The Id Of The Odd

One of the unforeseen benefits of the Obama experiment (since there are so damn few of them other than the sheer comedic value..) is the fact that psychoanalysts will have enough material for thesis papers long after the damage done by the Democrat to what was once America can be rectified.. The latest chapter being scripted by this nonsensical ninny as he attempts to self-medicate himself would have to be entitled, “The Id of the Odd..”


The machinations of this Democratic Super Ego seem to know no logical bounds. Obama is being interviewed for America’s answer to Al Jazeera, the New York Times, this weekend. Fox News covered the interview in a piece entitled, “Obama, Republicans will Have to Learn to Get Along With Me”. There he unloads a group of delusional whoppers and knee slappers that will have all ten of the Times readers wondering who the better Democratic comedian is, Obama, Biden or Al Franken..

Proving concisely that not every one of the Democrats are OVER-medicated, Obama launches this howler, “Obama said he thinks Republicans will have to move in his direction no matter the outcome of the November 2 vote..” Imagine just for a moment, the Japanese as they signed the instrument of surrender on board the USS Missouri in 1945 saying that the Americans “will have to move in our direction”.. The vanquished, especially those who egomaniacally declared “I won” when the opposition voiced concerns over the cancerous collectivism being implemented by the Democrats, DO NOT call the shots when they are defeated.. Such “knee pad diplomacy” has been historically proven to be a part of the Democratic nomenclature but it had better not be a part of the Republican’s as the future of America is in the balance.. It’s time to “right” the ship..

The narcissistic nincompoop actually tried to “logic out” the idea that the winners will have to grovel at his feet.. “Either because they didn’t do as well as they anticipated, and so the strategy of just saying no to everything and sitting on the sidelines and throwing bombs didn’t work for them, or they did reasonably well, in which case the American people are going to be looking to them to offer serious proposals and work with me in a serious way..” Democratic cranial density occasionally becomes exhausting, but I will dissect the previous..

Overview: According to Obama no matter what happens, the Republicans will have to “work with him”.. Mind you, back in the halcyon days after the collectivist coronation, Obama and Company were quite fond of locking the Republicans OUT of meetings. It’s hard to “work with” someone when they change the locks to all of the doors to the meeting rooms.. The Republicans had no choice but to “sit on the sidelines” and in the end, Obama did the Republicans the biggest favor possible by being so, well as Harry Reid said, “acrimonious” towards them..

This bleating about “throwing bombs” is an interesting analogy coming from someone who has planted economic IED’s within each of the bills that he has demanded receive unanimous Democratic support, even without ANYONE reading them.. What could possibly go wrong with a sterling plan like that? If the Democrats weren’t Democrats I might actually feel sorry for them for having to follow the Brown Bolshevik as he continues to blindly tap dance into this political minefield.. When Obama calls it “throwing bombs” what he really means is that the concept of parading Obama’s massive failures before the American people is much more effective than the Democratic “plan” of trying to bury the bloated carcass that was once the middle class within a myriad of monosyllabic muttering..

Suddenly Obama wants the world to believe that the reasons for HIS Marxist mayhem not working are as follows, the Republicans were “sitting on the sidelines, throwing bombs”.. In case that didn’t seal the intellectual deal for anyone who might be unsure of Obama’s instability, Obama alleges that the Republicans didn’t offer up “serious proposals” and they didn’t “work with him in a serious way”.. AGAIN, utilizing “Democratic definitional inversion”, “serious proposals” means that the Republicans refused to be gulled and bullied like the spineless Democrats who forwarded this megalomaniac for the presidency and who then forwarded and passed all of his socialist strychnine.. The “proposals” WERE “serious”, Obama just chose to march backwards, with the fellow travelers becoming more worried with each regressive step that Obama took towards socialism.. When Obama refused to “listen” (remember: “I won”) the Republicans went to the people.. Obama’s obstinate attitude and political stupidity left the Republicans no other choice than to do the sensible thing..

Obama has to act optimistically when he says that “they didn’t do as well as they anticipated..” EVERYONE is anticipating the inevitable. You cannot, in two years time, destroy capitalism, create “historic” deficits and do nothing about a ten- percent unemployment rate and sensibly expect to get a warm clap on the back from those that you have victimized.. That is of course unless you are a clinically delusional fool.

