Learnt Offerings

A recent Yahoo story tells us that Al $harpton is “Obama’s link to the streets”.. I beg to differ. $harpton is Obama’s link to the gutter.. (“Ex-mentor: Sharpton is Obama’s link to the streets” Yahoo news 04/17/10) Then again, I believe that Al HAS to be playing an angle (what a stretch that concept is..) with Obama as $harpton was quoted as saying, “When Obama invites me (to the White House) all of a sudden we’re allies..” As well, $harpton had what had to be an inadvertent “Cosby moment” as he actually said out loud and in public, “Black Americans need to solve our own problems..” You heard me.. I couldn’t believe it myself..

It is certainly a loaded statement as $harpton’s own unique brand of “problem solving” has led to arson and homicide, and that’s just for starters.. If “solve our own problems” means fight against the liberals and their intentional destruction of the public schools which inordinately effects the black community, if it means ending the sempiternal cycle of multiple generations of welfare/government dependency, if it means fighting the liberals “woe-is-me-ism” which is exclusively directed at the black community, THEN we may be on to something.. I am willing to wager that this “solve our won problems” means march around in circles, shut down highways and businesses with faux protests and blackmail executives and politicians into scratching yet another check..

MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and the easily accessible cell phone technology of text messaging have convinced the legions of the insignificant into believing that their unimportant and mundane personal trivia is of extreme importance to the rest of the world. Not only are the ridiculous ruminations of these nitwits incredibly inconsequential, their every syllable and paragraph is but another exercise in moronic megalomania. As well, these “urgent news flashes” about what kind of day they are having, how spectacular their offspring are or how many pies and cakes they have baked in the imaginary video game environment of “Café World” are so incredibly important, they must be done NOW. This “now” is usually when they should be working or when they should be concentrating on the task at hand as they occupy the drivers seat of their car.. These “inventions” are the perfect products for a generation that was raised to believe that each and every one of them are THE center of the universe..

If the driver of the vehicle ahead of you is not taller than the headrest of the vehicle that they are driving, do everything in your power to get out of range of this vehicle at your earliest possible moment..

I have grown weary of the bicyclists and their bellyaching of “share the road”.. When the bicyclists decide to get around to obeying ALL of the RULES of the road, not just the ones that favor them, I will consider this “sharing” concept. Stop signs and stoplights are NOT optional for the Lance Armstrong wannabes. If you cannot peddle up to the posted speed limit, don’t ride in the MIDDLE of a traffic lane.. Someone needs to explain the necessity of “bike racks” on the front of the busses to me. Either you ride your silly bike or you join your contemporaries who utilize “ass transit” which are paid for by my taxes. We here in St. Louis just suffered through yet another tax increase for this “public transportation”. I am going to pull up at a convenient bus stop tomorrow morning and DEMAND that the liberals awaiting their air-conditioned bus give me money for new tires for my vehicle or maybe an oil change. I can hear the “mass transients” now, “I don’t ride in your car, why should I pay for it?” My response: “EXACTLY. I don’t ride your smelly bus but I constantly have to pay for it, so buck up..”

When the Democrats were gamely having at their first go at slavery, the erstwhile efforts of Robert Byrd and Albert Gore Sr. finally succumbed to the hard work and effort of the Democrat’s victims. The Democrats, both determined and resourceful, reworked their “idea” and they decided that the mental bonds of slavery were more powerful than the physical ones. They then transformed their cynicism into the politics of personal persecution. Gone were the baseball bats and the fire hoses. The industrious Democrats replaced them with their message of individual failure and alleged “group” discrimination. The left quickly learned that an alarming number of people had their dignity and their self esteem available to the highest bidder and the liberals were playing with the “house money” stolen from the middle class. These victims themselves learned that the left will permanently and indefinitely underwrite you as long as your soul has a price. Why would the descendents of the Democrat’s original victims who worked so hard to remove the physical bonds of slavery so willingly reapply the mental bonds that are sanctimoniously offered by the Democrat’s demoralizing stipends? It’s just Part II of the Democrat’s “Slave New World”..

