Shrill Waters Run Shallow

Taking a page out of the perverted playbook that is being utilized by the flailing fascist in DC, California Kook Maxine Waters says that her personal “ethical problems” are the result of the Bush administration. For good measure, I am sure that “institutional racism” was to blame for her felonies as well.. Any day now the goofy old broad will say that she also “inherited” this “ethical problem” from W too.. Why not, this retarded riposte has done so well for Obama, why wouldn’t it work for Waters..

In the recent past minority liberals, who have over time conditioned themselves to reflexively respond to anything by over-reaching for the “race card” with such alarming frequency, have made the “card” itself now nearly as transparent as the litany of lies that has perpetually surrounded it. Shysters like $harpton and Jack$on found such great success early on by winding their horns at such companies as Coca-Cola, Goldman Sachs, Wal Mart and others in the halcyon days. These shaky executives, worried about the “appearances” which were wildly overblown by the conveniently cooperative liberal media outlets, would start scratching checks in order to silence the thieves. With the “race card” literally turning to dust today, the “beat around the Bush” game seems their next gambit and it appears to be working as magnificently as their previous cries of wolf..

Invariably, this silly “racism” game involves volume. Everybody who has been the “victim” suddenly starts raising their collective voices knowing full well that the “hush money” will soon follow. However, the largest percentage of these bribes and payoffs don’t go to those who have allegedly being “wronged”, they go to the “professional” blackmailers (literally)..

For example, take fellow “Swamp Thing” Charlie Rangel, fresh from his recent birthday bash before his impending date with “The Big House”. He has historically tried the same sophistry once his hand was found in the collectivist cookie jar. Once when nabbed by the IRS for skirting his tax bills of 2004, 2005 and 2006, Rangel decided that he was the “victim” of a “guerrilla war”.. After making a career of raising everyone else’s taxes, Rangel decided all on his own that the income derived from renting his beach house in the Dominican Republic wasn’t in need of being taxed. That’s right, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee which is responsible for tax theft from the middle class didn’t want to “pay his fair share” as the liberal Obama has said that everyone else should do.. Rangel also saw racism behind the nation’s disgust over the ObamaScare socialized medicine debacle. “Rangel said ‘bias and prejudice’ are fueling opposition to health care reform”. (“Rangel Plays Race Card, Says Obamacare The Victim” wcbstv dot com 09/04/09) Now he is staring at thirteen separate charges that must ALL be rooted in “racism” or some other fictitious “-ism” that they might manage to create out of thin air..

Waters is actually making the “Bush” claim with a straight face proving that the size of the lie that you are telling is nowhere near as important as your ability to say it with complete confidence. Add to this hilarious harangue the fact that Waters says that she was doing this for “over 100 minority banks”, she added that “she had to”.. (Facing Ethics Charges, Rep. Waters Points Finger at Bush Administration” Fox news dot com 08/13/10)

“Reading from a written statement” (what else would a liberal do, without the teleprompter, the left is a intellectually barren as their codependent constituents..) Waters said, “We did not influence anyone and we did not gain any benefit..” Waters continued on with her pathetic palavering, “The question at this point should be why a trade association representing over 100 minority owned banks could not get a meeting (with Hank Paulson) at the height of the crisis..” There is so much wrong with this that it is almost too painful to read it.. Where to begin..

Why would Waters need to speak up for an organization that she herself doesn’t actually “represent”? Maybe it was because her husband, Sidney Williams, was a member of the board of directors of a minority bank named “OneUnited” that had its hand out at the time.. So after Waters donned her crown and cape of outrage and this “meeting” was summarily granted, how many of these “100 minority owned” banks managed to show up to voice their alleged grievances? Try one.. Now try to guess which “bank” that was.. If you guessed “OneUnited” you are correct.. Waters “reward” for her husband was twelve million tax dollars. The good news is that this “bank” actually bawled for $50,000,000.00, so the American taxpayer only lost out on twelve million.. As a sidebar, the “height” of this “crisis” didn’t occur until the Marxist Messiah and Turbo Timmy got their hands dirty into it and this “crisis” was primarily the fault of a liberal House and Senate that was addicted to out of control spending and avarice since 2006..

