Saving The Planet One Liberal At A Time

In Silver Springs Maryland the evidence of the effects of lunatic liberalism were again on display. Like the “practitioners of the religion of peace” who are motivated by their perverted playbook and their maniacal mentors known to some as “imams”, one liberal was motivated by the perverted pablum by the environmental imam Al Gore.. Believe it or not, this liberal is no different than millions of other liberals. They are all unhinged and but one step away from the same reward..

James J. Lee decided that he had had enough. The liberals weren’t listening to him so he did what all liberals do when they feel shunned. He threw a tantrum. Lee had been pestering the folks at the Discovery Channel for years. Just because they didn’t make him the next “reality” television star, he decided to “stop pussy-footing”.. (“Police kill Discovery building gunman” MSNBC dot com)

Once a liberal is sufficiently jilted, everyone is fair game for their tirades of “injustice”. The Discovery building even housed the Discovery Kids Place day care center. Due to the actions of this typically “cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs” collectivist, the children at this day care center needed to be evacuated. That did not matter to Lee, “justice” needed to be served..

The warning signs were all there. First off, Lee was an environmentalist. Please note that the center of this word is “mental”.. Lee was even arrested back in 2008 for disorderly conduct at the facility, again because they would not listen to the demands of yet another childish liberal..

Lee was right in line with so many of the liberals who blame everyone other than himself or herself, for these self perceived problems with “the planet”. Lee had been making “environmental and population control demands” on line for quite some time. Brace yourselves for this moronic manifesto posted by the environMENTAL moron, “Nothing is more important than saving… the Lions, Tigers, Giraffes, Elephants, Froggies, Turtles, Apes, Raccoons, Beetles, Ants, Sharks, Bears and of course, the Squirrels. The humans? The planet does not need humans..”

“Froggies”? It sounds as though the undermedicated Lee spent a lot of time in the park talking to the “Squirrels” not unlike David Berkowitz who explained his serial killing as being motivated by a demon that had possessed his neighbor’s dog.. Or would that be his neighbor’s “doggie”, in Lee lingo.. The “planet” may not need humans but Lee certainly did and when they giggled in his face and refused to place him on “Dancing with the Environmental Stars”, well it was time to stop “pussy-footing”..

During his on line tirade, Lee said that he wanted “proof” that Discovery was changing their lineup.. For him.. “So I want the new shows started by asking the public for inventive solution ideas to save the planet and the remaining wildlife on it..” Nonsense. What he REALLY “wanted” was to be the center of attention.. You will never guess who kept “bugging” (would that be the ‘ant-ees’ or the ‘beetle-ees’?) Discovery with an “idea” for a television show with that exact same premise that he called, “Race to Save the Planet”..

Lee was arrested outside Discovery back in 2008 after six days of protests. When that didn’t work, Lee started throwing “thousands of dollars of cash” into the air. According to the lunatic Lee, this was primarily motivated by an environmental epiphany. Lee experienced an “awakening” after “he watched Al Gore’s environmental documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’”.. That puts Gore right down there with another liberal that incites his marionettes towards acts of extreme violence. Gore is no different than Al $harpton who motivated Roland J. Smith Jr. to open fire inside of Freddie’s Fashion Mart in Harlem and then just for fun, Smith torched the place killing seven innocent employees.. Lee had the same homicidal thoughts in mind as he had at least one explosive device strapped to himself..

Nathaniel Harrington of the Discovery Network said, “He was seen as something of a joke..” Don’t get me wrong, the logic behind seeing every liberal as a “joke” is more than sound.. However, on occasion one of them, when sufficiently “wronged” by the evil “humans” feels (what else does a liberal do but act impulsively upon their “feelings”..) all teary eyed, it is time to run with the “no justice, no peace” kind of gibberish..

Once Discovery stopped being cordial to Lee, once they decided that this wanna-be television star wasn’t gonna be, he decided that their “identification with environmentalism was a sham..” Simply because they didn’t buy into HIS environmental sham, they had to be “shams”.. “Discovery is hugely responsible for what is happening.. ..they were working for their own greedy ends..” Here Lee fails to see that Al Gore is “sham” who “worked for his own greedy ends” too..

