The Only Realistic Hope

Obama has decided to again unnecessarily pollute the precious environment and in the spirit of “Marxist multi-tasking”, by more than one method. He utilized both Air Farce One and his carcinogenic claptrap and it is difficult to determine which is the worse contaminant.. In Ottumwa, Iowa he “warned of harassment” against Hispanics in Arizona. This was considered “fresh, stern criticism” from Obama/Othello.. (Obama Pleads With GOP to Help With Immigration Overhaul” Fox News) Obama again called this proper legislation “poorly conceived” but I believe that it is the illogical retorts of the totalitarian tear squeezer that are “poorly conceived”..

According to the black/brown/white (depending upon the crowd) Democratik doppelganger, such “poorly conceived” measures “can be halted if the federal government fixes America’s broken immigration system for good..” Note the immediate liberal deflection technique. There is NOTHING wrong with our “immigration system”, what is wrong is that so many choose to bypass the “system” and the liberals feel that that crime is okie-dokie.. Obama’s “federal government” doesn’t have the capacity to “fix” anything except for their own elections..

Of course, Obama has no “details” as to how he plans to “fix” things, so it was time to again heave the rotting corpses of both racial recognition and his personal hatred of law enforcement onto the stage so that everyone will forget about his DEFECIT and his UNEMPLOYMENT numbers.. Obama will be sending a nice gift to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer for providing him with a very necessary and timely distraction for the middle class victims of Obamanomics..

Obama pledged to “bring his party along” and immediately, a chorus of “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to” was heard in the background.. He allegedly pleaded “with Republicans to join in as the only realistic hope to solve a politically volatile problem..” Here Obama is actually “bringing his party along” kicking and screaming and he has this nefarious notion that he can convince the Republicans to JOIN HIM in backing the illegal aliens against the sovereign state of Arizona.. Misery doesn’t love company, in Obama’s case, it DEMANDS it.. The ONLY reason that this “problem” can be classified as “politically volatile” is because the liberals insist on being on the wrong side of it..

It would appear that the alleged “law professor” doesn’t have the ability to look beyond his own personal prejudices to the law that was passed. The law “allows police to question anyone about their immigration status if they have reason to suspect they are in the country illegally.” This whole “reason to suspect” business has the agenda driven “unifier, not a divider” as confused as the concept of capitalism does.. In the warped and bile filled mind of Obama, “You took your kid to get ice cream, you’re going to get harassed.. That is something that could potentially happen..” Mind you, it HASN’T happened, but to the liberal mind set it invariably will and the Obama cheerleaders of the “impartial” media will be there to over- report it, even if it comes from the next Tawana Brawley…

According to Obama, every ice cream social in America will be as dangerous a place to be as either the Branch Davidian compound or Elian Gonzalez’s house was under the last Demokratic president and administration.. Obama says that this will “target people who look like they might be illegal immigrants..” Again, when it comes to being divisive, the liberals understand that they have to make every issue about “looks”. Something known as an “investigation” separates those who “look” like they are ILLEGAL immigrants from those that actually are. Under Obama and “Pat” Napolitano, even if you ARE an ILLEGAL, no one can deport you because that wouldn’t be “fair”.. Under Obama/Napolitano, a U-Haul truck with fifty ILLEGAL immigrants is “all systems go for those aspiring to be a part of the American Dream” but innocently standing on the corner waiting for the Mister Softee truck to drive by will be cause for law enforcement to act like the Democrats acted in Selma Alabama..

Even the Mexican “government” is getting into the act. They have “warned” their citizens “to use extreme caution if visiting Arizona..” It sounds as though the Mexican “government” wants its citizens to be as cautious as American citizens have always needed to be when “visiting” Mexico.. Again, note the careful use of the distraction technique, NO ONE is at all concerned about those from Mexico who “visit”, it’s the ones who want to “stay” ILLEGALLY that are the issue. As well, I have an issue with those who “visit” just in time to drop an “anchor baby” onto the middle class..