We have to then ask why Waters felt that “minority owned” banks were in need of “special privileges”. Were these banks given special treatment just because it is alleged that they are “minority owned”? What should be MORE IMPORTANT, the solvency of the loans ANY bank has given or who sits on the board and whom is he married to or who allegedly “owns” the bank? Here we have bank “A” which makes horrible loans based upon nebulous so called ideals like “fairness”. It turns out that their loans are almost all in default. Here we have bank “B” which has used common sense when making loans and their “bottom line” is in the black (so to speak).. Why should bank “A” be entitled to anything other than an expedient trip towards being dissolved regardless of who owns the bank or who sits on the board of directors or who is married to a member of the House of Representatives?

When the ridiculous reaching that envelopes the inevitable cries of “racism” and “institutional racism” become morphed into the “blame Bush” baloney, the evident desperation makes the “players” look juvenile and most of all, guilty.. When it comes to liberals like Waters, I can only think of a take on the line “still waters run deep”. In the case of yet another race baiting shakedown artist trying to avoid prison, “shrill Waters run shallow”..


18 responses to “Shrill Waters Run Shallow

  1. Right on point, Larry. The race card is wearing so thin it is rivaling the “Bush made me do it” card. So the bog creatures are starting to use the victim card. And heaven forbid they should actually use an ethical card, seeing as they have no ethics. How is it they just don’t realize they were left out of the deal – in fact all the cards have been dealt so they are looking up their sleeves for more. When you noted Waters was reading from a written statement, I had to wonder how many drafts it took to get it to read blame and omit all facts. Another curious thing I see so often it confuses me, those in swamp land almost always have a different surname from their spouse. You actually need a cheat sheet to keep the bog creatures sorted. And it is true, “Shrill waters do run shallow”! Or could we say her ethics were just swamped?

  2. Richard,

    Sometimes I feel that it is the demand that we concern ourselves with someone’s “ethnics” as opposed to their lack of “ethics” that is so infuriating..

    Thanks as always,


  3. Family,

    Please check out the latest TOTD, it is a scorcher..

    Tell the world, if you don’t want to send them here and I will.

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Thanks as always,


  4. Larry, I must agree totally. Some people I never question their ethics because they live and act in such a way they leave no doubt. Others couldn’t spell the word, let alone live it! 95% of Congress, for starters.

  5. Amen, my friend… I am so sick of listening to their excuses… either they did nothing wrong, “it was all a mistake!” or they knew nothing about it, it was “someome else’s fault!”.

    I remember trying to explain to my mom when I was young (I know, it was a really long time ago, but still…..) why I should not get in trouble for something that I thought I was not going to get caught doing. It never worked, it never got me out of trouble… in fact it usually made things worse. Remember the one about “It’s only going to get worse if you lie about it.” Why doesn’t that work for these people… why can’t we hold them accountable… is the corruption so deep that there are NO honest people in government any more? I have heard that old nonsense about it not being “worth the time and money” becaue the bad guys are “too powerful” or they have “too much money, and judges in their pocket.” until I am ready to throw things… NO one seems to care amy more.

    Never give up, never give in, never again!

  6. Well, we’ve got Rangel and Waters SORT OF on the spit at this Congressional Roast – and, I’ve heard, a few ain’t too far behind! Unfortunately, most are in the super-corrupt Black Caucus – but maybe it’s time they were exposed for the crooks and power-mad swamp creatures they’ve always been; and maybe – just maybe – people will be so ashamed of the way these bastards have dragged their race through the swamp mud, they’ll shut their pie holes and pray that the dung doesn’t spread to them…