Gore’s ego, severely lacerated with his humiliating defeat at the polls, transferred its need for attention towards the “green” that can be made conning the idiot leftists with the pseudo-“science” of environmentalism. The mentally malleable who form the entirety of the liberal ranks and especially the enviro-ignorami, were chaffing for a “star” to lead them. Packed with a parcel full of piffle, a few pie charts and a few more bar graphs, the ignorantsia were begging to be taken. Gore entered from stage left as he saw the potential for a lot of “green” in being “green”. Dullards like Lee were just followers who need to be led because they could never lead..

“If their ‘environmental’ shows are actually working, then why is the news about the environment getting worse?” Lee, like all liberal children, doesn’t understand the “profit” behind this arm of liberalism. Like the phony cries of “racism”, they are only clarion calls for cash. All of these so called “environmental” clubs charge membership fees.. Want to buy the video from Al Gore? Pay up.. Environmentalism is a cash cow not unlike anything else, the problem is that the charade of moral outrage that accompanies it cannot hide the dirty liberal desire for “green” backs that sullies it..

Lee wasn’t smart enough to understand that “the news” that he kept hearing was making its profits on the backs of the liberals by “impartially” reporting that which is motivated by leftist hysterics. Liberal lunacy is not made more lucid with volume, but you can’t tell the “news” organizations that.. Each scream gets more liberal viewers which gets more advertising revenue flowing.. Money, money, money.. If there isn’t another environmental scare, there is another health scare, another “racism” scare.. Just look at the Obama caliphate that specializes in frightening societies urchins with each passing day for your totalitarian template..

If Lee was so concerned about “population control” which vast numbers of liberals are, why didn’t he just bump himself off after writing yet another dense diatribe about the environment? Had he done so, there might have been a modicum of sincerity in this liberal but sincerity in a leftist is as foreign as intelligence.. Why go and frighten, with the intent to do considerably more, the innocent men, women and children at Discovery?

So the planet now has one less liberal.. One less liberal who brought about his own demise through the typical selfishness that is hardwired into each and every one of them.. One more liberal who will be fertilizing Mother Earth. Just another leftist slowly becoming collectivist compost.. That is just simply saving the planet one liberal at a time..


16 responses to “Saving The Planet One Liberal At A Time

  1. “Dullards like Lee were just followers who need to be led because they could never lead..” That certainly seems to sum up the majority of the liberals. It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of liberal pablum they’re being spoon-fed. They just keep following the spoon.

    “The planet does not need humans..” Shouldn’t that read : “The planet does not need liberals..” If brains were rain, they’d all be deserts. Whoever said liberalism was a mental disease was right.

    November can’t come soon enough.

  2. Of course the MSM apologists will do all they can to make excuses for this “one confused individual”, while reminding us that it shouldn’t allow us to dismiss his motivation, that the cause is noble, he just went “too far”. If of course this was a “confused individual” who say disagreed with abortion, the MSM would be all over how anti-abortion activists and those who sympathize with it are hate filled, Inquistionistas, or religious Nazis. Which of course they have done with any number of incidents of anti abortion activities, especially those who resort to violence, and use them to smear the entire debate. Because of course the MSM are all liberals who don’t want to believe the “inconvenient truth” that fetuses are alive and deserve any rights or protection.The media goes to great lengths to squash those stories that “don’t fit the plan”. The plan being of course any number of social engineering projects they want to promulgate. For instance the idea that only white people are racists and such ideas are impossible for blacks to have. Here’s a story that didn’t see the light of day on National media, that had the roles been reversed been broadcast 24/7, with all the associated hand wringing about how racist Amerikkka is and how far we still have to go. The fact that 100’s of these stories are routinely ignored just shows how culpable the media is in the destruction of America.

  3. Larry,

    Thank you for pointing out that the center of the word “environmentalist” is “mental”. It is truly a mental illness when people care more about bugs and bunnies than their fellow human beings.

