A Traditional War

For those who would like a shock, brace yourselves.. I COMPLETELY support a decision made by either Obama himself or his administration.. I support the decision relative to “American citizen” Anwar al-Awlaki, a nice Irish kid from New Mexico.. This decision involves the premature ending of this wretched life. Do it, I am on board and behind you 100 percent.

In “U.S. Decision to Approve Killing of Cleric Causes Unease” (NY Times) we read that the administration has decided to place this “American citizen” on the CIA kill list.. Now, enter from stage left, the lawyers/liars..

The puling begins anew, “the notion that the government can, in effect, execute one of its own citizens far from a combat zone with no judicial process, makes some legal authorities deeply uneasy..” For starters, the fact that “legal authorities” would need to be involved makes ME “deeply uneasy”.

One of the crucial elements within that last missive was the concept that such “exterminations” can ONLY be made ON a “combat zone”. It is bad enough when one lone imbecile, sufficiently stuffed with the nonsensical ramblings of “clerics” like al-Awlaki, inordinately intoxicated with the hilarious myth that seventy-two virgins await them as a reward for their “heroic deed”, the “lawyers” are forgetting a crucial point. The “enemy”, those who understand the terrorist playbook as it is explained to them by the al-Awlaki’s, have themselves “declared war” upon the civilized and the battlefield is right here and right now. This is NO “traditional war” from the perspective of either the Mooselim combatants or the innocent victims. The “battlefield” is where ever they are.

Here is the stumbling block that the liberals have laid for themselves. Back in the halcyon days after September 11th, the liberals decided for purely political purposes that the “War on Terrorism” was based upon “Islamophobia” which was reinforced the liberal’s reflexive position that ALL wars are bad.. That is certainly an easier argument to emotionally and tearfully make from the other side of the fence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.. Now they are “in charge” and the idea of a demanding a “traditional war” to be fought by untraditional combatants is the daily reality for the liberals. Ignore it at your peril.. Actually, ignore it at OUR peril..

The unrealistic demands that the liberals have made for years as the “political outsiders” are now coming home to roost as they have no choice but to be a part of an “untraditional war” that the liberal base and the liberal lawyers are still clamoring to be retrofitted to a “traditional war” status.. A big part of that is the patented liberal childish notion that ANY war can be fought with subpoenas and “judicial reviews”.. Maybe if the liberals had decided to get on board after September 11th as opposed to declaring war UPON the war on terrorism, they wouldn’t find themselves hoist by their own progressive petard..

Sounding off for the lawyers/liars is former CIA lawyer/liar Vicki Divoll. “Congress has protected Awlaki’s phone calls but it has not provided any protections for his life..” Liberal mistake number one: “protecting” the phone calls of a terrorist. Please refer to the “hoist by their own petard” mentioned above.. It is difficult to stop terrorism when the liberals place the “rights” of the wrong ABOVE the rights of those to exist in peace.

“The reported targeting of Awlaki ‘certainly raises the question of what rights a citizen has and what steps must be taken before he’s put on the list’”.. First off, the blatant “sexism” in the New York Times must be addressed here. Lately we have seen that when it comes to being part of the terrorist network, your “sex” isn’t anywhere NEAR as important as your “religious beliefs”. The burka wearing bovines have been out there doing their dirty duty as well. Liberal primer: when was the last “terrorist” incident where the perpetrator was heard hollering, “Jesus is Lord!” before he decided to light either his shoe, his underwear or his SUV afire..

Being “targeted” by one of these drones appears to be a wonderful way to dispose of terrorists. “The missiles have killed more than 5500 militants (terrorists) since 2008, and a few dozen nearby civilians.. Oops.. This is the ultimate reinforcement of the theory that you are judged by the company you keep and when you are in the company of someone with twelve hyphens in their name, don’t stand too close..

The Times just can’t get it right. “He (Awlaki) is located far from hostilities in Afghanistan and Pakistan”. So? He is HERE in AMERICA and this is where the terrorists have declared their “war”. Regardless of his “location”, regardless of his “citizenship”, he should have drone with his hyphenated name upon it. At a press conference with Jacques Chirac in November of 2001, George Bush said, “you are either with us or against us in the fight against terror..” Moral absolutism is hard for the liberals to understand when they haven’t any of those mysterious “morals” to reference..

