Wrote Recitations

File this in the “driving rules to live by”: if the driver of the car directly in front of you cannot be seen over the headrest, get out of the area as soon as possible..

Another “driving rule to live by”: If the car directly in front of you looks as though it has just left the local demolition derby, get out of the area as soon as possible. This is NOT a case of “false advertising”..

Here is a thought relative to cab drivers: I would like to propose that a new law be drafted whereby each vehicle must display a large magnetic flag on the trunk of said cab denoting the nationality of the driver encapsulated therein. I will be on the lookout for the cabs sporting Old Glory and I will avoid the filthy foreigners who like to regale me with involuntary one hundred decibel samplings of their ethnic “music” and the rest who spend the entire time on cell phones squawking in their foreign tongue and then expecting copious tips for such exemplary service.. The idea of waiting for a cab with Old Glory on it might be as difficult as finding a liberal who DOESN’T smell like the catch of the day at the fish mongers, but I for one am more than willing to wait..

Democratic dipsomaniac Joe Biden said just yesterday that the liberals created over four hundred thousand jobs last month. However, CNBC on 08/19/10 stated that Obama and the Demokrats lost 500,000 jobs last month, which was the highest total for the liberals in nine months.. To boot, over 4.5 million people are still getting jobless “benefits” from the liberals who are to jobs what Jack Kevorkian is to bed side manner.. Eighteen months ago Biden said that the “scam-ulous” would create 3.5 million jobs. In that time, when the liberals have had COMPLETE control of both houses of Congress, 3.3 million more jobs have been decimated by the Demokrats and they are again flirting with their “historic” ten per cent unemployment rate.. When idiots like Obama and Biden get up before a carefully organized audience of liberal lemmings and low-lifes and claim that they have “created or saved” however many jobs, the psychosis of Demokratik denial must be cathartic. When either of them starts pounding out the totalitarian tune on the collectivist calliope, the Marxist marionettes begin to caper and cavort on cue.. This may go along way towards making the liberals “feel good” but what will be painfully obvious to them come November is that EVERY ONE ELSE IN THE NATION is not, or is no longer, mystified by the Marxist meanderings of the liberal “leaders” and their sophomoric socialist song and dance..

Obama shill Valerie Jarrett is at it again. Yet another of these “minority” banks is in trouble and the Obama goons are twisting thumbs and forcing other institutions pony up the cash to “save” this “bank”. Jarrett is in on the deal as she “served on a Chicago civic organization with the director of the bank” (“Leaders Agree to Prop Up Ailing ShoreBank” FoxBusiness 08/20/10) Obama “himself singled out the bank for praise in lending to low-income communities”.. That is certainly a recipe for a successful business.. Mind you, this is the same Jarrett that Obama and Emanuel tried to have “placed” into Obama’s old Senate seat while conspiring and conniving with the “Let’s Make A Deal” Governor Blagojevich of Illinois.. This is the same Jarrett that “managed” a Chicago slum known as “Grove Park” via Habitat, Inc.. This is the same Jarrett that was the “leader” of the embarrassing Chicago Olympics debacle.. Mind you, this is the same Jarrett that along with former employee, Michelle “Call me Jackie” O and David Axelrod, participated in the disgusting practice of “patient dumping” at the University of Chicago Medical Center.. It gets better, “some of the Wall Street firms that have given money have said they’ve received political pressure to contribute..” Sounds like the liberals.. “The bank has made its share of bad bets..” Isn’t this how the whole financial meltdown began? Clinton and Frank insisting on “fairness”, demanding that loans be given to those who shouldn’t have gotten loans at all and they used “pressure” to assure that the firms complied creating the faux Clinton economy that was destined to collapse.. So much for “change”..

On a similar note, “nearly half of the homeowners who are enrolled in the Obama administration’s flagship mortgage relief program have bailed out..” (Fox News 08/21/10) If they actually “owned” their homes there wouldn’t be a need for mortgage assistance now would there? “They (banking industry officials) also have accused the Obama administration of initially pressuring them to sign up borrowers without insisting first on proof of their income..” Sound familiar? Again, so much for “change”..

In keeping with the “Demokratik dance of denial”, Biden again said yesterday that this economy was “inherited”.. If they are going to keep repeating it, I will keep repeating my response. You have “inherited” this from yourselves as you have both continued to pile onto your progressive plates from the pockets of the middle class and as you have pigged out at the socialist smorgasbord.. YOU have had unfettered control of both Hoses since 2006 and you have had a “Supermajority” and the presidency not long thereafter. Obama was actually in the Senate during this time, what did he do to stop what it is that he allegedly “inherited”? He bravely voted “present”.. Black and Red make yellow..

