Just Another “-American”

Just as quickly as Obama reacted to the oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico, the “White House” has finally gotten around to calling the attempt in Times Square “terrorism”.. Since this wasn’t another opportunity for another totalitarian takeover of another formerly capitalistic enterprise, there was no need whatsoever to hurry on Obama’s part..

As of late, our latest terrorist is being called, “Pakistani-born U.S. citizen Faisal Shahzad”. (Times Square Car Bomb Suspect Faces Terrorism Charges After Admitting Plot” Fox News) Even the idea of “U.S. citizenship” has been cheapened under the Obama administration as yet another hyphenated Turd World misfit has been given carte blanche by the liberals, in this case back in April of 2009, to plot, to plan and to execute right in our own back yard. It seems as though the “promote the common defence” part of the preamble to the Constitution has been lost upon the leftists.. I will add that the “provide for the general Welfare” part HASN’T been lost upon them..

Just yesterday, Mayor Bloomy of New York was out doing what liberals like to do when there are terrorists about, he was running interference for them. While speaking to the perky progressive poltroon over at the Collectivist Broadcast Network, Bloomy said “If I had to guess 25 cents, this would be that Homegrown or maybe a mentally deranged person or somebody with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something..” (“Mayor: Times Square Suspect Acted Alone” wcbstv dot com) Don’t give up your day job, Bloomy, your career as a profiler for the FBI has just abruptly ended.. However, your career as an “Independent” shill for the lecherous left has just begun anew.. Here Bloomy decided all on his own without his coloring books or his Crayons that a member of the Tea Party was our “Homegrown” terrorist.. You just lost that 25 cents, Mayor Mc Sleeze.. No big loss, as Forbes has said that you are “worth” at least 16 billion dollars, miraculously gaining 4.5 billion alone during the Obama Depression.. You aren’t worth a dime as “Mayor” and you are worth even less as a terrorist prognosticator so I would suggest that you go back to vainly trying to amend your city’s term limits law..

Once the administration felt that it was safe to become “proactive” about this terrorist incident, Eric Holder and “Pat” Napolitano decided to hold a press conference. It was at this moment that Holder actually determined that this was terrorist incident. Mind you, that was just about all that he said that was correct..

Holder said that our “U.S. citizen” has provided “valuable information” to investigators. I hope that these are professional “investigators” and gullible liberals like Bloomy or other members of the Obama administration.. Left to those types of lunatics, Shahzad’s image would have been “Photoshopped” into every picture ever taken at every Tea Party protest that has ever been held.. Holder said that the “U.S. citizen”, “attempted to carry out a lethal terrorist attack aimed at murdering Americans in one of the busiest places in the country..” We have the Obama administration and their careful and diligent work to thank for the presence of this “U.S. citizen” as they gladly “green lighted” this terrorist into America back in April of 2009..

Deputy FBI Director John Pistole said Shahzad was placed on the No Fly list just hours before he was arrested Monday.” OK.. “Homeland Security Secretary “Pat” (Janet) Napolitano said Customs and Border Protection officials at the airport ordered that the flight be stopped before takeoff..” OK.. “Napolitano said they were able to arrest Shahzad on the plane and turned him over to the FBI..” OK.. No, wait.. Not OK..

Lets suppose that this terrorist who is now on the run and obviously desperate, suddenly realizes that this could be his last chance to make an “impact” on his standing as a “terrorist” within their perverted pantheon and he loads himself up with explosives and heads out to the airport. To his amazement, he makes it onto an airplane and as the authorities enter the cabin of the airplane to take the terrorist into custody, he gets “lucky” and manages to ignite his surprise for everyone.. Yet he was on the “No Fly” list.. Even “Pat” “declined to say how he was able to board the flight if he was on the No Fly list..” Who is fibbing here? “What did Obama know and when did he know it!!”

