A More Flattering Light

The progressive panic is reaching a fever pitch and try as they might to put on a “happy face” for their minions in the liberal media, the ruse isn’t playing well anywhere else. So desperate are the forlorn fascists that any minute now they will trot out Ol’ Whitey, otherwise known as the “insignificant other” in the Rodham household, in order to rouse the asses..

This seems perfectly logical (if logic and the liberal mind ever meet, scratch that, if there is such a thing as the liberal mind..) as Obama is STILL using the Bolshevik bugaboo of “Bush” to try to explain away his failures. The statute of limitations on that howler was more than used up over eighteen months ago to those with an IQ above room temperature..

Never fear, “Demokratik Denial” is the flavor of the month with the liberal lunatics as they continue to leak oil as they dodder on wearing this pair of Bolshevik blinders.. The progressive pompom squad at the Los Angeles Times couldn’t resist another opportunity to prop up the deflated ego of the collectivist clown and his cronies. Even their silly headline reinforces their “unbiased” reporting as well as their obvious renouncement of anything remotely resembling intellectual honesty.. “Democratic candidates all but ignore their legislative successes”.. Not to be outdone, the next line claims, “Avoid bragging, strategists advise, and warn against putting Republicans back in charge”.. That is just the tip of the ignominious iceberg..

“As Democrats fan out across the country to campaign for reelection this month, many are surprisingly quiet about their hard-won accomplishments..” The imbeciles at the Times may not be aware of what a malignant minefield these alleged “accomplishments” really are, to the liberals credit, they do.. Never fear, the “congressional leaders” along with the White House/Red Square are “urging Democrats to focus less on bragging about what they have done and more on efforts to fix the economy..”

Firstly, if the liberals are truly concerned about their underlings “bragging” about their ten percent unemployment, the Obama depression, deficit spending that will penalize generations to come and a complete humiliation of the United States on the international stage, then the destruction that Obama has loosed upon this nation was INTENTIONAL. They have absolutely NOTHING else to “brag about”.. No bragging, but focus more “on efforts to fix the economy”.. This is the economy that the liberals have “created” all by themselves with a leftist supermajority at their disposal.. The actual “efforts” to fix the economy will be undertaken by the electorate in November..

“To bulk up their record on job creation..” This line tells you everything that you need to know about the “fog and phony” show being forwarded by the liberals. Why would anyone need to “bulk up” their record of job creation if they had actually created any jobs? Is this “bulking up” similar to the Obama “bragging” that we had “turned the corner” when the collectivists started trying to cook the books over the temporary jobs due to the liberal gerrymandering/census ruse? The only “record” that Obama can claim is his permanent destruction of over twenty million jobs. How very “landmark” for this “historic” administration”..

Robert Menendez (L-NJ) actually tried to fire up the fascists with this idiotic bit of political moral absolutism, “The question for 2010 is: Whose side are you on?” With their “historic accomplishments”, the liberals had better stick to trying to hoodwink the siphons and sponges that make up the liberal base. If they ask that question in public anywhere near those who have felt the sting of “liars remorse” from the Brown Bolshevik, their response will come back at about two hundred decibels..

Menendez also handed out “palm cards itemizing contrasts between the parties” so that the liberals could “carry them around during the recess..” These are the simpletons that giggled at Palin’s notes to herself, now the socialist savants need flash cards when greeting the indentured servants back home.. One of the cards says, “Democrats moving us forward, while Republicans take us back..” Obviously the liberals sense of direction is as convoluted as their perverted politics..

“Obama has been reading from the same playbook (don’t they mean the same teleprompter?) comparing Republicans to bad drivers who want to retrieve the keys to a car they had driven into a ditch..” Being that Obama “drives” the nation like Dead Ted drove his Oldsmobile Delmont 88 at Chappaquiddick, the humor of the analogy is not lost upon me..

Obama the orator continued on, “When you get into your car, when you go forward, what do you do? You put it in D.. When you want to go back, what do you do? You put it in R..” Such sing song sophistry may play well with the unibrows and the knuckle draggers of the liberal base but here is the REALITY of that fairy tale.. “When Obama puts the car in ‘D’, he means DESTROY. When the Republicans put the car in ‘R’ come November, that means REBUILD.. Follow the bouncing Bolshevik ball..

The liberals continued on, “Our candidates’ job is not to sell the accomplishments of the past but to send a message that strikes a chord..” In what you would consider to be a NORMAL group of politicians, “selling the accomplishments of the past” is EXACTLY what they should do. The “past” portends the FUTURE and that is why the liberals don’t want to do any “bragging”.. The “past” two years have been an absolute disaster that would make FDR jealous and the leftist’s brand of socialism, governmental intrusion and moronic malfeasance are definitely “striking a chord” with the electorate.. Never mind, what does the next flash card say..