As the hilarious helium keeps leaking from his ego, Obama is “a little taken aback that voters are disappointed with the current turn of events in his administration..” The VOTERS, the VICTIMS, have been “taken aback” by the stunning drive towards socialism and the focused attack upon the middle class. This “turn of events” has made America slightly more than “disappointed”.. If Obama is actually “taken aback”, he needs a trip to Howard Dean’s medicine cabinet so that he can pilfer a few bottles of Dean’s anti-psychotics and wash it all down with a gallon of Biden’s secret stash..

Obama, leaking oil as well as lies said, “the mythology has emerged somehow that we ran a flawless campaign. I never made a mistake, that we were master communicators, everything in lockstep..” Oh the pain..

The “mythology” that surrounded your shampaign was entirely created by YOU and your Marxist minions. When ANYONE attempted to bring the light of truth to your lighter than helium credentials and your interesting pantheon of pals for example, they were accused of “trying to scare you about me” with a nod to “I don’t look like other presidents”.. “Mythology” was what it was, and continues to this day to be, all about with you.

“We were master communicators”.. Again, the Democrats are of the opinion that all it takes is the ability to talk, or in Obama’s case, the ability to read the teleprompter. This comes from their perpetual backhanded “compliment” to President Reagan as the “great communicator”. The actual reason behind Reagan’s success in “communicating” came from the fact that what he spoke he BELIEVED. Democrats/liberals have drained each and every word that they use of its meaning, it’s all just an elaborate game of three card Monte when they talk AT you, not to you..

“Everything in lockstep”.. Surely you jest. I again have to compliment the Democrats and their abilities as stand up comedians.. Being in “lockstep” WAS the command to all of the Democratic congressional underlings from Obama, Pelosi and Reid. Being in “lockstep” demanded that NO ONE actually READ any bill presented to them by the Obama caliphate. This “need for speed” was dictated by the belief that if their myriad of malarkey were ever thoroughly investigated by anyone, their progressive panaceas for what they “inherited” would never be passed. To their credit, they knew that the jig would soon be up and if their conundrum of fascist folderol was ever going to be passed, the deadline for doing so was going to be 2010..

Obama took another swig from his bottle of Democratic whine and he bravely continued on.. He said that one of his biggest regrets is “letting Republicans make him out to be ‘the same old tax-and-spend liberal Democrat..” He is correct. He certainly ISN’T the “same old tax-and-spend liberal”.. Obama has upped the ante to heights that few imagined a green “tax-and-spend liberal” could ever achieve. He “spent” MORE than EVERY President from Washington all the way through Reagan.. Chronologically, that would be EVERYTHING spent from 1789 through 1989.. In two years, Obama has squandered the life savings of the middle class on his socialist sophistry and he spent MORE than every President during the first two hundred years since the creation of the office. The Republicans didn’t “make him out”, he made himself out all the while the “impartial” media was “making out” with him and his “historic” presidency.. Maybe if he had LISTENED to those “bomb throwers” as opposed to locking them out, he wouldn’t have caused as much permanent damage to America..

On that note, Obama seems morose about his cuddle buddies in the media. He sent out a message to them via the USA Today in which he said that what surprised him the most since he took (ACORNed) office was the “24/7 media”.. “What happens this minute as opposed to what happens over the course of months, years.. It’s difficult to get everyone focused on the long term..” Oh Lord..

The bottom line: His intentional economic depth charges went off as planned and the media should have ignored the resultant cornerstones of the Obama Depression. Ten percent unemployment, the highest deficits ever recorded and a tax burden that will punish the middle class for generations. Obama now wants everyone to look “years” down the road when he DEMANDED immediate “action” for problems that he “inherited” from the Democratic House and Senate (that he was a part of..) in place since 2006.. It’s not about reporting it’s about “agreeing” with him. Otherwise, you are to be considered “acrimonious”, just like the Republicans who tried to place the brakes on the runaway Obama “tax-and-spend” demolition derby.. Obama’s answer? “Work on getting his message out”.. Now for an intelligent interpretation of that last.. “Work on hoodwinking the electorate again.. Call them racists.. Blame Bush..”