It gets better: “The reported capture comes after Shahzad was arrested as he came minutes away from fleeing the U.S. when his Dubai-bound flight was returned to its gate..” Here are just a few of the “details” that “Pat” forgot to mention when she was crowing about how the flight was “stopped before takeoff”. It seems that Holder was just a little fuzzy on all of the “inconvenient truths” surrounding this near miss as well..

“Holder said Tuesday that Shahzad was identified by customs agents and taken into custody before boarding his flight, a representative from Emerates Airlines confirmed that Flight 202 ‘was called back by the local authorities prior to departure’”. Remember, these are the people in charge of the “common defence”..

“Shahzad is a naturalized U.S. citizen” courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama. He “had recently returned from a five-month trip to Pakistan..” Who in their right mind wants to spend five months in Pakistan? In this perverted progressive era of “fairness”, anyone can and does, gain admission to America. “Investigators plan to go through his citizenship application line by line to see if he lied about anything..” If “lying” was the prerequisite for expulsion from America, Obama would have been booted out of here years ago.. Maybe if the leftists softies didn’t hand out these citizenship applications to so many of the usual suspects, the liberals wouldn’t end up being embarrassed so often because of their kindness/inefficiency.. Maybe if the liberals were a little more “vigilant”, the rest of us wouldn’t have to be..

“Holder said Americans should remain vigilant..” What does “remain vigilant” mean? Under Obama, those who blatantly fit the PROFILE of “terrorist” are given a warm clap on the back by the “employees” at the airport while white-haired World War II vets are given the “Barney Frank once-over” as their bags are ransacked and perused by simpletons who aren’t even qualified to pick trash from the side of the highways.. People like Obama and Holder actually go out of their way to PROSECUTE anyone who “remains vigilant”, describing them as “Islamophobics” and other such weepy terms..

The list of these “hyphenated-Americans” that have mysteriously veered into terrorism is growing by the hour. Obama would rather amnesty everyone who is currently occupying America ILLEGALLY and even those who “go through the motions” aren’t even seriously investigated if their name contains four or more hyphens and a bushel basket full of consonants.. The ticking turban, the sacred terrorist “guide book” under their arm and the “Death to America” sweatshirt certainly doesn’t throw up any red flags with the “fairness” minded Obama lackeys..

This terrorist act was perpetrated by “just another American” in the mind of the Democratic deviants.. Actually, without the copious help of the Obama administration, Shahzad wouldn’t have even been here, he would have been at HOME in Pakistan cooling his heels.. According to Holder and Napolitano, Fearless Leader Obama and crew saved the day when it came to someone who was the “terrorist” equivalent of Barney Fife..

Barely, just barely..


22 responses to “Just Another “-American”


    I am sure glad we have people like you looking out for us LARRY
    The latest picture I saw today was a group of blindfolded turban heads stating that they are ready to cause harm to America in all of our major cities. Hopefully they are all as dumb as this NY terrorist who ciould not set the clock right.

    May we all be lucky enough to have these terror
    attempts happen after the first of the year when
    we take back control

  2. Well, it is Wednesday morning and I am planning to ignore the cico di mayo. Is there any other country which would allow you to protest in the streets, disrupt driving and allow them to celebrate their home country holidays?

    If he did not get peeled like an onion to get into line to board the plane, somebody’s job should forfiet.

  3. Larry:

    I live in NY state and what is being reported is definitely far from the whole truth. Everyone one of the people who spoke at the news conference today was fibbing in one way or another. You could see it in their body language.

    There is a lot more going on here. There are several muslim training camps in this area and my friend and I heard gunfire today from one that is very close to our houses. They’ve been really quiet for a long while and we don’t usually hear gunfire this time of the year. We expect that something more will happen soon.

    We also have to remember how the liberals use distractions. First the oil rig explosion, now this, alleged, terrorist attack. Is there something that they don’t want us to concentrate on. Just thinking out loud. It’s a shame that we have to remain “remain vigilant” regarding our own government.


    No one is looking out for us . If something happens, and it will, we have to take care of ourselves, because our so called government will be very slow to respond.

