Voting Wrongs..

The “right” to vote is guaranteed to us by the Constitution. At that time, only white male property owners could cast votes. Getting beyond the histrionics of the “white” and the “male” portions brings us to the logic that those who DIDN’T own property (those who at that time essentially paid no taxes of any kind) had no right to tell those that did how much tax they should be paying. Nor did they have to right to vote into office those who would irresponsibly raise the taxes of others.

This perfectly sound logic has been jettisoned today. The unproductive now have the “right” to vote themselves a “raise” at least every two years, thus perpetually penalizing the productive. This “right” has also morphed with the “right” of what are now laughingly called “benefits”. These “benefits” (welfare, AFDC, etc, etc..) have been transformed into “rights” by the liberal overseers which are now parallel to actual constitutionally conferred “rights”. This is not a “right”, this is a “wrong”.

As far as I am concerned, after watching the nonsense unfolding before me today at the polling place, I feel that a few other “voting wrongs” need to be addressed and corrected.

Certain actions remove your right to vote. (As of today, that is..) For example, convicted felons. The liberals would like to overturn this obviously logical rule therefore allowing hundreds of Clinton administration employees a chance to get back onto the field.. Certain “inaction” should negate your “right” to vote as well..

If you do not work for a living, you do not vote. All over the sample ballot here in Missouri, we were regaled with the “news” that you DO NOT even need a picture ID in order to cast a ballot. What could go wrong with that plan? Just bring in your neighbor’s gas bill and you are all set. I say that you should have to bring in a check stub from your employer. By the way, for those unsure about how to vote while they have that check stub in their hand, take a look at the “deductions” portion of that document and remember that the Democrats are responsible for the SIZE of those embarrassingly large numbers..

As an aside, could we please move Election Day to April 16th? Wouldn’t that help to alter our politician’s perspective as well as focus the voter’s?

Invoking the “Obama Depression Clause” as well would mean that as long as you do not receive ANY governmental sustenance of any kind, you could proceed to the booth. Today an EBT card allows you to vote, tomorrow it should not..

For those victims of the Obama Depression, any check stub from prior to the Communist Coronation will be accepted and any retiree who brings in their gold watch is good to go.. As far as I know, the Obama caliphate hasn’t been giving out gold watches to those who have been on the government dole for thirty years or thirty generations, so there shouldn’t be any problems with the perpetual loafers trying to weasel their way in unless they went to a yard sale before hitting the voting booth..

As well, if you do not speak English you do not vote. Period. If you do not understand English, you will not understand the ballot making your ballot useless. That will in turn cancel the ballot of someone who actually speaks English. Whether or not the English speaker who votes for the liberals truly “understands” what he or she is voting for is another matter altogether.. There were way too many helpful “interpreters” there and who knows exactly what it was that each of these “helpers” were saying.. If I started “helping” someone in the next cubicle how to vote in English, I would be forcibly removed from the premises. These “helpers” are actually INSIDE the booth “helping” the confused “immigrant” to “properly” cast their vote..

The liberals call the insistence for “immigrants” to speak English, “hateful” and “exclusionary”. English is the language of success in AMERICA, which is where you are. Refusing to speak anything other than English immediately makes you unemployable in America, which immediately makes you run to the American liberals and all of their “benefits”. Once manacled to their mantra of individual failure and “woe-is-me-ism”, your career in the lowest economic group is firmly established. Those who free themselves of the ball and chain of liberalism have NO USE for liberalism, thus the liberals constant efforts at reinforcing and making poverty permanent..

Maybe once we “right” the ship we can get about fixing these and other voting wrongs..


41 responses to “Voting Wrongs..

  1. Family,

    Happy Independence Day!

    Both yesterday’s and today’s articles have been shorter than usual. Recovering from a vacation puts one behind the eight ball..

    Tonight at 9PM CST, I will be monitoring the comments live and I would love for any family member to tell us all about their expoerinces at the polls today.

    I had fun wearing three “I voted today” stickers making everyone who saw me feel as though I was a good Democrat..

    Let’s have some fun tonight, we deserve it.

    Thanks as always,


  2. I will respectfully disagree with you about a voter needing a paycheck to vote. Seniors, retiree’s, the military and handicapped don’t receive a paychecks so there is no stub to hand in. As 55% of voters don’t pay taxes here in Alabama but ALL Alabamians pay 9 cent in sales taxes for everything across the board (and the state is still in the red because sales taxes were given to education and most went to the teachers instead of better education for the students. Glad to see Bob Riley go!) Who pays most of the taxes are mostly higher educated, professionals but since we are a non-union state, Unions don’t have a say here, but you know the progressives are trying to change that.

    That said what I think this Country needs to do is have two forms of ID to vote. In Alabama you need to show a picture ID (doesn’t need to be current either which I think is bad) to vote but I think there should be a second ID with either tax bill, electric bill, telephone bill, military ID, employment ID or we start using a fingerprint (as they do in the middle east) by either a finger or thumb print/scanned eye to confirm that you are who you say you are.

