An Unusual Couple

Last week the hot rumor was that Bumbling Joe Biden was going to get bounced in favor of the Secretary of Statists in 2012. Now we have Billy Bob way out there (literally..) in New Mexico “campaigning for everybody that helped Hillary run for president”.. (Telegraph co uk) Team Clinton allegedly has its jaundiced eyes set on 2016 but the smart money might be betting that it won’t be that far down the road..

Rodham has to still have the taste of the White House on her progressive palate. “Sharing” the White House with Billy Bob didn’t cut it even though she was altogether too involved in matters, both legal and illegal, that were none of her business and being the lesser part of the “two for the price of one” nonsense wasn’t enough for the collectivist crone. Even more humiliating than her embarrassing public performance after Bill’s progressive pickle was caught embellishing an intern’s frock has to be the complete and utter implosion of her candidacy during 2008 when ANY Democrat would have won the election. When a big eared lifeless teleprompter-reading stiff like Obama wins the presidency when it was yours to take, well there has to be more than just a little bile left in her socialist system..

Oh well, Obama figured why waste “thirty five years of political experience” (yeah right..) and he gave her the vaunted position of Secretary of State. After all, she couldn’t be worse than Madeline Albright could she? Besides being the MOST inappropriately named person in Democratic politics, Albright was probably the only broad in the Clinton White House other than Janet Reno, that Bill didn’t try to grope.. Obama was even kind enough to pay off all of Rodham’s pant suits that she had purchased prior to “suspending” her campaign..

So here we are in 2010 and Rodham has accomplished as much as Secretary of State as she did when Billy Bob was using interns as humidors. Meanwhile, the person who put the biggest political scare into his miniscule political life was put in a position where she cannot “participate in politics”.. Short of leaving office before her term expires, (Rodham has never done anything like that before..) Obama may have sufficiently muzzled the Bolshevik battle-ax but he forgot about Ol Whitey..

The article in the Telegraph was obviously written by someone who has a bro-mance over the “insignificant other”. Clinton is described as “one Democratic figure whose soothing tones can help calm things down. Last week he was in vintage form..” That means that there were probably twenty or so women who left the New Mexico event with their brasseries mysteriously unfastened.. The article forgot to mention that this whirlwind tour was sponsored by both Viagra and Trojan..

“Gone was the red-faced finger-wagging Bill..” That Bill has been replaced by the “red-nosed finger-waging Bill..” The “old” Bill “exploded with anger at being accused of racism by Obama as the Democratic nomination slipped from his wife’s grasp..” Bill was just tired of getting hit with frying pans by Rodham after another day of delivering more boners than Biden on a good day while he was allegedly campaigning FOR her.. This nomination didn’t merely “slip”, it spontaneously combusted..

“Bill, hoarse-voiced but with a glint in his eye..” THAT sounds like the “Old Bill” replete with pockets full of Gap gift certificates and a few copies of “Leaves of Grass” at the ready in case any intrepid groupie wants another crack at playing “Free my Willy” in the back of the limousine while the Secret Service looks away..

The old 2008 GRUDGE is still with Billy Bob and if it is still with him, you had better believe that the progressive pachyderm is still grinding her dentures every night.. “I got out here and I started stirring around and realized that a lot of people were mad and even more confused..” There are two people in particular that I will wager are still piping hot “mad”.. “I didn’t want it on my conscience so I just loaded up and started strolling around..” Wow, he’s still got it..

First of all, you would have a better chance at locating Jimmy Hoffa as opposed to locating anything remotely resembling a “conscience” anywhere near Billy Bob Clinton.. “Conscience” is the equivalent of “Clintonian Kryptonite”.. Such a spontaneous man of leisure, he just “loaded up and strolled around..” When one hears of Clinton “loaded up”, it would have to from yet another refill of his Cialis prescription.. Bill Clinton doesn’t just “stroll around” anywhere, there is no more conniving and calculating person on this entire planet with the possible exception of his Marxist muse..

Do the Clinton’s hold a grudge for very long? Notably absent from this New Mexico socialist soiree was New Mexico’s Governor Bill Richardson. Governor Bill had the temerity to support Obama over Rodham and even that strange cross between a vulture and a human, James Carville called Richardson a “Judas”. Mind you, Billy Bob asked this same Bill Richardson in 1997 to find a spot at the UN for one Monica Lewinsky who was apparently spending too much time bruising her knees under the desk in the Oval Office. Richardson arranged for an interview but Lewinsky declined the generous offer.. Seems Billy Bob’s gravitational pull had her mesmerized.. How quickly the Clinton’s forget those who have covered up for them in the past..