  7. Larry, I’m sure you’ve given this a great deal of thought – and no doubt others in the family have suggested it – but I think one way to multiply your fan base fast and exponentially is via Facebook. I’ve been drawn to it (addicted is probably more accurate!) for the past few months, as I’ve voraciously gained tons of new “Friends” (virtually ALL Conservative, too, of course) and read just tons of wannabee bloggers shouting their passion against Fedzilla (thanks, Ted Nugent!) and engaging in lively discussions all over the place. Some have some very good sites whereby the “director” works very hard to keep up with events and posts countless good and/or interesting articles & blogs, etc. – and, of course, the comment boards on all of them are usually lively and instantaneous. Anyway, it’s been quite an eye-opener, although I get my news from mainy daily blogs to which I’ve subscribed (although, truth be told, there’s so damn much out there that I usually have precious little time to read everything I’d like to – and I know this is the case for so many others as well!). Anyway, it’s one way to gain a whole new panoply of fans & followers, just as there are too many bloggers that have little talent or staying power. But it’s easy to decipher after a while and even easier to avoid – or even delete – the idiots and the dullards…

    Never give up, never give in – and never again!! Keep up the good fight, Larry, we love hearing from you (and others would, too, if they knew about you!). In fact, I’d love to post your articles to my Wall and let the fun begin!

  8. Joy,

    Been there, doing that..

    I’m on Farcebook, spelling intentional.. Hasn’t seemed to make a difference.

    If anyone is here now because of facebook, let me know.

    Facebook, like its bastard child MySpace, seems dedicated to mere “fluff”, baby pictures and kids bragging about how much they can drink while flipping off the camera.. Not to mention the impressive tatoo pictures.. I haven’t seen an appreciable difference in the numbers.

    Maybe the conservatives are out there but they aren’t looking in the right place.

    Thanks as always,


  9. Larry, Pleased to read this timely article. I was hoping you would. In an otherwise gloomy August Wangle and WaWaWaters have afforded me some out loud laughs. These two should go on the comedy club tour. Can they be serious? Wha? Stealing from the govmint is bad? Since when?

    I loved you “beating around the Bush”. I was wondering how long is would take for them to blame bush. “The devil made me do it”!

  10. Larry, thanks for your input – I do appreciate your honest response. That, too, was my initial experience on Facebook – lots of very boring & idiot crap from friends & acquaintii who would announce their very boring comings & goings and all the family to-dos, etc. etc. Then, and I’m not sure when this started, I had a “Friend’s” request from someone I actually didn’t know – SHOCK!! Well, 2K “Friends” later, I don’t know what happened to my original friends (my radical Conservative postings must have chased them away – at least, I haven’t heard from them in donkey’s years, as the Brits say!), but I am involved with countless discussions, rants and every sort of right-wing posting you can imagine. I just “confirmed” every Friend’s request and I’ve never looked back. Of course, the occasion libtard troll slips in, but I simply “remove” him/her from the Friends List, which, for the most part, consists of really nice, passionate, pro-American people from all backgrounds and all ages, etc. I don’t know how this self-selection process works, but early on in the process, when you see “mutual Friends,” it usually means they share your general belief system, too. Sure, there are some pretty heavy-duty born-agains, skinhead types and others who use the network to sell books or songs or videos or whatever; but for the most part, they are hot-to-trot on all the same hot-button issues you and the Family are. Of course, there are also a bunch of no-talent wannabee bloggers who invite you to visit their website (who has the time, really, to try to read through all of them?), but occasionally, I’ve come across some very good websites ( is one such), who are totally and fully engaged in a wide range of important and interesting discussions.

    As for all those early uninteresting exchanges with REAL friends & acquaintii, well, for some reason (as I said, it might have been my passionate political views that they can read on my Page or my Wall), I never – or rarely – hear from them anymore. The secret to getting out of that rut is to cast caution to the wind and “confirm” all those unknown strangers as “Friends” – and go from there. It’s easy to ferret out the occasional libturd troll or “independent” whose views are decidedly in the Demoncrap camp, but, for the most part it’s just your average Tea Party type, but a bit younger. Also, there’s quite a few Libertarians (interesting on many fronts) and even the ones who have blurred the lines between Far Left & Far Right (the 911 “Truthers,” e.g.), but even those can be interesting – up to a point.

