When it comes to the slimy “race card” or the politics of racial recognition, no one could ever best the Demokrats who have been simultaneously specializing in racial persecution since the 1800’s.. This is known in the polluted political circles as “Demokratic multi-tasking”.. Others within their pathetic pantheon have used this methodology to reward themselves where the sickness morphs itself into the politics of racial profiteering. When these demented collectivists coalesce, suddenly all becomes right within the liberal cesspool.. What has now allegedly made things “right” is that they have now found a new “cause” to trumpet from the rooftops.. The “cause” is that of the ILLEGAL aliens scurrying about the state of Arizona and the law that was just passed which will effect them.. Hopefully..

The ubiquitous rallying cry for the bottom feeders will be the snivel rights violations of those who wouldn’t have a thing to worry about had they not violated our sovereign borders and sidetracked the rules, otherwise known as “the law”.. No sooner had the Arizona law been signed (as predicted in “Learnt Offerings”) when the righteous “Reverend” Al $harpton started looking for his grimy grip sack, he slicked back his ridiculous hair and he found his familiar collection plate.. $harpton says he is “ready to travel” to Arizona to protest even though no one has asked him to do so.. Actually, polling indicates that 70 percent of those in Arizona APPROVE of the law, so it sounds as though no one will be making any invitations to “Reverend” Rubbish anytime soon.. (“70% of Arizona Voters Favor New State Measure Cracking Down On Illegal Immigration” Rasmussen Reports 04/21/2010)

“Irrelevant!” screams the rotund “Reverend”.. Like all good liberals and especially those who directly profit from the separation of the races, Al knows what it best for EVERYONE in the state of Arizona and the “fascism of fairness” will soon be permeating the formerly fresh air of Arizona.. $harpton is “ready to travel” as soon as someone says that they will pick up the tab for the raucous “Reverend” and his entourage..

The liberals are so incredibly desperate for a “rallying cry” that they are pinning their hopes to that of the “plight” of the ILLEGAL aliens in Arizona.. This is a really good sign and just a bit more reinforcement for those of us who understand that laws and the Constitution are absolutely irrelevant to the leftists..

Snivel rights are the machinations of those whose “feelings” are hurt.. “Laws”, which do not correspond with the delicate sensibilities of those who have honed an appropriately hyperactive racist radar, must be overturned or else those who “disagree” with these laws will violate further laws (up to and including homicide and arson, if $harpton’s history is taken into account..) until the “rights” of those who have violated the laws of our nation are given precedence.. Makes perfect liberal sense, right?

$harpton along with Lillian Rodriguez Lopez, (I am not kidding..) who comes from the “New York Hispanic Federation” have decided all by themselves that ARIZONA’S business is now their business.. The “invitation” to stick their noses in needn’t be formally sent to these brown and blackmailers as the aggrieved of Arizona just don’t understand the gravity of their plight.. Leave it to those whose “business” it is to enhance their bank accounts via the unsavory scam of racial recognition and racial separation to do the leg work for these so called “victims”..

$harpton isn’t alone in seeing the horror of laws actually enforced AGAINST ILLEGAL aliens, the head man over at Homeyland Insecurity, “Pat” “I don’t reminisce that much about proms” Napolitano agreed syllable by syllable with the Kenyan collectivist as she too called the Arizona law “misguided”.. Obama, in believing that he has an “opportunity” here, has decided to branch out and “appeal” to the entire spectrum of minorities and the hyphenated hodgepodge of derelicts that should be offended as well by the Arizona law.. He too has decided that race baiting will reward him, but in a different way..

It is now time to “reconnect” with those that put the basketball bouncing Bolshevik into higher office. “Reconnect” means that the “poor” only have a discernable value to the Demokrats when they are in the voting booth. The “poor” are too stupid to see that the liberals are simply sneering at them and with their forked tongues they hiss, “Who else are you going to vote for, the Republicans?”.. Obama has been very busy of late rewarding the “evil capitalists” that contributed millions of dollars to his presidential shampaign.. The liberal “base” and I do mean “base”, “feels” that their “needs” haven’t been sufficiently met by the licentious liberal and his crew of confirmed communists.. Obama promised a fresh pot of gold for every mercurial mendicant and the pathetic parasites actually believed him.. Now he needs to “reconnect” with them which means that he needs to fill their puerile ears with the whisperings of sweet nothings once again.. “Reconnect” means simply means “re-lie” because with the liberals, it is ALL about the acquisition and the retention of power..