“Bill’s past indiscretions are legendary and their jobs- he is now a globe-trotting philanthropist..” Oops, just one little spelling error in that last, make that “philanderer” NOT “philanthropist”.. “They see each other less often than the average American goes to the dentist..” Based upon eye witness reports, the tableware is always at risk of taking flight no matter how infrequently they get together.. “Yet they remain together..” It’s all a show for political convenience and Bill will be in “payback” mode for all of his previous “pecker-dilloes” for the rest of his life..

All of this rumor and innuendo swirls around these whispers (Please note that “whispers” involving the Clintons always seem to mysteriously end up being published in the media..) involving Rodham and another run at the Democratic nod. The article says shoot for 2016. I say that that is wrong, way wrong..

If Rodham is ever going to do it again, 2012 is the time. If Rodham doesn’t man up, the Democrats will HAVE to give Obama another turn. If by some absolute miracle Obama should win in 2012 while there is a Republican House and Senate, he would gladly take Democratic politics out of contention for the foreseeable future. In 2016, Rodham will have to spend all of her time fighting the correct descriptive of being yet another typical “Obama/Democrat”, just another Democrat personally responsible for America’s demise..

Obama ISN’T a politician. He is a megalomaniac. It’s all about HIM. The future problems of tomorrow’s Democrats are not his concern. He will just plop himself down on the Twinkie Queen’s couch after another scintillating interview with the viragoes over at the “View”.. Another round of golf, another shopping trip for the old lady, the Secret Service stuck with baby sitting his kids and another back yard party with Tony Rezko and Bill Ayers becomes yet another glorious day for this egomaniac, the Democrats be damned..

If Rodham is serious, she needs to step up and to laughingly claim that she wants to stop the bleeding courtesy of the Democrats since 2006. By 2016, the Democratic Party will be as obsolete as the Know Nothings.. As well by 2016, every one of the IED’s interlarded into each of the Obama legislative landmines will have exploded all over the landscape and the shrapnel will seek out each and every Democrat with the nerve to aspire to political office. By 2016, it will be too late..

The idea of a Rodham presidency is probably too late anyway for a myriad of reasons. She IS just another “Democrat” and they all seem to come from the same collectivist cookie cutter. What would she have done any differently than Obama? As just one example, the “Hillary Care” debacle of 1993 literally mirrored the Obama health scare plan from 2010. The alleged “health care” and the related economical euthanasia that you would have gotten from an inexperienced First Lady would have been about the same as the alleged “health care” with its related economical pogrom that we have gotten from an inexperienced community organizer..

All of this alleged “experience” that she has built up from being Secretary of State, what has any of it netted the United States? Has she brokered a peace settlement between Israel and Palestine? Nope. Has she stopped the shenanigans of North Korea, Iran, or even the reemerging Russia? Nope. Has she brought Pakistan and Afghanistan into line? Nope.. The good news is that she HAS figured out how to use Mapquest, she’s now a platinum club member at Holiday Inn and she has her own AAA triptychs..

Rodham could just be like the other Democrats who are actually campaigning for their seats claiming that they DISAGREE with Obama, Pelosi and Reid.. All of that stored up bile could be released, it could be so cathartic.. Obama will keep her as Secretary of State because she has to be quiet.. It’s now or never and what a collectivist carnival it would be.

The article called Billy Bob and Rodham “an unusual couple”.. I will call that the understatement of the decade..


24 responses to “An Unusual Couple

  1. Larry:

    The thought of Billary running for President, again, sends chills up my spine. If she ran and won, God forbid, we would be in just as much trouble or more than we are now. The progressives are all cut out of the same mold but she is completely evil.

    Never give in, never give up, never again. November is just around the corner. Vote them all out of office.

  2. Margaret in CT

    I remember thinking (and probably writing here) that Obama thought that Secretary of State would be a good garage in which to park Hillary to get her out of his way, in that he intended to perform all diplomatic duties. Now that he has been ushered from the world stage by the howling laughter of his peers in world leadership, she has emerged, as we always knew she would. In this race of mighty mites, my money is on Hillary for 2012.

  3. Alabama Redneck

    Larry, as usual you are spot on. If Hillary is going to run again it will have to be 2012. Personally, I would like to see her make a run for it. Just think of all the juicy campaign shenanigans she could bring up and the equally dubious things Odumbo could bring up. Would make for some really great reading and postings such as yours. The only drawback I can see is if the Repubs gain control of congress and possible the senate, they would have to really stay on track as far as constitution law, taxes, health care and all the other idiotic bills that have been passed from ever surfacing again. Any c0mpromise on their part and all bets would be off.