    Never give up, Never give in, Never again.

  4. Margaret in CT

    Michael Loonberg doesn’t have to lift his foot far to get it into his mouth! It isn’t very comforting to know that those who are supposed to be in the forefront of providing for the common defense would suspect Tea Partiers before Muslim terrorists when they speculate about who might want to kill families out for a Saturday afternoon at the theater (Shahzad parked in front of where The Lion King is showing, so he could better his chances at picking off a few children—always a feather in a terrorist’s cap). Maybe we should be more worried about smiling, young Pakistanis than about patriots who peacefully demonstrate in silly hats with tea bags attached to them.

    I hear that that Cass Sunstein, czar of something called Information and Regulatory Affairs (doesn’t sound at all Fascist, does it?) thinks it would be a good idea to “infiltrate” the Tea Party. I agree—a GREAT idea! I wonder whether they will be able to “handle the truth” when they discover that the Obama administration, its supporters, and wimpy Republicans are the only ones endangered by the Tea Party activists. The remainder of us, the Constitution, and the country are in no danger at all from those patriots, many of who have had a material role in providing for the common defense.

  5. “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

    These words still stand in Obama’s ‘The Audacity Of Hope’ but more so with every paraplegic shows at dealing with terroristic attacks and the terrorists themselves, the words are his enbodiment and his deepest thought.

    Obama is our enemy not as a political figure but as our country.

  6. G. Nichols

    Its classic Saul Alinsky tactics trying to pin the SUV-Bomber to the Tea Party, marginalization and ridicule are tools of the trade as far as these clowns are concerned. Equating the average American with Islamofascists is insulting, but then all they’ve done since taking power is belittle us and our intelligence.

    BTW, according to one source Obama declared himself an African American on his census form, completely disavowing himself of the rest of his heritage as he was required to.

    It should also be noted that while the White House has been peeing their collectivist pants over the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, not one word has been spared for those in the South whose houses and businesses are under several feet of water. Of course these are the same sort of folk whom cling to God, guns and the Bible, so this should not come as any surprise.

  7. “Deputy FBI Director John Pistole said Shahzad was placed on the No Fly list just hours before he was arrested Monday.” – if this is indeed true, then the wondrous FBI knew about this joker and had him on their shaky radars. It is absolutely despicable that this Shitzad character and thousands like him have been or are about to be ‘naturalized’ under Obambi. He came to the US as a ‘student’ – why wasn’t he returned to Crapistan when he finished his so called ‘studies’? Didnt’ anybody get suspicious that his wife and brood continued to live in Crapistan and he made regular, long visits to that secluded paradise?

    As for Loony Loonberg, if I was a New Yorker I would be deeply embarrassed and disturbed that this multi-billionaire, brain dead character is my Mayor.

    Brilliant article by the way Larry!

  8. I live in upstate New York. Most of us up here would be very happy to have NYC secede from the rest of the state. They want to control the whole state. A very large part of our taxes go to the city without any benefit to upstaters.

    Birdbrain Bloomberg is a waste. He can’t even decide what political party he should stay in.

  9. According to Americans for Prosperity, another liberal is hitting the trail and vamoosing out of the November election: “Today, the Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, Democrat David Obey, announced that he is retiring rather than face voters this November. For years, Chairman Obey has been the biggest tax-and-spend, pile-on-the-debt politician in the House. ”

    He knows that the citizens of his Wisconsin district are sick of his spending and that he doesn’t stand a chance of winning re-election.

  10. Michele from NY

    “Barney Frank once-over” love it…you know I can’t stop laughing at any reference to this prancing idiot.

    I was in Manhattan the day of the “attempt” but luckily downtown and didn’t know anything about it until the next morning at home when I had the pleasure of watching Mayor Bloomers give his blame speech. I cannot fathom how these complete morons, (including Holder, Janet Incompetano, and our resident muslim-in-chief) have made it to adulthood, never mind the “positions” they are in. In Bloomers case, just goes to show you can be both rich and incredibly stupid.