Attention Republicans.. Embrace the Tea Party NOW. Do this before they decide that they need to forward a candidate of their own, say a Sarah Palin, for example.. This would unquestionably bleed votes from the Republican ticket which in turn conveniently feathers the fascist’s nest for them.. Need I remind you that Ross Perot was responsible for placing Bill Clinton into higher office. Perot took 18.9 per cent of the popular vote and that translated to nearly 20 million votes. George H.W. Bush lost to Clinton by approximately six million votes.. Perot ushered in Clinton, Clinton ushered in the sub prime mortgage scandal which ended up being one of MANY scandals during his disgusting tenure. That particular scandal ended up being the biggest part of what the Illinois imbecile constantly weeps over “inheriting”.. Perot didn’t have a Tea Party, he had a big mouth and a few billion dollars at his disposal. This mistake by the Republicans would allow everyone’s children and grandchildren to “inherit” four more years of Obama’s “historic” heresy. This had better be done BEFORE the mid term election..

Under the liberals, “privileges” mysteriously became “entitlements” which then morphed into “rights”. With each poisonous step in this perverted process, the government took more and more CONTROL and the individual lost more and more FREEDOM.. There was a requisite “softening” of the language, which had to accompany this liberal lunacy. “Welfare” became “entitlements” and the “benefits” were then conveniently placed upon an EBT card which had an American flag on it and it was just like the poor’s own governmental ATM card.. No humiliation, no embarrassment, just “benefits” and no food stamps which needed to be counted out at the cash register.. As these became “rights”, the government HAD to become involved in the “fairness” and the redistribution.. As the government becomes more involved, the inevitable waste and fraud are turned into a “crisis” that can ONLY be solved by taking MORE from the middle class in order to cure whatever malaise the liberals have invented..


32 responses to “Learnt Offerings

  1. “Black Americans need to solve our own problems..” Is Al losing it? He has to be “playing an angle” I can only imagine what Bill Cosby said when he heard that. If black Americans had been allowed to solve their own problems, we wouldn’t be having the trouble we have now.
    I don’t have a problem with giving someone a hand up but I do have a problem with giving someone a permanent hand out.

    The Republicans better wise up. I’d be willing to bet that the liberals have a “spoiler” poised to run as an independent in 2012.

  2. Larry, I think your drawing point is THAT YOU GET IT! You are like a welcome light in a dark room. I am so sick and tired of hearing what so and so is doing right now (in my opinion, they are aiding and abetting a stalker at the very least) I want to break something. A great read as always. And I agree with Ladywolf – I’d give a bundle to hear Cosby’s retort!

    The liberals or progressives (regresessives) are going to have their own dictionary soon because they are constantly changing the meaning of words we have known for years and are now foreign to our ears. Liberty, Freedom, Morals and God are just a few off the top of my head. And I have a niece who is a rabid progressive and I’m glad I don’t have much interaction with her. I’m not sure I could keep my cool.

  3. Richard,

    I think that we all “get it” and that’s why we are here at NLTZ.

    Thanks as always for your very kind words,


  4. Richard,

    Hit the “enter” button too quickly..

    The most annoying facet about these “MySpace cadets” or the “Twitter twits” is that these are the easily deceived who propelled Obama into office.

    They are too busy texting and Twitting to properly research the recipients of their vote. They believe the pop up ads on their favorite web pages and the words of their favorite movie stars..

    And their vote counts just as much as mine does..

    Thanks as always,


  5. It’s these same “MySpace cadets” that I’ve been hearing about going to hospitals and doctors’ offices looking for their “free” health care once Obamacare passed. It’s enough to make you want to scream – “What’s wrong with these people?” If only their vote didn’t count.

    And I agree with you Larry. I’ve always thought that Perot was the “spoiler” that gave Clinton the election.

    Never give up, never give in and never again!!

  6. I have now done about 15 “one man tea parties”, picking a busy corner and holding signs such as HAD ENOUGH? IMPEACH OBAMA and ABORT OBAMA NOT BABIES. I have so far been assaulted once by someone that didnt agree with my opinion of this administration.
    Thursday I attended the local tea party and it was quite successful, drawing approx 3000 over the 3 hour period it ran.

    I am always looking for new sign ideas for my one man tea parties that push the envelope and want opinions on this sign – SEDITION IN THE FACE OF TYRANNY BECOMES A PATRIOTS DUTY.

    I love irritating liberals with my signs, which has been proven effective by the assault and that so far two women have actually gotten out of their cars to try to remove signs that I had attached to poles next to the roadway, but I really dont want to have legal problems because of my signs.