Obama wants to “appeal to young people, African-Americans, Latinos and women who powered our victory in 2008..” When a direct appeal to the races rings hollow, go ahead and go “all in” and toss out EVERY “minority” that you can, even though women are an actual majority in America. Please note that Obama included $harpton’s newest BFF’s, the “Latinos”.. Back on April 17th, $harpton was called “Obama’s link to the streets” by Yahoo news which caused the “Reverend” to say, “Obama invites me (to the White House) all of a sudden we’re allies..” When it comes to the racist implication by the liberals that ILLEGALS are all “Hispanic”, when it comes to a bill that deals with ILLEGALS regardless of their race, color or creed and the need to distort that fact in order to gain political traction, they are “allies”..

At this point, you have to ask yourself this question, why was the health care scam SO INCREDIBLY important to the leftists and to Obama in particular? The answer is that it was the ONLY thing that Obama has managed to do (destroy) that is going to have ANY effect upon the poor, which is otherwise known as the liberal “base”.. Let’s take a look back, shall we? TARP? Nope, that was for the rich evil capitalists.. The “bailouts” of GM and Chrysler? Nope, that was for the rich evil capitalists.. The banking industry “bailouts”? Nope, that too was for the rich evil capitalists.. The insurance industry “bailouts”? I believe that you are getting the picture.. It is no wonder that Obama feels that he needs to “reconnect” with the bums of the Demokratic “base”..

When you have two “colorful” people like Obama and $harpton and their contrived “compassion plays” (or would that be their “con-passion plays”?), they only thing that they will end up doing is to “reconnect” with their repulsive racist roots..


36 responses to “Reconnect

  1. Family,

    For your consideration, the latest TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  2. Go, Larry!!! Another one Spot on! I couldn’t have said it any better.

    Obama says that it is the Federal Government’s fault that Arizona did this “irresponsible” thing. I guess that is George Bush’s doing as well, since it was on his watch that the last immigration reform bill was tried… Moving this immigration bill ahead of the Cap and Tax bill was such an obvious ploy…

    It makes me want to go to an Obama event and ask him a couple of questions… the first being “Do you actually believe that we are that stupid?” and “Why do you keep on lying to us?” I know that is not really a possibility, and I have NO desire to run afoul of the Secret Service (my hubby knows a few and they can be scary guys) but I can dream, right? It is just so frustrating to listen to him lie, everyone knows he is lying, and for some reason no one will call him out… and if someone does (Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck,ect…) they get just destroyed by the left…

    I understand freedom of speech, and I don’t want to abridge that. But tell me do I really have to stand idly by and be quiet while they lie to me? There surely must be a way to get them to stop lying?

    Keep the faith, Larry, you keep me sane.

  3. T,

    Thanks for the kind words as always.

    You can stop them.

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Words to live by, pass them on and tell the world where you heard them.

    Thanks as always,


  4. You have too much confidcence in me, Larry…

    Take care, be safe!

  5. Larry:

    Great article. It makes me sick that these idiots think we are racist bc we’re trying to defend the constitution and uphold our sovereignty. It’s all about race and votes. They are nothing but weasels. They try and make the Tea Party look racist. Andrew Breitbart still has a 100k reward for someone to produce solid footage of a Tea Party rep calling a politician the N word. Like Erik Erikson says, “My N word is November.” I watched the Mary (Mayor) of Phoneix on the The Factor tonight. He went right to talking about Jim Crowe laws and Nazi Germany. These Liberals are desperate if they can’t hold up an argument for even a minute before they start shouting Nazi Nazi Nazi. Weren’t they the ones looking at Facism and the Nazi movement as something with several good aspects? That is until they realized the American people didn’t agree and then they dumped it on the Republicans. Just like the sixties what do you know?