Another nauseating element to all of this is the “blame the police” mentality of the collectivist community organizer which revealed itself back in July of 2009 when the proper police actions relative to the black “professor” (Henry Gates) who had decided to burglarize his own home were an Obama concern.. Obama termed this police investigation “acting stupidly”.. Its not enough that Obama and his caliphate despise the law enforcement community, the Obama comments also triggered (careful with that spelling, kids..) the liberal’s inherent racial recognition scam into play..

Taking their Pavlovian cue and salivating at the sound of the bell, Eric Holder and “Pat” Napolitano were both “critical” of Arizona’s newest law. Of course, “Pat” would be “critical”, she herself did SO MUCH to halt ILLEGAL immigration “for good” when she was the Governor of Arizona..

Obama says that “he wants a federal law that would secure the borders and require illegal immigrants to register, pay a fine, learn English, take responsibility for having broken the law and get in the back of the line before others who are seeking U.S. citizenship..” You have got to be kidding me.. Let’s start from the top..

Obama’s “law” will NEVER “secure the border” unless his “law” involves an electrical fence, a moat and the National Guard. Pieces of paper autographed by the oligarch mean nothing to ILLEGAL immigrants and for that matter, idiotic Turd World country despots as well.. “Pay a fine”? Since almost all of them will immediately go straight to the Obama handout hootenanny, this “fine” will just be the liberal answer to “recycling”. “Learn English”. Since Obama feels that ALL ILLEGAL immigrants are Hispanic, (racist..) I want to know why these particular “minorities” are required to “learn English” when the domestically grown “minorities” aren’t required to do so within the liberal’s public schools? Finally, when Obama and his Marxist minions “take responsibility for having broken the law”, the ILLEGALS can “get in the back of the line” there too.

Straddling the fence of stupidity, Obama said that “Arizona’s law is poorly conceived but it is equally unfair for the state to have to deal with hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants..” Arizona just got tired of waiting for Napolitano, McCain or Obama to EVER do anything about their ILLEGAL problem. Napolitano even upped the ante by laughingly saying that this measure “could siphon federal money and staff from hunting down dangerous immigrants..” Dear “Pat”, the “dangerous” ILLEGALS who have murdered, raped, robbed, etc., can be found in the prison system, that is, the ones that have FINALLY been captured. Now they are “siphons” like all good liberals, living on three squares and all of the television and hugs that they can stand courtesy of the American taxpayer. Go ahead and get back to “hunting down” the rest..

The Socialist Savior again paints himself and the liberal losers around him as “the only realistic hope” to solve the “politically volatile problem” of ILLEGAL “immigration”. “The only realistic hope” actually comes from the long overdue actions by the state of Arizona, not from the race based liberal logic chopping of Obama and his fellow fascists..


25 responses to “The Only Realistic Hope

  1. Go Larry!!! I wish that your articles could be required reading everywhere. Well done, once again…

    I heard tonight that this issue is now being blamed for “dividing” the Republican Party. Some talking head is blathering on about this hurting the Repubs just when they thought they could get enough of a majority to turn the election around in 2010.

    You know, I’m thinking that this is a good thing. Nothing will point out the RINO’s better than this issue. I know this is Lindsay Graham’s achillies(sp?) heel. I think this is just the tool we need to sort out the decent Repubs from the slime-balls. The Tea Party is a good starting point, but this issue will clarify things very nicely.

    Go Arizona.
    Never give in. Never give up. Never Again.

  2. Great read, Larry. Loved the “recycling” bit. And I have to say, he is racist and all mouth. Talk, talk, talk is all he can do, he just turns to hawrry and pelousy to do his bidding then he is off on his next tangent, occasionally barking at the public that what he is doing is “right” when we all know it is “left and wrong”. Sadly, we are living is scary times.


    Larry you are on a roll. I couldn’t wait to print the last couple of postings so I can mail hard copy to my children .

