’s inception further teasing and tormenting the victims of both Obamanomics and liberalism.

Obama can again foghorn that he did something “historic” and the devastating financial effects of this monstrosity will be programmed to begin punishing the productive in 2013. That’s when the lines will start forming at the nation’s hospitals and that is when the “rationing” will begin, soon followed by a visit from your “end of life” counselor.. Prior to the election, the liberals will say that those who were against this, those who worried about its “costs” and its unwritten and hidden traps and tricks were nothing more than “un-American Chicken Littles”.. This lag time is planned for sarcastic political purposes..

They will parade one “recipient” of the Obama magic before the cameras with the underlying (literally..) message that this solitary sole represents “30 million other beneficiaries..” The liberal base that are rewarded for just breathing by their governmental enablers will flood to the polls and they will “reward” the liberals again.. However, those easily duped in 2008 have learned their lesson, what will Obama do in order to recoup these appreciable liberal losses?

Obama’s “promise” to La Raza’s Illinois representative Gutierrez in order to secure his vote for this “bill” will legalize or “amnesty” tens of millions of ILLEGALS. Hidden deep within this “bill” legalizing them will be a provision demanding that these “proud new Americans” be registered to vote along with a helpful reminder that the only word in English that they need to understand in the voting booth is “Democrat”…. Those “disenfranchised” by the liberal lies from 2009 on will now be replaced with a whole lot more new hyphenated-Americans who will gladly take their place cheering for the fascists..

News flash: the liberals do not care in the least about health care. It is just today’s vehicle that they believe will garner votes, which translates into power for them. They want nothing more than to make governmental carcinogenic contact mandatory in every American’s life. The left has proven that they will perpetually underwrite your pitiful existence as long as you relinquish your dignity and your self-respect in order to receive the ball and chain of indentured servitude. The nation’s “achievers” and the “productive” have no use for liberalism whatsoever. The health care scam provides the liberals the opportunity to encroach upon another facet of the lives of those who have no use for them.. Its their chance to control that which they cannot control, the middle class..

This is just another bold money grab by the liberals. The Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation said that this “bill” would generate at least $409.2 billion in additional taxes by 2019. A bevy of collateral taxes will be increased all for unquestionably deteriorated service. The GOVERNMENT, run by someone who doesn’t know how many states there are, is now going to be telling you just how sick you really are.. Under any socialist, your freedoms erode daily and with Obama this has been happening by the hour. There will be no accountability, no oversight.. Nothing. Just millions more of the liberal base clogging up the nation’s emergency rooms all speaking anything but English..

LA Times liberal jock sniffer Mark Barabak said that “lawmakers showed that they could accomplish something epic..” Now it is time for the American public to “accomplish something epic” in November of 2010..


43 responses to “Accomplish Something Epic

  1. Family,

    I have no idea why the font is so small..

    Thanks WordPress.



  2. Bulls-Eye! Fetid swamp creatures they are. I am so gut stricken today I am physically ill. I tried to watch some of CSPAN yesterday and it just made me madder and madder, so I turned it off. If those idiots actually believe what they prattled about, we are going to need a lot more asylums come November. I have never seen such a collection of “Looney Toons” in one place.

    And yes, while they were whacking us with the Healthscare with one hand, they were walloping us about amnesty with the other. Let’s hope NUMBERSUSA can get that artery blocked early or we are likely to lose the patient, and that won’t even require a death panel.

  3. Sorry to post twice, but I just visited DRUDGE and the picture they have of Nancy Pelosi absolutely looks like the braying jackass she is!





    LETS ‘NOT FORGET!!!!!!!!

  5. Richrad,

    Post as many times as you like.

    The forum is for all conservatives, all the time.

    Thanks as always,


  6. JR,

    This is one that I really hated to be right about.

    I would have loved to apologize to the entire family and said that “I was wrong”..

    Lets not forget that there is eight months until the election.

    The distractions will be flying a mile a minute.

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Say hi to the Mrs. for me,

    Thanks as always,


  7. It sure was a crappy day today. Especiually after staying up until nearly midnight watching them preening and posturing.

    Larry you have explained the situation perfectly. I don’t think there is anything more that needs to be said. This is a scam, a fraud and a disgrace.

    I did, however, write a letter to my representative today. The illustrious James Clyburn, Democratic Whip. At least it made me feel better to get some things off my chest.

    Allow me to share? and let me know what you think.

    Mr. Clyburn,
    I am writing to you to today to thank you for selling our country out. For doing your part and going above and beyond the call of duty to undermine the economic stability, and personal liberty of every US Citizen for generations to come. Congratulations, that is quite an “historic” and “unprecedented” accomplishment.

