Punched Out

The phrase “timing is everything” could not be more apt as it pertains to the “November to Remember”. The liberals are in their own way trying to reinvent “apathy” or in their case, the “Marxist malaise”. Merely papering over the progressive pogrom by enhancing the Demokratik diversions is the plan that they are implementing. Don’t you just wonder how things will be playing out?

The fiery deluge of liberal “causes” and “number one priorities” during the halcyon days has already been placed in dry dock. The fascist “four corner stall” is at cruising speed and the liberal necromancers will only tolerate an accidental resurfacing of the socialist submarine from this point on.

For example, if another Mooselim decides to build another terrorist incubator say, ten feet away from Ground Zero, the liberals and their “leader” will not be able to resist the collectivist cat nip of “going public” with their wholehearted support for the critters on carpets. Kooks like Carville and Howard Dean are holding seances nightly in the hopes of preventing yet another “involuntary exposure” of the liberal template anytime within the next seventy days or so as it is time to “appear centrist”..

So, the liberals will continue with their nonsensical nattering about how many jobs that they have “saved or created”, how amazing and wonderful the “stimulus” has been and how this “historic” president “changed” things with his health scare gibberish. Demokratik dimbys like Biden and even the liberal lecher himself Ol’ Whitey, will be bragging and braying in front of carefully assembled (m)asses about what an incredible success the Obama Depression has become.. The ability of the true believers to swallow this Bolshevik bacterium can only be outdone by those who don’t believe that the Obama Socialism has had any deleterious effect upon THEM..

The leftists will continue to blame the minority (mind you, this is the ONLY time that a liberal will EVER blame a “minority” for ANYTHING..) in Congress for their handiwork. Yes, those who have held both Houses of Congress since 2006, those who held a rare “supermajority” along with Barack “Taravelocity” Obama will continue to blame the opposition for the fact that their forced socialism didn’t work out as “planned”..

(Sidebar: As the liberals try to soften the impact of their collectivist cancer, I wonder if their central mouthpiece might end up with one of Obama’s extended/never ending vacations.. Robert Gibbs is on “vacation” and in his stead is one Bill Burton. Part of the diversion would be to place a “self deprecating” kind of “buddy or pal” in front of the media as opposed to a Gibbs who has on occasion been goaded into telling what is closer to the truth than any liberal dares to tread..)

Apathy is easy to impose, as it is the “path of least intellectual resistance”. It actually takes a modicum of effort (but not much more..) to unearth and expose the actual effects of liberalism upon our once proud nation. It is much easier to sit on one’s couch and to “believe” the packaged pablum of the left that is invariably passed off as progressive pabulum.. By placing their instinctual destructiveness on ice, the liberals want the opposition to merely punch themselves out on “issues” that will be out of the “collective consciousness” merely “due to age”. The liberals will constantly refer to the “Bush years” (more on that a little later..) but referencing the Obama Nightmare of the last two years will be “needlessly dredging up the past..” The “public” has an attention span of about twenty minutes when it comes to liberal political failures and now it is time for the liberals to focus on their imaginary “successes”.. As well there will be new American Idols to vote for, maybe another so called Star will start Dancing..

The “I said it therefore it is true” attitude of the liberals takes center stage at this point in the proceedings. For example, Biden can stand up (barely, without staggering..) and claim that the liberals “created” over 400,000 jobs last month and some people actually believe it. The truth is that Obama and the Demokrats oversaw another 500,000 in jobless claims last week, the highest total for them in over nine months worth of trying.. Mind you the “impartial” CNBC called this a “surprise”, (Weekly Jobless Claims Post Surprise Jump, Hit 500,0000″ 08/19/10) Biden can laughingly claim that the “stimulus” has created 3.5 million jobs when nearly five million people are STILL collecting jobless “benefits” and that is BEFORE counting those who have given up on the whole idea of “working” under the Obama Depression..

The idea of “verifiable proof” doesn’t seem to matter to those that simply WANT to believe because it is easier than investigating. People who were locked out of the alleged “debate” on the implementation of socialism, whose votes couldn’t deter the “enigmatic (careful..) enabler” and his “historic” collectivism are now being blamed for the damage of liberalism undeterred.. Millions of people have come to the conclusion that it is easier to believe the liberals than to prove them wrong..