    Two items I saw today need mentioning
    AZ inside NAZI
    The dumbest liberal blog today was a boycott
    based company that built a multi million new
    plant in Nassau county


  4. This “wailing and gnashing of teeth” about Arizona’s new law reminds me of the hysteria that the left spouted every time another state passed a Concealed Weapon Permit law, or when the Castle Doctrine laws started to be passed. Remember? “There will be blood in the streets!” and “There will be daily shoot-outs in the Walmart parking lots!”

    Perhaps this-too shall pass… when there are no “snivel rights” (I really like that one) violations to parade through the courts, and no Police brutality charges to smear all over the Lame-stream media, the snivelers will just go away…

    Well, I can dream, can’t I? 🙂

  5. T,

    I wish that they were mandatory as well..

    I appreciate your kindness.

    Thanks as always,


  6. Richard,

    This is all just information that everyone should tell everyone come November.

    The tide must turn.

    Never give in, never give up and never again!

    Thanks as always,


  7. JR,

    Ain’t it great to watch the liberals flail?

    Do the Earth a favor, plant a liberal.

    Thanks as always,


  8. T,

    Right back at ‘cha, I like “lame-stream media”.

    Thanks as always,


  9. Family,

    Check out the latest TOTD, its a hot one:

    Thanks as always,


  10. Larry and Family:

    “Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is releasing a video clip today that shows an illegal alien supporter in Arizona claiming that shovels and axes will be used against Americans just prior to the riot, where police officers and American citizens were assaulted by the mob protesting SB 1070. ”


    “We will not stop! We will take up our shovels and pickaxes and we…we will use them against you! Believe that!” screams an opponent of Arizona’s tough new bill addressing illegal immigration. ”

    And these people want us to give them amnesty?
    No one in this country would be safe. They would kill us all. I’d like think that we will be able to solve the problems in this country in a peaceful manner, but I honestly don’t think that will happen. It only takes one agitator to touch off a riot.

  11. “They would kill us all.”

    Sorry, that should read: “They would try to kill us all.”

  12. LadyWolf,

    Just like a Mexican, bringing a pick or a shovel to a gun fight…

  13. Could it be said that the Racist One, thinking Arizona’s new law is “poorly conceived” be himself poorly conceived when much of Arizona’s law mirrors the same wording of Federal Immigration Laws? The lack of enforcement by the Feds themselves have made this action necessary by Arizona and now the do-nothing pompous asses in Washington are condenming it. Talk about audacity!!

    17% of the sneaky senors, signoras and signorittas come into Arizona complete with an established criminal record. Of course the dangers presented to law-abiding American citizens doesn’t bother the Racist In Chief, as we have no civil rights. Only those of color and other nations qualify.

    I’ve read where ACORN, amongst others, is calling for a boycott on Arizona. Must be saddening for their “volunteers” in the loss of the number of “illegal” signatory votes.

    I tell ya, I learned a long time ago to always drink upstream from the herd. But this herd is gettin’ so damned big I think the stream’s beginnin’ to back up.

  14. I stated before that as my wife and I returned to Texas from Arizona we were stopped at a Boarder Patrol checkpoint. The agent asked if we were American citizens. If he asked us whiteys there surely can not be profiling going on at that checkpoint. As every day passes I become more convinced that Obummer is not educated in law. He constantly calls the country a Democracy rather than a Republic. Either he lies or is ignorant of what is in the Arizona and federal immigration law, and others he mentions from time to time.

  15. The only ‘poorly concieved’ part of this legislation is that it wasn’t enacted soon enough to keep Phoenix from becoming the kidnapping and murder capital of the world (one more thing that New Yorkers, Chicagoans and Washington DCers are mad about, that prestige item has been taken from them), or prevent the deaths of several law-abiding property owners.

    Barack appraently sees all illegals as Mexican (many are, but not all), just as he chose to reach out only to blacks, Hispanics, women, and young people to help prop up his failing Presidency in November by voting Dumocrat again. Funny how the ones whom cry race the loudest are those whom invoke it the most.