    Never in the history of America have “We the People” witnessed a more arrogant, out-of-touch and completely power-hungry coalition of politicians. You and your party have shown the people just how corrupt you are. This latest example of fraud, lies, deceit, and subterfuge that you call a piece of legislation shows us just exactly how little regard you actually have for “We the People”.

    Call it Socialism, Liberalism, Marxism, Progressivism, Communism, whatever “ism” you’d like to call yourselves; there is no place for that kind of insanity in this country. We are not a land of guaranteed outcomes, and promised prosperity. We are a country of Laws and Liberty, a land of Freedom and Unlimited Opportunity. We are all God’s children, and He has given each of us what we need to be successful in life. What we do with those gifts is our choice, and no one’s responsibility but our own. Taking that responsibility from us and hading it over to the government is nothing short of SLAVERY. We learned that great lesson 250 years ago at the hands of the British. We had to fight a war to win back our freedom from that tyranny. Dr. King gave his life to complete that task for your race as this country evolved into the great land that it is today. And you would have us legislate ourselves back to that insanity? Have you lost your mind?

    As the great President Abraham Lincoln said:
    You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
    You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
    You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
    You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.
    You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
    You cannot build character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and independence.
    You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could — and should — do for themselves.

    You are hereby put on notice: I will work tirelessly to see to it that you never hold public office again. You are a disgrace and I am ashamed to say that you are my Representative in Congress, for you do NOT represent me or any of the people of this state, regardless of what some of them may think. You have underestimated “We the People” sir. We are NOT as stupid as you think we are. We will NOT be ENSLAVED by your condescension and your lack of respect for our liberties, principles and values. Pack your bags; November will be here before you know it.

  8. T,


    I wish that I had written that..

    Don’t worry, their day is coming.

    I would suggest from this moment on that we just smile and nod when the liberals wax poetic..

    The element of surprise is our greatest weapon..

    Just smile and nod..

    Thanks as always,


  9. Thanks! That means a lot coming from you. It sure was cathartic…:)

  10. T:

    Everyone of our so-called representatives should receive a letter like yours from their constituents. I’ve been sending letters and e-mails to my mis-representatives for monthsand they certainly know that they will receive no support from me. I,too,will be working against them.


    Yes, Indeed, their day is coming. It is long overdue. Smiling and nodding.

  11. Family,

    Stay strong.

    Check out the latest TOTD:

    We shall overcome..

    Thanks as always,


  12. T – I have printed off your letter and plan to make salutation changes then FAX it to the hatemongers in my state. Great letter!

  13. Richard,

    Maybe we should print these up and place them under windshield wipers at the next liberal “townhall” meeting.

    Print them up and take them to the next Tea Party gathering..

    We have already warned the liberals and they think that they have called our bluff.

    Now lets INFORM the masses.

    Thanks as always,


  14. Newsflash!!


    As I had predicted (again), Stupak has allegedly sold his vote for $726,409 in airport grants..

    Less than a million gets the middle class saddled with over a trillion dollars in penalties, taxes and fines..

    Send him packing, Michigan..

    Thanks as always,


  15. Well we lost a battle last Sunday but the war continues. It is time to re-arm and re-group and fight on. As bad as we all felt, the sun still came up Monday morning. There is 8 months till the mid-term elections, we have a lot to do. They are messing with the future of my kids and grandkids and I’m not taking kindly to it.


    Don’t worry about the font size. I have Foxfire and can magnify it.

  16. Papa Bear,

    We’ve also just lost the “cadillac plan” exclusion/bribe for the unions. The parlimentarian has given it a go..

    Start telling your neighbors. Start telling your friends. Start telling tose who will vote.

    Remember, this is intentionally written to start penalizing the middle class and the productive AFTER 2012.

    The liberals LOVE getting our faxes and our emails and our calls. Its called, “file thirteen”, “delete” button and “press seventy-eight for..” That is time that you will NEVER get back..

    The liberals aren’t listening, spend your time productively talking to those who WILL.

    Thanks as always,


  17. Larry:

    Great idea on printing up T’s letter and putting them under the windshield wipers. The politicians have ignored the wishes of the American people for far too long. They did so at their own peril. Now they will have to pay.
    Still smiling and nodding.


    Thanks for sharing your great letter.

  18. T,

    I too agree, that is a great letter. Can I use it ?



  20. Sadly, I live in northern Michigan so I am one of Benedict Bart’s constituents. Sadder still, his seat is, and has been for many years, “safe.” He pretends to be a “moderate” Democrat as in pro gun ownership and, before being exposed Sunday night, pro-life. We usually have a sacrificial lamb who tries to mount a campaign every two years. He is like Marcy Kaptur, of NW Ohio, where I used to lucky can one woman be?.. I would be shocked to see either one of these two cowards defeated in November.

