Smoother Roads

Liberal lush Joe Biden, the man who is allegedly “in charge” of the scamulous, has been on the road trying desperately to tout the progressive panacea that began the liberal’s theft from the middle class as the Demkrats have another election that they are trying to steal.. (Remember, whenever the liberals begin their inevitable class warfare cry of “we will tax the rich” they are going to tax the middle class, period.) Yes, this is the same scamulous that was going to “jump start” the economy leading to the “Recovery Summer”.. All of the happy talk from the liberals couldn’t overcome their socialist script and there isn’t anything remotely resembling “recovery” on the horizon as long as the demented Demokrats are trying to find “D” and “R” on the driveshaft of the totalitarian Titanic..

Believe it or not, the liberals believed that the only thing holding the American economy back was the “fact” that the homes of America were insufficiently insulated.. A little caulk around the windows could never overcome the fact that the Demokrats redistribution “game plan” was the equivalent of leaving all of the doors and windows open after you did your caulking.. Nevertheless, Biden screwed down his hair plugs and continued to humiliate himself as he bragged about the miserable Marxism of Obama and the Demokrats in front of God and everybody..

According to “Spin Meter: What Biden didn’t mention on stimulus” (Associated Press 08/27/10) Biden said that the ludicrous liberal administration “hit the accelerator toward spending $5 billion under the economic stimulus law to weatherize people’s homes, create thousands of jobs, help consumers save money and put the nation on track towards energy independence..” By the way, that sound that you heard was the economy hitting the brick wall after the liberals began “hitting the accelerator” by taking money from the consumers in order to redistribute it as only a liberal government can. As well, since the Demokrats have destroyed countless millions of American jobs, it seems appropriate that they would “spend” five billion dollars while allegedly creating “thousands” of jobs.. That’s Demokratic math at its best..

With the liberals, their motives far outweighs their ineffectiveness, their idiotic brand of politics is based upon emotion as opposed to reality and when they can simultaneously “put the nation on track towards energy independence”, well it’s time to “hit the accelerator..” Any time that the liberals can interlard another of their progressive panics like globalony warming into any of their other panics, it becomes a win-win for the them and a lose-lose for the rest of America.. It’s all about “doing good” NEVER about accomplishing anything.. Make that accomplishing anything POSITIVE, that is..

Yet the article addresses the fact that this is the “least organized spending project under the $814 billion economic stimulus law..” I would disagree with that assessment.. I feel that this is TYPICAL of the liberals who, under the “2010 timetable” that they recognized when Obama was sworn in alongside the Styrofoam columns and the Bolshevik bunting in Denver, have proven conclusively that they refuse to even read their so called bills, they just wanted them passed as soon as possible.. “Least organized” can’t be assigned willy-nilly to just ONE of the Obama failures..

“Nearly 18 months since it started, the stimulus weatherization program has experienced spending delays, insufficiencies and mismanagement..” Just for giggles, feel free to place ANY of the Obama collectivist cure-alls into that statement and it plays out exactly the same.. “The health scare debacle has experienced spending delays, insufficiencies and mismanagement..” Even in Biden’s home state of Delaware, the ENTIRE program has been scrapped since May due to what federal auditors have identified as “fraud”.. Again, absolutely appropriate. “Fraud” in the Slight House, “fraud” rampant throughout the liberal’s bills..

While groveling in Manchester New Hampshire, Biden claimed that the scamulous has “retrofitted 200,000 homes and would meet its ambitious goals of nearly 600,000 homes by March 2012..” Yes, there was more nonsense about “thousands of construction workers now on the job, (Biden forgot to mention the hundreds of thousands of construction workers the Obama Depression has permanently unemployed..) and more gibberish about how much “working families will save on their utility bills..” You might find this hard to believe, but Biden forgot to mention a few nagging details about the liberal’s “signature program”..

“In Alaska, the program has yet to retrofit a home..” It never gets cold in Alaska, no need to place that state on any kind of a priority list.. “In Texas, auditors found that the private contractor earning the most in stimulus money did shoddy work on 60 per cent of the houses it was hired to weatherize..” In California, $3 million stimulus (taxpayer) dollars went to one contractor who didn’t even take the time to train employees in caulking.. The name of the California firm you ask? “Campesinos Unidos, Inc.” I would suggest sending ICE by this location but that would be like shooting fish in a barrel.. California Inspector General Laura Chick said, “The program has flaws, problems and issues and it needs to be rethought. If it were to go forward exactly as it is today, I would be screaming bloody murder..”

“In Delaware, where Biden served as a U.S. Senator for 36 years, the tangible benefits of weatherization are hard to find..” The program there was placed on moth balls due to “lax oversight, conflicts of interest, and possible fraud..” Whom does this revelation surprise? This sounds like typical Democratik/Obama political procedure and rest assured the state of Delaware is on top of things as the Secretary of Health and Social Services, Rita Langdorf has dispatched the state’s attorney general to address the problems. The name of the attorney general so tasked, you ask? Beau Biden, the eldest son of the man in charge of the “program”..

“Contractors reportedly were paid for insulating attics they barely visited..” These contractors were merely acting “Democratik” as the liberals have never even gotten around to reading the massive malfeasance that they have summarily “passed” onto generations to come.. They “hire experts” to do this kind of stuff according to Max Baucus..

“Democrats said polling suggests that voters are more likely to support their record if they can see tangible benefits of the spending, such as winter weatherization and smoother roads..” Firstly, liberals don’t do anything without consulting “polling” and if they are talking about “records”, the liberals have certainly set “records” when it comes to unemployment, deficits and malaise.. As far as “tangible benefits” goes, “winterization” doesn’t match up to the actual creation of jobs and lower taxes.. The liberals can pave the streets with as much progressive piffle as they would like, but the Demokrats aren’t going to be seeing any “smoother roads” for years to come.. Then again, thanks to the liberals and Obama, neither will we..