    Arizona must stay strong, and we must tell the legislatures of every border state (including the ones up north, cause we’re overrun with illegal Somalis in Ohio) to advance similar illegal alien policies. Remember, every undocumented alien is a potential terrorist. As far as anchor babies are concerned, as soon as mommy drops one, take the kid (he’s a citizen), jail and deport everybody else. We have legal couples here whom would like to adopt.

  16. Michele from NY

    “Just like a Mexican, bringing a pick or a shovel to a gun fight…” Too funny.

    Let them riot, it will only hurt their “cause”. Liberals run away from violence like a sissy from the local bully. They’ll want nothing to do with it if the rioting gets out of hand, remember they are the “peace and love” party…

    I love the morons boycotting AriZona Iced Tea. I could tell them for a fact it is made here on Long Island and is a NY based company.

    My favorite take on the whole illegal immigration thing is the liberal loser who stated “Well, I am against it because of my concern for the desert. The wear and tear on the environment of the border states is what bothers me.” Hmmm….so the American citizens being murdered and the drain on the taxpayers, along with the inherent gang activity, doesn’t matter? The fact that I can’t go to a local store without the obstacle course of “day laborers” means nothing? That we have to pay for private schooling for our kids because the public schools are filled to the top with “anchor babies” and the problems that result from this onslaught is okay? There are no words for my absolute disgust.

  17. Would Obama-lama’s and his brown-shirt Congress’ passing of give-away-citizenship qualify as multi-tasking? He did lie, er, I mean promise the creation/saving of 5.3 million jobs so so long ago. The only wrench in the cog now is that there are so many REAL LIFE AMERICANS CITIZENS needing work for their families.

  18. Larry,


    Living here in Arizona we have seen all the crazies close up. A majority of our citizens are relieved Jan Brewer was brave enough to sign the bill. Our fine police and sheriff have been dealing with the illegals for a long time. Our courts and jails and schools and hospitals are crammed with them. It isn’t like all of a sudden they will be picked up, they already are! This law just makes is easier for the officers to do their job.

    The protesters were illegals with their Mexican flags and signs. Some are already leaving. Some sob sister said her retail sales were down and she was moving to California. Don’t let the burritos hit you in the rear.

    But, the best is yet to come. I want to see Al Sharpton is his $4,000.00 Armani suit come here in August when it is 115 degrees, march in downtown Phoenix. Bring is on Al!

  19. Joe,

    Besides rakes and axes, how about leaf blowers?

  20. Do you remember what Eisenhower said concerning illegal immigrants?: ‘Round them up, and throw them out.’ This is the obvious and most satisfactory solution. Yet, we have another problem – the legacy of the foul immigration bill those scumbags Johnson and Kennedy drew up forty-five years ago – and that is the great number of obnoxious legal immigrants from cultures having no more in common with ours than the cesspit south of the border.

    For too long, the world has emptied its sewers into this country, and it is time not merely to stem the tide, but to reverse it, as Enoch Powell would have with the human refuse that for so long, has been destroying English civilisation.

  21. Joe:

    I really expected knives not shovels and pickaxes.

  22. Family,

    Please chaeck out the revised NLTZ article from last night:

    Thanks as always,


  23. Monica,

    Leafblowers? Sure. Dress it in a serape and sombero, attach a sign reading “Give me citizenship”, start it up, and you’d have another protester blowing wind.


    Knives, same distance for projectile, less chance of richocet…

  24. Larry
    If I plant a liberal will I be in danger of harming the enviroment with toxic waste?

    Local news said they had a protest march in Denver that had over 200 protesters. Boy, they are really upset about this Arizona law.

  25. noleftturnz


    A good question.. Here are my thoughts.

    Probably the most “toxic” thing about the liberals are their politics, their thoughts and their actions.

    Once the become immobile, once they achieve the body temperarure necessary for the cessastion of life, they become mere fertilizer.

    I have not done scientific studies to prove or disprove this theory, but since the liberals operate in this manner relative to global warming, then I will say that my theory is fact and because I have said it, it MUST be true, no proof necessary..

    Thanks as always,


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