This Simple

There isn’t much time left for the Democrats. They have had absolutely NOTHING to squeak and squawk about in the last year or so, so they have decided to “blame” the Republicans for THEIR unmitigated failures as “leaders”. All of this nonsense about having the “most ethical House in history”, all of this “they’re trying to make you scared of me” and all of this “unifier, not a divider” malarkey fell short when the American public needed RESULTS.

Unfortunately “results” we got, they are just the “results” that the Democrats have tried desperately to bury within a hurricane of diversion and deflection. An Obama Depression. A permanent Democratic ten-percent unemployment rate. Bank foreclosures at a rate not seen since the LAST Democratically fueled Depression. Democratic deficits that cannot be erased and will be the burden placed by the Democrats upon generations to come. Sophomoric socialist spending that topped ALL of the spending done by ALL of the Presidents in the first 200 years of the office. From Washington all the way through Reagan.. THIS is what is truly “historic” about this party and their liberal leader. THIS is what they have “accomplished” and THIS is why they have nothing left (literally..) to do except blame the opposition who were locked out of meetings when the Brown Bolshevik stated “I won”. Logic dictates that these results were the ones that we were going to get since the people allegedly trying to “fix” the problems were the ones responsible for creating the problems since 2006..

This is not to mention the IED’s that they have placed within ALL of their cancerous legislation from the “stimulus” all the way through the socialized medicine scam. Taxes? Subtly by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire, allowing the AMT (alternative minimum tax) to penalize MILLIONS of middle class families to the overt ones demanded from the same middle class in order to “pay” for the previously mentioned Democratic deviousness..

Now the opposition is responsible for the Democrats (please note the last four letters of the last word..) not being able to “get their message out..” Nonsense. The “message” came through loud and clear. Since the “message” was socialism and liberalism, the “results” of this collectivist catastrophe are what they have been trying to avoid in the last few months. Their “message” has been, “give us more time and we will fix what it is that WE have devoured, ravaged and ruined..” More “time” given to the Democrats might not afford (literally..) anyone the opportunity to be able to place the pin back into the Democratic hand grenade..

We have ALL witnessed the destruction done by allowing the unfettered reigns of power to be held by the Democrats and we have ALL been the victims of their collectivist caliphate. NO ONE has been immune from this structured devastation intentionally inflicted upon this once proud nation. They have “accomplished” all of this in less than two years. Enough is enough.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is just this simple.. Now is the time for the victims of Obama and the Democrats to go out to the polls and to do something TRULY “historic”. Never forget what you heard here first: never give in, never give up and never again.


38 responses to “This Simple

  1. Family,

    I did not abandon you. I went on a vacation and I just got back.

    While sitting in the airport watching the WRONG people being patted down by the TSA employees, I composed this “thought” while the “news” droned on in the backround..

    Its about a third the size of a typical NLTZ composition, but I wanted one last salvo the hit everyone’s “in-box” before the Day of Reckoning or as “Back door” Barney Frank might say “Our Wiberal Waterwoo”.. This will be a “November to remember”.

    Thanks as always.


    Never give in, never give up and NEVER again.


    Larry I have been looking for your final post before the pay back day.


    Hit the wrong key and got shut down
    Barney the blowhart Frank is at last having to spend some money
    in this election. HOPE HE FAILS LIKE HIS BOSS
    Got to get the vote out and Gallup last poll says the turnout
    by Republicans is three times greater than 94
    The best sign I got out is VOTE THEM ALL OUT
    Brown is campaigning with a lot od new faces here and the Dems are playing his help down
    Caddilac DevaL is also in trouble and I hope Baker takes over the
    Governor job tomorrow
    Would love to vote a dozen times

  4. Alabama Redneck

    Like JR I have been waiting for your last salvo prior to shoving it down the coletive throats of ole what’s his name. Thanks a million for your encouragment.

