Collectivist Calumny

In what might be called a “scientific breakthrough”, Australian scientists have discovered that “sea sponges share almost 70 percent of human genes.” (“Scientists find sea sponges share human genes” Breitbart) I’ve known for decades that sponges actually share 100 percent of their genes with the liberal base which is made up wholly of sponges and moochers..

On a corollary note, congratulations are in order for the creased collectivist, (yes her face and neck are actually starting to resemble a plate of spaghetti..) Nancy Pelosi. She has done such a magnificent job of “draining the swamp” in Washington that she has managed to then expose liberals like Rangel and Waters who have existed at the bottom of the liberal “swamp” for far too long..

On the good news, bad news front, Obama decided to ditch the Boy Scouts as they celebrated their 100th anniversary. Never mind that the president is ALSO the honorary president of the Boy Scouts of America, a “date” with the pathetic viragos on “The View” beckoned.. The “good news”? When Obama was mentioned at the jamboree, he was roundly booed.. God bless America..

While the economy that he and his Marxist minions have intentionally destroyed stumbles along, the “first lady” and a “handful” of lackeys and toadys all went for a little trip to SPAIN on the back of the American taxpayer. That’s right, while the Brown Bolshevik was racking up the frequent liar miles here at home, the “first lady” was racking up the frequent flier miles.. At a cool $6,500 a night for a ritzy hotel and a taxpayer funded $178,000.00 flight, the “first lady” was OBVIOUSLY in need of yet another get away, not unlike the “Golfing Gomer” who never misses another chance to kick up a few Democratic divots while Rome burns.. Remember the words of the silly Socialist, “..don’t blow a bunch of cash in Vegas”.. Those were the words he chose when he was telling the parents of the nation he wants to destroy to save for their children’s college education.. Don’t blow a bunch of cash in Vegas, blow it in SPAIN.. As our “first lady” says, “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche..” (Let them eat cake..) Lavish parties, lavish ceremonies, lavish vacations every other week, yes the liberals are “in tune” with the America that they have destroyed.. Keep in mind that the weekend of August 14th, they will be heading off to the Gulf Coast, you remember, the place that they didn’t have a clue about for over 100 days when the “disaster” in the Gulf was taking place.. To boot they will be following up with a 10 day vacation in Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.. Don’t blame them for taking advantage of these “presidential perks”, the unemployment line will be calling in 2012..

Speaking of “out of touch”, Obama decided to give yet another “speech” filled with fatuous fabrications about the “economy”. However, Obama decide to fire up Marine One and take a trip across Washington in order to do so. This “trip” was all of six miles.. What about the precious environment that was so callously polluted by the useless flight? Why couldn’t this “leader” start SAVING a few bucks and start spreading his vile lies over a few teleconferences? Maybe a few America businesses could provide these services or would Obama prefer it if some companies from Spain set things up?

In the world of liberal politics, the words of the day are “hot potato”. The liberals are now all striking out (literally) on their own as they have concluded that a visit from “Typhoid Barry” is the kiss of death to the lies the liberals need to spread in order to retain or claim political office come November.. Even the furrowed fascist herself, Nancy Pelosi said that she is “totally out of the loop” as the liberal men are all prancing about with their skirts up as though they have seen a mouse and the liberal “ladies” all have their overalls and their flannel shirts tucked in for the “every man for himself” battle ahead.. (“Democrats Keep Distance From Each Other” ABC News) For example, on August 2nd, Obama went to Atlanta to mooch more money at a fundraiser (no problem, there aren’t any more pressing things on Obama’s itinerary..) Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Barnes was over 100 miles away trying to hoodwink the Georgians in the extreme southern part of the state.. “Our members are the best salespersons for their own districts”, so says California’s corrugated kook.. Come November Obama and his “first lady” can jet off to SPAIN again.. Maybe that will be far enough away for the liberal candidates..

Here are just a few very sad facts.. Between 2001 and 2009 births to ILLEGAL women totaled 542,152 in TEXAS ALONE. Each year, between 60,000 and 65,000 babies “achieve U.S. citizenship annually by being born” in Texas hospitals. This represents over 16 percent of Texas’ yearly birth figures.. At Parkland Memorial Hospital (Dallas) last year, 11,071 babies were born to women who were non-citizens”.. ILLEGALS. (“Across Texas, 60,000 babies of noncitizens get U.S. birthright” Dallas News dot com) Texas has AT LEAST 1.5 million ILLEGAL aliens alone and by the time you have read this, they have “acquired” about a thousand more..

As always, the usual group of tear squeezers and liberal political manipulators all align themselves in order to begin the dance of the deceptive.. Dr. Jacobo Kupersztoch says, “babies are born without awareness, while other individuals chose to migrate because they want something..” No, it is the liberals who are “born without awareness” and only a fool believes that the ILLEGALS AREN’T here “because the want something”. The liberals, desperate to circumnavigate the voters that they have alienated who were once idiotic true believers in 2008, are considering ANY sideways maneuver in order to amnesty enough “new voters” for November or at least, by 2012..

First off, illegal immigration is NOT a “black and white” issue”, it is a black, white, brown and yellow issue. What this hinges upon is the liberal mindset that their leftist politics are formulated around emotions and feelings alone.. The liberals have spent generations intentionally removing consequences from every element of society. There are no consequences for wrong doing, only “forgiveness”.. Only “amnesty”.. They pule that the ILLEGALS “simply want a better life for themselves and their families..” The concept of FOLLOWING America’s laws when hunting for that “better life” isn’t that important to the liberals. They have spent generations making everything as “gray” as possible, there is always some vague or exigent circumstance that the liberals believe trumps the laws of this once sovereign nation.. Maybe if the leftists could acknowledge both words of the two word statement, ILLEGAL immigrants, maybe it would be possible for them to understand why the decent and civilized tax paying American citizens of ALL races are more than just a little concerned with this “issue” and how the left insists upon manipulating it for their political profit..


