Almost There

The “historic” Obama has certainly been that and then some.. That is not to say that being “historic” is always a good thing. Then again, that depends upon whose definition of a “good” thing we are using.. We are dealing (or trying to deal..) with the liberals here so the “normal” definitions of words like “good” and “historic” have taken on the typically warped definitions that can only occur when they are exposed to the demented politics of the left. One look through the collectivist kaleidoscope will hypnotize the weak, that combined with one exposure to the socialist soliloquies and you can then add another helpless victim to the repulsive roles of the liberal base..

One truly “historic” thing about the Obama caliphate is the “numbers” that they are generating. For the nation that has been submerged in the Obama solipsistic socialism for two years, these “numbers” aren’t “good” at all. As I said, those definitions depend upon your perspective. To the liberals, who still haven’t completely understood the meaning of the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution, (maybe Max Baucus can find another “expert” to read it for him..) ALL of these numbers portend “good” things.. To the rest of us, this Marxist motion is in the wrong direction.. These definitions “change” depending upon the goal or goals of those using the words..

Please keep in mind that with the liberals all motion is relative. The liberals just need to be “moving”, direction is irrelevant. In particular with the Obama sub species of liberal, “direction” can be repeatedly blamed upon one singular moderate Republican President for humorous effect.. Mind you, this lone Republican was constantly accused of being horrifically stupid and inept yet according to the caterwauling collectivists, he has managed to allegedly create an economy that the entire plethora of pathetic (and highly intelligent..) progressives who have been put into office since 2006 just can’t seem to correct.. He found time to do all of this in-between carefully placing explosives at both the Twin Towers and on the levees in the ninth ward in New Orleans..

The reality of the Obama Depression, combined with the liberal’s proclivity towards indentured servitude, has created a series of numbers that will be hamstringing generations to come. This is a “good” thing from the lascivious liberal perspective.. When the liberals succeed in turning you into a “victim”, it all becomes so overwhelming that you have to turn to THEM in order for order to be restored.. What the “victim” seldom realizes is that the liberals then create further chaos (they are still “moving”) and then they blame others for their collectivist calamity, all the while claiming to be trying to restore “order”..

So Obama assumes his throne based upon the claim that the downturn in the economy was the fault of George Bush (as he overlooks the actual guilty suspects, the Democratic House and Senate since 2006, during which time he was “present”..) and he begins his assault upon the middle class with the trillion dollar “Scamulous”. Here are just a few of the results of his attempt to restore “order”..

“Government anti-poverty programs now serve one in six Americans..” (“Record number in government anti-poverty programs” USA Today) One has to wonder whether this mathematical analogy includes the untold and uncounted millions of ILLEGAL immigrants.. One in six Americans.. Let that sink in for a moment.. Also keep in mind that the “anti-poverty programs” of today are as effective as the “anti-poverty programs” of liberals past.. What they are really hoping for and working towards are “PERMANENT poverty pogroms” which translates into a higher Demokratik voting base..

“More than 50 million (50,000,000) Americans are on Medicaid..” Here is the dark lining to that dark cloud, “the program has grown even before the new health care law adds about 16 million (16,000,000) people beginning in 2014..” The liberals have forced this cancerous “change” upon what was once the premier health care network in the world. Doctors are already being replaced with “nurse practitioners”, so called “doctors” will be coming from bizarre mail order “colleges” and alleged “universities” from such bastions of higher learning as Pago Pago and Crimea.. The self creating shortages will demand that the liberals institute their various “death panels” in order for the left to decide who or whom is entitled to their “health care” which then places America on all fours with such medical trendsetters as Somalia and Venezuela..

“More than 40 million (40,000,000) people get food stamps, an increase of nearly 60%..” Here is yet another “historic” accomplishment of the Obama politburo and the Democratic House and Senate.. Why is that you say? “This program has grown steadily for the past three years..” Here is another morsel, “the economic stimulus law signed by Obama last year has also boosted benefits..” Here is a real Cracker Jack of an idea, forcibly take money from societies productive and redistribute it to the nation’s sponges and leeches! It is an absolute mystery as to why the economy is barely sputtering along when such “stimulating” concepts keep coming from the scamulous and its creators.. The only “benefits” belong to the liberals who want as many of the productive transformed into mendicants as possible so that they can hold their “benefits” over them in order to retain office..