  21. I wish I could be surprised that the Obama bill passed as well as it did, but it went exactly as I expected that it would. That Stupak turned traitor for a meaningless Executive Order (which cannot stop anything passed by the Legislature) and the money to spiff up a couple airports in his district is also no shock. Democrats will turn on anybody if they can gain something out of it for themselves. It is sad to note how less than one out of six Democrats could actually put principles before politics. As Rush would say: there are no moderate Democrats. The Blue Dog Democrat is a myth, as is the concept of bipartisanship.

    As I see it, it is the duty of all conservatives to see to it that these criminals never win another election ever again. It is also sad to consider that the Greatest Generation has lived just long enough to see their grandchildren betray them by becoming everything they fought a World War to stop, and squander everything they built up.

    We have to stop these thugs. We must vote all Democrats out of office, and vote out all incumbents. We also need to do whatever it takes to either drive the Mulatto Moussilini out of office, or render him nothing more than a figurehead.

  22. Margaret in CT

    My cynicism tells me that the only reason 34 democrats voted against the bill is because Obama didn’t offer them a juicy enough prize for their votes. A list of the promises that BHO/Pelosi made to the blue-dog dems who made those supposed last-minute switches on Saturday would be interesting.

    You’re right that in the beginning, just as with Medicare, everything will seem perfect. But those on Medicare now must fork out $$$ for copays, income taxes, and taxes on Medicare benefits—different names for government confiscation of cash to flush into the same sewer. This triple tax will also apply to “universal” healthcare. Medicare is now a bloated program, beset by fraud, that serves neither provider nor patient in the way that was originally promised.

    The only thing that’s universal about this “package” is that those who produce will continue to pick up the tab for those who do not.

  23. Sylvia,

    After the “events” of the past few days, will those in Michigan STILL consider his seat “safe”?

    I suppose that its possible when Pennsyvanians continued to put Murtha back in when he would insult the entire state to its face in public..

    He has to go, they all do.

    Thanks as always,


  24. G.,

    I have always said that I am not concerned with the differences between the “D” and the “R”, I am concerned with the difference between the “C” and the “L”..

    Conservative versus liberal.. THAT is the the only important difference.

    Thanks as always,


  25. Margaret,

    Its not cynacism, it is reality. Period..

    Medicare and especially Medicaid have contributed mightily to the allged “problems” that Obama alleges to rectify..

    These are govenmental health care programs.

    Now ALL of health care is a “governmental program” and based upon observational logic, “health care” will now be as mismanaged an inefficient as the govenrment that is now running it based upon how they ran their programs before.


    They do not care about health care, they care about redistribution of money and health care is the most expiditious vehicle for doing so.


    Thanks as always,


  26. Since I would nothing past BHO and his cohorts, I am beginning to think that the reason the libs are so unconcerned about losing their congressional seats come November may be because “the maniacal one” has plans for there to be NO election in November…..some unexpected “disaster” may just crop up. Am I too much of a conspiracy theorist???

  27. No, JD, you are not a conspiracy “theorist”–you are a conspiracy “realist”–as I am, which most of the uninformed public believes is a non-entity!

    How sad–“what fools these mortals be”!

  28. JJ and all of the family, please feel free to use my letter for whatever you think is appropriate.

    Thank you all for your positive feedback. I was in desperate need of an outlet for the disgust and anger. That sometimes sharpens my “pencil” and makes things come out clearly.

  29. Alabama Rednek

    I wonder how long it will be before there is armed revolution in this country again? And what would happen if 2/3 or more states declared their soverenty and decided that the federal government should be disolved? If my history is right, it was the states that established the federal government so they can disolve it and effectively put them all out on their arses.

    Well, I can dream a little, can’t I???

    One of the bigger fights this November will be in the states. Governorships and legislatures. With the census this year they will all be drafting new congressional districts next year. If we don’t accomplish enough gains this election (2010) then redistricting becomes extremely important for conservatives.

    Larry, as always a great take on the horrendous power grab that has just been layed upon all of us. Time to throw off the shckles and become free men and women again by whatever means are necessary.

    As for me and my house, we will honor God and country but never the progressives.


    ps; T – loved your letter and plan to use it this year. My rep is Bobby Bright (D) and is considered a Blue Dog but he still has to go. Working towards that end.

    PPS: To all the family. Get involved in your local precinct if you are not all ready. Make your voive heard loud and clear. We cannot let up the pressure or enthusiasm between now and November.