For example, just yesterday in Chicago, between swigs from his fascist flask, Biden said, “no doubt were moving in the right direction..” (Biden: ‘We’ve seen this movie before’ Chicago Tribune 08/24/10) The apathetic “believe” but they believe for the wrong reasons. The failed socialist policies of Obama and the Demokrats are moving everyone in the RIGHT direction which is away from liberalism and to the RIGHT.. They continually reference the “Bush years” which to those who have not swallowed the Obama Eucharist reminds us that our property was worth about $100,00.00 more, our 401k’s were worth considerably more and our taxes were considerably LESS.. Keep talking about the Bush years, if so remind everyone of what it was that you did to deter and derail this progress when you took hold of BOTH Houses of Congress in 2006.. Please continue to remind us of how the liberal geniuses lead by the “Golfing Guru” have fixed this problem that they “inherited” from THEMSELVES..

Obama himself told people in Milwaukee to “not give in to fear, let’s reach for hope..” He even claimed that “Republicans want voters to be afraid of the future”.. (Obama pleads to voters: “Don’t give in to fear Yahoo News) No one WANTS to be “afraid of the future” but when the pattern of progressive destruction is on display as opposed to being continually covered up, being “afraid of the future” is simply being mildly observant..

The idea of being “punched out” when it comes to the collectivist cover-ups of their Bolshevik bungling seems ridiculous. As long as Obama or any other liberal for that matter, steps into the political ring and sticks their chin out, the job on the surface, appears to be too easy and downright invigorating..


16 responses to “Punched Out

  1. If we aren’t supposed to fear the future, then the mooselim president needs to recind all the “fear” legislation he has shoved down our throats and give us back our money and pride in America!

  2. Margaret in CT

    In the meantime, Republican voters continue to stagger me by actually believing McCain’s “electric slide” to the right. He’s a definite candidate for “Dancing with the Stars.” Yet again, I find myself having to hope for his election, even though his fox-in-the-henhouse ways are unlikely to change. We need the Senate, but not this Senator. The woman running for the Republican nomination in Connecticut is another not-quite Republican. You don’t have to search too far back in her checkbook to find donations to Democrat causes. Independence is wonderful; independents are not!


    We need to have these messages spread wide and far to bge
    sure we change the people in Washington this NOVEMBER
    like somone told me when SCOTT BROWN voted for the
    Financial services bill It is better that he is in there than
    Margjorie COAKLEY 80 % for conservative issues is better that 100% AGAINST
    Maybe the same issue with MCCAIN and if we gain control we can force him to follow our lead

  4. We have to knock all the liberals ( democrats and republicans) out of the ring in November. Unfortunately, we also need to watch for whatever they are up to while we are “distracted” by the elections. They will try to sneak things in.

    Never give up, never give in, never again.

  5. Read a good quote today which describes the sheeple of this country to a T:

    Which is worse, lack of education or apathy? Answer: “I don’t know and I don’t care.”

    My husband just put a bumper sticker on the truck (yes a diesel guzzling, 6-horse trailer pulling, one ton rig) that says: “Uninformed? Don’t vote!”

    November is going to be fun this time around…then we have to gear up for 2012.

  6. President Obama and his minions are hopig like heck the electorate is as stupid and amnesiac as they believe we are. While the average liberal is an ADHD-addled product of the public indoctrination camps (re: the public school system) whom believes only what they are spoon-fed by the mainstream media, we conservatives have learned to be objective thinkers, and seek information from sources other than the alphabet networks. We also have learned why liberals should never be allowed again to hold any job of responsibility any greater than that of sweat-mopper at an NBA game, and that we also need to excise the Republican Party of its Jay Rockefeller wing which has so poisoned the brand over the last few election cycles. While we will likely be stuck with John McCain, we need to send the neo-cons (RINOs) packing the same as we do their liberal and Progressive fellow-travellers which now own the Democrats. We cannot afford to vote people in simply because there’s a ‘R’ by their name. If they don’t walk the conservative line they do not deserve our support. We must remember our first priority is to retire Pelosi and Reid, the sooner that palsified harridan and her Senatorial counterpart are added to the unemployment line, the sooner we can begin the next great work: the impeachment of the Beautiful Leader himself.

  7. G. Nichols:

    “public indoctrination camps (re: the public school system)” That’s very a good description of what our education system has become.