  6. *Phoenix

  7. We were in Phoenix last month and on the way home we were stopped at a boarder control check point. I am a white male , age 74 with silver hair. My wife is 69, white, with salt and pepper hair. We were asked ” are you both American citizens”. Is that racial profiling? That jerk should have to answer the above questions as well as show proof of birth. I fear the alien has arrived and as the Dr. said it is taking over the world. God bless the USA.

  8. Never give in, Never give up and Never again.

  9. You go, Larry! You had me grinning by the time I finished reading. You’re really on a roll with all the ‘R’s – Reverend Rubbish & reconnect with their repulsive racist roots.

    While I was reading I was thinking how much I admire the Arizonans for poking a stick in the federal government eye! They knew it would be unpopular, but also knew they were on their own if they wanted a safe populace. It certainly has become the “stroke of a pen read ’round the world.” Utah is even considering some similar action! Hooray!

  10. So, apparently it is OK for the National Guard to go into Chicago for security reasons, but it is not OK for police to arrest illegals in AZ ?? Sounds like liberal logic .

    What would happen if the Governor of AZ called out her National Guard – would that be OK with the liberal logic ?

    If more border states followed Arizona’s lead, Al $harpton would need a travel agent to figure out where to go.

    Good article Larry – keep ’em coming.

  11. The law passed in Arizona is a step in the right direction, but it needs to go further. Since the Federalis seem incapable of enacting proper legislation that doesn’t end up giving the keys of the kingdom to the illegals then the states need to act.

    All the border states ned to enact similar legislation, but more to the point we need to put a good old fashioned wall up between us and them. The Chinese did, Hadrian did, they put up walls to keep the invaders out of their lands. While we’re at it, we need to put troops on the border. Elements of the Mexican army have shot and killed Border Patrol agents on OUR side of the border, we need to return the favour.

    Were it me, I’d have illegals declared ‘political non-entities’, non-people. we should have bounties issued, rewards for turning them in. The day a citizen shoots an illegal and only recieves an M4 littering charge for not cleaning up his brass will be the day they learn they aren’t welcome here.

  12. Posted this on my facebook to direct like-minded friends to the site. I searched for the site on facebook .com but came up with nothing. I love this site.

    To all my God-fearin’, gun-totin’, Bible-thumpin’ conservative friends:

    Go to for brilliant commentaries on up-to-date political issues. This guy is a genius (IMHO). He tackles today’s issues and his takes on the issues are hilarious.

    Never give up, never give in, and never again! (his, not mine)

  13. I wonder how quickly ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC would spread the word nationally and inter-nationally of the brutality and racism of Tea Partiers should one person show up at the airport carrying an Old Glory flag and a sensible sign in order to protest “Slappy” $harpton’s protest? I didn’t say “white” in protester but he’d be hauled off. Police couldn’t get the pork-loined posterior Reverend into a cruiser without messing up his “do” and the MSM’s boo’s.

    If $harpton is Obama’s “link to the streets”, he’d best get a different carrier. Course then good ol’ Slappy isn’t interested in anything more than what all politicians are, money and their ability to keep it coming in to them from a dumb flock. I guess it wasn’t important to $harpton or to the blacks that he supposedly represents that low-paying job blacks are losing their jobs to illegal aliens and that the statistics of violence and murder are going up in many cities. Ooops, slipped up on that one Slappy, to busy playing pocket pool with the Eared One, we’re you?

    Napolitano “never reminisce that much about proms?!? She was still in 8th grade when her Senior schoolmates had their prom! I’m not totally sure that she finished school, judging by her words and actions since she’s been appointed, however I do believe that she’s would have been to damned ugly, even for a runt pup, to have been invited for a prom. It isn’t any wonder she “doesn’t reminisce” when she doesn’t have a memory.

  14. Here is a YouTube video link that proves what I said in Larry’s previous post about the Mexican immigration laws. The Mexican “policia” are incredible hypocrites!