The liberals are so desperate that not a few of them actually want to be elected or reelected because they disagree with the Obama oligarchy. Rep. Rick Boucher (L-VA) “uses one of his first campaign ads to highlight his opposition to the healthcare bill and his effort to protect coal jobs in a controversial energy bill..” Nice try, big “D” means DESTROY.. Failing that, others “barely mentioned the Democrats’ legislative record..” Rep. Kendrick B. Meek (L-FL) is trying this “head in the sand” approach..

The Times stumbles on, “persistent bad employment news trumps perceived or anticipated benefits of Obama’s healthcare bill and other initiatives..” “Perceived or anticipated”? Isn’t that another shot at the laughable “jobs saved or created” stupidity? “Perceived or anticipated” actually means “imaginary” to the millions of victims of Obamanomics..

Another way to sidestep the Obama depression? Try the town hall meetings over the Internet or by teleconference! “This year, town hall meetings are more likely to be more low key, in part because Democrats are seeking alternative venues such as teleconference town hall meetings that are easier to control..” This is what liberals do, they silence those who disagree because those who merely disagree have no rights simply because they disagree.. Obama flies six miles at taxpayer expense to lie to people in Washington, when the town hall fires up with those who disagree with socialism, shut the doors and feed them your line over the phone!

Menendez, along with countless other liberals, are doing all that they can “to make sure voters view the election as a choice between political parties, not a referendum on ‘whether you like or don’t like what we did’”.. What you DID is the reason you are all in such a snit, so now it is time to deflect and divert and by the way, nobody “likes” what you did..

“Congressional Democrats are trying to ensure that this summer’s debate sheds a more flattering light on their party..” They plan to do this by pushing their “accomplishments” into the shadows.. As well, since when have the liberals or Obama wanted anything remotely resembling a “debate”? No matter what lengths the liberals go to with their childish attempts at chicanery, there is no way under the sun that they can “shed a more flattering light” upon their intentional destruction of the middle class of the United States of America.. Lets make this a “November To Remember”..


38 responses to “A More Flattering Light

  1. Family,

    Back in the game..

    Check out the latest TOTD:


    Thanks as always,


  2. Hey Larry, it’s good to have you back.
    You know, there were lots of stories that came along while you were otherwise occupied, but it was really just more-of-the same-thing. Another power grab, or another pillar for the new USSA structure. More of the same tone-deaf, who gives a shit what you think, we’re doing it my way attitude.
    “Congressional Democrats are trying to ensure that this summer’s debate sheds a more flattering light on their party..” What a crock! You nailed it, it is just a game to try and keep the poor enslaved, and the blacks hoodwinked into believing that it is the Republoican’s fault that Obama hasn’t started making your house and car payments yet!

  3. T,

    Great point.

    When the liberal media goes silent on the crimes of Obama, even when they are apologizing for him, it becomes difficult..

    STL is a long way from DC..

    Thanks as always,


  4. Isn’t “fix” a euphemism for neuter? In my opinion the democrats in their “fixing”‘ of the economy have tried to neuter it to the point that it can’t reproduce. It’s not going to be easy to reverse that process.

    Never give up, Never give in, Never again. November will soon be here.

  5. Great post, Larry! It’s pretty hard to brag about what you have accomplished when you didn’t accomplish anything other than irritating the voters and draining their wallets and taking their jobs! I would be surprised if many progressives/liberals/demoncraps have many town hall meetings. This could really turn into rotten fruit.

    I received a picture of an actual clothing label being shipped to France by a small business in the US. The translation was:

    Small business is alive and well in the good old US of A!

  6. Larry,
    The vacation was beneficial – you’re back in top form, with another good post.

    Did you get the name of that company ? There are some retailers who are now only selling goods that are “made in the USA “, and they are doing a good business. Patriotism always wins !!

  7. JJ – No, more is the pity. It did not identify the company. I would go out of my way to support patriotic businesses.

  8. As cute and appropriate as the sign in the clothes seems to be, it was, unfortunately, originally intended as a joke perpetuated by an employee about Tom Bihn, the president of the clothing company – not the president of the US. AND – it originated in 2004 and was at the time widely circulated as referring to Bush, not Obama. I always check these kind of things out before forwarding to friends and relatives. Check it out on snopes.com – search on BIHN LABEL. (I so much wanted it to be true – sigh….)

