All They Did

Every two years without fail, the verminous vaudevillians of the left load their clapboard wagons for another ridiculous repeat of their socialist side show, “Honest gang, we really are centrists!!”.. This time worn tune invariable scratched out on their fascist fiddles was always accompanied by this diversionary dance. To the observant this charade is as humorous and harmless as a Punch and Judy Show and to the mentally malleable this rococo reproduction usually manages to snare a few converts to the cause. Due to the unprecedented criminal acts of the Kenyan Kollectivist, the liberals haven’t even packed their grimy gripsacks as every liberal save for the completely maniacal, are performing a new act entitled, “Duck and Cover”..

This time around it would appear that the liberals are falling into two distinct categories. The first are the ones who are somewhat rational enough to understand that THEIR chauffeur has driven the car into the embankment. The ensuing fallout from the impact of the implementation of liberal socialism upon what was once the United States is the responsibility of the Democrats who have had complete control of both Houses since 2006. The addition of the “historic” Obama was simply adding gasoline to the collectivist campfire.

The second are the severely under medicated who are still coming down from their contact high from back in January of 2009. These are the true believers who are so detached from reality that all they can do is mumble their mantra about “hope and change” as they sit at the bus stop on the way to the Methadone clinic.. Within this group are also the fools who are so deeply drenched in denial that they actually believe that Obama and the Democrats have done something “good”.. This progressive psychosis is accompanied by the suspect’s inability to blink, a distinctly monotone way of speaking and a smug and sanctimonious stench..

These two groups are otherwise known as the “beneficiaries” of the redistributionist progressive policies. As well there are two categories of these beneficiaries, the recipients and the redistributors. The redistributors take the first cut off of the top of the benevolent bounty stolen from the middle class. They then lovingly hand the crumbs to the crumbs, otherwise known as the second category of liberal leech known as the “Democratic base”..

The left has actually sent Democratic dinosaur Billy Bob out there claiming that all the Democrats need is “more time”.. The easy answer to that rib tickler is that without MORE MONEY the liberals can’t complete their mission to destroy America. If I may paraphrase, socialism is a great idea until you run out of other people’s money to spend and Obama and the Democrats have just about “been there and done that”.. “More time” for the liberals simply allows them to be “more creative” about stealing from the middle class. For example, please note all of the altruism attached to the Obama refusal to extend the Bush tax cuts..

Common sense dictates that the liberals will lose the House and quite possibly the Senate in this mid term election. No amount of ridiculous razzle-dazzle can effectively paper over the hijinks of the Democrats. Thus the implementation of the “Hey mister, your shoe is untied” plan by the leftists..

Even the liberal “impartial” media hacks are picking up on this progressive panic. CBS’s Congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes said, “not only are they running away from Obama, they’re running away from being Democrats..” (“Analysts: White House Panicking Over Elections” CBS News dot com) As well, Jim VandelHei of Politico says that “not a single Democrat has run an ad in support of the health care bill since April..” As both continued on, it was easy to see that they were right for the wrong reasons..

Cordes said, “Americans don’t feel the impact of those pieces of legislation yet..” On the contrary, it is BECAUSE of these “pieces of legislation” and EVERY OTHER piece of legislation that has been ram rodded down the nation’s throat that the economy has gone into a totalitarian tailspin. As well, the ANTICIPATED effects of these “pieces of legislation” have the nation’s businesses and the consumers on edge..

VandeHei said, “this has been a breathtakingly activist government..” Again, right for the wrong reasons. Obama and the Democrats through their “activist government” have kicked the nation in the groin, so do they really expect it to immediately get back on its feet and continue running unaffected by their low blows? It has been “breathtaking” in that Obama has given this nation an albatross that generations to come will have to suffer through, a collectivist crown of thorns.. Ten percent unemployment, the highest deficits ever and more abuse of power since Stalin certainly qualifies as “breathtaking”..


“In some races you actually see Democratic candidates not really mentioning that they’re a Democrat..” The logic behind this deception is more than sound and from this point forward, no one should refer to the Democrats as “liberals” so that there can be no confusion or socialist smoke screens whatsoever surrounding their political genetics. Some voters are not observant enough to understand that liberal equals Democrat.. If the Democrats want to hide, it is up to us to expose the Democrats and their deviousness at every opportunity.

“Not only have we heard that, but we’ve been hearing that for months” said Cordes. (Refer to “Abandon Ship” from NLTZ 02/21/10) This speaks to the culpability of the Democrats collectively. For “months” the Democrats both individually and collectively, have known that the “Obama Implosion” was not “working”. Refer to the ten percent Obama unemployment during the Obama Depression as the perfect Democratic definition of “not working”. Why didn’t these intrepid Democrats stand up and make some noise? Why didn’t they switch parties if the Democratic leadership refused to listen to their cries? Arlen “the ferret” Specter jumped from the Republican ship when he INCORRECTLY guessed that the Democrats would NOT demolish the economy, why didn’t ANY Democrats get up and go since this has been known for “months”?

