Monthly Archives: October 2010

An Unusual Couple

Last week the hot rumor was that Bumbling Joe Biden was going to get bounced in favor of the Secretary of Statists in 2012. Now we have Billy Bob way out there (literally..) in New Mexico “campaigning for everybody that helped Hillary run for president”.. (Telegraph co uk) Team Clinton allegedly has its jaundiced eyes set on 2016 but the smart money might be betting that it won’t be that far down the road..

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The Id Of The Odd

One of the unforeseen benefits of the Obama experiment (since there are so damn few of them other than the sheer comedic value..) is the fact that psychoanalysts will have enough material for thesis papers long after the damage done by the Democrat to what was once America can be rectified.. The latest chapter being scripted by this nonsensical ninny as he attempts to self-medicate himself would have to be entitled, “The Id of the Odd..”


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Holding Out “Hope”

The Democrats, who are desperately trying to keep a happy face while being constantly confronted with the dire political circumstances of their own making, have just about emptied their Bolshevik bag of tricks. With each passing day, yet another of the “reasons” for the impending implosion of the demented Democrats makes its way into the news. Today we learned that there are 41.8 million Americans (some legal, some not..) receiving food stamps. There is no such thing as a “free lunch” and those who have to PAY for those 41.8 million (and so many others..) “free lunches” have just about had it with the Democrats. That is why I am holding out “hope” for “change”..

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Buck Up

Pity the poor Democrats. They have the awe inspiring task of having to go out into the public that they will be saddling with what will be the highest taxes ever recorded right on the horizon while “sincerely” asking them to vote for them AGAIN.. Not only that but they have to explain their monumental deficits and their “historic” unemployment numbers.. How have they “explained” all of this so far? It’s the Republicans fault or its what they “inherited”..

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