  9. Margaret in CT

    A truly great one, Larry. Seems to me that the main problem the Destroyers (I like that!) have is how to pay for their “historic accomplishments.” Now they’re having to dip into one of their most sacred chalices, the Food Stamp entitlement, to scrape together enough funds to pay for the bail out of the States. That high-pitched whine that they hear is the squealing of the pigs at the trough who are being deprived of their government-given right to have you work to pay for their food. Betcha you won’t read anything in the NY Times about those who stand a chance of “starving” without their U.S. Govt. supermarket coupons.

  10. JJ,

    I WISH I had been on vacation..

    Just tired.

    Thanks for hanging with me,


  11. Margaret,

    Salient point..

    Notice that Gibbs went off on the “professionals”, meaning the liberals, for getting all whiney about Obama.

    Maybe if the pie in the sky promises hadn’t been made, things might be different for them.

    You CANT promise those who have become “professionals” at mooching everything in world, they will remember.

    They have nothing else to do..

    Thanks as always,


  12. It won’t be easy to fix the damage Obama and his cronies have wrought, but Phase One must be completed Election Night, when we must do our duty as citizens and strip the Kenyan Klown of his ability to ram more damaging legilation down our throats. Remember this bit of sophistry if you wish: (R) is for remove from from office, (D) is for delete from office. As much as we blame the Progressives (its no longer the Democratic Party your parents voted for) in office, the Republicans bear the blame as well, either for supporting this garbage or for rubberstamping it to ‘get along’. We can no longer afford to play nice with Progressives, they are coming for our guns, our liberties and our God. Anyone whom supports Obama and his policies deserves to be the slave we all will become if we don’t stop this insanity.

  13. Family,

    Check out the latest TOTD:


    Thanks as always,


  14. Michele From NY

    “Such sing song sophistry may play well with the unibrows and the knuckle draggers of the liberal base”
    These same deluded bottomfeeders are still screaming “racism” and “Obama inherited…blah blah blah” and are supporting the NYC “mosque” in the name of “tolerance”. Well, we’ve “tolerated” just about enough of you and your “president’s” bleeding heart bullshit to last a lifetime.
    November can’t come fast enough.

  15. Great article Larry, as always.

    Cheryl from Texas, You have a good point regarding checking things out. However, you might need to do a little research on snopes. They have an agenda and it doesn’t alway include telling the truth…..especially when it comes to Obama, Bush or anything having to do with a conservative point of view. There are other websites that do a much better job of answering our questions and they do not slant things in favor of the progressive school of thought. Before the election, I began to notice a thread with all snopes info, so I did a little snooping of my own. I was astounded by who they are and who financed them in the first place. I am disheartened that many take their word for everything and constantly recommend them. One might as well be calling the ACORN office for information to find the truth. You may be exactly right in your findings about the label, but if snopes is your only source, there is a chance they have slanted it how they want it to go. I’m just saying.

    Even if some small business did refer to Bush on their label in 2004, I betcha they wish they had him back in 2010. …if they’re still in business, that is.

  16. Hi Larry,

    Excellent post as always. I am avidly following events in the good old USofA and honestly November can’t come soon enough. I hope all the Destroyers are disposed of in the way they deserve to be disposed of! Regarding the old trout (aka “insignificant other”), I would change the name slightly to Token Ol’ Whitey – but that’s just me.

    I wish we could do something in the UK to get rid of this ghastly coalition we’ve lumbered ourselves with. Maybe people have realised that we can’t ever trust the Liberals and would vote the Conservatives in with a large majority (and hopefully with a stronger leader). Unfortunately they will do a lot of damage before we can vote them out.



  17. Larry,

    I like your reinterpretation of “D” and “R”. When President Obama said that “R” stands for reverse, my first thought was, good. Maybe we can go in reverse, back to when there were no income taxes, and a small federal government.

    By the way, I learned this week that I work with your son. He’s an outstanding young man!

  18. Good to see you back Larry and still on top of your game!

    Well, I had my hearing with my Social Security claim that I’ve waited for 22 months after my stroke. Biden and Biden had to have given me the dumbest, inept, unprepared lawyer they could find in their Company.