    So my question is, does anyone think the SEDITION sign is inciting sedition?


    You are right we do get it.
    This past Saturday the Republican party held it”s convention and settled the candidate for November. no primary involved. However a local Democrat is running as an independent
    to muddie the waters so that DEVAL PATRICK
    can sneak in.
    I was in a variety store yesterday and saw large signs that they accept EBT CARDS di not know what they were I will go on GOOGLE AND finsd out
    Michael Barone had a great article today


  8. I agree that the Republicans better embrace the Tea Partiers…24% of Americans align themselves with this group and I’m one of them. And you are right, it needs to be done before the mid-terms or the United States as we knew it just 10 years ago will be forevermore like Europe. Isn’t it interesting that the right leaning groups of the European nations are starting to gain more traction. We don’t need to go that direction to find out it’s not the way to do things. Just look at Europe and do a 180 now , before it’s too late. And while we can still repeal this monstrosity of a health care disaster!

    Thanks Larry!

  9. Michele from NY


    I too have an ignorant relative, excep this is a 68 year old aunt who, when I brought up the disgrace of a government we presently have had just this to say:

    “Oh, but have you seen Michelle (Obama) lately? She looks so nice.”

    This aunt is addicted to Facebook, and posts every ridiculous moment of her life on it, as if anyone cares.

    So the vapidness and stupidity are rampant in all generations. What a world…

  10. Dave from MN

    Thanks again Larry for another great article!

    The sad thing is that Obama’s approval rating is not sinking fast enough. Too many are still getting all of their ‘ficticious facts’ from the MSM. Somehow we have to find a way to hold the MSM accountable and expose their complicity where it will be heard by masses.

  11. WHAT!?!? NO! Black Americans need to… Does that mean Sharpy is going to chop off his fingers so he can’t point them at us white folks no mo’?


    Where ever your located obviously still observes the Constitution and Bill of Rights hopefully moreso than the current Administration and Congress. You, by the way of the First Amendment are guaranteed your right not only of your “free speech” but to post your signs in “free press.” Those who try to tear down your words of wisdom are actually opening themselves up to litigation, should you decide to take it, for interferring with your Constitutional Rights. See you in court?

  12. Larry we are always better off after reading your articles. Keep on keeping on.

  13. The “Cosby moment” that Bill Cosby, a few years back had laid out in full for all black people in an effort to take responsibility in themselves, in order to solve their own problems, was he being given instant membership to the Uncle Tom Club.

    There’s another problem for “Stubby” $harpton to formulate in his plan of getting black folks to stand up. That is illegal immigration.

    According to the Federation For Immigration Reform (FAIR) says, A recently released study by Louisiana State University Professor Edward Shihadeh and Ph. D. candidate Raymond Barranco, ‘confirms that Latino workers and dominance of low skill jobs have dis-placed blacks from low-skilled job markets, which in turn led to more violence in Black Communities. Blacks have lost job competition in many cities, and where that occured, the murder rate went up.”

    Excuse me? I didn’t finish high school, now I’m working low end jobs. I couldn’t get a job because of some illegal alien wetback is smarter than I am so I think I’ll take your life instead! Makes perfect sense if your a dirt clod or a liberal.

  14. I’ve been busy researching lately. One of the things I discovered was that Michael Steele took Republican funds that were donated to the Republican Party and gave some of that money to the Sharpton organization, National Action Network. He took money that people donated to candidates and gave it to National Action Network.

    I saw that a few other conservative sites also found the story. Steele needs to go.

  15. Eileen,

    As usual your research is right. I found concurring editorials on conservative sites (and for the life of me I can’t find them now) that backed up your reasearch. But two names that I do remember in the money filtering down to is ACORN and the NAACP.

    I don’t give a damn whether what the color of a man’s skin, it’s what’s in his mind. As a form of “affimative action” the NRC played him for “black favor ” but anytime the race card is played, no matter who, that card game is over.

  16. MN Dave,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    The MSM will be in full diversion swing come November and they will conveniently forget the IED’s placed in the Obama bills set to “go off” in 2013 and beyond..

    Its up to US to not let anyone forget.

    Thanks as always,


  17. T,

    I will try.

    I appreciate your contributions here as well.

    Thanks as always,


  18. Joe,

    Cosby laid it out in at least three other locations as well.

    He took too much heat for simply telling the truth.