16 responses to “Collectivist Calumny

  1. After a Sunday of reading all the undesirable liberal news, it is refreshing to find another mind that can grasp the idiocy of this administration. I love this site, for it is almost the only one that has a grasp on the obvious and make no excuses. So many others will say something, then codify it with ‘but’. Absolutely disgusting.

    Good to hear from you Larry. My dour grumpy face is now happy again. My wife thinks I read too much into the stories, and I just shake my head and silently say she doesn’t read enough. I know when to bite my tongue.

    I apologize that I am still astounded with the malfeasance of this laughingstock of a presidency! I sure scratch my head when I see the separate and numerous vacations. This is the first presidency I have noticed that they are apart MUCH more than they are together. Rumors are probably fact. Oh, well. I’m counting the days…..

  2. Richard,

    Thanks as always for your kind words.

    Remember: the wife is always right..

    Thanks as always,


  3. Larry:

    You don’t suppose the false “first lady” went to Spain to study Moorish architecture do you? The mooslims are prone to building mosques on the sites of their victories and islamic rulers had mosques attached to their palaces. And, the cordoba mosque was built in Spain. Scary thought, isn’t it.

  4. When I read all the posts on news about the trip (with scant details, of course, but tantalizing, ne’er the less), I was struck by the many references to “Andalusian” this and “Andalusian” that – well, of course, Andaluz was the mooselime name for Spain!; and then, mentioning the famous Alhambra, I realized that for hundreds of years, this was the heart of Islam on the Iberian Peninsula! – although I’m obviously rusty on names, dates & places and could definitely use an expert to edit my remarks! Naturally, muzzie architecture would be attractive to she who is married to a Kenyan Muslim; but, in all fairness, of all the legacies of that wretched political cult-cum-“religion,” architecture would probably be considered their one & only redeeming feature – except for the fact that the most excessive examples have been mosques, and those have been plunked down right on rop of Christian holy sites!! Thinking about THAT has just changed my attitude about Islamic architecture after all…

    BTW, welcome back, Stranger Larry – long time, no hear from!

  5. Since I no longer watch TV, I’ve turned my addiction to the Internet (addicts always find a substitute substance to abuse…), so I missed that little tidbit you provided – namely, when Obowow pulled a no-show at the Boy Scouts’ 100th anniversary and its significant Jubilee, he was booed when his name was mentioned. Be grateful for small favors, I guess…

  6. Queen Michelle`s trip to Spain
    gives a whole new meaning to the term
    n***r rich.
    On 0ur money no less.

  7. Margaret in CT

    The narcissism of these bandits is without bounds. Even the King of Spain does not require that the beach be closed so that he can sun himself for an hour or two. The Spanish populace is very offended.

    Sorry guys. Do you feel a little less romantic than you did in June (61% approval rating of the U.S., read Obama: Pew Global Attitudes Project) about the great world healer who has shown himself to have the diplomatic skills of a schoolyard bully?

    The statistics on the presence of illegal immigrants in the United States paint a dismal picture. It seems that we have already plunged into the abyss, but we have to begin sometime, and the time is always now—it has been “now” for years. All we get is more palaver from gutless politicians.

    Can you imagine what wailing and gnashing of teeth we would have had if the bride in Rhinebeck had been Barbara Bush rather than Princess Chelsea?



    Reading the Mancurian President Hard to believe this country
    voted this left wing liberal into office Thank the MSM for not
    reseaching or rather exposing his connections
    They are taking advantage of all the perks of office and then some
    Novenber can not come soon enough

  9. I must say I was wondering exactly the same as Lady Wolf and Joy. Why did the Bride of Frankenbama decide to go to Spain now, with the ‘Cordoba’ project such a hot topic in NY and indeed in the whole of the civilised world? And all that Alhambraing and Andalusiaing, I have my doubts about that too. Closet mozzies? I suspect that if they are allowed to stamp around unimpeded for much longer they will definitely come out of that closet. Then, God help us all!

    Welcome back Larry, I have missed you!

  10. Lady Wolf and Joy,

    Hadn’t considered the Mooselim connection..

    Thanks for the insight.


  11. Margaret,

    So he is NOT a “unifier, not a divider” as he laughingly claimed?

    P.S. The Demokratik dolt is still bringing up Bush as he tries to run from his failed policies and the rest of the liberals try to run from him..

    Sweet November.

    Thanks as always,


  12. JR,

    Thanks for the kind words.

    Hope that all is well on your end.

    Hi to the Mrs. from everyone at NLTZ.

    Thanks as always,


  13. Tamara,

    The bride of Frankenbama? Nice one..

    Hope that all is well for you “across the pond”.

    Thanks as always,


  14. beyond disgusted

    Welcome back Larry; you have really been missed! Excellent piece and as always, right on target. I am so done with this crowd, we can’t get rid of them soon enough.

  15. everyone give a special thanks to Puglosi for “draining the swamp”.
    Now that it is sufficiently “drained” we can begin the process of “shoveling out the SHIT that has collected on the bottom”.
    I can see November from my house…
    November 2, 2010……..EVICTION DAY!


  16. What is the “View”???
    I thought that was the “Telletubbies” show…


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