    She called me the Friday before my hearing. I repeatedly told her when I fell at the Palin event, I had re-injured my back (originally when I fell on our porch that was covered with ice and landed on the steps hard on my back). I had a chiropractor who eventually fixed the problem. The lawyer said they weren’t going to address the back issue at all they were only going to present the stroke issues. When we get before the Judge, he read the reports from my doctor and the doctor the state sent me too, they both commented on my back issues, which seemed to be prevalent in their reports. He wanted information from her, the last report my doctor sent was over a year ago and he wanted to know if I had seen him since and I said yes. He asked the lawyer did they have a more current report and she said no. We asked for an update but they did not get it in time for the hearing. That was a lie, I went to the doctor’s office and they have no such request from B&B.

    The Judge wants a report on my back injury and an update from my doctor and we adjourned. So, I’m postponed until I get sent to a State doctor about my back and the judge receives a new report. I cannot stand very long maybe 5 minutes, I also cannot sit long either because of my left hip starts hurting (this was part of my problem from the original injury). So I laid down on my bed or recliner most days.

    So, I got an unprepared attorney who didn’t seem to know if she was coming and going. If the judge asked her a question, she would go through her papers trying to find an answer that she didn’t have so the judge asked me. I was embarrassed that she was so bad and unprepared; I think I could have done a better job and I’m not a lawyer. At least B & B knows just how limiting my stroke was. She seemed surprised that my right hand is still in a fist and my right arm and leg still gives me problems.

    I asked her a question when she called me that Friday evening. Had the state and federal government allowed me the funds to where I could receive rehabilitation, I would have been farther along in my recovery and have a lot of my movement back? So they denied me my full recovery, thanks a lot! My doctor said I’d get 90 to 95% back had they given me the money so I could go to rehab. Since they denied my claim, my recovery will be limited. I always thought that the doctor the state sent me too was the one who told them my injury wasn’t as bad, but when the Judge spoke he said he that the state specialist that they sent me too confirmed my doctors diagnosis. I would be limited in my movement on my right side and was concern because I am right-handed, I most likely would be unable to retain and keep employment. So, it wasn’t him, it was the state of Alabama that stopped it.

  19. I saw on Fox News that Jonathan Hunt holds a “chat room” during Shep Smiths program at 3 PM Eastern and from time to time at 7PM Eastern.
    Ive been to this so called chat room a number of times and pose questions about obamas birth certificate, passport records, college funding records, his use of multiple social security numbers, his involvement in a Chicago gay mens club, and the number of people that keep turning up dead when they start talking about obamas gay trists.
    The first time I went to the chat room I was shocked to see Jonathan wouldnt post my comments and questions and began mocking me in private posts that the others in the room could not see.
    I have also emailed Bill Oreilly asking him why he thinks Hunt is afraid, or under orders, to entertain any questions along the lines described above.
    So I am here to ask the family to help me by going to foxnews.com/shep at the chat times and just bombard Hunt with questions about obama. As Glenn Beck might put it, its weird why they wont address or investigate these issues.
    For those that may find the time and energy to help in this matter, Thank You!
    The truth about this fraudulent President and his corrupt regime will eventually come out, and it cant be too soon for me or my grandchildren.
    And keep in mind, the payoff for exposing this usurper man-child will be ALL his appointments, laws, and decrees will become NULL AND VOID!

  20. OOPS,,,,i mean NOT to entertain……….fire the proof reader!

  21. Jafamimi:
    I actually use truthorfiction.com as my first choice and really try to find several sources for anything I check – the internet is full of unsubstantiated crap – present site not included!! I only showed the Snopes link because I see that a lot more in postings and thought more people were familiar with it. Thanks for the heads-up on their “agenda”. I will definitely check them with one eye open from now on!!

  22. Cheryl/Texas: I, too, take what Snopes states as “fact” or “fiction” with a grain of salt regarding certain subjects. As far as I’m concerned, their staff is comprised of mostly atheists.

    For instance, Snopes–in its infinite wisdom–reached the conclusion that the Israelites really did not cross the Red Sea.

    Other judgments that they have made in the past have been that: (1) aspartame is perfectly healthy for humans to ingest and (2) graviola does not cure cancer.

    The Annenberg Group, I believe, contributes to the financial support of the Snopes web site.

    So, I trust Snopes.com for truthful conclusions concerning the areas of religion, health and politics about as far as I can throw a fully-grown elephant!!

    By the way, thanks for mentioning the truthorfiction web site. I will check it out with great interest.

  23. Eileen, I’m sorry to hear about the results of your first judicial hearing. But, don’t give up! You have the right to appeal the decision.

    (I’m not surprised at the ineptness of the personnel involved. I experienced a similar situation with my Judge and several doctors and medical staff. Ignorance of indisputable evidence–Bah!!)

    Hang in there, girl!!