14 responses to “Smoother Roads

  1. Family,

    Check out the latest TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  2. Alabama Redneck

    As always a great article Larry. Thank you.

    As for smoother roads, is seems to me they are trying to fill all the pot holes with our money. Literally. The trouble with that is our money is fiat paper and we all know that it is worthless. The same goes for caulking/recauling windows and doors. Instead of actual caulking material, they just stuff the cracks with Federal Reserve Notes.


  3. Alabama,

    Hope that all is well on your end..

    Your comment leads me to believe that the “collectivist caulking” might actually be progressive promissory notes..

    A kind of “world welfare check” with Obama’s mug on them..

    Either way they are both worth nothing..

    How’s that “change” a workin’ out fer ye?

    Make it a “November to Remember”.

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Thanks as always,


  4. Here in Texas, most women can do their own caulking. I doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do this. Most nineth graders can come up with better ideas than the Obummer, what an idiot!

  5. If the following article from my local paper is any indication of how well the “smoother roads” project is going in my neck of the roads, I think we all need to buy planes because the roads certainly will not be safe.

    Steel girders tip at Route 17 site – 07-27-2010

    PARKSVILLE — The $94.7 million project to transform Route 17 into Interstate 86 in this northern Sullivan County hamlet has hit a snag, after steel highway girders nearly hit the ground over the weekend.

    A set of girders just erected on new bridge abutments tipped over Saturday night, and state Department of Transportation officials say it could take at least a week to fix.

    The girders, which were erected on Friday, were still hanging over the ground near Fox Mountain Road on Monday, being propped up by scaffolding.

    DOT spokeswoman Lorraine Arrow said officials are trying to determine what caused the girders to tip over, as well as checking to see that the girders and abutments are still structurally sound. Arrow said the DOT hopes to have the structure fixed by Aug. 4. Fox Mountain Road will remain closed until repairs are completed, she said.

    She said the setback hasn’t affected work on other portions of the project, which is constructing a new highway that will rise above the hamlet and meet federal interstate standards.

    The DOT is moving the road just south of the hamlet, building a four-lane highway over a hillside and 13 bridges, and rehabbing five others over a 2.8-mile stretch.”

    I’m sure the DOT used those girders again, although I haven’t seen anything in the paper. It’s a good thing that I know all the back roads and short cuts because I’m sure I’ll be using them. Of course, I could be dead long before they get anything accomplished other than wasting taxpayers money.

  6. The main cause of problems with road repair and caulking being had is the instructions on the shovels or tubes weren’t written in Spanish.

  7. Hey Larry, great commentary as usual…I particularly like this one…’this is the “least organized spending project under the $814 billion economic stimulus law..” ‘ It really says it all…its simply a “spending project”.getting anything accomplished other than spending money is irrelevant. THAT is the liberal way, any program they dream up, can always be fixed if we SPEND MORE MONEY. That’s their economic plan in a nutshell…take money from the producers and spend it on all sorts of non productive schemes dreamed up by “experts”…you know liberal college types who’ve never had to work a day in their lives or figure how how to make money, or have a budget. If $15 billion isn’t enough make it $100 billion, and if you don’t agree your a bigot, a racist, a nativist, a Nazi etc etc…November will be here before we know it, can’t waste this election…time to get rid of the satus quo…as far as I’m concerned if you’ve been in Government for more than 8 years, its time for a new line of work…

  8. here’s a little tidbit to go along with today’s topic I came across in the Washington Times…as we all know economics is not a strong point of this administration and obviously not really a concern…

  9. Hey Joe Biden, “Joe the Jester”, the biggest clown in DC. Standing there waiting for the little bell to ring on his pointy hat to remind him to keep trying to fool the followers. He is the original Joker and does anyone believe him, standing up there making a fool of himself?

  10. My sister (an avowed Dem, whom has finally admitted (privately, so as not to upset her uber-libby hubby) Ronald Reagan was our greatest president, and that we got sold a bad bill of goods by Obama) sent me an article, which suggested the idea of replacing George Washington with Barry O on the one dollar bill. WTF are they thinking in Washington if they’re trial ballooning this?

    Course, if the downward spiral continues, and the USA becomes a vassal state of the Greater Chinese Co-Prosperity Sphere, the running joke can be ‘how many ‘O-Notes’ do you need to buy a load of bread?’

    Ol ‘Uncle Joe’, Barry O, and Bozo the Spokesman (that Florida Congressman’s shot at the Press Secretary was square on for once) are further proof of how badly we need to flush this crew of incompetent sycophants and a-clowns.

    We also need to pray for Beck’s Restoration of Honour rally. One can tell how much the Progressives fear him by the amount of vile demagogery is thrown his way. It should be noted that while he exposes the levels of the Progressive threats and ambitions, Washington does NOTHING to counter his claims, even when invited by him to do so. Restoration Hope and faith is what needs to happen for this nation to bounce back from the abyss.

  11. Family,

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  12. Family,

    Better yet, I may post this as a quick article over at NLTZ.. I might even add some things to it..

    Either way, GET THE WORD OUT.

    Apathy in the face of Islam is a death sentence.

    Thanks as always,


  13. Family,

    OK, I did it..

    Just a little light reading on a Sunday..

    Thanks as always,


  14. I especially liked the ‘Totalitarian Titanic’ analogy. And that is one ship we really want to sink! The first thing I tought of when this ‘weatherization’ money pit opened was, oh goody! Another cash for clunkers! And they are getting in their clunkers and hitting the accelerator. And I fully agree that 8 years inside the beltway is already too long. Flush ’em!

    NEVER give up, NEVER give in and NEVER again.

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