  15. G.,

    Folks like you and I understand the term “cleaning up our brass’..

    I’m sure that we would be rich if we had been paid by the pound to do so.

    Thanks as always,


  16. MsVick,

    Thank you for such high praise and I will be looking for you over at Facebook.

    I will admit that I don’t really have a grasp of that site, but maybe someday I will get a better grip upon it..

    Thanks as always and welcome to the family,


  17. Joe,

    Stop making sense..

    The unions should be against the illegals as they are taking wages and jobs from their members but as long as the “higher-ups” get their perks, the rest can go “dangle”..

    Thanks as alwys my friend and I hope that your Mom is doing well,


  18. triviaman,

    I had brought up the “discrepancies” between the Mexico that looks the other way when their citizens burglarize our border as opposed the Hondurans who sneak into Mexico in “A Run For The Border” quite a while back.

    The Mexican government seems as “consistent” and as “transparent” as the Obama government..

    Thanks as always,


  19. Thanks again, Larry… a great one again…

    speaking about “the race card” business.. anybody aware of any ‘white’ coaches in this sort of situation??


    Some have said that the stimulus hasn’t saved any jobs, but here is a case where at least one job was saved.
    Oregon State University Athletic Director Bob DeCarolis was considering firing their basketball coach, Craig Robinson, after an 8-11 start (2-5 in the Pac 10 conference). When word of this reached Washington , Undersecretary of Education Martha Kanter was dispatched to Corvallis with $17 million in stimulus money for the university. Craig Robinson’s job is safe for this year. For those of you unfamiliar with Coach Robinson, he just so happens to be Michelle Obama’s brother. Just a coincidence I’m sure!

  20. Two different colorful “shades” of mouth and mouth, both with filled with the same lies.
    Obama denouncing and $harpton protesting the righteousness of Arizona’s law for it’s citizens. A late developing story that the law has created dust clouds on all four borders of Arizona, as the banned bean eaters were scurrying out of state.

    I’m surprised ‘ol Gore Global Warming isn’t there declaring the alarming effects of the sandal dust being kicked up into the atmosphere. Maybe it took him longer to pack while trying to get a “grip on his grimy grip sack.”

  21. read it too fast the first time, Larry…

    “conpassion plays”…. excellent…

    amazing and frustrating that so many of these dolts don’t get it..

    our best to you.

  22. Another literary masterpiece Larry, keep them coming. I am sure you are climbing rapidly up the Liberal hit list.

  23. Stirling, you need to watch for Larry’s humor in almost every word. I always feel uplifted after reading one of masterpieces.

  24. Stirling,

    Maybe Michelle’s brother can give Obama some pointers on his “famous jump shot”..

    Your tax dollars at work?

    Your last gift now sits on the wall right next to the computer, no finer motivation and I thank you again for your kindness.

    Best to the Mrs.,


  25. Joe,

    Do you remember about two years ago, the environmentalists were saying that exact same thing, this was their rational for another amnesty because of the environmental damage caused by the illegals illegally crossing and leaving a trail of garbage behind!

    The truth is stranger than fiction, my friend..

    Thanks as always,


  26. John W and Richard,

    Anytime that I am a little down over how inordinately difficult it is to get published, anytime that I feel a bit down over the fact that it hasn’t happened.. I read one of your comments and the fire returns anew..

    The Phoenix again rises and I thank you both for your very kind words.


  27. Family,

    The hits keep coming, the latest TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  28. JJ:

    “liberal logic” That’s really a good oxymoran. I’ve never found any logic in liberals.

    “If more border states followed Arizona’s lead, Al $harpton would need a travel agent to figure out where to go.”

    Believe me, a lot of us New Yorkers have told him where to go. He just refuses to go.

  29. Joe:

    “I’m surprised ‘ol Gore Global Warming isn’t there declaring the alarming effects of the sandal dust being kicked up into the atmosphere. Maybe it took him longer to pack while trying to get a “grip on his grimy grip sack.”