  24. To dream “The Impossible Dream”: To have Obama, Pelosi and Reid click on Rush Limbaugh’s “Like” button on his newly-created Facebook page! (Over 200,000 fans in less than 24 hours!)

  25. Larry, So pleased you are back with a timely post. We will be so happy here in Arizona for November. McCain and Hayworth are slugging is out for the primary this month. So far McCain has spent 20 million in negative ads and will probably win. How can thinking voters want this man with his record? I don’t vote because of negative ads. The mute button works just fine. I guess if you are a millionair you can buy anything, even a seat in the senate.
    J.D. was on the radio this week and he said McCain would have been a terrible president if he had won maybe just as bad as O’Bama That set off a firestorm. So interesting.

  26. Monica,
    If Mc Cain is pro-amnesty, how will he win in AZ, with all of the illegal alien problems there?

  27. Tamara,

    The “old trout”?

    That was the laugh of the day and I needed it.

    Many thanks,


  28. Julie B.,

    I like your interpretation of “being in reverse” much better than mine.

    THAT is why I love the commenters on this site.

    Commenters input is often times better than mine.

    Thanks as always,


  29. Family,

    Lets all say a prayer for our most valuable friend, Eileen and all that she is going through.

    It was good to hear from you again and I hope that things start looking up for you.

    Thanks as always,


  30. whosebone,

    Even Fox feels the need for a faux “fairness”.

    Don’t know why, I don’t care if a single liberal ever watches Fox News.

    Their ratings prove that a definative LACK of liberals makes the viewers flock to you..

    Thanks as always,


  31. Monica,

    How is it looking for JD?

    Is the McCain money machine going to win the day?

    I can’t believe that a mere deluge of “political ads” would be enough to sway the majority of voters?

    Say it isn’t so..

    Thanks as always,


  32. My problem Larry is I for the life of me cant figure out why Jonathan Hunt and/or Fox News wont even allow a discussion of issues in a chat room that only appears to have very few chatters. No one seems to be even mildly interested in the simple question of why ALL his records are sealed and he is spending millions to keep them sealed!
    Im convinced there is something really stinky going on here. Corruption at the highest levels of this government with the media as his partner in “fundamentally transforming the United States of America”
    They mock us and call us “birthers” as if the question of his birth certificate is the only question we have about this mans backround.
    This man must be defeated, we MUST stand up to this Marxist or bend to the Will of Tyranny, a Revolution of Freedom must happen, or we must apologize to our grandchildren for enslaving them in unending debt.

    Our Choice America
    Question With Boldness

    Thanks for letting me rant.

  33. Bill,

    It would be intersting to know who is “making the call” relative to your freedom of speech being hacked at Fox. Is it Hunt? Is it some nameless, faceless producer?

    After Hawaii did Obama that big favor, Fox may feel that the issue is “closed”.

    Whatever happened to the liberal’s cry of “question authority”?

    Maybe it has morphed into “question authority, except when we are running things..”

    Thanks as always and never give up, never give in, never again!!


  34. Family,

    Check out the latest:


    Thanks as always,



    Great reading folks
    Glad to se all of you staying active.

  36. If was fixing to drive off the cliff, I’d put the car in R.
    Great article.

  37. Larry, The fight is on. The Arizona Republic has an article this morning,”In Hayworth vs. McCain, fight now no holds barred”. It is getting ugly. I think at this point McCain has too many old cronies and MONEY backing him to lose. What is interesting is the local talk radio takes calls and the callers seem to be supporting J.D. But he just doesn’t have the machine that John has.

    What makes me sick is McCain’s swere to the right now. He actually wanted to give illegals social security and medicare a few years ago. What are people thinking supporting this two faced politician? Why would anyone trust him now?

  38. FoxNews will never report the on the Obama birth certificate issues. I believe Roger Ailes, issued an order to not cover that story. I don’t know why, but I can speculate. The lameass media wants to take down Fox, their competition. If Fox did that their would be no mercy. They would hammer, mock and ridicule Fox as being idiots who believe this urban myth. Remember how they went after Lou Dobbs and drove him off the air?

    In my quest for hunting down the corrupt, I’ve found a number of thing on Youtube, straight from the horses mouth that yes, he was born in Kenya to a group of high school students. As you listen, it starts at .25. I wish I could boost the sound but I cannot, sorry.

    This is what I hear on the video. I hear Obama was caught on tape saying: “People say that maybe I’m not American citizen, some people said I have a forged birth certificate. Well first of all, it’s true, I’m not American, I was not born in Hawaii, I wasn’t born in the United States of America. I come from Kenya…

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