    This morning I attended a rally in Troy, Alabama and the response was fantastic. The rally was for Martha Roby who is opposing Bobby Bright for Alabama congressional 2nd. Along with her was Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions. Both were endorsed on the spot by AGO (American Gun Owners) It was something to be a part of. Managed to get my picture taken with both Roby and Sessions and they turned out great. I asked Sen. Sessions about the Bush tax cuts being extended for everyone. He indicated that he did not think it would get past the Senate, lame duck, without it including everyone. He did indicate that a compromise might be in the works that would give everyone in the lower brackets a permanent tax break and the upper brackets (above $250.000) a two year extension. I have no idea how that would play out going into 2012.

    Getting back to Martha Roby, she should unseat Bobby Bright. He only won in 2008 by 1700 votes due to what’s his names coat-tails and that was the black vote. We are due for rain in much of the district tomorrow and I know the vast majority of unwashed ones are afraid of water. Cannot wait to slavor the taste of vistory tomorrow night. This is going to be a real NOVEMBER TO REMEMBER and the first step in taking our Republic back. Must continue working right through November 2012. We cannot and must not slow down in our efforts to vote them all out.

    HAPPY VOTING TO ALL THE FAMILY TOMORROW. VICTORY IS NEAR. We all owe a big thank you to Larry for keeping us together and on track for the past 18/20 months. Thank you Larry. We look forward to all your future posts.

  5. Larry,

    Welcome back from vacation.

    I have been reading the articles and watching the tv ads telling people how the evil Republicans want you to live in a box. I have also seen the articles in the last couple of days that want us all to just forget all of the silly little insults hurled upon the conservative American people for the past couple of years, and ‘can’t we just join hands, sing kumbaya and prance through the liberal poisoned poppy field? (There now Dorothy, just lie down and close your eyes. You’ll feel better in a moment.( So sleepyyyy!)’) I for one do not want any compromising at all with the foolish leftists. I am tired of their constant wailing and handwringing. I know there are things that could be better and I also know that there are people that want their lives to be better at others expense. I say help the former, if possible, and ignore the latter at all costs.

    I will also be watching the Republican Party to see how they work with the new Tea Party members. I will be watching to see if the Party leadership will keep standing up for our principles. I also feel for the poor fools (think Olympia Snowe, John McCain) who think they can just cross the aisle anytime they want to stand out. I am hoping the American conservative public will be watching for these ‘mavericks’ also. And when they do stand out, I hope they are indeed noted, then subsequentially voted out of office.( no anger there, lol)

    Well, now that I have that out of my system, get out there and vote. Make a difference. Stand up for what you believe.

    Did I say welcome back from vacation? It has been too quiet from you, lol.


    My money is not theirs. My life is not theirs. And I do not work for them.

  6. I wouldn’t describe the landmines placed within the Stimulus and other bills as ‘IED’, there’s nothing improvised about these deliberate attacks upon our rights. Thanks to the Apollo Alliance, SEIU, Darth Soros (alias ‘Spooky Dude’), and the other real powers behind the throne, we now have a situation where the average American citizen is taxed simply for being a citizen (Obamacare). The power grabs by the Democrats in the last two years have been nothing less than full-on Machiavellian and Orwellian.

    We must remember there is nothing this President and Congress has done that wasn’t telegraphed years in advance. The American people have grown so fat and lazy in their complacency that they didn’t bother to vet their choices properly, and so we have inherited a man and a regime we as a nation deserved to have. Adolf Hitler also wrapped his campaign in a ‘Hope and Change’ mantra, and fooled a Weimar Republic into voting for him, even after writing a particularly vile piece of literature called ‘Mein Kampf’. ‘Dreams From My Father’ is to Anti-Colonialists what ‘Mein Kampf’ is to the Fascists of that bygone era.

    Should the Republicans win tomorrow, it will not be the end of the Obama Regime, but merely the beginning of when we take back what is ours: our pride as a nation, our national sovereignty, and our American Exceptionalism. Obama and his minions and his backers will pull every stunt they can to ‘Franken’ this election; they will not accept defeat and eviction so soon after they managed to grab the reins of power. Also, we as citizens must be on guard that Obama doesn’t simply ram through his agenda via other means. ‘Cap and Trade’ won’t wash on the floor of the House, but it can be done via the unvoted upon EPA. It is also important that we hold our newly elected representatives to account every second, of every minute of every hour of every day they are in office. They must be reminded whom they work for, and that we are aware that all politicians are inherently corrupt and ultimately cannot be trusted. If they fail to do our bidding, then they must be removed and replaced with those whom will.

