In order to add insult to injury, (which were at least two of the specific goals..) now we learn that the “mosque” being planned in lower Manhattan might “qualify for tax-free financing..”

This barbaric blasphemy might be considered a “religiously affiliated non-profit”.. This taxpayer benevolent benefit might be granted if “they can prove the facility will benefit the general public and their religious activities are funded separately..” (“Ground Zero Muslim center may get public financing” Reuters) Yes, this might be a “public subsidy”. The liberals want the “victims” to fund this “magnificent nineteen” monument..

We ALL know that terrorism is “religiously affiliated”, the problem is that SOME of us are afraid to state this publicly and this “affiliation” is JUST ONE of the reasons why this “mosque” (and its inbred inhabitants) should be relocated.. The term “funded separately” simply requires the Mooselims to cook their books in order to cover their IED’s as effectively as the Obama caliphate cooks theirs.. The foggy definitions of “benefit the general public” and “religious activities funded separately” will all be glossed over by the liberals who continue to soil themselves as they perpetually prostrate themselves before the miserable Mooselims.. Again as we state the obvious, we ALL know that Mooselim “religious activities” are “funded separately” from their “take over the world” inspired terrorism, wink, wink, nod, nod.. Whatever kind of “happy face” the Mooselims choose to place upon this “mosque”, to me it is nothing more than a Mooselim Potemkin Village where malodorous cab drivers can be “properly instructed”..

Isn’t it charming to see all of the liberals clamoring for this “religious” roach motel when the idea of “religion”, “religious freedom” and “religious expression” normally gives them a fit of the vapors.. I’m sorry, I’ve confused the liberal’s bile towards Christianity and Judaism as their feelings towards ALL religions.. Thank the Lord that no one wanted to erect a cross, let alone a church, anywhere near Ground Zero, that would have been an affront that NO liberal would have allowed.. I still can’t believe that at least one of them didn’t retain some “snivel rights lawyer” and demand that the tattered American flag that flew over the smoldering ruins left by the Mooselims handiwork be forcibly removed by September 12th..

The liberals DEMAND for “tolerance” from Americans who then repulsively acquiesce in the face of their progressive puling isn’t similarly demanded of the Mooselims who aren’t as “tolerant” towards a large number of the liberal’s “special interest groups”, for example, the homosexuals, as we apparently HAVE to be.. When the Mooselims put a statue of the lisping liberal Barney Frank in the foyer of this fascist façade, THEN we might believe in the concept of Mooselim tolerance.. Actually, when the liberals themselves demand that said statue be placed, THAT is when I will begin to believe that their cries for “tolerance” aren’t more than just a contrived progressive power play..

So this terrorist greenhouse “might” be built within the shadow of what once was the World Trade Center and now it “might” be built using “tax-free financing”.. All of this just “might” tell you everything that you need to know about the “Peace in our Times” progressives and their true feelings towards their true allies..


34 responses to “Might

  1. Family,

    Just a little “light” reading on your Sunday, I hauled up well before I usually do word wise.. Believe me, this could have easily been another 1,500 word effort..

    Didn’t want to take too much of your Sunday, but I felt that this needed to be said.

    Now all that I ask is that you “tell someone else”. Forward it, email it, whatever.

    By the way, please do not bother with sending this to any liberal in order to annoy them. We know that they are well beyond help and you can’t fix stupid. Besides they are liberals, they are both annoyed and annoying by nature.. I try to forward things to the “conservative big guys” but never hear anything back, does anyone have any secrets as to how to get through to the “movers and shakers”?

    I need to see some more “fire” coming from NLTZ. I have never wanted it to be about merely expressing the “obvious”.

    Never give in, never give up and never again! Make it a “November to Remember”!

    P.S. I would love to hear from some of the NLTZers from the past.. Beanhead? 2 headed Rick? Old Cobber Arthur? My main man Stitch?

    Thanks as always,


  2. Larry, there is so much going on in the blogosphere these days that’s it’s virutally impossible to keep up!! People are bombarded!! Furthmore, in this new era of Conservative ascendancy/Conservative Arising, there are now SO many out there blogging away – albeit some should probably keep it all to themselves, ’cause their writing is so poor and their ideas/arguments to poorly expressed and/or defended that they amount to little more than diarrea (sp?) of the keyboard/computer.

    It seems what it takes these days is steady, ongoing drum-beating and sometimes outrageous (but true) statements. I’m wondering what keeps the creative juices of other sites going (Atlas Shrugs comes to mind).

    There’s another excellent blogger out there that I happened to meet at an event in LA – J. E. Dyer blogs for Commentary online, but she, too, only emerges periodically. I have no idea the size of her following, but bec. of her association with Commentary (an excellent Conservative Jewish journal of opinion), has, of course, access to a much large generally Conservative base.

    I guess, in the end, it all comes down to an extremely competitive market!! Good luck, however, in your ongoing quest for a large audience. These things – as you so well know – require extremely aggresive tactics IF you want to have a larger “fan” base – because it’s all out there free of charge, to boot!