    But you can’t have critical mass without throwing yourself out there on the “mercies” of those unknown right-wingers. That’s how I’ve ended up on a couple of websites myself – first, by responding to a Friend request from someone who invites me to visist his/her website; and if I like it, I subscribe – and then I hear from them directly (like I do from you), and the discussion is up & running! But I must say that there have been precious few websites that have attracted me enough to subscribe.

    This is not a precise science, of course, it’s like the luck of the draw and the freest of free markets – rather wild, in fact! But if nothing else, it’s been very entertaining!

  11. Other member of the Pelosi Swamp, which must be very deep and daunting thing are:

    Rep. Donna Edwards, D-MD:

    Crimes against the Constituents (this is a category on my website and what I call their corrupt ways):

    Edwards received $5,000 from Rep. Charles Rangel’s, D-NY, National Leadership PAC, the political action committee of the powerful New York Democrat who was chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee that writes tax law.

    Rangel is being investigated on multiple issues by the House ethics committee, including failure to report income from properties he owns in New York and the Dominican Republic. A company that gave $1 million to a New York school facility that will bear Rangel’s name subsequently received lucrative tax breaks, and he has reportedly solicited political contributions on official stationary. Rangel has been admonished by the House ethics committee and forced to give up his Ways and Means Committee chairmanship. This is just the tip of the iceberg for Rangel.

    Since the charges that were released against Rangel, how many have House members returned the corrupt money back to the PAC? One of those who has not returned the money nor has any interest to do so is Donna Edwards.

    Those who received the money from Charlie Rangel PAC are 19 members from the House receive that blood money and zero have returned it. They are: Rep. Steve Israel, D-NY., Rep. Nita Lowey, D-NY, Rep. Michael McCaul, R-TX, Rep. Allyson Schwartz, D-PA, Rep. Ed Perlmutter, D-CO, Rep. David Price, D-NC, Rep. Jim Himes, D-CT, Rep. Bill Foster, D-IL., Rep. Jerry McNerney, D-CA, Rep. Gary Peters, D-MI, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-AZ., Rep. Debbie Halvorson, D-IL., Rep. Mary Jo Kilroy, D-OH, Rep. Larry Kissell, D-NC, Rep. Suzanne Kosmas, D-FL, Rep. Joe Donnelly, D-IN., Rep. Harry Mitchell, D-AZ., Rep. Tim Walz, D-MN., Rep. John Hall, D-NY.

    In my book, if you take money knowing that the person who received that money and did so illegally means they were the recipients of stolen property because they kept it.

    The number of Republicans who received the money and kept it were: 0

    More names that are in the Pelosi Swamp:

    Rep. Kurt Schrader, D-OR: Schrader received $5,000 from Rep. Charles Rangel’s, D-NY, National Leadership PAC, the political action committee of the former powerful New York Democrat who is chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee that writes tax law.

    John Hall, D-NY: Hall received $21,000 from Rep. Charles Rangel’s National Leadership PAC, the political action committee of the former powerful New York Democrat who was chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee that writes tax law.

    Sen. Mark Warner, D-VA: Warner received $10,000 from Rep. Charles Rangel’s National Leadership PAC, the political action committee of the former powerful New York Democrat who was chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee that writes tax law. (Technically it Reid Swamp)

    Rep. Steve Cohen, D-TN: Cohen received $2,500 from embattled Rep. Charles Rangel’s National Leadership PAC.

    Rep. John Boccieri, D-Ohio: Boccieri received $5,000 from embattled Rep. Charles Rangel’s National Leadership PAC.

    Rep. Corrine Brown, D-FL: Brown received $5,000 from Rep. Charles Rangel’s, D-N.Y., National Leadership PAC, the political action committee of the former powerful New York Democrat who is the former chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee that writes tax law.

    Rep. Gary Peters, D-MI: Peters received $10,000 from Rep. Charles Rangel’s National Leadership PAC, the political action committee of the former powerful New York Democrat who until recently was chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee that writes tax law.