    We have seen the price of hubris and complacency, let us hope the American people have learned from their failure to handle their stewardship responsibly. If we fail this lesson, then we do not deserve liberty.

  7. JR,

    You CAN vote a dozen times.

    Just go to the poll and say that you are a member of the SEIU and they will allow you to do so..

    Thanks as always,


  8. Alabama,

    I aprreciate you kind words and all of your contributions to NLTZ.

    Not only would an extension of the Bush tax cuts do the middle class well, the Obama “forgetfulness” relative to the AMT needs to be addressed..

    Glad that you had a good time at the rally today. It’s people like you who are making a difference.

    My best to the Mrs..

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Thanks as always,


  9. Ninth,

    You rock my friend..

    Spot on with how the Repubs greet the Tea Party. I’ve been banging that drum for some time, ever since I attended CPAC where the Repubs were scared to death of the Tea Partiers walking about the event..

    We shall see.

    Thanks as always,


  10. Living in a conservative state, I am confident SC will remain that way. However, I hope and pray everyone across this great land, who shares our conservative values, gets off their rear-end and votes tomorrow to rid America of this arrogant, condescending we know better than you do Washington crowd now and forever. Apathy sucks. God bless us. Kurt – A little right of Attila.

  11. I think me and Kurt could be good friends, lol.

    My money is not theirs. My life is not theirs. And I do not work for them.

  12. My husband and I voted early, however we have not gone to sleep. We will be ever watchful as to how the newly elected government governs. We will be watch dog to be sure that we have no new spending or money spend for a bunch of foolish junk. We will call our Senators, Reps and make sure they are representing us as we want them to. They already know my name. The new ones soon will too.
    Thanks Larry for the great writing you do and keeping us all informed in a really great humorous way.

  13. Margaret in CT

    The first shoe is about to drop, and it won’t be a jack boot, as it was in ’08. Larry, thanks for keeping our spirits elevated during the dark days of ’09 when the wait until Nov. 2, ’10 seemed so interminable. You’re definitely one of the leaders of the charge. Your consistent combination of well-researched facts with humor has kept us abreast of the shenanigans of the retrogressives. Onward to the dropping of the second shoe–the final taking back of America in 2012.

  14. Here’s a guide to your state representatives, it shows how they voted on Cap and Trade, Stimulus, Health Care and Nancy Pelosi as speaker.

  15. I want everyone to make sure you thank Duncy Pelosi for “draining the swamp”, and bring your shovels…
    for tomorrow we SHOVEL OUT THE SHIT that’s been collecting on the bottom all these years.
    Unfortunately, tomorrow is yet the beginning of our struggle.
    All we can do for the next 2 years is reign in the reign of terror called MAObama.
    For the next 2 years we must remind people that it took a Super-Majority to create this mess, it will take a Super-Majority to fix it in 2012.
    Oblama-onomics is NOT an economic policy.
    I have come to realize that when a Progressive Socialist says they intend to “close corporate tax loopholes”, that this means there are still companies out their making a PROFIT and the Progressives intend on stomping them out of existence.
    IF we retake one or both houses of Congress tomorrow, this is merely the beginning.
    Are you ready for 2 more years of war to Take Back Our Country?
    Even so, come January 2013, when Conservatives have the White House, both houses of Congress, and a super-majority in the Senate, do you think these Socialists and Communists are simply going to give up and go home?
    When they’ve had the greatest REPUBPLIC in the world by the throat for so long??
    I didn’t think you thought so…
    spread the word…

  16. Ninth,
    If you know BS when you hear it, hate arrogance and mendacity, say what you do and do what you say, have bloodied your fists and your nose for what’s right, and admire Patton, you are more than my friend you’re my twin brother.
    PS: I don’t work to pay taxes.