  3. Formally 2 headed Rick is now Rick.
    That`s me now.
    Side note:
    I ran into to an x girlfriend last night,the reason she is an x is because
    she was a lefty.
    Last night she said “next time I`m voting Republican.
    To late.I still hate her.
    I`m finding a lot of libs are telling me they have buyers remorse.
    Thats music to my ears,makes my day.
    Wonder if others in the family are hearing the same buyers remorse.
    Let`s share.

  4. No matter which way you slice, dice, puree or spin it, the use of public funds to build this affront to our nation is tryanny!

    Make it a NOvember to remember!

    (I think this is going to be the first big sign on the side of my son’s business when we get moved, and I will reference NOLEFTTURNZ)

  5. Margaret in CT

    In fact, the Greek Orthodox congregation that lost the St. Nicholas Church in the conflagration on 9/11 tried to erect another in its place. No dice. The Port Authority said “nyet.” The stink of hypocrisy is all over this one.

  6. It upsets me greatly that there are folks like Bloomingberg etc, etc, that are upholding this as a rightious move. I just can not understand how this obvious insult and others (cole) are just ok with some of our so called leaders. Everytime I hear this kind of talk I want to just”puke”.

  7. I find it amazing the same folks whom demand that Muslims are free to practice their religeon wherever they wish are the same ones whom tear down Christmas displays. We Christians are told we must show tolerance, while the Muslims run around committing honour killings in America, and aid and abet terrorists. There have been demands from some quarters that Sharia Law replace American Common Law. Unless we wish to end up like the Christians and Jews of Iraq, or the Zoastrians of Iran, we’d darned well better start defending our faith.

    It is an established fact of history Muslims build mosques on the sites of great Muslim victories. The great mosque in Jerusalem stands where the Temple of Solomon once did. Churches were replaced by mosques after the Turks took Constantinople, and the mosque in Cordoba (where the NYC Muslim center gains its name) was built to commenorate the Muslims conquest of Spain. Had we not fought the Crusades, Western Civilization would have vanished under the Muslim onslaught. History is rife with anecdotal evidence illustrating a simple point: when Muslims take over Christian nations, the local Jews and Christians suffer.

  8. I send your blogs to Roger Hedgecock, I’m sure he would love your sense of style and humor and sent it to Glenn Beck’s Stu to put on the blog on their website. I send you around quite often to friends.

  9. Larry, I to miss Stitch. If anyone knows where he is please post. Did he have a Blog site? Good article. All religions are OK if it is not Christian. Maybe Glenn Beck will have an impact on the country. I too try to help with telling people about this site. We pass out a list of recommended sites at Tea Party and 9.12 meetings. This site is number 1. Keep up the good work. Take a look at the EPA for your unique treatment. GOD bless the USA.

  10. Hello all,

    Me, I’m just happy you are back. I really missed these postings.

    Does anyone think they will find any Americans to build this thing even with any type of funding? Some of the whispers out there are challenging the contractors to boycott this thing. I do hope this happens. I am also interested in seeing how long this thing stays standing if it does get built.

    Curious peeps want to know, lol.

    ’til next time,


  11. Maybe you could do blog talk radio, the Larry and Stitch show or the No Left Turnz radio blog show. Believe me with some of those guys who use that avenue, you would climb to top in no time. Have some guests, talk conservative, have some comedy. Your show will build on it’s own once word gets out. I listen to a lot of podcasts and have found a few that I like on blog radio. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/

  12. NOvember, I love it. The sea change we all expect must be constantly reminded to our friends and connections. We must continue to support our candidates with bucks, signs and conversations. My lib friends are suspiciously quiet these days but unable to converse without STILL blaming Bush……
    Still, remember, buy gold and buy LEAD.

  13. The “peaceful” religion has for centuries cooked the books between it’s elite leaders being well fed while keeping it’s followers dutifully lying in squallor.
    Our “I Forgot” Congress and the White House “Closet Quran Worshipper” have taken lessons. While the muslim’s meal of a poorly skinned donkey cooked over camel dung doesn’t quite equal the progressives “fuzzy math”, both will leave a disgustingly hairy (or is that whorey) taste in your mouth.


    Keep it up Larry
    I think RUSH LIMBAUGH has it right that funding for this.
    monster will not happen and then it will disappear HOPEFULLY
    Dick Morris has made a good point that the two weeks before November elecrtion the majority of upset citizens will wake up and
    really add strenght to our efforts to change Congress
    Just finishing reading thwe MANCHURIAN PRESIDENT
    Eileen musat have read this book if so your comments please

  15. I wish I had some “buyers’ remorse” stories to relate, but, alas, my lib friends would never admit it – and hate Palin for no other reason than they’re firmly on the other side of the gaping cultural & political divide in our country. I think, however, that they’re losing steam on the mosque thing – they were never big religionists to begin with; and the best that my NYT-reading friend (couldn’t live without it, etc.) could offer re that fork-tongued scumbag Imam Rauf was, “But isn’t he a Sufi? A moderate?” She’s still being fooled, but the subject doesn’t gain that much traction with her. On the other hand, although she’s supposedly never been much of a fan of Obama (“Remember, I was for Hillary!!”), to admit that he’s as awful as he is would be to not only just admit failure on the part of the Dems, but, by extension, her own self-induced delusion. NO one wants to admit fairlure on such a grand scale!