Cordes claimed that the Democrats were upset about Obama’s speech last week. Well, it seems as though they were upset about the “topic” of the speech. “What does he talk about? Not the economy, but Iraq..” according to Cordes. Other than yet another transparent dive into deflection, what could Obama “talk about” relative to the economy? More “talk” of “jobs created or saved”? More of the imaginary statistics? The only jobs being created by Obama are being created in his mind and the constituency KNOW THIS.. So, the Democrats are mad at Obama for running away from an economy that the both Obama and the Democrats have created yet they continue to run away from being called “Democrat”.. Its fun to watch them belly crawl towards the nearest rat hole in unison..

After yet another sip of his Kool-Aid, VandeHei said, “On top of that, you have this enthusiasm gap that is killing Democrats..” “Enthusiasm” is killing the Democrats? What is “killing” the Democrats are the “historic” accomplishments of the Democrats.. Who else can “brag” of deficits higher than any three previous presidents combined, who else can “boast” of an unemployment rate that would make Roosevelt blush, who else would dare speak of their totalitarian “takeovers” of formerly capitalistic enterprises and an oppressive caliphate in Washington that makes Iran and Pakistan envious? The “enthusiasm” is finally coming from the VICTIMS of Obama, the Democrats and their perverted politics..

VandeHei “offered a glimmer of hope” for the Democrats.. “It’s never too late. Think about how fickle we are.. People are fickle..” What he really means is that people are gullible and they are forgetful.. No one can tell me that Obama and the Democrats are NOT praying to Mecca thrice daily for a national disaster that will take the focus of the nation’s attention off of their destructiveness and place it onto someone else’s destructiveness.. “Obama needs to find that magic”.. Again, the literal definition of this moronic moonishness is that Obama needs to repack his LIES in the manner that he used to.. This will never work (similar to the nation that Obama has created) because the “hope and change” rhetoric was based upon the nothingness that was Obamanomics back in 2008.. NOW the nation has suffered through two years of the REALITY of Obamanomics and the Democrats, so the worms won’t all fit back into the can no matter how hard they try..

VandeHei said, “Some day, they’re going to sit back and go, ‘Wow, look at all they did!’” Again, that is the problem, “look at all they did”!! Then again, it depends on whom this “they’re” is and when they are going to say it.. The REALITY is that this “they’re” are the voters who have been bamboozled by the Democrats, they are not going to “sit back” any more and they are actually saying “look at all they did”..


12 responses to “All They Did

  1. Excellent post, Larry. No truer words were spoken when you translated ‘fickle’ to ‘gullible’. I have read several comments on other posts and find a lot of people are preparing for a national emergency which will allow 0 to cancel the November elections. At one time, I may have believed it possible, but there are too many awakened and stabbed in the back Americans to allow this. Should 0 try, I am sure it will cause riots and other forms of uprising among the citizens. We have had enough!

    Never give up, never give in and never again.
    God bless out nation.

  2. Larry, I agree with Richard that something will happen between now and November 2nd. Something like bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities by Israel. I think that will knock the bottom out of the stock market and cause panic and the rioting in the streets that Obama has hoped for so he can declare Marshall Law and call off the elections.

  3. It wouldn’t surprise me if Obama finds an excuse to cancel the November elections, just as I can also imagine them trying to pull some stunt that allows them to throw out the results of the election when it doesn’t fall their way. The Progressives were kept away from the pig’s trough of power from 1994 until 2006. To have their chalise snatched from their lips so soon because the unwashed reject their schemes would be unthinkable.

    What concerns me is should this come to pass, what will happen then? Progressives have spent the last few years placing commanders into the military whom have no qualms about firing upon American civilians. Worse, while the officers voted solidly Republican, the enlisted ranks (the guys whom do the lion’s share of the fighting and dying) went for Mr. Hope and Change (Hoping for a Change in the overseas deployments, no doubt).

    While we can and should hope for a smooth and non-violent change in power, as has occurred for the last two hundred years and change. we should be ever-vigilant. We need to remember that the Insane A-Clown Posse in the White House are of a mind where, like Heath Ledger’s Joker, really don’t mind seeing the world burn.

  4. Alabama Redneck

    Excellent as usual, Larry.

    Richard. Your point is well taken, however, we must be careful so as not to give this idiot a reason to declare martial law and cancell elections. As of now we are still a nation of laws and we must work within the framework of our federal, state and county laws. If the zero one decides that martial law is needed, there will indeed be riots and probably civil war. The prospect of that is not that bad. After all liberals detest guns as nasty things. I keep my nasty handy and will gladly use it if necessary.