    LadyWolf: I agree with you that had Hillary been elected instead of Obama we would have the same thing we have now. Lke you said, all progressives are cut from the same cloth with one agenda. New World Order

    15 days and counting. 11/2/10

  4. Given the President’s current lack of approval amongst likely voters it is possible that if Uncle Joe is booted from the 2012 PT Barnum exercise (yes, you can fool most liberals all the time), Hillary the Hun will be drafted to fill his role on the ticket. If I were Obama I would be looking over my shoulder after winning that election. Considering the sheer number of her political enemies whom are dead, missing, or wish they were, the President would have good reason to fear ending up like Vince Foster or Ron Brown. Should this (and, NO for the record, I have NO desire for this scenario to occur. While I have an axe to grind in regards to the President’s policies, I have no personal animus against him) horrible event occur, we could see this harridan finish out Barry O’s term, and then still be able to run and win in 2016 and 2020 (assuming elections still happen at this point). It is also possible the DNC may decide to scrap a second Obama term altogether and draft Hillary to run as President. While short of a successful impeachment (un-bloody-likely) or dire personal circumstances, the odds of this occuring are slightly north of my sprouting wings and learning to fly, however Hillary’s popularity numbers are still better than her negativity rating. In her own way she is the ‘Anti-Palin’.

    As it stands, the Democrats pay only lip service to their loyalty to women and their causes. Afterall, thanks to Obamacare, regular mammograms may become an endangered species. Given the Progressives love the idea of invoking Sharia Law, even if it reduces women to the level of second-class citizens (third or coach if they’re Christian). However, they can dispose of unwanted children any time they wish, as abortion is the sacriment of Progressives. Democrats simply assume liberated women will automatically follow their lead, as those rascally Republicans will do horrible things to their rights.

  5. Alabama Redneck:

    I knew someone in the family would pick up my meaning quickly , you are absolutely right. Progressive = New World Order.

    There is an old proverb that says ” Be careful what you wish for, for you may get it. It’s funny how agendas can change and those who supported them suddenly discover that their ox is the one getting gored. Judgment day is coming. I hope we live long enough to see them get what they deserve.


    Hopefully this November we bury these democrats for good
    so that we will not have to put up with the Clintons
    Reading a new book from ROBERT RINGER
    Restoring the American Dream He clearly states that spreading the wealth does not work and compares our present conditions to
    the Roman empire . Also spells out how all of the programs to help the poor spend most of the money on staff and overhead yet
    rob us taxpayers and create more poor. The limit is coming
    when the haves will run out of money for the havenots
    He also points out that Politicians need votes to win and pander to the Government workers all 20 million of them for votes and also promise the poor freebies for votes Mnny years ago he wrote a book called LOOKING OUT FOR NUMBER ONE in which he stated
    the best way to heilp the poor is not become one of them.
    Larry a little off subject but so important

    never never again

  7. Larry,

    I loved this article and thanks for all the laughs. Almost as many as when Biden ran for the presidency. Could he have been worse that the baffoon we now have?

    Hill and Bill can’t wait for 2016 because by than someone would tattle when all the cases of viagra arrive at the oral office.

  8. The Clintons aren’t going away – they need the public limelight to stroke their egos. The private sector is not good for them.
    Rodham vs Obama in 2012 would be an interesting fight ! They can tear each other apart, thereby allowing a Republican to win.

  9. Hillary and Bill are from the same club as Obummer. According to Glenn Beck’s nifty lil ole boards, he traced them all together , going back many years. To me, Hillary is probably worse than Obummer. During the 2008 presidential debates she said she was a progressive. How much more honest can the ole gal be? We know what that means. Now on a lighter side, we voted today. I could not hear of anything new that would change my mind. Lets vote them out. In our town, it is mosly Republicans and a few old sore head Demoncrats.
    Keep up the good work Larry. You make my day bright!

  10. Margaret,

    George Mitchell is probably still handling the foreign affairs, remember he was tapped to be her baby sitter from the get go..

    Billy Bob is STILL working on his domestic “affairs”..

    Thanks as always,


  11. Alabama,
    Great to hear from you, hi to the Mrs..

    The Repubs WILL stay in line after November. The Tea Party will make sure of that.

    Thanks as always,


  12. G.,

    If Biden gets the toe, (I believe that he won’t) Hillary wouldn’t take the spot.

    Why would she want to get close to the Obama virus as VP when as Secretary of State, she is clean? She may not have any choice but to go in ’16. A substantial bribe will be in order for her to NOT run in ’12..

    VP IS NOT sexy enough for Rodham. Obama/Biden are weak enough today to be given the heave ho by the libs. It would be a HUGE concession for them to do so in ’12. Rodham doesn’t have enough chits on her side if the ticket isn’t scrapped voluntarily.

    What do you think?

    Thanks as always,


  13. LadyWolf,

    My take? Progressive= New World Odor..

    Thanks as always,


  14. JR,

    As it has been said, socialism is a great idea until you run out of other people’s money to spend..

    They will never learn.

    Thanks as always,


  15. Monica,

    Thanks for the kind words and you are welcome.

    Thanks for noticing..


  16. JJ,

    The Clinton’s, in this case Billy Bob, was asked to come out of hiding because of the complete unpopularity of Obama.