    Meanwhile, the people who care the most about ecology–hunters, farmers, fishermen, and the like (those darned people “clinging to their guns and religion”–are maligned by the mainstream media, the entertainment industry, and our supposed leaders.

    I’d like to hear Tina Fey say, “I can see November from my house”.

  4. Margaret in CT

    Gee, I wonder how many gun-slinging tea-partiers are presently ensconced in the lobby of the Sun Dance Channel, waving their firearms around and threatening to kill Robert Redford. Can these eco terrorists get any more entertaining? So far, we’ve had college graduates who can’t think of anything better to do than set fire to newly framed houses in California and burn off a few thousand acres in the process (San Diego, 2003), animal(istic) activists who throw paint on people wearing fur coats in New York, a thoroughly pompous ass who sails around the Sea of Japan threatening whalers while demanding that those who join him be willing to risk their lives (not his, theirs), a tenured college professor at the Univ. of Arizona whose most cherished delusion is that he is an Indian, and a log cabin dweller who wiled away his time honing his bomb-making skills. Aren’t they fun? Tea Party members with their silly hats and not-so-silly intent to take back the country by peaceful means seem dull by comparison. May they prevail.

  5. just for fun go to from 3-4 eastern time and look for jonathan hunts “live chat” room and ask ANY question about obamas birth certificate, passport records, college funding records, use of multiple ss#s, or his membership in a chicago gay mens club and you will see censorship is alive and well at fox news. I do it every chance i get and hunt wont post my questions, so im looking for help here to innudate him with questions.

    comon guys and dolls, lets put pressure on the media to investigate these Constitutional issues surrounding obamas elgibility.


  6. Michele From NY

    “Tea Party members with their silly hats and not-so-silly intent to take back the country by peaceful means seem dull by comparison. May they prevail.”


  7. Family,

    The latest TOTD:

    Thanks as always,


  8. Larry, your credentials are sterling in my book. This was a great read and timely in we are going to see an increase of this kind of behavior leading up to NOvember. And the joke is on the liberal because they have no logic. When you say they are ‘mentally malleable’ I picture lead and how you can change its shape with your fingers with not much effort. That is the same with liberals. And the minute the liberals hear a new melody, (read supposed affront) they do immediately turn up the volume thinking that will get their point across.

    Yes, Glenn Beck says to question with boldness and I do this. I have been getting very selective in what E-mails I forward, and I usually need to do a little research before I send something on. I do not want to perpetuate myths.

    And a big AMEN to ‘May they prevail’! Thanks, family. It is great reading all your great posts.

  9. I did not see “Inconvenient Lie”. But just listening to Al Bore drone on and on in his preppy nasal haughty voice would have driven me to think of doing something I could get arrested for. Avoid the loons at all costs.

  10. All Lee’s actions will be accepted as “understandable” by the majority of loop headed liberals when reported by the “investigative” media that he had a ‘rough childhood.’

  11. I was home watching this event unfold live on Megyn Kelly’s show. It was amazing how fast the network came together in such a short time. The people behind the scenes were calling members in the field, hooking up with law enforcement within 15 or 20 minutes. Sending reporter to the scene and recording by cellphone or video phones. Oliver North was in the area and went directly to the location and spoke to law enforcement on the scene and called the network and spoke live on the air before the half hour mark. I applaud their professionalism in all the panic and updating of events. The segment and associate producers and others behind the scenes jumped to call and make contact with those on the ground worked tirelessly. The event occurred at noon and Megyn was reporting about this story live on the air by 12:10 pm.

    In the very beginning people working in the building were calling the network with details about what was going on inside the building. (I had to wonder how many called CNN or MSNBC? They did want to get on the air.)

    The stories that came out of the women who was in a wheelchair (broken leg) and couldn’t make it down the stairs. Workers picked her up and carried her down ten flights of stairs and others took her wheelchair and brought it down. Watching them wheel the children out of the daycare center that was just yards away from the “mad hatter” in the lobby. After hearing his chilling words about children soon emerged from his manifesto was scary.