“Close to 10 million (10,000,000) receive unemployment insurance, nearly four times the number from 2007..” Let me add to the end of that statement, “..when George Bush was President..” Obama’s magic was at its best in January when 12 million (12,000,000) were receiving “benefits”.. The missing two million (2,000,000) weren’t the recipients of any of the “shovel ready jobs” or any of the alleged “saved or created jobs” fabricated by the Demokratik dullards, they simply ran BEYOND the “benefits” that they were eligible for and they dropped from the rolls..

“More than 4.4 million (4,400,000) people are on welfare, an 18% increase..” The wonderful thing about the liberals and their “benefits” is that they so very often overlap which really rewards the “beneficiaries” of the leftists Bolshevik benevolence.. Those on welfare get food stamps, AFDC, free medical care, free or greatly reduced housing (section 8), free utilities, etc., etc., etc.. Any time they want a “raise”, they just march around and scream about the horrible circumstances surrounding their personal sloth and the liberals respond by taking more from the productive who then can’t hire new employees and those productive left employed find their “disposable income” claimed by the altruists of the left for the “benefit” of the downtrodden..

“The federal price tag for Medicaid has jumped 36% in two years (“two years”, that’s the Obama Depression when the Demokrats had complete control of BOTH Houses..) to $273 billion..” (273,000,000,000.00) “The food stamp program has risen 80%, to $70 billion..” (70,000,000,000.00) Welfare is up 24%, to 22 billion..”(24,000,000,000.00) These are the kinds of “historic” numbers that those not gullible enough to vote for the Obama socialism knew that he could attain with the help of his Marxist marionettes in both Houses of Congress..

One of the liberal’s primary goals has always been to turn a self-reliant society into a collection of dependent infantile chattel whom then become addicted to the left and its perilous politics for its “support”. By taking one look at some of the numbers collected by the collectivists, you can see that they are almost there..


7 responses to “Almost There

  1. Family,

    After just giving this last one a read, I couldn’t get a visual out of my mind..

    Little Barry Soerto in the motorcade, bouncing up and down in his seat with his liberal lollipop in his hands saying, “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?..”

    Thanks as always for everything,


  2. When I first listened to part of an Obama campaign speech I must say I was impressed. Then, listening to part of a second speech I became suspiscious. The third time I heard Obama speak I determined that his skin color was not from his heritage, but from the amount of BS he contained.

    Like Hooded Cobras, both the educated few and un-educated progressives were entranced by the “flute” of his lies in the promise of “Hope” of a easier tomorrow for them and a “Change” for bigger baskets. Now the snakes find themselves no better off, facing smaller baskets, less food, poorer health provisions, all while the snake charmer and his elite laughingly enjoy the benefits of an even bigger government.

  3. Thanks for that last image, Larry. Now I can’t stop seeing it. The numbers are totally shocking and it is always ‘up’ with bammy even the part where he says up yours! The only thing not up with him is his approval ratings – and I hope they continue to fall as more of America awakens! “Danger!” “Danger!” Mr. and Mrs. America! Wake up to NOvember!

  4. We need to recall that George Bush is almost as much a Progressive as Barry O is. The differences are that he supported the mission of the troops and favoured a pro-active approach to combatting our enemies abroad. However, while he didn’t favour a laisse-faire approach to our borders, security was hardly a priority on his watch. The ‘No Child Left Behind’ policy has been a disaster for the public screwl system, as now children are being promoted to the next grade, rather than be held accountable for their epic fail. There’s also the matter of him rubberstamping Frannie & Freddie, the Stimulus, et al. While our current situation isn’t entirely Bush’s fault, there is plenty of blame to be spread around.

    There’s no doubt President Obama must now shoulder the blame for the complete failure of all his policies; just like in football, when the team performs badly the coach and the quarterback end up taking the heat. Unfortunately, Obama won’t do this, because, just like in corporate America, CYA is SOP.

  5. Family;

    PLEASE take the link over to the TOTD, this is important!!

    If you aren’t mad now, you will never be..

    Pass this along. Please.

    Thanks as always,


  6. Family,

    The “extended version” is up for grabs at NLTZ if you liked that one:

    Thanks as always,


  7. My county in the VERY south of Florida had 3000 folks on food stamps (when is the one going to put his puss on them?) now 2 years later 6000!
    We only have 60,000 in the whole county.
    Remember to buy Gold and buy Lead!

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