When intelligence identifies a terrorist, the liberals want subpoenas, meetings, judicial reviews, dissemination of the information to the “impartial” press, roundtable discussions with Czars and Secretaries, etc., etc,.. Meanwhile, Mohammed al- Mohammed al- Mohammed al-Gore has sufficient time to change locations and continue with HIS war on America. The THREE legitimate chances to eliminate Bin Laden that were gifted to Bill Clinton were met with these same liberal “tactics” of tear squeezing and hand wringing which afforded the opportunity for ol’ Spinach Chin to continue with HIS war on America.

“Most significantly, he is an American, born in New Mexico..” So? Certain actions regardless of where your mail goes, entitles you to a little “droning”. The article constantly references this “traditional war” business. When the liberals start talking about “traditional war”, it is nothing more than liberalspeak for “it must be perfect”. No collateral damage whatsoever as they yearn to be able to recite this disclaimer at the Methadone clinic: “no innocents were harmed in the making of this war”.. If we applied the liberal’s nonsensical standards to the concept of “war”, today we would all be met with the following salutation on the telephone, “Please press one for German..”

Divoll does a bit more “droning” herself, as only a liberal “lawyer” can do.. “Some judicial process should be required before the government kills an American away from the traditional battlefield..” Which war had and more importantly HAS Manhattan, the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania as the “traditional battlefields”? Which war has government buildings and innocent American citizens on American soil as the “traditional battlefield”? The “untraditional” terrorist war on America.

Just so that I won’t be considered a complete and reprehensible “Islamophobe”, Timothy McVeigh and Ted Kaczynski were both “terrorists”. However, the REALITY is that today’s “terrorist” is almost exclusively motivated by those like al-Awlaki who are using one particular text as their justification, regardless of what the terrorist’s passport says or where his magazine subscriptions end up..

Divoll does it again, “In addition, she offered a practical argument for a review outside the executive branch: avoiding mistakes.” Lawyers/liars like Divoll will NEVER acknowledge the “mistake” that their over-analyzing of the legitimacy of the terrorists leads to, the fact that they have awarded the bearded baboons (both male and female..) sufficient time to plan and to carry out their morbid “missions”. Again, please refer to the triple mistakes made in “over-analyzing” Bin Laden by the Clintonistas.. ANOTHER former CIA lawyer/liar John Radsen said “every drone strike should be subject to rigorous internal checks to be ‘sure beyond a reasonable doubt’”.. The liberal “standard of perfection” can NEVER be attained. Before these imbecile lawyers are done writing their writs, someone else will unfortunately be writing another obituary for another thousand or so innocent Americans who were victimized by what should have been another case of the CIA “taking out the trash..”

The liberals go from the sublime to the ridiculous. “Beyond the legal debate is the question of whether killing Awlaki would be a good idea..” Mooselim “activists and scholars say it would accord him martyr status and amplify his violent message..” The LOGICAL option, according to the Mooselim “activists and scholars” and their liberal enablers would be for him to be left alive so that he can continue to “amplify his violent message” anyway.. The liberal answer? Arrest the terrorist, place him in jail where the taxpayer will have to pay scads of attorneys to both defend and prosecute him. Then they will support him for life in prison and the leftists will allow him to continue his “violent message” in order to afford him his “Constitutional right to free speech.” Putting Hitler in jail along with his “violent message” after the Beer Hall Putsch of November 1923 CERTAINLY was a better option rather than say, lopping his fool head off.. My answer to this vexing liberal dilemma? One well placed MQ-9 Reaper. Cost: $10.5 million. My tax dollars WELL spent..

A counterterrorism official said, “what would you do-cover your ears and wait for a truly devastating explosion in Times Square?” Sir or Madame, this is exactly how the liberals “fight” their “traditional war” upon the war on terror..


15 responses to “A Traditional War

  1. noleftturnz


    The latest from the stand up comedians of the left over at TOTD:


    Thanks as always,


  2. Perhaps Awalki should be secretly cremated, in which case he wouldn’t be a ‘martyr’, and then word is ‘leaked ‘ that he is now a spy for the US and working against his former terrorist allies.

    Sounds like a win – win . We don’t have the expense of a trial, and the terrorists start to have doubts about their allies !

    Just a thought.