    Peters posted a statement saying that he would “donate the $16,000 he received from Mr. Rangel’s campaign committees ($2,000 last year and $14,000 during the 2008 campaign cycle) to local Oakland County charities.” I could find anything that showed he followed up with his pledge.

    Representative Laura Richardson (D-CA) is a two-term member of Congress, representing California’s 37th congressional district. Rep. Richardson’s ethics issues stem from accepting favorable loans and her failure to properly report a loan on her financial disclosure statements. Rep. Richardson was included in 2008 report on congressional corruption.

    In May 2008, Rep. Richardson’s Sacramento home was sold in foreclosure.
    She claimed that this had happened without her knowledge and contrary to an agreement with her lender. Rep. Richardson had failed to make mortgage payments on the property for nearly a year and had defaulted on other home loans as well. Rep. Richardson also failed to include the mortgage on her Sacramento home on her personal financial disclosure statements. According to press reports, Rep. Richardson has defaulted on loans at least eight times on properties she owns in Long Beach, San Pedro and Sacramento. She also failed to pay approximately $9,000 in property taxes on the Sacramento residence. At the same time that Rep. Richardson was missing payments and failing to pay her taxes, in June and July 2007, she made three loans to her congressional campaign totaling $77,500.

    On June 2, 2008, Washington Mutual Bank, Rep. Richardson’s lender, filed a notice of rescission of the foreclosure sale. By that time, James York, the man who had purchased the Sacramento home, had already invested money cleaning up the house and preparing it for resale. As a result, Mr. York filed suit against Rep. Richardson and Washington Mutual, alleging that Rep. Richardson received preferential treatment from Washington Mutual because of her position as a member of Congress. In July 2008, Mr. York dropped his suit, allowing Rep. Richardson to reclaim the home.

    In October 2008, Rep. Richardson shared her personal financial records with her hometown paper in order to show she was up-to-date on previously defaulted home loans. She claimed the loans for her Long Beach, Sacramento, and San Pedro homes had been modified and that her finances were in order. Rep. Richardson’s amended 2007 and 2008 personal financial disclosures failed, however, to include the mortgage loans for her properties in Long Beach, Sacramento, and San Pedro.

    Rep. Richardson’s housing issues have continued to plague the Sacramento neighborhood where one of her homes is located. In 2008, the Sacramento Code Enforcement Department declared her home a “public nuisance.” After visits to the home, city inspectors reported they found junk and debris in the driveway and rotting fruit in the backyard, attracting rodents. In May 2009, after neighbors complained about the home’s overgrown yard, the city posted another violation requiring that the lawn be mowed. The lawn was mowed but issues with the upkeep of the house did not end. Neighbors e-mailed and wrote letters complaining about the state of the home to Rep. Richardson and to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, to no avail. Eventually, neighbors began taking care of the house themselves: paying gardeners to mow the lawn, water plants, and rake leaves.

    In July 2009, it was reported that the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) had launched an investigation into the circumstances around the temporary foreclosure of Rep. Richardson’s Sacramento home and whether House gift rules were violated when neighbors spent money to clean up her property. The OCE contacted Mr. York and interviewed neighbors about the expenses they incurred cleaning up Rep. Richardson’s yard.

    Rep. Richardson’s campaign committee’s amended July 2009 quarterly report indicated the committee paid $6,000, and owed $36,474.43 in legal fees. In the campaign committee’s original July 2009 quarterly report, there was an additional $10,000 reported for legal services, but that was removed in the amended July quarterly report.

    Arrogant California Rep. Pete Stark, D-13, has some of his own corrupt baggage around his own neck but he was still given the Torch to the House Ways and Means Committee. What ethic baggage does he have? You may have read that the bipartisan House ethics committee cleared Stark in January after it conducted a probe into charges that Stark wrongly claimed a homestead tax exemption for his home in Maryland, where he is not registered to vote. (If he were registered in Maryland, he couldn’t represent his California district.) As the committee wrote in a November 2009 report, Stark “did not receive a tax credit as a result of filing an application for the credit” and “he did not file a false application for the Maryland tax credit.”

