You may find this very hard to believe, but two more Mooselims, undoubtedly “practitioners of the religion of peace”, were up to their usual airport hijinks again.. According to an ABC News exclusive, “this was almost certainly a dry run, a test..” according to “one senior law enforcement official”. “Almost certainly”? Why “almost”, just go with “certainly” and leave it at that.. “A test”? The security guards/federal imbeciles/simians who make me take my shoes off and repeatedly rummage through my carry on bag while Habib, with his “Magnificent Nineteen” shirt and ticking turban gets a pass, well they obviously FAILED another “test” again..

Not unlike the phony “imams” who were trying another angle on a US Airways flight back in November of 2006, these Mooselims were OBVIOUSLY “testing” the waters. For the sake of argument, I am going to assume that these two were Mooselims. What would I base such an assumption upon? Their names were Ahmed Mohammed Nasser al Soofi of “Detroit” via YEMEN and Hezem al Murisi.. Silly me, just a couple of nice Irish kids out on a lark.. Maybe they were pledging for a college fraternity.. Gamma Gamma Allah Akbar..

The good news in this is that Ahmed Mohammed Nasser al Soofi al Gore was “stopped” in Birmingham due to “bulky clothing”.. Were that actually a barometer for being double checked at the airport, the “Prince of Whales”, Michael Moore must be forever taken aside behind the silly curtain for an additional fat down/pat down.. Here is where things start getting a little sticky, “in addition, al Soffi was found to be carrying $7,000 in cash and a check of his luggage found a cell phone taped to a Pepto-Bismol bottle, three cell phones taped together, several watches taped together, a box cutter and three large knives…” The bad news in all this is that after all of that, he was “cleared for the flight from Birmingham to O’Hare”..

The misunderstood Mooselims were traveling with “mock bombs” yet they were ALLOWED to travel through Birmingham and Chicago. It really doesn’t matter that these “mock bombs” weren’t real, at that point, these two should have been taken into custody immediately and the FBI notified. But instead, the mall cops decided to allow these Mooselims on a recon run to continue on their merry way. Wouldn’t want them to miss out on that bag of peanuts and that half a can of soda..

“Once in Chicago, officials say they learned al Soofi checked his luggage on a flight to Washington’s Dulles airport for connections on flights to Dubai and then Yemen even though he did not board the flight himself..” So the box cutters and the knives, the taped up cell phones, those didn’t set off any red flags.. It was when someone discovered that one of the Mooselims wasn’t sitting above his suitcase that the whole thing became a serious situation that was in need of further attention..

Once in Chicago, Al Murisi joined the fray. Then “Customs and Border Control officials” learned that al Soofi was not on the flight from Dulles to Dubai, the plane was ordered to return so that HIS LUGGAGE COULD BE REMOVED.. Keep in mind that earlier, alert members of the crack “security team” found knives, box cutters and cell phones taped together but these HIGHLY trained “professionals” allowed the Mooselims to proceed, but now, since the “owner” wasn’t on board, the suspicious luggage needed to be removed.

These now FEDERAL employees, these primates who man these gates at the airports, these anthropoids who operate these scanners MUST be under orders to IGNORE ANYTHING SUSPICIOUS when a Mooselim wants to fly. WE have to go through the dance of the demented for these illiterate morons while they stand there with their silly blue outfits and their shiny plastic name tags but the PRIME SUSPECTS are allowed to do as they wish out of either political correctness or abject stupidity on the part of these glorified crossing guards..

The bottom line: those who are the MOST suspicious are allowed to board planes AS LONG AS THEIR LUGGAGE DOES. Makes no difference WHAT is IN the luggage, as long as the suicide bomber is in the seat next to you chanting from the terrorist playbook while trying to light his shoe ablaze and his carryon is underneath him, everything is okey dokey.. It would be a much more serious matter if the Mooselim tried to light his shoe in the lavatory of the plane or God forbid, tamper with the smoke detector in there.. Then again, you will probably be safe as you might not make the flight because YOU will still be back at the “security check point” reassembling ALL of your personal belongings and completely re-dressing yourself from the “thorough” going over that you got from the federal Forrest Gumps at the gate..

Here are MY flight restrictions: 1) ANY bag check that reveals a “Co-ran” will bring an immediate refund and a trip to the local bus station. 2) Any person with three or more hyphens in their name, see rule number one.. 3) Anyone who forgot to remove their cabbie identification card from their lapel, see rule number one.. 4) Any and ALL Mooselims: see rule number one.. The bottom line is that the next time a plane is hijacked and used as a missile and the voice recorder on board captures the hijacker exclaiming “Jesus is Lord” right before impact, THEN and only then should WE have to go through these ridiculous rituals at the airports. Until then, please refer to the above for guidance..

Look, you have all of that money from all of that oil that we buy at inflated prices from you and your countrymen, buy your OWN damn airline. That way if you want to blow anything up, you can take your friends/ coconspirators with you.. That way NO ONE would consider you suspicious for changing seats and yelling “death to the infidel” as you wandered around in the aisles.. That way the person in the seat next to you won’t be offended by your personal allergy to hygiene as he or she will probably smell as badly as you do.. No more worries about “flying while Mooselim” or even the scary and frightening intimidation of “Islamophobia”..

The two Mooselims were charged with “preparations for a terrorist attack”.. With the awesome job our airport screeners do when confronted with ACTUAL TERRORISTS as opposed to grandmothers and the handicapped, we had better begin making “preparations” for the next marble monument to be placed at the final resting place of the next group of Mooselim’s handiwork..