Does Obama SERIOUSLY want anyone looking “years” down the road at what he has done to this economy? What could they possibly have to look at? No one has the ability to gussy up the black plague brought to us by the Black Plague.. By the way, there are a vast number of people looking “years” down the road at what the Obama caliphate has done and they are not at all enthusiastic about what it is that they see. Obama just chooses not to hear such talk, he just writes off such opinions as “racist” or “acrimonious”. He and his head in the sand socialists would prefer to hear the building of Obama’s Potempkin Village instead.. There’s a few jobs that he could “save or create”..

Imagine that.. As we go back to the Fox article, Obama sounds the same out of tune tone. “Another regret by the president was his inability to communicate effectively..” You can’t just “communicate” away trillions upon trillions upon trillions of the middle class’ hard earned dollars that have been wasted due to your arrogance and ignorance. You can’t just paper over such failure even though Geithner has the printing presses in the basement of the Slight House working overtime to spit out as many Obama promissory notes as they can..

Even the White House Souse Joe Biden said the reason that the Democrats aren’t running on “health care, financial regulatory reform or the stimulus is because ‘it’s too hard to explain’ to voters”.. All of the “explaining” necessary has taken place attached to the paychecks of those lucky enough to STILL be working through the Obama Depression. All of the “explaining” necessary has been attached to the countless tens of millions of pink slips received by those who USED to work before the Obama Depression..

The “message” isn’t the problem, it’s the MESS that is the problem..


22 responses to “The Id Of The Odd

  1. “…the black plague brought to us by the Black Plague” I’m laughing my arse off with that one! Great article, Larry. I always look forward to hearing what you have to say on all things Obama!

  2. If the republicans take the house/senate, Obama will go around them, using his demonic czars. That’s what worries me. Somehow, I don’t think Americans are going to put up with much more from this moon bat, mental midget. mmmm mmmm mmmm Barrack Insane Obama

  3. If this is true, we might soon be rid of the black plague. Please read Larry.

  4. Excellent article, Larry. I almost always enjoy reading your very interesting and humorus analysis of the national comedy of errors. If ACORN is again able to steal this election, then the only hope left is the U.S. military. The only reason they haven’t already acted to save our Republic is that to get a star on your collar, you have to sell your soul to the devil (CFR, Trilateral, Bilderberger group). What we really need right now are a lot of generals and admirals with brass balls, integrity and a conscience. It is really sad that most Americans under 40 have never been taught about the evils of stealing (socialism) from the hard working taxpayers.

  5. Gina:

    Wow, if that is true, things are looking better. November will be interesting.

  6. The dems certainly are worried about the military votes. It is no accident that the ballots were not mailed out here in New York and in several other states as well. The number of states may have increased since I last checked. They tried messing with the military ballots to get Gore in but it didn’t work then, and, God willing, it won’t now.

    Never give in, never give up, never again.

    Let’s send a clear message to the dems and anyone else who contributed so heavily to this “MESS.” Send them all packing.

  7. Great job, Larry, your explanations make so much more sense…..

    Gina, I’m not sure that is such a good idea… Biden is a real loose cannon… and we sure as hell don’t want Nitwit Nancy!

    Lady Wolf, you are so right… ACORN screwed it up before and they sure will try to do it again.

  8. Larry, you really knocked this one out of the park! Great job. Unfortunately, I think you’re right about economic IED’s buried in the bills. Let’s just hope a potentially new congress can disarm them.

  9. That word “acrimonious” from way back certainly got under your skin Larry, seeing as how you keep dropping it throughout your writings.
    It’s not surprising at all. When constructive criticism is called acrimony, proposals and suggestions are called bomb throwing, it is clear we’re dealing with a bent, resolute bunch. Nothing ires me more than fanatics and I’m afraid that’s who we’re dealing with here.

  10. Gina,

    I don’t think that all of the Czars could help with the Obama “end around”play.

    The Czars were nothing more than the first opportunity for Obama to enlarge government. He was just putting his toe in the water, no seemed to bite (I tried but who am I..) so it was off to the races.

    If enough non-Democrats win in the House and Senate, WE will be going around him..