  3. Margaret in CT

    You certainly never heard of the NYT or any other member in good standing of the MSM saying that Timothy McVeigh deserved any consdieration because he was an American, born in Lockport, NY. With Ted Kaczynski, an American born in Chicago, it was slightly different. He went to Harvard, so there was much head-scratching and hand wringing about the possible root causes of his cruel hobby. And, of course, Bill Ayers, an American college professor born in Glen Ellyn, IL, has been raised to the level of Knight of the Left for his bomb-making prowess and revolutionary activism. In the egalitarian world of the media, it doesn’t seem that all terrorists are created equal.

  4. G. Nichols

    Remember gang, ol’ Teddy K and Bill Ayers are Lefties, they get a pass as being poor misunderstood souls whom made some bad decisions.

    As far as ‘droning’, I would have any problem using drones to snipe off Al-Whack Job. Of course, I wouldn’t have any issue mounting miniguns on ’em and staging live fire exercises on the border, either.



  6. I vote with you, JJ! And George? I pray you are hallucinating. I just could not take billary after zero. I’m curious of how high a number of Secret Service he has for protection, knowing he is forever wrong and just might make the wrong person mad one day. Mad enough to take action!

  7. Knowing how sympathetic the liberals are to the Mooselims, they probably warn them that a drone hit is planned and give the day and time so they can pack up their tents and fade away into the slime.

  8. Sling Blade

    I love how these bottom-feeding scum always worrying about the “civil rights” and “due process”of these barbarian scum.They are always doing their best to ensure murderers,rapists, and any other forces of evil, including the Islamic sworn enemies of our country,are given every chance possible to be given another opportunity to take more innocent life and to kill our soldiers.
    Their father Satan must be proud of them.

  9. When a majority of middle eastern men are terrorists and a majority of prisoners in Arizona are Mexican is it really wrong to racially profile?

    Israel does it to stay safe.

    I have not heard of anyone getting maimed, killed or injured while being profiled. But I have heard whining, nashing of teeth, and complaining that it might happen. I do not approve of a police state but can’t we be reasonable for once?

  10. Someone sent this to me this morning and asked that I forward it to others. I will ask you to do the same.

    Good morning to you all. I want to make you aware of a recent incident that occurred this morning in York Twp. This type of incident directly affects your safety as well as your children’s safety. This morning, at approximately 8:00 am, I was dispatched to an address, on Bemis Rd near the Saline City Limits, for an unexploded pop bottle bomb. When I arrived, I noticed a 20 ounce pop bottle, on the ground, in the callers front yard. After I inspected it closer, I determined that it was in fact a “Works” Bomb. I was able to clear the device away from the house and once I moved it, it detonated itself within 30 seconds. After leaving that house, I checked other yards in the area during my patrols. I located a second one, just a few doors down from the first one. As I took care of the disposal/detonation, the homeowner came out and asked me what it was. When I showed her what it was, she immediately told me that she saw the bottle and that she had planned on picking it up when she got her morning paper. Like the first one, once I moved it, it detonated in short order. There was a high probability that this would have detonated in her hand/face while she carried it to the trash.

    A “Works” Bomb is Drain-o and Tin Foil, mixed together inside of a bottle. The chemical reaction between the Drain-o and the Tin Foil makes a volatile build up of gases and subsequently detonates the bottle with a great amount of force. Once the detonation occurs, the chemical substance that is in the bottle is actually boiling liquid.

    The amount of force that is generated at the time of the explosion is enough to severe fingers and also deliver 2nd and 3rd degree chemical burns to the victim. The chemicals can possibly cause blindness and the toxic fumes can be harmful.

    **SAFETY**SAFETY**SAFETY***……….When you are out and about in your yards, please be mindful of these devices. If your picking up your morning paper, or mowing your grass, or if you let your children out to play; whatever your activities are, please use the following precautions.

    1) If you find a soda bottle or any other bottles, examine it carefully before you touch it or get near it. If it shows signs of swelling, or melting in any way, DO NOT TOUCH IT! Call 911 and let us respond to take care of it.

    2) If you find a soda bottle that has any liquid in it, DO NOT TOUCH IT! Call 911 and let us respond to check it / dispose of it.

    Both bombs this morning appeared to be slightly swollen, with a dark colored liquid, inside of it. This liquid could have easily been mistaken for left over soda.

    I know that calling 911 for a soda bottle may sound silly or like a misuse of your Police protection but trust me, it is not. You do not want one of these devices detonating in your hand or your children’s hands or in your pets face. We are here to incur the danger for you so that you are and
    your loved ones are not harmed. So please check your yard thoroughly before letting your children out to play and be mindful before you just deem that soda bottle as garbage and pick it up.