    Much as the “rematch” would be interesting to say the least, I really don’t think that it will come to pass..

    If Obama flubs the next two years as badly as he has the first, the Demos will send a mere scrub in there to be pummeled in ’12. They will all play the “unity” theme but down they will go..

    Rodham will just skulk off and write another idiotic book or three, just biding her time..

    Thanks as always,


  17. Mary,

    Thanks so much for the very kind words and I will leave you with something that I heard today:

    American ends in “can”, Republican ends in “can” Democrat ends in “rat”..

    Nuff said, eh?

    Thanks as always,


  18. Larry:

    “Progressive= New World Odor.” That’s certainly another way of describing progressives. They do have a particularly bad smell about them. You can always tell when they are around. LOL

  19. JR:

    I keep asking what happens when they “run out of other people’s money to spend..” I’m not getting any answers. How about you?

  20. Sorry Larry, my last post should have been addressed to you. I’ve been out planting campaign signs and trying to put out progressive fires in my neck of the woods and I’m getting a bit slaphappy.

    Never give in, never give up, never again.


    When I worked for the Department of Family Services here in my county, we had to contract out certain services. Unfortunately, the services were usually mandated by the state or the feds and had specific requirements that forced us to contract with providers outside the county because the type of service couldn’t be provided in our rural county.

    The administrative costs always far out weighed what we actually got in return. The taxpayers never got their money’s worth. If the providers lived in the county, at least they would have been paying taxes and spending money here.

  21. Larry,
    We have been putting in twelve and fourteen hour days this month – got a big order. So when I open my E-mail and see one from you, I always skip the others and feast on the banquet you always provide and I am always rewarded by your wordsmith.

    My wife finally caught on last week. Our ‘friend’ put another sign in our lawn and left a letter addressed to whomever saying thank you for putting the sign in a prominent place. First of all, nobody from him or his campaign people have ever asked us to put up a sign, yet there it was. We also got a circular in the mail and she was looking at it and said ‘there is no place on either side of this circular that says he is running as a democrat’. So I told her to check out the other signs when she is about town – – – not a one of them name their party except for the Conservatives. Needless to say, she was royally ticked!

    I have made a printing of your slogan and it hangs prominently above my computer and I look at it often and say ‘Amen!’

    Never give up, Never give in and Never again. God bless America!

  22. Richard,

    Wow, don’t work too hard because as Obama has said, “I do think at a certain point you have made too much money..” This just applies to YOU, it doesn’t apply to him amd those like him.. If you work, you pay for Obamanomics. Charlie Rangel and the rest of the left don’t have to..

    Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate your input and contributions to NLTZ.

    Thanks as always,


  23. Why would Hillary take the VP chair? To use a football analogy, once the Obama/Hillary ticket was in, she would be one bad play away from being the QB herself. Do recall, there are about 400 people whom are dead because of the Clintons and their activities back when Bill was Gov. of Arkansas, and once Obummer did his job to get her back in striking range, he could easily ‘take one for the team’, as he would have served his purpose. The Clintons are as vicious as the Chicago machine in the White House, and they will ruin anybody who gets in their way. Consider Vince Foster’s ‘suicide with help’, or how Ron Brown died in the only plane in the Air Force not equipped with a black box, one month before he was to testify against the Clintons in the Whitewater Scandal. There are still stories about how the autopsy confirmed he died from fatal lead poisoning after the crash.

  24. Richard,

    They do the same here in Mobile. The election signs from Republicans, they place an elephant in the bottom right corner, the other party… nothing. They will say they are conservatives on their signs but we all know there is no such thing as a conservative democrat. They are a dying entity/mammal like a unicorn or a Dinosaur.


    As for the Clinton’s, they are both desperate for attention and it’s clear Obummer has lost his spark and charm, and it appears that the Clinton’s are rubbing it in Obummer & the Wicked Witch “we are entitled faces.” Payback’s a bitch!

    Hillary really holds no “real” power just as little Timmy Geithner knows so much about economics (that the former economic genius known as Larry Summers needed to explain the economic facts to him and dumb it down so he could understand those facts, now that he’s gone, who knows who will explain it to him now. God knows Obama doesn’t have a clue.) The Obummer Czars are the ones that do the heavy lifting, the “Secretaries” are just a figurehead, and some people call them sock puppets. It is clear that Hillary will make a run for President, will she win? God, I hope not. I don’t see her as being likable. She’s just not as likable, warm and fuzzy as Billy Bob was in the beginning in 1992, a southern rouge, womanizer and all around scumbag, who gave a knew meaning to the male chicken. (The tile to his fake memories should have been called “What Came First the Chicken or the Cock.”) It will be horrible if she is elected President, by giving Bill a third term as President. He will make the decision, as Hillary will explain her decisions that were made by her husband as her own. When you sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas and Hillary has lost her flea collar.

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