    Such a shame..

    Thanks as always,


  19. Eileen,

    Good to hear from you again.

    I am sure that Steele wil claim that this is how the Republicans “reach out” to the likes of $harpton..

    The MESSAGE does not need a stipend attached to it for it to be palatable to the masses.

    “Adjusting” it for certain groups waters down the effectiveness of the message.

    $harpton would never agree to any Republican ideas so why waste the funds trying to bribe him into sensibility?

    He can redeem himself by opening the Republican arms to the Tea Party RIGHT NOW.

    I can’t possibly reiterate how important that move would be.

    Thanks as always,


  20. Is it time for the Republican party to be re-named the Conservative party ?

    Unlike ACORN, this could be a ‘meaningful’ name change, in that it could appeal to the indies, and even the moderate dems. Especially , since the majority of Americans consider themselves to be ‘conservative’ . Also, to perhaps eliminate the “party of NO ” stigma that has been attached to it.

    Might it also be a way to git rid of Steele ?

    Just a thought

  21. If a supporter of the republican party wanted to donate to the National Action Network, NAACP and ACORN they would donate directly to all three organization. If we support a conservative candidate, then we need to give directly to the candidate and not to the Republican Party. It’s a shame that Steele seems to have gotten caught up in scandals after scandals of late. He has only shown how inept, since being name chairman. His lack of common sense will or could hurt conservatives in November, and I pray that it doesn’t. It could hurt even more if he is removed.


    Some of the websites were I confirmed the story were Erick at Red State, national legal & policy center http://www.nlpc.org and the Daily Caller was where I confirmed the story.

  22. Seen on a T-shirt:

    Once we had Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash.

    NOW, we have Obama, no hope and no cash!!

  23. whosebone, Unfortunately, most of the libs will not know what sedition is. How about a sign that says, “Our government is stealing more than Enron or Bernie Madoff, will they be going to prison?

    Eileen, In the past year I have sent my Republican Party begging letters back without a donation. I do give directly to the conservative candidates I think will do a good job representing my values.

  24. Triviaman & Monica,

    Can I steal them for a bumper sticker & t-shirt? I think they are awesome!?

  25. JR,

    EBT stands for Electronic Bank Transfer. They are generally the debit cards you get from your bank. They are sometimes called MAC, CIRRUS, NYCE, Stars. The name is different depending on what part of the country you live in. You can either get one that’s a VISA or Master Card. They don’t necessarily mean they only accept debit cards, they also accept regular credit cards as well.

    When we moved here they had signs up that said that so we asked. Most of the stores and malls in NJ had Mac/Cirrus cards accepted here.

  26. Eileen, the debit card that you have from your bank is also known as an ATM card. The EBT card you are refering to is the type that are given in lieu of food stamps these days. You pay for your purchases from your bank account, and you pay for the EBT holder’s purchases, too, with your taxes.

  27. T,

    As well, with the “softening” effect of the liberals, “Food Stamps” were replaced by these wonderful EBT cards and the program was renamed “SNAP” the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program”..

    I guess they had to remove the stigma of food stamps so the “beneficiaries” would “feel good” about themselves..

    Thanks as always,


  28. At one time Black Americans were solving there own problems. But Lyndon Johnson and his so called “Great Society” put an end to that.

    I could not agree more on the “My Space Cadets.”
    They said some text up to 200 times a day. I don’t know how many times I’ve sat a a green light because the driver in front of me was busy texting. Also saw on the news where people were getting there homes robbed after posting they were leaving the house. They said there is a site called “Rob Me Please” which lists when people will be away from home. Proof that the wicked never rest.

  29. FAMILY,







  30. Family,

    Wierd.. Very wierd..

    I tried for five hours to publish “Marxist Mosaic” and it finally made it through:


    Thanks as always,


  31. Larry,

    Yeah, there is something weird going on. I had to type in my name and my e-mail to post this whereas usually I was expecting it to be done for me. Oh God!! Am I becoming a liberal?!?! Tell me now and my print will never darken your pages of light again.

    Your words in comparing Food Stamps to SNAP were an example of what struck me as the politically correct pundits slid Kentucky Fried (Fried, Oh No!) Chicken to KFC. It’s the same the thing, morons, it’s just sounds “nicer.”

  32. Eileen, I think that T-shirt phrase I posted is copyrighted. Sorry!

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