Home Burns

In case you haven’t heard, the country of Greece is undergoing a bit of an “economic crisis”. “Greece has lived for years beyond its means, borrowing money and spilling red ink to finance excessive government spending, offer socialized health care and provide lavish wages to federal workers..” (“Greece Debt Crisis Coming to a Neighborhood Near You?” Fox News) Are we sure that we are talking about Greece here and NOT the United Statists of Obama? The Obama imitation of Greece’s economic death spiral just happens to be the sincerest form of flattery..

Here are just a few of the hard numbers. Greece’s public debt is 113 percent of its GDP. Their debt is $388 billion, which is bigger than its $356 billion economy.. Even without the amazing cerebral capacity of your average liberal, anyone can see that this is a recipe for an economic disaster.. Scratch that, the average liberal doesn’t seem to understand this equation and the average liberal in the Slight House certainly doesn’t seem to get it either..

As of this moment, America is in debt to the tune of about $12 trillion dollars which breaks down to about 80 percent of our $13.3 trillion economy.. As you read that last sentence, Obama added another billion to the debt equation.. Close counts in horseshoes and hand grenades and I am advising all to duck and cover, as this Obama economic grenade empowered by the tax and spend and spend and spend liberalism that has invaded Washington will be going off sooner rather than later unless capitalism is allowed to return and to flourish unimpeded..

In case you might have thought that our liberal government was simply having trouble putting the pin back into their grenade, think again. They have giddily tossed the pin and they are still hanging on to the grenade “hoping” that it won’t go off.. Inexperience seems to be “paying off” in spades..

America tallied an impressive “$82.69 billion dollar deficit in April, nearly four times the $20.91 billion shortfall registered in April of 2009.” (“U.S. posts 19th straight monthly budget deficit” Reuters) This turned out to be TWICE the size of the deficit predicted by Wall Street economists. When Obama’s brown shirts can fool trained economic professionals to that degree, it isn’t by mere accident..

“Outlays during April rose to $327.96 billion from $218.75 billion in March and were up from $287.11 billion in April 2009..” What could possibly go wrong with this Swiss watch of an “economic” plan?

How about some good news for a “change”? “The cumulative budget deficit totals $799.68 billion, down slightly from $802.3 billion in the comparable period of fiscal 2009..” I certainly feel two billion dollars better already, don’t you? “For the first seven months of the fiscal year, outlays fell to $1.99 trillion from $2.06 trillion in the comparable period of fiscal 2009..” As well, “2009 taxes fell to $107.31 billion from $137.67 billion in April 2009”.. The Devil is in the Democratic details..

Why all of this “good” news? Because the reasons behind this alleged “good” news aren’t so good.. Even though they are trying to beat the band, Obama can’t make up for that April tax shortfall from last year when he has personally overseen the destruction of tens of millions of jobs here in America during that time.. There are tens of millions FEWER taxpayers who aren’t paying the taxes that they used to pay due the concentrated efforts of the Obama oligarchs. The fact that the “shortfall” amounts to $30 billion means that Obama just isn’t as good at clubbing and cajoling the few left employed here in what was once America as he imagines himself to be..

Never fear for Congress is focusing their rapt attentions on a problem that should rectify all of these budgetary concerns. Straight from those that thought that giving a “tax break” to those who placed “environmentally proper” windows on their homes would be the “cure-all” for the damaged and decimated Obama economy, their next concern is.. Brace yourselves.. “Potty Parity”..

The House Oversight and Governmental Reform Committee is concerned about “the unequal number of restroom facilities for women in federal buildings..” (“Congress Seeks to Expand Access to Women’s Restrooms in Federal Buildings” Fox News) They want “at least a 1-to-1 ratio for toilets, including urinals..” Liberal math: Five toilets plus five urinals equals (it’s ALWAYS about “equals” with the liberals..) ten toilets for the gals! Even though there may only be space for six toilets, so what? Break down the wall and spend some more of the taxpayer’s dollars as “fairness” dictates (Obama action word..) that this “problem” be rectified immediately.. “Long restroom lines are at risk of health issues including abdominal pain, cystitus and other urinary tract infections..” Since Obama has socialized medicine, the choice for women will go from waiting in lines for a restroom break to waiting in the lines at the nation’s emergency rooms because they waited in a line to use the restroom.. That seems like a “no-brainer” for the liberal legislators, all systems go..

Represntative Steve Cohen (L-TN) said, “they made jokes” about this important legislation. He never identified who or whom this callous “they” were, so it was probably some evil Republican or some out-of-sorts Tea Party member.. “It’s also politically very popular..” Unlike the AMNESTY for ILLEGALS idea that was prompted by the proactive measures taken in Arizona, the health scare scam, the incessant takeovers and bailouts, “potty parity” affords the liberals a chance for a “win” without their traditional collectivist collateral damage and socialist shrapnel.. “It’s the right thing to do”.. When the liberals get around to justifying their chicanery upon moral grounds, that is all the motivation that they need to proceed..

Edolphus Towns (L-NY) chimed in with “Today, women still lack equal access to restrooms, it’s simply unfair.. It’s time for that to change..” When there is “unfairness” afoot, “change” is always the liberal answer.. I find it interesting that this particular “change” has to do with toilets and that is exactly where all of Obama’s “change” belongs as well.. It is good to see that the House OVERSIGHT Committee has nothing better to do considering the fact that Obama and crew should be keeping them in steady work for the better part of a lifetime..