    Nevertheless, that’s what Crime Inc., found. However, if you dig below the surface you’ll find that an independent bipartisan Office of Congressional Ethics – established, Pelosi bragged, to demonstrate “a new element of transparency and accountability to the ethics process” – may have shined too much light on the House ethics machine.

    The OCE reported that it found “substantial reason to believe” that Stark misrepresented himself by filing a form in which he claimed he was registered to vote in Maryland. And after a news report about another congressman losing his primary-residence exemption, Stark called Maryland assessors and asked that the form be corrected – which he denied doing during an interview with OCE staff in his office. The report also noted that Stark “was extremely belligerent and frequently insulted” OCE staff, who soon realized he was videotaping them. Sounds familiar doesn’t it. That’s the way he is with his own constituents.

    Oddly, the House ethics report that cleared Stark also backed up the OCE findings, in that the panel recognized that Stark did say he was registered to vote in Maryland – although it called it an “inadvertent mistake regarding his voter registration, which was soon corrected.” Oh, and according to the House panel, Stark maintained that he may be “eligible” for the primary residence credit “because his Maryland home is the only home he owns.”
    Residents of San Lorenzo, California district house that Stark claims as his residence. Folks who lived across the street, next door and down the street were shocked to learn a congressman said he lived in their neighborhood. Which tells you: Fremont is the post-office box; Maryland is home, sweet home.

    This is identical to the former Congressman from Florida 19th Distinct, Robert Wexler, who used his in-laws condominium address for living in his district that he claimed to represent but really did not own a home in his name, only owed a home in Maryland. The home he used was in a senior living community and in order to lie there you needed to be 55 or older and no children under the age of 18 were not allowed. Wexler in all his dishonesty, cannot legally, even move to that residence because he has four children under the age of 18. After Wexler was confronted about the allegation, he stated that his mother-in-law does own the house in Delray Beach. However, he also said he stays there when in Florida which, according to his office is, on average, about twice a month. As a Florida resident, Wexler does not pay personal income tax, and his vehicles are also registered in that state, despite his near-permanent residency in the Washington metropolitan area.

    So, this is really just the swallow end of the Pelosi swamp and another reason why we shouldn’t trust any of the politicians on the House Ways and Means Committee.

    These are the members of the House Ways and Means Committee and if a member represents your District write or call them and tell them that… We the People will not tolerate anymore corrupt.

    Rep. Xavier Becerra (Democratic-CA) Member
    Rep. Shelley Berkley (Democratic-NV) Member
    Rep. Earl Blumenauer (Democratic-OR) Member
    Rep. Charles Boustany (Republican-LA) Member
    Rep. Kevin Brady (Republican-TX) Member
    Rep. Virginia Brown-Waite (Republican-FL) Member
    Rep. David Camp (Republican-MI) Ranking Minority Member
    Rep. Eric Cantor (Republican-VA) Member
    Rep. Joseph Crowley (Democratic-NY) Member
    Rep. Artur Davis (Democratic-AL) Member
    Rep. Danny Davis (Democratic-IL) Member
    Rep. Geoff Davis (Republican-KY) Member
    Rep. Lloyd Doggett (Democratic-TX) Member
    Rep. Bob Etheridge (Democratic-NC) Member
    Rep. Dean Heller (Republican-NV) Member
    Rep. Walter Herger (Republican-CA) Member
    Rep. Brian Higgins (Democratic-NY) Member
    Rep. Samuel Johnson (Republican-TX) Member
    Rep. Ronald Kind (Democratic-WI) Member
    Rep. John Larson (Democratic-CT) Member
    Rep. Sander Levin (Democratic-MI) Chair
    Rep. John Lewis (Democratic-GA) Member
    Rep. John Linder (Republican-GA) Member
    Rep. James McDermott (Democratic-WA) Member
    Rep. Kendrick Meek (Democratic-FL) Member
    Rep. Richard Neal (Democratic-MA) Member
    Rep. Devin Nunes (Republican-CA) Member
    Rep. William Pascrell (Democratic-NJ) Member
    Rep. Earl Pomeroy (Democratic-NPL-ND) Member
    Rep. Charles Rangel (Democratic-NY) Member
    Rep. David Reichert (Republican-WA) Member
    Rep. Peter Roskam (Republican-IL) Member
    Rep. Paul Ryan (Republican-WI) Member
    Rep. Allyson Schwartz (Democratic-PA) Member
    Rep. Fortney “Pete” Stark (Democratic-CA) Chair
    Rep. Linda Sánchez (Democratic-CA) Member
    Rep. John Tanner (Democratic-TN) Member
    Rep. Michael Thompson (Democratic-CA) Member
    Rep. Patrick Tiberi (Republican-OH) Member
    Rep. Christopher Van Hollen (Democratic-MD) Member
    Rep. John Yarmuth (Democratic-KY) Member

