Monthly Archives: September 2010

What We All Agree On

I will admit that is has been hard to watch the Democrats lately.. They are spinning so fast within their collectivist centrifuge that even an overabundance of Dramamine couldn’t stop them from vomiting upon themselves.. They are literally trying the old “kitchen sink” or the “Hail Mary”, if you will. They are so desperate to find anything that can slow their downward spiral that they have actually tried something heretofore unknown in the sordid and soiled world of Democratic politics.. The truth..

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More Serious Than Ever

The Democratic (remember: no references to “liberals” until after the November landslide..) version of the “Good Ship Lolli-Fop” has again loaded its fuel tanks with the patented helium that the Democrats continually pollute the political atmosphere with.. According to the Washington Post, (“Obama assails GOP, promotes new jobs program”) Obama was off promoting a “new jobs program”.. I find that to be as humorous as Howard Dean promotion “mental health” or Michael Moore promoting “weight loss”.. Obama is to jobs what Kevorkian is to the elderly..

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All They Did

Every two years without fail, the verminous vaudevillians of the left load their clapboard wagons for another ridiculous repeat of their socialist side show, “Honest gang, we really are centrists!!”.. This time worn tune invariable scratched out on their fascist fiddles was always accompanied by this diversionary dance. To the observant this charade is as humorous and harmless as a Punch and Judy Show and to the mentally malleable this rococo reproduction usually manages to snare a few converts to the cause. Due to the unprecedented criminal acts of the Kenyan Kollectivist, the liberals haven’t even packed their grimy gripsacks as every liberal save for the completely maniacal, are performing a new act entitled, “Duck and Cover”..

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Saving The Planet One Liberal At A Time

In Silver Springs Maryland the evidence of the effects of lunatic liberalism were again on display. Like the “practitioners of the religion of peace” who are motivated by their perverted playbook and their maniacal mentors known to some as “imams”, one liberal was motivated by the perverted pablum by the environmental imam Al Gore.. Believe it or not, this liberal is no different than millions of other liberals. They are all unhinged and but one step away from the same reward..

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