“We are changing the climate of the world..” (“Clinton Invokes Climate Change Debate To Explain Pakistan Floods” Fox News 08/21/10) So says the socialist sow, the Secretary of Statists who has of late decided to play “duck and cover” as the shrapnel from the IED’s laid by the Obama administration have been decapitating those of the liberal political population who have been stupid enough to be caught standing up.. However, Rodham feels that the disaster in Pakistan, where the terrorist queue runs all the way into and through the beautiful and scenic countryside of Afghanistan, is the fault of the vapid and indefinable “climate change”. Just as “institutional racism” replaced the torpid “racism” in order to blur the lines of reality further, when “global warming” was laughed out of the public’s consciousness, “climate change” became the ruse du jour.. They feel that they are “proving their case” for global warming by dancing around the edges and wringing their grimy little hands.. The crafty Rodham said, “there is no direct link” but “I think the predictions of more natural disasters are playing out..” Note the silence from the anti-Americans as OUR “predictions of additional disasters playing out” due to the liberals being in power have been ignored.. “WMO Climate Chief Omar Baddour was quoted as saying ‘it’s too early to ‘point to a human fingerprint’ behind the recent disasters but climate change may be ‘exaggerating the intensity of them’”.. I will go on record as saying that the LIBERALS and their eco-coconspiritors are the ones “exaggerating the intensity” of them..

The perfect liberal has earned nothing yet still believes that he is entitled to everything..

Speaking of boobs, can’t we consider the “wonder bra” to falsie advertising?


15 responses to “Wrote Recitations

  1. Family,

    Just finished the latest TOTD, I would appreciate it if you would give it a read..


    Thanks as always,


  2. Just who is it that thinks home ownership is a right? It is NOT! It is a privilege earned by the sweat of your brow. We worked our buns off to afford a ‘starter’ home. When we moved (with our six going on seven children) into the neighborhood, we were known as the people in the little white house across from the school. It was three bedrooms with an unfinished basement. We (the whole family) worked to acquire this home and had moved from a two bedroom home half the size, so we always got a chuckle about living in the ‘small’ house. We OWN the home now with pride and have remodeled several times to keep it up to date and improved. My seven children continue the tradition of upgrading and keeping their property neat and clean. Now zippy wants us to help those who don’t know the first thing about working or pride of ownership. My brother just sold his home and the buyer thanked him for taking such good care of it. They had been looking for over a month and seen over two dozen homes – – – all in substandard conditions which were nearly uninhabitable. So I’m not surprised when I hear about the scam-ulus being touted as a success by egotistical narcissistic eletists. Zippy and Bidie Boy not only have diarrhea of the mouth, they have cotton stuffing between their ears – – the idgits!

  3. Richard,

    One of the foundations of liberalism is to turn a privledge into a “right”. When it becomes a “right”, a libral government must be available to guarantee its proper dispersement..

    I have always had a problem with this whole “ownership” nonsense. It is a “rent to own” and the lending institution owns the property until it is paid off.. “Ownership” is the GOAL.

    Those who play by the rules are ALWAYS the first ones punished when the liberals take control..

    Thanks as always and you sound like the perfect neighbor,


  4. Your driving rules are spot on! I agree with your proposed law… makes perfet sense to me.

    “The perfect liberal has earned nothing yet still believes that he is entitled to everything..” and he also thinks we should support and accept with no reservations the crack whore he co-habitates with and take care of his neglected children whenever he “can’t take it any more” and then give them back so he can screw with their minds a little more until the next time…… Well you get the picture.

  5. Speaking of cab drivers, in Minnesota it’s even though doubtful one of them would sport a flag on his cab and you’d do well not to wait for him as there’s a strong chance of he being Muslim and would turn you down because you violate Sharia law.
    “Getting out of the area” is not an option here, not even for the moronic Minnesotans. That would merely present us with our first Islamic state.


  6. Larry, You hit on many points that makes my blood boil. The Chicago “machine” as evidenced by the Blagoivitch trial is a perfect example. They are all a big ball of human excrement and are grabbing what they can while they can. The kicker is the lone holdout who would not hold him accountable because she said he did what all politicians do. What is this country coming to? The pols did a good job indoctrinating the lemings.

  7. T,
    I didn’t know Michelle “O” is a crack whore! But then, with the crazy shit she comes up with, it now makes sense.

  8. LOL! I really wasn’t talking about her, but if the shoe fits….. even if it is a Ferragamo!

  9. Larry, you are so “right on” about the “jobs created” fiasco! (So many things to discuss! So, I’ll start off with “jobs created”.)

    Observations on the economic scene:

    1. To get the economy running again, the unemployment rate would have to get down to five percent. In order to do that, we’d have to be creating 200,000 new jobs every MONTH…for seven YEARS!

    2. More commercial real estate loans have gone sour in the last two years than in the entire decade of the 1990s.

    3. Secretary of the Treasury Giethner testified on Capitol Hill and told Congress that the federal government is now guaranteeing a full 95% of the nation’s mortgages.

    4. The $140 BILLION in bonuses that the bankers paid themselves last year set a record for such remunerations.

    5. The statistic of the nearly-50% of people who have bailed out of Obama’s mortgage relief program you mentioned, is projected to rise to 70% in the very near future.

    6. Of the 10,oo0 biggest banks in the USA, some 1,6000 banks are at risk to fail, endangering the $3.2 TRILLION they hold in assets.