    Never give in never give up and never again.

    Thanks as always,


  11. photojoe,

    Don’t sell the “under 40” crowd short..

    Enough of them are employed, many of them are trying to stay employed so they have first hand knowledge of the Obama mischief.

    The “under 25’s” are catching on as well. Obama is losing them at a rate that could make a real difference.

    Lets ALL make it a November to remember.

    Thanks as always,


  12. T,

    Thanks as always for your kind words and for all of your contributions to NLTZ.


  13. Other Docta G, (How about Docta G II?)

    These IED’s are buried and they are set to go off in the LARGEST case AFTER 2012. The first step is knocking the Dems completely out of the box in November.

    The goal should be for there to be enough non-Democrats (basically I am including Tea Party candidates with Republicans. I have tried to implore the Repubs to take in the Tea Party but to no avail..) so that anything Obama wants to do can be overruled.

    That makes 2012 a non-issue, Obama would be as lame a duck as he is now. As long as the Repubs put someone up in ’12 that WANTS the spot, it is a done deal.

    Thanks as always and welcome to the family,


  14. Quixtop,

    “Acrimonious” was the vehicle used by the Dems who claimed to be “unifiers, not dividers”. I used it so many times in order to reinforce this fact and because I DON’T have a short attention span. We all need reminders occasionally of what the transgressors have done in the past. Even the original California raisin Pelosi, puled about how she had the power to bring everyone together during her ridiculous speech when taking over the House..

    Reid and Pelosi used “acrimonious” for at least two weeks during the time that they were trying to ward off the first Repub salvo AGAINST the Scamulous. They wanted to beat down ANY opposition in those early days and they WON. It took too long for there to be any effective opposition and that came via the Tea Party.

    Liberalism is a disease and its hosts need to be quarantined ASAP.

    Thanks as always,


  15. The Illinois State Board of Elections has been lying about the status of military absentee ballots and a lazy Department of Justice has allowed itself to be duped.

    In an e-mail exchange between the Illinois State Board of Elections and the Department of Justice’s Voting Section shows the State has been misleading DOJ for almost a month.

    I need a shooting the gun emoticon.

  16. The one thing we can be sure of is Obama will not change his stripes even with a republican majority. He is who he is. So many pundits wondering if he will be like Clinton, NOT.

    He has bullied the bully out of his “Bully Pulpit” We need a long break from him.

  17. Monica,

    Good point.

    Clinton was a philanderer first, a POLITICIAN second.

    Obama is just a megalomaniac.

    He will throw the biggest pity party the nation has ever seen when the Demos get their asses handed to them in November..

    “I could have really fixed things if the mean old Republicans hadn’t taken back both Houses..”

    He will just have to settle for golfing every day..

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Thanks as always,


  18. Gina,

    Imagine that, the Demos AGAIN trying to hide the military votes..

    Gore tried it, why not Hussein?

    Picture if you will, one “minority” voter confused in either Ohio or Florida.. “There is rampant racism!! The voting machines are racist!! The ballots are confusing minorites, racism abounds!!..”

    Lets make them all join Daschle and Dean in November.

    Thanks as always,


  19. Here’s a heart warming story.

    Merkel says German multicultural society has failed

    Angela Merkel said Germany had “kidded itself” multiculturalism was working. Attempts to build a multicultural society in Germany have “utterly failed”, Chancellor Angela Merkel says.

    Hope you don’t mind me posting links on your blog Larry.

  20. Gina, It is not only Germany, it is most of Europe. Look what has been happening to France. Soon there will be more Muslims there than the French. They start with the small countries and take over a little at a time. They have the patience.

  21. I don’t see Obama working with the Republicans, especially any Tea Party Republicans, it simply isn’t in his playbook to do so. He’ll use his czars to issue commands and directives, and continue shoving his agenda down our throats. As soon as the adults take over Congress (I would so love to see the gavel yanked from Pelosi’s palsified hand) they need to take the keys of power away from this Affirmative Action hire POTUS, and file articles of impeachment to get him and the First Klingon out of the White House. Birther stuff aside, there’s already sufficient proof of crimes and criminal associations to send him to the Big House, where he belongs.

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