    Your timing on this post is perfect. I thought today that the
    Regime was gearing up to snow the Kool Aid crowd into
    believing they have done great things and need their support
    to continue.
    I am spreading your post around as it hits the nail on the head
    and reminds all how long these clowns have been in power
    and what they have done to this country.
    All the white guilt should be washed away by now
    and also the push that we are a country of immagrints
    is hog wash as 85% of our residents were born here.
    Vote out all incumbants especially the D”s
    Remember in November
    Never give in never give up and never again
    God Bless All Conservatives

  6. It’s not surprising to me to see the Democrat elected shirking their devotion to their leader or their committment to a legislation. They, as the Republican’s have become in the Bush Administration who adopted close to liberal ways, are out and out liars to begin with.

    I am somewhat surprised by the number of “believers” that continue to follow the “Blower in Power’s” rhetoric of nonsense. I met a man today who had nothing but praise for Obama and his last Tuesday’s National Address. Claiming that he gave ample thanks to our service men and women who are serving in the Middle East and that most of which were black. Also this man concluded that Obama has a “link” with the poor and has done them more good than any president before him.
    After talking with this man for awhile, I have concluded that if you are a conservative, you are either a bigot, a racist or a right-winger (Thank God he didn’t call me a terrorist) when a liberal is losing the conversation!

    Watch out for a Lame Duck Congress in which the Demo’s will try to push all their dirty legislature through before the newly elected are sworn in.

    And one more thing. Make sure of what calibre person you’re electing to office. Make damn sure he/she holds CONSERVATIVE SMALLER GOVERNMEMT FIRST!!!

  7. Had we followed up on the evidence that Soetoro is a fraud and traitor, when it came out, we wouldnt have these problems at this time. The man is a muslim terrorist who is not even a US citizen of any sort. They say NO but has anyone seen the evidence backing up what they are saying? He is ineligible and has more power than any recent president. Why wont the people demand the judges perform their jobs according to their oath of office. Col. Lakin is proof that Soetoro has the military justice pukes in his pocket. God, guys…..We must prosecute this usurper and all his communist affiliates and then maybe we will be able to rid ourselves of the muslim influence who calls himself by his birth father’s name. His adoptive father gave him the name of Barry Soetoro legally in indonesia. That is his only name. All his associates are communists as were his parents and grandparents. Why wont the public believe and research his BS. He can substantiate none of it, even his stay at Columbia University which is a scam. He didnt graduate! He is an Islamist Radical and wants to destroy this country. Hasnt there been enough proof of that? Look at what he is doing. He even removed the American Flags from the Oval Office and remodelled with that putrid yellow and pigshit green the muslims love. Check the patterns in his new drapes.
    IT IS MUSLIM!!!!!!! Wake up everyone.

  8. beyond disgusted

    Another excellent post Larry. I, too, have noticed how many demorats have been running ads not only not mentioning that they are demorats, but pretending to be conservative. The question is, how many dopes will be fooled, yet again?

  9. Any surprise to the miss quotes in the new rug in the offal office? Under the great seal is a mooselim prayer rug. Surprise you? Not me.
    My lib friends went off on Beck last week, they can’t get out of their 4 letter words that seem to describe all that is conservative. I can believe educated folks like this think like this…….or post like this.
    Larry I look foward to each article. thx so much.

    Buy gold and buy lead. Keepum oiled up real good, ya hear?

  10. BobBartoe,

    The denial of a simple birth certificate and school records have accountably cost the Muslim milkshake millions in cover ups. I offer you and the family this;

  11. Great Post, Larry, as always. Sorry for the lateness of my reply, I’m a bit behind these days. Hubby and I have just completed 3 weeks of training on his home dialysis machine… Here’s to technology!

    I agree with every poster, and the premise of the article but, JR, we ARE a nation of immigrants. I am only 2nd generation in this country on both sides. However, the difference is that my grandparents came to this country committed to becoming citizens. They expected to assimilate into the culture here. The Irish and German cultural things like food, and holiday traditions have been integrated into American life and enriched it, not replaced it. I remember celebrating “May Day” (Cinco De Mayo) in grade school. It was a religious holiday dedicated to the Blessed Mother! When my Greek friend brought her mother’s famous baklava we all gathered around and shared it. If someone didn’t like it, or whatever, they just ate something else or brought their own desert. No student or their parent would have even thought to be “offended” by that.

    85% of us may be born in this country now, but there are still immigrant influences even though we consider ourselves Americans rather than Irishmen or Germans, or whatever. I still make corned beef and cabbage for my family on St, Patricks Day, and I still use my grandmother’s “cornish pasty” recipe. That doesn’t mean that I don’t consider my self American. I just wish that we could see that same level of committment to assimilation from the “immigrants” that we have coming into this country now.

  12. Joe, your YouTube video link no longer works. (Surprise, surprise!) It doesn’t surprise me one bit! Could you possibly post the gist of it on Larry’s latest posting? Thanks!

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