    Republican congressman are covering up the liberal corruption of these blatant liars and crooks. Why? If you plan to attend one of their Town Hall’s I hope you get the guts to ask them that question. Take no bullshit as they try to spin your question. You’d be amazed at how little people know about their representative.

    This is a lot to share so I’ll let you digest this information and if you want more let me know.

  12. A funny ad someone sent me. Enjoy!

  13. Eileen, as usual, you are amazing & phenomonel!!! All that crap you’ve uncovered is just totally sickening! That expose that you posted should be out there for THE WORLD – at least, the entire citizenry of the USA! – to see, absorb and throw up!! It’s amazing how corrupt and shameful/shamless these gonifs truly are. They’re WAY overpaid as it is – and continue to vote themselves a raise every year (can’t believe how this horrible loophole – if, indeed, it is one – is allowed to prevail!). On top of money not earned, they get themselves into all sorts of financial pickles & wheelings & dealings – and then lie and try to cover up their malfeasance. The swamp is so full of this crap that I wonder if it will EVER be drained!!

  14. O, Eileen – that ad is going out to many of my Radical Right buddies – just too good not to share!! As Howard Dean would scream, “Aghhhhhhhhhh!!”

  15. Margaret in CT

    If the Feds don’t get him, Charlie Rangel will remain safe and snug in the venerable 15th District of NYC, better known as Harlem. Ditto Maxine Waters, who is equally protected by the 35th District in South LA. Both know that most of the residents of their districts don’t raise their heads from the public trough long enough to care what their representatives are doing with the “white man’s money.” It’s all “payback” in these voter’s view. The thing that they don’t seem to realize is that they are on Rangel’s and Waters’ plantations, participating in an economy governed by murder and mayhem, rather than prosperity and independence, while Rangel and Waters profit. As long as Rangel and Waters can keep their slaves…uh, constituents…believing that all opposition to them and to their prince, Obama, is racial, these two criminals will drain the public coffers for personal gain, while continuing the ongoing scam that they are “working” for their minions.

  16. What a shame that there isn’t a mandatory retirement age for these thieving, aging fossils!!! (Rangel 80 or in early 80s and Waters 77 or late 70s)

  17. Being black should be no excuse for corruption, any more than being black should be an excuse for doing poorly in school and being chronically unemployed. However, in this day and age, Rangel and Waters and Obama have their skin to shield them from the multitudes of sins they commit. Its disgusting, and they should be ashamed, but Rangel’s too crafty (in a low-brow fashion), Waters is too stupid, and Obama has far too many enablers encouraging him for shame to work.

  18. You must have missed the part of the financial bill where Maxine Swamp Waters made special provisions to pressure banks to loan money to minorities. Another one that thought nothing was wrong with Freddie and Fannie, yet here she’s pushing the same drug in the financial bill.

    I am so tired of the race baiting with these morons. Do they think they are the only ones that ever suffered? Jews, gased in ovens, shot in the head, raped, pillaged and butchered. Hebrew’s were slaves of Pharoah, Christians and Jews killed by Romans and the Catholic Church. Black on black in Africa, killing their own. It’s about time these people spoke up and shut these carpet baggers up. We all have history to share but the black race in America somehow thinks they have a monopoly on it. I wish just once someone would shut them up and call them out on their race game.

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