    Of course, nothing is being said about his faux pas, the NY news is only talking about a local paper that compared Obama and his wife to Fred Sanford & his aunt (pretty funny actually!). The liberals are running around screaming “RACIST” once again, but white people can have fingers pointed at them on national TV, called “terrorists” and this is okay. I also love the constant reference to Shahzad being “an American citizen”. What crap. Like you said Larry, the only reason he is a “citizen” is because of the liberal handwringers and their fear of being called racist. I blame THEM.

  11. I love this post Larry. Great job. Don’t you love Janet Nappy, (aka J-No, Big Sis) slipping on her Ferragamo’s and after shave waltzing out and assuring us the “system” worked. Yeah, the T-Shirt Vendor noticed something strange. That must be the system.

    The news today is “Inside Story” went to Shahzad’s house after the FBI completed their search and investigation and found a garbage can with his passport, bank book and other important paper. Whoops!

    I just can’t figure out whose homeland is being secured. It is only a matter of time and scary.

  12. Fuck Islam.
    Fuck Muslims.
    Fuck Obama.
    Fuck ’em…
    …Fuck ’em all….


  13. Family:

    My cousin sent this today. It is totally insane. Under this piece of trash, illegals will have more advantages than American citizens.

    “CNN News, not Fox — You will not believe this! It just keeps getting better.. This is unbelievable !!!!!!!!!!!

    Pass this on after you watch it. NOTICE THAT THIS IS FROM CNN, NOT FOX!!!
    Click on this link !!!!!!
    This from CNN news: http://d.yimg.com/kq/groups/17260182/1610997888/name/ftc-vi26.wmv

    If you don’t get this the first time click on it again, This is hard to believe. This 3-minute video should be mandatory viewing for every US citizen.. If you have never passed anything on before, pass this on! Every American should be outraged! “

  14. Lady Wolf,

    This honest report is what got Lou Dobbs fired last year from CNN. TMI for once. Lou is now on Fox News as a guest commentator. The Regime probably told CNN to get rid of him because they want those illegals for Duumy votes.

  15. So, If Lou Dobbs left CNN last November, and this was obviously from his show at some point, how do we know this is the same bill that is being considered today? Just asking… I’m discovering that there is a great deal of mis-information out there, even on the conservative side. I don’t want us to get side-tracked with bad info.

  16. Family:

    I don’t know what is in the bill at this point, but I am sure the liberals will pack as much into it as they can. I had a problem with the computer after I posted so I didn’t get to ask if any of you had any other information.


    You’re right, there is a lot of mis-information out there, but even if half of what Lou Dobbs reported is still in the bill this is an outrage. I wouldn’t put it past the liberals to give more advantages to illegals aliens than our own citizens have.

  17. Since I live in Phoenix I have heard all the rampant rhetoric and I can tell you it is blown out of proportion.

    The Arizona bill is basically the same as the federal bill already passed by congress. The law is clear and fair. It does not condone walking up to a hispanic and arresting them. The police and sheriff in Phoenix have a lot more on their plates than to worry about one individual. If you are breaking the law, any one of any color, race, etc you will will be asked for ID. We have a drivers license, etc. What our Govenor has acually done is bring it to the forfront and rightly so because of what is happening here on our border. But this is not a police state like the liberal media naysayers are trying to make us out to be.

    Someone here on the radio laughingly said lets buy one way bus tickets to San Francisco and send the illegals there and let Gavin New(sense) deal with them.

    We just have so many loons like the mayor in Phoenix who wants to sue. He is a bird brain and his political career is finished. It’s his last hurrah for glory. But, he is a joke.

  18. Here is that latest news of our now famous screw up bomber. It’s getting worse people… continue reading.

    Holder: Taliban Behind Times Square Attack (Won’t Discuss Why Team Obama Took Him Off Terror List)

    Posted by Jim Hoft on Sunday, May 9, 2010, 9:19 AM

    Eric Holder today admitted that the Taliban was behind the attempted bombing in Times Square by Faisal Shahzad.