  16. Rick,

    Most of the lefties that I know won’t discuss the Bumbling Bolshevik.

    They all want to talk about the weather..

    “Too late, I still hate her..”


    Thanks as always,


  17. Richard,

    I surely wouldn’t want your son’s business to be harmed in any way, liberals are a teribly cowardly and vindictive bunch.

    I appreciate your kind words,


  18. G.,
    Perfect, I have nothing that could add to your commentary.

    Thanks as always,


  19. Gina,

    Bless you. What would you like for Christmas?

    Thanks as always,


  20. Graywolf,

    I can always count on both you and Eileen.

    Stitch has been very busy of late but he still finds time to read.

    Thanks as always,


  21. Ninth,

    Don’t be surprised if they “import” some more middle easterners to build this blasphemy.

    Then they can stay and plan against the infidel as well.

    Thanks as always,


  22. Gina,

    Stitch and I had actually tossed that idea around awhile back..

    Right now, it is just a “time” thing more than anything..

    There is just not enough of it..

    Thanks as always,


  23. Joe,

    Your words are hauntingly true..

    Thanks as always my friend,


  24. JR,

    I touched on that point in “Punched Out”.

    If everyone’s attention span isn’t diverted and if their “short term memory” doesn’t malfunction, November will be wonderful.

    Thanks as always,


  25. Joy,

    I have to admit that I was stunned as to how easily Hillary rolled over after being rolled by the Obama people.

    Secretary of State doesn’t seem to be a better gig than president but power is power..

    Thanks as always,


  26. Ed,

    Bloomberg is just an opportunist with a bankroll.

    I have no idea how the great city of New York stands him..

    Thanks as always and welcome to NLTZ!!


  27. Moots,

    “Beating around the Bush” is a GREAT game plan for the liberals.

    The “moderates” who were fooled in 2008 won’t be buying this rerun though..

    Can’t fix stupid..

    Thanks as always,


  28. Hello All,

    I hate to say this, lol, but piaps is starting to look pretty good, relatively.

    I’m just saying,


  29. Larry,
    Another good one, please keep’em coming.
    After the Greek Orthodox church gets rebuilt at ground zero, then, perhaps we could talk about another mosque BUT , not until then .
    Mayor Bloomberg appears to be a mini version of Soros – too much money at his disposal.
    Just waiting for the ” NOvember electocution” of the Lib party !!

  30. J R,

    Americans need not only wake up, they need to get the hell out of bed! 25 long years we’ve been at war with these muslim mongrels ala Progressives, when “Peanuthead” Carter couldn’t decide what to do about the Iran hostage situation. Knowing the U.S. was a superior power, Jimmy had in his renowned decisive powers, three choices. Force Iran to free the 144 hostages, pound a nail into a board for a home for the poor or pee down his leg. True to fashion Jimmy smiled a lot, peed on the nail and then drove it into his leg. The hostages would have to wait until Ronald Reagan was elected when, curiosly, Iran gave them back.
    All the while were numerous “attacks” of American bases, institutions and embassy’s then came along “Kingfisher” Clinton and the attack on the U.S.S. Cole. An attack on a U.S. War Ship is considered an act of war. But not Billy who must have put the country on hold when he said, “Give me thirtey minutes, I’ve got a sucker on my line” and then sent the F.B.I. merely to investigate.

    And now we’re left with the “Brown Bower” giving a free pass to those who commit acts of war against this country. I wonder if he’ll hand out the same favor for that hairy sheet-head that planned the twin towers devastation.

  31. Faliy,

    Here is the latests offering at NLTZ:


    Thanks as always,


  32. I’m going to try and insert a url for a story about Rauf. One commentor said it was hard to type while vomiting after reading this:

  33. Once again, they haven’t vetted the nominee…… they just don’t learn.

  34. Richard,

    Grab a barf bag and some rubber bands to hold your eyelids open but how does “I am an Imam Rauf, you will live like animals,” differ from, “I am President Obama, I will reduce America to animals.”

    This brown bag of bullshit is going so far as to present the Arizona law on immigration to the U.N. Human Rights council. This bellybutton bower has pledged to fix the ‘broken immigration system’ (one that his black ass hasn’t done anything about except welcome more prospective voters across the border) and then cited the Arizona law as being an offender.

    I’m tellin’ y’all, that boy was born with his hair curled to tight!

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