    7. The next big bank run will probably be caused by the big institutions who handle other people’s money. They’ll freak out at the earliest hint of trouble. And they’ll make for the doors with their money. (That’s how Washington Mutual lost $16 BILLION in deposits in its final eight days in 2008.)

    8. The federal government is now making the major financial decisions on nearly 50% of all trade and commerce. Call that what you like; I call it “corporate socialism.”

    9. An interesting line from Table S-4 in Obama’s budget states:

    “On Table S-4 we see how just the interest payments on our national debt will explode from $164 billion this year to more than $1 trillion a year in a decade.”

    (A trillion a YEAR , just for interest on the national debt!)

    10. At a recent meeting of Moody’s–the bond ratings people–it was said of Obama’s budget:

    “Unless further measures are taken to reduce the budget deficit further or the economy rebounds more vigorously than expected, the federal financial picture as presented in the projections for the next decade will at some point put pressure on the AAA government bond rating.”

    (Just what China would like to see: America losing its AAA bond rating; if that happened, then borrowing costs would be jacked up.)

    11. A lot of speculators are quietly buying “credit default swaps” that bet on US Treasury bonds defaulting. These swaps are the kind of “derivative” investments (now estimated at a world’s total of $670 TRILLION dollars!) that got us into huge trouble in the first place. Now the speculators are running the same risky game in the biggest market in the world: US Treasury bills.

    12. China shot ahead of the US last year as the world’s largest importer of oil.

    13. China bought 47% of our debt notes in 2006, then 20% in 2008, then 5% last year. Notice the trend?

    14. Obama has now added three Federal Reserve Governors: Peter Diamond, Sarah Raskin and Janet Yellen. They’re a bright-enough lot from a look at their resumes. But, interestingly, only one has any actual banking experience. The other two are academics with no real-world appreciation of how money really works. (That’s a big red flag–no pun intended!)

    15. In her first speech as Governor, Janet Yellen made it clear:

    “I’m not alarmed by the current enormous deficits” because they are “transitory and recession-related.”

    Not alarmed by a deficit that will soon swallow a trillion dollars a year just in interest payments? Well, she’ll fit right in with Ben Bernanke who claims not to be concerned about those pesky deficits, either.

    16. In their book This Time Is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly, authors Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff stated that EVERY TIME a nation’s debt went above 90% of GDP, the nation failed. They studied 25 countries over 800 years. There were no exceptions to this 90% rule. The US’s debt-to-GDP ratio is currently above 90%.

    17. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation reported in 2009, US banks made the lowest number of loans since…1942. All that money they were given by Obama to supposedly kick-start the economy went somewhere else.

    Not a pretty picture for the US economy, is it?

  10. Erratum at my #6: 1,6000 should be 1,600.

  11. Joe, on your YouTube video web address, you left out one character in it. Would you please repost the web site address? (Or tell me what the title heading of it is, so that I could do a YouTube Search for it?) Thank you.

  12. Monica,

    I did not want to make your blood boil, you are too valuable to me.

    Just remember, “A November to Remember”..

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Thanks as always,


  13. triviaman,

    As always a lot of information and well stated.

    The “facts” surrounding the Obama DEPRESSION lets us all know just how precarious the situation really is..

    Pray that capitalism can stave of the Demokratik Socialism of the Obama caliphate until November.

    Thanks as always,


  14. Family,

    Please check out the latest TOTD:


    Thanks as always for your support and for your comments,


  15. According to Stuart Varney from Fox Business, the stimulus that went to the banks is still sitting in their vaults. The reason why is fairly clear. They are afraid of Obama and Congress and the shaky way they do business. They are afraid new laws and regulations will hurt their banks. So, instead of loaning money they want to sit on it and wait and see what Congress and Obama will do. I think if the Republicans take one or both houses, this trend will continue. They’ve seen themselves being demonized by the progressive, while most invest their own funds in these banks and mortgage companies.

    There are tons of progressives invested in Fannie and Freddie and don’t want to see those investments tank, so they will keep their money in them because Fannie and Freddie invested in an energy patent that is also attached to Chicago Energy Exchange to which Obama, Valerie, Rahm, Pelosi, Reid, Plouffe, Axelrod, the Clinton’s and Peter Orszag are also heavily invested in CEX and if these corrupt band of progressive piranha are invested, I’m sure George Soros is as well. Their personal wealth is invested in these companies’s and hinge on passing the Cap and Trade Bill. When that patent goes into effect, and/or if the Cap and Trade passes law, then these crooks will benefit from all of these things. Fannie and Freddie stock is running less than a dollar. When and if they get the patent going their investments in F/F will start to climb in the marketplace.

    There is so much more to this story, some aspects I really don’t understand fully. I hate the stock market and see it like gambling. But what I do understand is that they are gambling with our tax dollars, but they will benefit financially from their decision as well. They are using tax dollars to give to the same companies they just gave federal funds too. They are building their own personal wealth and I cannot find a law that disallows this or find if they broke ethic rules by doing this behavior. To me it sounds like insider trading. They make the laws that benefit the companies they just bailed out and invest in them when the stock is down. The lower the price is the more stock they can purchase, the sweeter their reward will be. They make me sick.

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