You may find this hard to believe but, “the Congressional Budget Office has not put a price tag on the legislation..” When the legislation involves the implementation of “fascist fairness”, the “progressive price tag” is absolutely irrelevant! Soon “potty parity” will be placed along side so many other of the liberal imaginary “causes” like global warming that need immediate attention in order to thwart catastrophe as opposed to the CREATION of JOBS or the end to the socialist tyranny that has been so successful at destroying them by the millions..

As America emulates Greece and as the Congressional Oversight Committee counts squares of toilet paper in pursuit of “fairness”, that sound that you hear is Obama, our Zero, fiddling while Home burns..


11 responses to “Home Burns

  1. noleftturnz


    Hot off of the keyboard, the latest TOTD:


    Thanks as always,


  2. G. Nichols

    Potty Parity Bill? Yeah, its official, this country’s going right down the crapper.

    Obama spent time begging the Germans to help absorb the Greek debt, and now they are calling themselves the ‘chumps of Europe’. The time has come for America to save itself. We need to divorce ourselves from the IMF, the UN, NATO, and every other globalist organization. Were I President, my foreign policy would be real simple: America first, there are no seconds. I, and most Americans wouldn’t have a problem cutting all foreign aid, and sacrifice the global economy if it meant saving ourselves. In the end, we don’t need them.

  3. Yep and congress is fiddling with yet another tax and pay off somebody while the house burns around us!!

    G I’m with you. A little isolationism for a few years would get us back on the right track

  4. Hey Larry…Unfortunately the liberal nitwits haven’t seen the train coming yet…because Greece is not the result of some special local corruption. It is the consistent result of the basic principle behind the welfare state. The problem is, Greece is just a little further down the road that we’re also traveling on desperately trying to catch up…the issue no one seems to ask is who’s going to bail US out when we hit the wall? Frankly nothing is more nauseating than watching these “public servants” rioting in Athens demanding their something for nothing like petulant children…and our “public service” unions will not be far behind…just listen to them buying air time in NJ bitching about what Chris Christie is trying to do with the teachers unions for instance. In CA its the same thing as well…while those of us who actually produce the wealth that they are so busily redistributing, have to pay our own heath care, finance our own retirement plans, have pay freezes, pay cuts etc etc, while the public employees scream for raises in the middle of economic downturns, without so much as a single bit of “productivity” increases (as if they actually know what productivity is). The real question is whether we plan to stop spending till they completely destroy our economy. Who do they think will come to the rescue? China? Japan? The EU? Frankly the Europeans are way past us and will be crashing on the rocks soon…The Chinese will simply stand by and collect all the pieces..Japan…same boat…they’ve already overspent themselves out of prosperity…I really can’t imagine they are so oblivious to the storm coming….

  5. If you watched Glenn Beck tonight (May 13) you learned that this is not by accident. This is one courageous man who is revealing the planned oblivion of the USA by a small group of soldiers determined to collapse the capitalistic system.

    Our time left is short so work for honest people in government as that is our only hope.

  6. Pego is absolutely correct. None of this is an accident, rather all planned and calculated. In ’08, over half the voters chose to be stupid. How many of them will again choose to be stupid come November?

  7. “Potty Parity”.. What’s this, another transparent liberal plot to get the women’s vote. As a woman, I’m highly offended that these morons think our votes can be bought so cheaply. They can flush it.

  8. It is increasingly clear that Obama has never cracked open or studied a history book. He would have realized that no state of socialism has succeeded to date, yet when a real time failure of socialism hits him in the face he is quick to bail it out.

    This wouldn’t bother me as much if we as a nation were not facing tough times ourselves, it is within America’s magnaminity. Or that the man in the White House has shown a disdain for capitalism and a warped, egotistical admiration for the socialistic culture.

  9. Honest to Pete! This whole administration is going around with their fingers in their ears (or up their butt) singing NA NA NA NA. I must agree it is time to cut all foreign aid and rescind our membership in all the leech world alphabet disorganization’s. It is far beyond the pale when we start legislating our natural bodily movements.

    America first, last and always! NEVER give up! NEVER give in! And NEVER, EVER again!

  10. noleftturnz


    Here is the LATEST at NLTZ:


    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Thanks as always,


  11. Whether you choose to give to your church, a candidate, the homeless or whatever or whomever you wish to give to, it will be a blessing to you. But suppose you were forced to give to a cause that you despised? Suppose that you were forced to give to a foreign nation that you disliked, or a charity that you hated? That is what’s happening to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars every week, or maybe more. Your dollars, $50 billion of them, and it will be more believe me, has been sent to bail out Greece.

    I don’t want to bail out Greece, as it is their problem, not mine.

    The Germans have sent a lot more, to their loathing. Why do the Greeks need to be bailed out? Because their politicians, like those in D.C. have spent, and spent and spent in order in order to get re-elected, and they have bankrupted Greece, just like the D.C. gang has bankrupt America. The politicos in Spain and Portugal have done the same thing. No citizen in Greece, Spain or Portugal voted to bankrupt their respective nations, and neither did we, but it happened, thanks to a small group of politicians in every nation.

    “Foreign aid might be defined as the transfer of money from poor people in rich countries to the rich people (or politicians) in poor countries.” ~~ Douglas Casey ~~

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