    Maybe the ponderous pachyderm couldn’t find anything to fit and had to call in Omar the tentmaker to make new duds. Or, maybe he’s just too busy making sure his staff changes all the burnt out lightbulbs in his mansions. He wouldn’t want to leave a light unlit, now would he?

  30. Larry,

    I certainly do remember the tree huggers hollering about that… A whole lot of nothing got done over it too.
    NumbersUSA has come up with a study that says it will take approximately 5 million new acres to house a sudden influx of gimme-free-citizenship people. (They’ll quit multi-family garage living) This is only the first wave, it would take another 15 million acres on new land for urbanization over the next decade. Where in the hell are the enviromentalists that are vehemently protecting the land ever so vigilantly?


    Surely Gore could have gotten ahold of “Damn Capitalism” Micheal Moore for some threads to wear. They look to be of the same bulge, I mean build.

  31. Lady Wolf,

    As a New Yorker, do you know if $harpton and Jack$son have any real jobs – what is the source(s) of their incomes? Any idea? Do they have special “deals” ala Charlie Rangel ?

    Just a thought.

  32. blue state blues

    This is such a collection of Bolshevik Bullshit. Thanks for addressing it Larry.

    I cannot believe my eyes and ears. Every liberal I see is basically saying that Arizonians have no right to attempt to protect themselves from illegal PREDATORS. Make that carnivorous predators.

    Mission accomplished though- Mexican Government has just warned their citizens that Arizona is not a safe place for Mexicans.

    Sharpton hasn’t had an event on which to capitalize in quite awhile. He failed miserably in attacking the Tea Party. He probably needs to replenish his bank account and Hispanics look like fertile territory for creative fleecing.

  33. CNSNews reports that Steny Hoyer, the daffy Demo from Maryland said that, “Arizona’s new immigration law was inconsistent with American legal traditions and civil liberties.” According to Hoyer such “active” enforcement should not be included in upcoming Federal immigration reform.

    I can agree with Hoyer in Arizona’s new law being “inconsistent” when compared to the federal government’s idea of legal traditions or civil liberties… both have been going down the governmental flusher for decades. And Hoyer needn’t worry about “active.” Illegal immigration and/or the promise of amnesty has been a problem for years, the only activity of our “mighty” Congress is when on of their elbows slips of the arms of their chairs waking them up.

  34. JJ,

    May I suggest googling ol’ $lappy and Je$$e? Tons of reading there, keep you busy…or bored for awhile. I didn’t see anything about Rangel, but then I overlook a lot. Still tryin’ to get used to these derned spektackles!

  35. I’m sorry to keep blabbin’ on about this but when one of our states individually gets the guts and their head on straight to do the right thing, and then the federal government comes down on them, well, that really burns my grits!

    When Arizona’s Legislature passed and it’s Governor signed their anti-illegal immigrant law I hollered a “OO-RAH”, “finally!”

    Interestingly, having never mentioned his skin color that much during the campaign save for a, “I don’t look like the rest of them” when holding up printed currency or “They’re going to try to scare you”, Obama lulled the already half-brained voters into thinking? that race would not be an issue during his presidency. Well, not until a white officer of a “stupid police force” arrested a black re”N”eg-ering professor who found police and laws beneath his dig”N”ity. Have a beer and, oh yes, let’s not jump to conclusions either when it comes to the Muslim buddies when he opens fire on our bases killing citizens and warriors!!

    The Racist In Chief thinks the new Arizona law is “misguided.”
    Steny Hoyer thinks the law is to “active” and calls for no such “activism” in any future immigration reform.

    Arizona’s new law is WORD-FOR-WORD the same as the FEDERAL statutes, but continue to be ignored.

    The racist that fooled so many is the one who is misguided. Let us hope that he does not continue to misguide the many as he did before.

    The State of Maryland should be banned from the Union if they re-elect Hoyer!


  36. Looking forward to your article on the “Puerto Rico” bill coming up tomorrow. We are so screwed if it passes. These marxists monkeys always have another card up their sleeve, and the republicans aren’t even looking for it.

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