14 responses to “Preparation

  1. Family,

    OK, I added a bit more to the “Tought of the Day” and now it is a full blown article.

    I rellay feel that this is important stuff.

    I am tired of those who refuse to recognize that war has been declared upon us and all bets are off, especially those involving “PC”..

    Thanks as always and spread the word,


  2. Gamma Gamma Alla Akbar……. Choked on my yogurt! Good post, Larry. I agree, this is much too important to not send to everyone you know. I still remember the drill my son had to go through returning to Afghanistan, even though he was in full uniform. I believe I had smoke coming out of my ears watching the treatment he received! Respect has been ripped from the dictionary!

  3. Margaret in CT

    Makes me wish my mother and father had reached for the Muslim name book when choosing my name. Makeerim has a nice ring. Not as nice as Hussein, but nice. Then, I could avoid having to FedEx my baggage ahead of me to avoid the rummagers at the airport gate.

    Your article brings back fond memories of the flight instructor who thought to call the FBI to report that his student had a marked disinterest in learning how to LAND the plane. The FBI underling got a “no big deal” from the higher-ups in reply to her call and had her fifteen minutes of fame during the investigation that followed 9/11, when everyone was appalled at the story…for another fifteen minutes.

    Unless the TSA is staffed by folks who tape their cell phones to Pepto bottles when traveling, it seems that they would have at least detained these goons. It is no surprise that our enemies keep trying in the face of security provided by such a bunch of dullards (interspersed with Al Qaeda fans, no doubt). I realize that it is important to determine the connections of these would-be killers, but I also realize that when the plane finally plummets from the sky, it won’t matter to the passengers whether the successful murderers constitute an isolated “cell” or have a direct line to Osama himself.

  4. Here is MY flight restriction: 1) Profiling. Anyone between the ages of 18 – 45 and Islamic heritage (or names) cannot fly commercial airlines or travel by bus. They may own a car or truck but it must be parked outside of the city. If the muslim in-bred ingrates feel the need for a family outing, they may drive in the desert, mountainess or unpopulated rural areas only.

    As it stands with our re-active rather than active federal security system right on down to the “Barney Fife Fools” at the gates, the enemy will always be thinking of new ways to get around the existing ‘standstill until the next one hits’ security. Eliminate the cause of the threat, eliminate the cause of the danger.

  5. Give every one taser on each flight. Serve BBQ pork ribs, bring your pet Fido and have all the women in bikinis and no mooslem would go nowhere near the airport.
    Meanwhile buy Gold and buy Lead!

  6. The incident clearly shows how inept and incompetent our airport screeners are. I know of another incident where somebody actually got fireworks (okay they were m-80s, but so what) through customs here, only to get caught in England. They were asked simply to throw them out.

    The restrictions on our privacy has resulted in us being less secure now than ever. While grandma gets strip searched by the DHS Gestapo, and six year olds end up on No Fly Lists, the real troublemakers go through inimpeded. Air travel is less safe, more costly in time and money, and less convenient now than ever before. I wouldn’t even consider a plane unless the trip took more than eight hours to drive, considering it would take longer to fly the same distance once all the attendent delays are figured in.

    My rules? No Muslim males between twelve and eighty would be allowed to fly, and no foreign born ones would be allowed in the country, period. No Muslims would be allowed in our military (as there is no way an observant Muslim can truely serve our country and fight its enemies, without violating the precepts in the Koran). We are at war, but the damned fools in Washington are still thinking we can ticket terrorists.

  7. Perhaps ACORN is responsible for providing security staff at the airports.

  8. Richard,

    First off my thanks to your son and his work to keep the nation free.

    Second, I too have had to go through the song and dance with these “security” people.. Popping their gum, sea shells in their hair, very professional.

    Third, thanks for noticing the little attempts at humor that I always try to inject. If I didn’t make the liberal and their focused attempts at destruction humorous, it would be too sad to discuss..

    Thanks as always for your contributions to NLTZ,


  9. Makeerim in CT,

    Even if these “mock bombs” had been real, these otherwise unemployable simpletons would not have known what to do.

    Until the airlines choose to deal with the REAL terrorists and their coconspiritors as opposed to frisking WWII veterans, I fly as infrequently as I possibly can.

    Thanks as always,


  10. Joe,

    Once the feds got involved in “airport security”, it got considerably worse and more intrusive to those who would NEVER consider a terrorist act..

    Frisk Habib not Harriet. Detain and remove Raheen not Roger..

    Maybe someday..

    Thanks as always,


  11. Dick,

    Best laugh of the day. My thanks.


  12. G.,

    Spot on. Until everyone understands that you fight an unconventional war unconventionally (aka: ignore the smarmy liberals and their snivel rights puling.) the Mooselims and their domestic Demokratik allies keep gaining ground.

    You are right. The airlines want you there at leats an hour early so that you and your luggage can be subjected to the subjective groping of the federal apes, undress, redress, unpack, repack, get on board.. A flight from STL to Chicago takes nine hours..

    Thanks as always,


  13. I sent it out, sent it to R Hedgecock, some friends and G Beck, he’s started a new blog, an offset to the Huffington Post, I told he needed to make you a writer on it.


    Sure makes you wonder if it is safe to fly
    Short hops safest
    large full gas tanks worst flight
    Hewitt column says it right
    if your happy with the goverbnebt vote for the D’S
    Unhappy vote for thR’S
    I’S only elect incumbants

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