    Thank you for letter me sound off like a crazy old man .

  30. Alabama Rednek

    Oooops. I apologize for some of the spelling. I really ened to proof read before posting.

  31. T//

    I shared your letter with my one particular “cornhusker kickback” dimwit senator voted for the Obominablecare. I have warned him before repeatedly that I would mount every effort to see that he was not re-elected. I have now declared war.

    But we all must be careful of who we elect in the Nov. replacements. There are too many Republicans, both candidates and in office, that would have you believe they are true conservatives.

    Such is the case of Randy Neubauer (TX-R) yelling out, “baby killer” when Stupak gave his floor speech in support of healthcare reform. Later Neubauer apoligized saying his exact words were, “It’s a baby killer.” Also, “I deeply reget that my actions were mistakenly interpreted as a direct reference to Congressmen Stupak himself.”
    This is the way it works with me; You say what you think and you think what you say. Stupak supports a bill that will use taxpayers money for abortions. NO APOLOGY!!!

  32. I agree with Alabama Rednek: the Federal government should be dissolved. We were far better served by the Articles Of Confederation.

  33. beyond disgusted

    JD & triviaman,

    We are so on the same page. I have feared this for the last 14 months. What else explains the total arrogance of these people? There is also another possibility. What with acorn, SEIU, & the likes, what makes any of us think that the upcoming election results will be legitimate should the Marxists remain in control? How many of you think that Al Franken was honestly elected Senator of Minnasota?


    Another great read. I’ll refrain from saying I told you so regarding Stupak. A weasel is a weasel.

  34. We’re all on the same page. I expect Martial Law to be declared. That would surely stop an election if the liberals are backed to the wall and have no other way to go.

    We know the last election was rigged so why should the coming election be any different. I just saw a 70 vote mistake in my village election last week that put the democrats in the lead. The total number of voters was about 180. I worked as an election inspector for close to 20 years, I don’t buy it.

  35. Sunday night was a sad time for the taxpayers of the country and for everyone who ever believed in the American dream. I was literally crying for my children’s future as I watched the vote tally. They are moving as quickly as they can to put all the pieces into place for total socialism.

    T, I’m printing off your letter and putting it on all the windshields in the hospital parking lot. Obviously, I’ll use a different salutation, but Larry is right, we aren’t going to wake up our congressmen so we need to scream as loud as we can to wake up our neighbors.

  36. Now that we have become slaves of the gubmint, is it time to demand reparations? With the price of land, I’ll take the 40 acres – they can keep the mule, since they’re all a bunch of a$$es.

    Remember, it’s not how many votes you get , what ‘s important is – who counts the votes !

  37. JJ
    Another T-shirt idea! LOL!

  38. With all due respect to Sylvia, I believe Stupak will be defeated. I also live in Michigan in the district adjoining Stupak’s district. Today our local radio station featured the candidates running for Stupak’s seat and Stupak himself. When one of the candidates was asked how she could raise enough money to compete with Stupak, she laughed and stated that she was receiving campaign donations from all over the country. My friends and I plan to work tirelessly to defeat Stupak and I believe we will succeed.

  39. dancingczars

    You’re Killing Me Larry, LOL Jim

  40. Hi Larry and family,

    A sad day for the US indeed! Morons that are so easily corrupted need to be voted out. But the Big Brown One will now be unstoppable, it’s all gone to his community organiser head! Watch out for the next fiasco which he will now commandeer with the (largely) illiterate, uneducated illegals. God help America because it seems everybody else has abandoned her. I can’t comment on the details of the healthcare bill but I can say we in the UK have been saddled with the behemoth that is our NHS and although it may have worked in the beginning, it is now an inefficient, extremely expensive monster, run over by ‘administrators’ who pay themselves more than surgeons. And no politician has the gall to even suggest bringing in changes. As for the abortions, has the Big Brown One not realised that the majority of those who would seek abortions would produce babies who would eventually vote for him and his ilk? Why dish our abortions for free then?

    I despair, please keep up the good work.



  41. Since the children of the as yet ‘unborn’ will be stuck with paying a portion of this massive deficit, why would they want to abort the ‘unborn’ ? Does “killing the golden goose” ring a bell ?

  42. JJ they are aware that the vast majority of the ‘unborn’ would be the sort who don’t pay taxes, i.e. unemployed and by and large unemployable. But, brainless as the might be, they would sure as hell vote for this motley crew!

  43. Larry another stellar post. T thanks for your sharp pencil. I hope everyone’s pencil stays sharp until November. I think I will go sharpen my pitchfork while I am at it

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