    In closing, please educate your children on the dangers and consequences of making these devices. It has become popular with the youth in the past few years, to do this as a prank, but there have been some changes to the law. Not only could it be deadly to the maker or the victim, but making one these devices is called, “Possession of a Substance with Explosive Capabilities”. If it causes no damage, its a 15 year Felony. If it causes damage, its a 20 year Felony. If it causes physical injury, its a 25 year Felony. If it causes serious injury, the penalty can be “Up to life”, and if it causes death, its Mandatory Life without the possibility of Parole. These are statutory guidelines only. These penalties are what could be imposed but it does not necessarily mean that these penalties would be imposed.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me or send me an email. Please be safe and have a great day.

    Origins: The above-quoted e-mail was a warning sent out by Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Deputy Keith Mansell in April 2010 after he discovered two Drano (or “works”) bombs left in the yards of residents of York Township, Michigan. As shown in the video below, these concoctions of Drano brand drain cleaner (i.e., sodium hydroxide), water, and aluminum foil in plastic bottles can indeed produce quite dangerous explosions:

  11. Eileen,
    Thank you, that is definitely worth knowing. You may have saved someone from injury, simply by posting that !

  12. JJ

    Have people gone insane? For what purpose does it make to harm a child, an adult and/or pet. People are sick.

  13. Reminds me, Larry of the dillema you face in the balck communities… Stop the crime!!! But don’t arrest my precious little

    Another home run man!!!

  14. There was another “bomb” that went off at a school in Tampa this morning. A girl was injured. They used water bottles this time. Be careful out there.

  15. Here is a new video that someone forwarded to me regarding the Tea Party movement. I’ve never heard of the singer, Jeremy Hoop the songs just okay.

    Lyrics to the song.

    Rise Up
    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. They are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights. That among these are life, liberty…the pursuit of happiness.” – The Declaration of Independence

    Lookin’ at millions under a circus tent
    Watchin’ a jackass chase a dumb pachyderm
    Oh what a show!
    Tappin’ on any shoulder that I can find
    Of anyone on there who might change their mind
    It’s time to go.
    To the real world outside with those pirate ships
    The drunken sailors with dirty lips
    That rule the night
    Shoutin’ don’t be afraid of those wicked men
    There’s more of us than there are of them
    Come join the fight!

    Rise up and be counted
    Take your part in the solution
    Linking arm in arm, to arms, to arms
    Lower your guns and raise your voices
    Join the peaceful revolution
    Shout I’m mad as hell
    and I will ring the bell of freedom

    Ride with me from Boston to Phili to LA
    With reason come marching
    With knowledge come drumming
    Let everyone hear you
    Each soul that is near you
    The British are coming! the British are coming!

    We built a house of sticks a hall of parlor tricks
    But we blame it all on our politics
    Oh what a shame!
    Truth is the cancer ain’t just in the head
    Half the body’s nearly dead
    We’re all to blame
    Time to pledge no more standing on one thin leg
    Lack of principle’s a powder-keg
    And we can’t wait
    If we just say what we mean mean what we say
    Take back the power we gave away
    It’s not too late – Grab your tea and follow me

    Rise up and be counted
    Take your part in the solution
    Linking arm in arm with words as arms
    Lower your guns and raise your voices
    Join the peaceful revolution
    Have you an ear to hear, an eye that sees us
    We come in the Spirit of Martin, of Ghandi, of Jesus
    Holding fast to the words with the power that frees us
    Rise up. Make your choices
    Choose the peaceful revolution
    Sell what you have to sell so the devil can tell
    Then let them raise their hell
    And we will ring the bell of freedom
    The bell of freedom
    The bell of freedom
    from Rise Up – EP, released 06 May 2010
    Music and Lyrics by Jeremy Hoop
    Opus Meridian Records
    Produced by Jeremy Hoop and Aaron Merrill
    Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Aaron Merrill at Aaron Merrill Music and Sound studios, Highland, Utah
    Vocals – Jeremy Hoop
    Drums – Joel Stevenett
    Bass – Rob Honey
    Guitars – Rich Dixon
    Backing Vocals – Abe Mills, Jarret Burns, Ryan Inis, Justin Smith

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