    The damage the liberals/progressives have done to this Country with this “extreme” leader is only fueling more crazies and unfortunately this will not be the last so long as he is in Office and the progressives control Congress.

    I pray to God every day to help us rid ourselves of these destructive progressive set on destroying our Country. I wonder how Al Sore is knowing that someone took his junk science to heart and believed his lies. The man was unbalanced according to his brother-in-law who said he was unwell for a number of years. The family was fairly wealthy and he used his trust fund or whatever you want to call it. He said James was “wicked” smart but seemed to lapse into some psychosis about three or four years ago. He said he had some violence action and said that he feared for the hostages safety. He said he didn’t doubt that he would or could hurt one or all of the hostages.

    It’s a shame that a life is gone over all this liberal nonsense over the environment and I’m sure their is no shame on the part of the current progressives feeding off a made up hysteria so that they can pocket millions off of this made up crap. A third of them in Congress are invested in environmental causes and companies (Pelosi’s son and husband each own two environmental companies and should Cap and Trade pass they will stand to make millions maybe billions).

    They are shameless and do everything they can to build up their own wealth on the backs of every day Americans.

    May you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

  12. I’m afraid some here are missing something. While we can laugh and say ‘mental’ is in the middle of environmentalist, it is a discredit to suggest that Lee was utterly imbalanced, an thus should be ignored. What we saw unfold the other day is something that is no different than the zeal demonstrated by the suicide bombers in Iraq. There are many liberals whom treat the whole green movement as sacred, as a religeon unto itself.

    Algore is an oppourtunistic charlatan, whom believes the planet needs to saved by any means about as much as the normal guy believes his dog is the Antichrist. For Algore, the power over the lives of others and the billions he stands to make are the ultimate aphrodiasiac. For Lee, and others like him, he genuinely treats what these mountebanks say, and treats their every word like it was Gospel, and I use this term with precision.

    While its likely Lee had some mental illness to some degree, it doesn’t mean he had no culpability in his actions. A zealot is still responsible for the actions they take, and Lee was made to pay for his. What concerns me is now the Green Movement has a very public martyr, whom gave his life in his belief of a pack of lies. As my father told me, “a martyr is never wrong.”

  13. Eileen,

    “Al Sore” as you so aptly call him doesn’t really care.

    Deep within his black heart he KNOWS that his “junk science” is as “real” as the WWF. “Environmental causes” are the equivalent of liberal “entertainment”, however mich you can entertain such a morose group of weasels..

    You are correct, “follow the money” backwards from the eco/green/enviro nonsense and all of the alternative fuels, wind farm fallacies and so many others, are ALL deeply held by the liberal elite.

    They use taxpayer dollars to feather their own nests. They “invest” prior to their environmental laws get ram rodded through..

    Isn’t that the political equivalent of “insider trading”?

    Just a thought..

    Thanks as always,


  14. G.,

    The green movement doesn’t need a martyr, they spend all of their time preaching to the choir, the rest of us giggle at their childishness.

    Lee isn’t any more unbalanced than any other liberal. Given enough peyote and cheap wine, any and all of them would say the same things because each and every one of them truly believes the exact same things as Lee..

    This “martyr” has no “star power”, he is another blip on the reactionary radar..

    As I have said many times, the liberals DO want to believe in God, so they either believe that they are God or they pass this demented illogic onto their causes, namely environmentalism. That HAVE to believe in something.

    This lifeless liberal is as cold as his story..

    Thanks as always,


    Robert Redford was assaulted late Friday night by two obviously drunken female octogenarian Tea Party members outside the Sun Dance Theater. Redford was slightly injured when one of the vicious attackers managed to smack him upside his head with an empty Mescal bottle and knock eight pounds of spackle off his face.
    The two menaces to society are being held without bond.

  16. Good news, bad news…
    On the bright side, there’s one less Loony Liberal on the planet…
    on the other hand, ACORN has already filed Lee’s absentee ballot for 2012 (6 times…all voting for MAObama)..
    Coined a new phrase the other day: Oblame-onomics
    Usage: Oblame-onomics is NOT an “economic” POLICY….stupid…


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