    The Political Punch reported:

    In his first Sunday morning interview, Attorney General Eric Holder revealed that the Pakistani Taliban was behind Faisal Shahzad’s attempted bombing of Times Square last week.

    “We’ve now developed evidence that shows that the Pakistani Taliban was behind the attack,” Holder said on “This Week.”

    “We know that they helped facilitate it. We know that they probably helped finance it. And that he was working at their direction.”

    Of course Holder was not asked why Faisal Shahzad was removed from a terror watch list after 2008.


    Earlier this week it was reported that the Obama White House removed confessed terrorist Faisal Shahzad from the Department of Homeland Security travel lookout list sometime after Barack Obama came into office.

    Terrorist Faisal Shahzad had substantial connections to the Taliban, reached out to the Taliban, was influenced by Yemeni terror leader Anwar al Awlaki, made at least a dozen return trips to Pakistan since arriving in the United States in 1999, and he bought a one way ticket with cash to Pakistan.

    Now we find out that he was “blogging” and asking for jihad as far back as 2006 but that the Obama Administration took him off the terror watch list anyway. Terror expert Walid Phares weighed in on the confessed Times Square bomber today in an interview on FOX News:

    To be clear, Shahzad was actually commenting on terrorist websites and not actually blogging.

    It was also discovered that Shahzad was posting on terror websites since 2006.
    FOX News reported:

    FoxNews.com has uncovered several dozens of postings by a man named Faisal Shahzad on radical Islamist Salafist websites devoted to a variety of different jihadist sects.

    Experts suspect this is the same Faisal Shahzad whom authorities have charged with plotting to explode a massive car bomb in New York on Saturday. If so, then he has been educating himself on the Internet for years on the legitimacy of holy war.

    Shahzad visited numerous websites devoted to ideological discussion of Islamism and Shariah law. His apparent online posts date back to at least 2006 — three years before the Times Square suspect became a naturalized American citizen.

    “If the person on these websites is indeed the suspected bomber, the postings show that he was intellectually thinking about engaging in jihadism for a few years,” said Dr. Walid Phares, director of the Future Terrorism Project at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. “Knowing that, the ideology of jihadism often has inspired violence and terrorism…

    “These can be coined as Islamist Salafist websites where lots of material is posted, including theological, ideological and political texts and blogs,” Phares said, noting that he saw discussions about fatwas, jihad and other Islamist causes on these sites.”

    It makes you wonder what a guy has to do to make Team O’s terror list?

    That’s an easy answer be a Tea Party member.

    This maybe a dumb question. If he was on a watch list then how was he able to become an US citizen?

  19. The prez just announced Kagan for the Supremes.

    I think Kagan and Janet Nappy are brothers. One wears Ferragamo’s the other dockers.

    i.e. Ferragamo’s are designer Italian shoes.

  20. Eileen,

    He was able to become a citizen for two reasons. Primarily ,he promised to vote democratic, and he married a US citizen. That’s my dumb answer ! 🙂

  21. Lady Wolf… you are so right…the common criminals already have more rights that we do… why not illegal criminals, too? Just trying to be careful what I say.

    Eileen…JJ has it just right! or else some “over-worked” INS union employee just hit the “accept” key because it was break time and he/she was “tired”. Either “dumb” explanation will do.

  22. Obama will “side with the Muslims” … no surprise there; he’s among and one of them. They are “his people”, after all. The old news is that this Affirmative Action, so-called “president” is so over-whelmed with the “stuff” going on that his gross inabilities are showing more and more. He needs to go on back home to Kenya and leave running the country to someone that knows something about it. He’s openly admitted to being a Muslim on video, after all and is no friend to the United States (or citizen thereof, for that matter). How much longer until the case about his birth certificate is looked into by our Supreme Court? What is going on?

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