  17. G.,

    Nothing to add..perfect.


  18. Kurt,

    Just met a fine gentleman and his wife from SC on our trip, two of the nicest people that I have met in a long time.

    Not only were they nice, they were conservative as well..

    You represent your state well, my friend.

    Thanks as always,


  19. Mary,

    Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate each and every one of them.

    Never give in, never give up and never again.

    Thanks as always,


  20. Margaret,

    “Retrogressives”.. That was an excellent one.

    Thanks to you for all of your kind words and for all of your contributions to NLTZ.


  21. Gina,

    How dare you.. Don’t utilize FACTS when discussing the actions of the Democrats.

    Remember, they have failed due to “not getting their message out”.

    They also believe that the public schools that THEY have ruined are failures due to “under-funding”..

    You can’t fix stupid..

    Thanks as always,


  22. Stitch,

    Right as rain..

    The liberals will learn from their mistakes, we have to suffer because of their mistakes.

    It won’t be over until liberalism is ILLEGAL.

    Shall we work towards this goal?

    Thanks as always my friend,


  23. Kurt,

    We are all members of the “family”.

    We have all stood tall and now we shall “right the ship”.

    Proud to call you and Ninth “brother”. Proud to call everyone “the family”.

    Thanks as always,


  24. All I can add is a prayer for our country and the voters choose wisely. Love all your posts and humor. Yes, I love “retrogressives”. That is it in a nut shell!

  25. Michele from NY

    Is it Tuesday YET!?!? Woo hoo, the day of reckoning is almost here!

  26. Welcome back Larry. Good to read your words again.

    “It won’t be over until liberalism is ILLEGAL.” How very right you are.
    The fight is far from over and we have to work towards this goal.

    God bless and protect our beloved Republic and those of us that love it. Let’s get out there and vote.



    Tomorrow is one of my daughters birthday so we have a party planned
    at her house to celebrate a conservative new beginning as well as her
    birthday BURY OBAMA

  28. Don’t forget: vote early and…VOTE OFTEN!!! (:[D)>

  29. Richard,

    I love everyones participation in the comments section.

    The comments are sometimes more lively and informative than the articles and I appreciate that.

    Thanks as always for your contributions,


  30. Michele,

    Shall we call this the NEW “Super Tuesday” or is it a little early yet?

    Thanks as always,


  31. LadyWolf,

    The FINISHED line is certainly in view..

    Await the shenanigans of the SEIU crowd, the ACORN clones and any other Democratic “helpers”.

    Watch for the “voting discrepancies” that were all but invisible in 2008 to mysteriously reappear..

    I’ll buy the popcorn.

    Thanks as always,


  32. JR,

    Happy birthday to your daughter. I hope that she enjoys her day as much as the rest of America will enjoy “Independence Day 2010”..

    Hello to the Mrs from all of the NLTZ family as well.

    Thanks as always,


  33. triviaman,

    That sounds like a plan..

    Thanks as always,


  34. Larry:

    The rumors in NY are that there will be illegals voting. I wouldn’t put it past the demonrats. NY doesn’t check for citizenship, so the danger has always been there. The illegal alien in OUR WHITE HOUSE wants to punish his “enemies”‘ aka: us, so we should expect the usual and not so usual bag of democratic tricks.

    Also, the brand new voting machines in my county didn’t work right during the primary so I expect the same nonsense tomorrow. The weasels here are busier than the energizer bunny. They keep going and going and going….


  35. This is the day we have all been praying for.

  36. Larry,
    Great to read your post. We will know how OBama will govern the next two years right when he walks his skinny ass, points his bony finger and keeps his arrogant nose in the air tomorrow. The first two minutes of his press conference will be telling. The ace up his sleeve are all the Zsars he is hiding.
    Sorry about that but I do feel better!

  37. RightasRayne,

    Those who have persevered have had their prayers answered.

    Thanks for hanging in there,


  38. Monica,

    Nothing wrong with feeling good right about now..

    The snakes are slithering.

    Thanks as always,


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