  8. heh hehh hehhhh….nice article…

    Hey! Kool-aid Drinkers!
    How’s that “Recovery Summer” thing working out?
    Kinda like that “Hope & Change” bullshit??
    “Oblame-onomics” is NOT an economic POLICY!
    11-2-10: EVICTION DAY.
    PS – Got a job yet??

    Nation Destruction Ahead
    Vote Conservative

    Mark your calendars, 3 important dates coming up:
    Sep 24: “40 Days and 40 Nights” until Election Day – POUR IT ON!
    Oct 4: the day we give Congress their “30 Days Notice”.
    Nov 2: EVICTION DAY!

    The recession is over!
    Welcome to MAObama’s DEPRESSION!
    Oblame-onomics and his “stimilus” has successfully KILLED OFF what was left of the housing market.
    (PS – Kool-aid Drinkers: got a job??)

    I can smell November from my house…
    …smells like..


  9. Yes, we are stuck with McCainocrat. With 23 million you can buy your seat. I was sick of all the political ads and decided to watch the Food Network. You guessed it. McCain ads on that one too! I wonder how much each vote cost? Arizona had a rather small turnout. Pathetic.

    After the election one of McCain’s fellow senators said he was a closet liberal. Now he tells us! They should know.

  10. G.,

    I have callled them “indoctrination stations” in the past.

    That is usually meant for “institutions of higher learning”.. Whatever that is..

    The “lower” public schools pass the time by playing an old card game..

    “Pass the trash”..

    Thanks as always and remember, the only reason that the public schools are failing is due to a LACK OF FUNDING..

    Never give in, never give up and never again, throw the liberals out in 2010!


  11. Larry,
    Yeah, right, lack of funding. You could give each student their own school and the education system wouldn’t do any better than the Energy Department in reducing our dependence of foreign oil or the ever popular, “War on Drugs”, in ridding our nation of illegal drugs. What’s lacking is STANDARDS. Standards in quality of teachers and curiculum not to mention parents who could give a diddley whether their kid does well in school or not. Any check for more funding of these so-called schools should be made out to (to borrow from Forrest Gump) “Stupid is as stupid does.”

  12. The United States spends more money, per child, than any other nation ON THE PLANET.
    However, the United States has the WORST public school system than any other nation ON THE PLANET.
    Rather than hiring “translators” of ebonics for ‘duh gubmint’, perhaps we should be FIRING the INCOMPETENT “teachers” who ALLOWED Ebonics in their classrooms??
    (does anyone else remember being corrected by a teacher for using the word “ain’t”? Yeah, not so hard to do, eh?)


    PS – I’m White, Straight, Male, Conservative, Christian, and Heavily Armed. How else can I piss you off today?

  13. “I bring reason to your ears, and, in language as plain as ABC, hold truth to your eyes.” ~~Thomas Paine~~ December 23, 1776

    “It can’t happen without you, without a new spirit of service, a new spirit of sacrifice.” president-elect Barack Obama November 4th, 2008

    “It stands to reason where there’s sacrifice, there’s someone collecting sacrificial offerings. Where there’s service, there’s someone being served. The man who speaks to you of service, speaks of slaves and masters. And intends to be the master.”
    ~~ Ayn Rand~~ 1973 The Soul of the Collectivist

  14. Joe,

    I only have one issue with the book written by Ayn Rand..

    Collectivists have no SOUL..

    Thanks as always,


  15. Larry,

    The quote above was from an article Ms. Rand wrote in an article entitled “The Soul of a Collectivist” for a Conservative publication. One which this feeble old mind has unfortantely forgotten the name of. Sorry.

    In my mistrust of overall big government, I agree with Ms. Rand’s overall thoughts in that no matter WHO is given the power to govern, whether from the start or given time, all will be souless creatures.

  16. We should actually spend less on education, and raise the standards. We should adopt the Japanese system, whose standards are very high and quite rigid. If your grades aren’t good enough, you don’t go to high school, heck, you don’t even pass from one grade to the next. there are kids over there whom commit suicide to avoid disgracing their families for failure to to make it into a good high school. The pile driver was a popular means of restoring family honour. Over there failure isn’t exemplified as it is here, nor is it explained away, nor excused, it is a source of shame.

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