    We’ve had some scandals here with illegals being given drivers licenses even though they don’t speak English. Last year a car full of high school seniors were killed in a traffic accident when a drunk illegal, who spent the weekend inebriated crash his car killing all the occupants in the other vehicle. The five seniors were just a week two weeks away from graduation day. But an investigation into how that illegal was able to get a driver license, became a huge local story. The corrupt Mayor, corrupt members and head of the Division of Motor Vehicles took payoffs and bribes from a progressive gang crooks. For $5,000 an illegal could get a DL with someones else’s name, no birth certificate was needed (which the rest of us need). A bunch of people were tried, convicted and sent to prison for anywhere from 16 months in prison to 15 years (the time that was given to the head of one of the progressive gangs… and black, since our corrupt mayor is black that’s all that gets hired here, the local government is color blind). The progressives always have a reason not to support the ID idea, saying it’s a violation of a right to privacy. Sick of all the nonsense.

    Harry Reid appears to be way too happy so, I’m expecting a great deal of voter fraud in Nevada, even though the recent polls shows him 4 points behind.

    I will try to make it back here at nine but if I don’t make it, good luck to you all!


  3. Eileen,

    Most of the “exemptions” that you mentioned were mentioned within the piece. Obviously, the “exceptions” that you mentioned merit the vote, I was trying to poke fun at the loafers of our society..

    Thanks as always,


  4. In Chicago and most large cities, every dead person votes in every election and they always vote Democratic. In today’s computer age, this is insane! There is no reason not to verify all registered voters to see if they are real, alive and U.S. citizens. In 2008, Mickey Mouse and the Dallas Cowboys football team voted in almost every polling place in the country. The motor-voter law made it very easy for illegals to get a drivers license and then use that to vote. I used to watch the Demos on election day. They charter all the buses they can, go into the projects, load them up with bums, give each bum a sack lunch and a bottle of booze, and then spend the entire day going from place to place voting with a different idenity at each polling location. Democracy in action!

  5. Anyone here yet?

  6. Family,

    Who is on?

    Things are looking strong. Barney Frank managed to win though.


  7. Eileen,

    Anything eventful at the polls in your area?


  8. I wanted that asshole to lose. Two of the people I wanted to win, did. Marco and Rand.

  9. One Carnahan down here in Missouri, one left..


  10. Prediction,

    The House goes, the Senate doesn’t.

    The Senate will drop easily in 2012 as there are 3 to 1 Democratic Senate seats up in ’12..


  11. The public in both Florida and Alabama voted straight Republican so far. Republican Governor, Lt Gov, Sec of State all straight R’s. In US Congress it appears the same. Bright lost thank god.

  12. Looks like the Tea party isn’t doing well..

    Obama’s old seat may still stay with the Commies..


  13. There are about 7 candidates running for Governor in FL, and Scott is still leading, he will probably win.

  14. I already have another article in the can for tomorrow:

    “The Shape Of Things To Come”..

    Hope that everyone likes it.


  15. Nothing will change in the liberal/progressive states like NY, MA, NH, CT, VT and Maine. They will always go to the Democrats. Just shows how stupid they are. The real change will come from the purple states as it looks like most of them will go R.

  16. Eileen,


    Let the liberal East coast polarize themselves.

    They can be gotten around.


  17. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make them drink.

    I’m praying Reid loses but there is so much corruption in Vegas (and Henderson, NV) right now that Reid most likely will win. Sam Brownback won Kansas governor, which is good. I like him.

  18. I’d really like to see Obama’s old seat go R. But Illinois is such a corrupt state. I think a lot of these will be a wait and see. We will not learn who won for a few days.

  19. The bottom line is that even though the Senate would have been a major grab, the pick ups in the House and in the Governorships makes a huge impact.

    This race goes to the strong not necessarily the fast..


  20. There are so many I’d like to see go down but they all belong to the corrupt states.

    David Vitter won because of how he behaved during the Gulf Oil spill that Obama and the Dems handled so badly. Pity!

  21. Was there a Gulf Oil spill? Oil spill? What oil spill?

    Why wasn’t that called Obama’s Katrina by EVERYONE, not just sensible folks like us?? Where were the liberal environmentalists calling for Obama’s resignation??


  22. They were asleep as usual.

    I’ve been thinking about what Photojoe said. Most big cities go to the Dem because they control the minorities but you would think after decades that they would learn that nothing has changed even though they keep elect the same idiots. Have they made any changes in these people’s lives? No! They keep they dependent on big government’s help, but big government NEVER helps they only keep them status quo.

  23. Precisely and no one know that better than me..

    Looks like at this point in the House the libs have picked up one seat, the Repubs have picked up 21..

    I like those percentages..


  24. The local station interrupted the regularly scheduled shows and the idiots called the station to put back Dancing with the Stars. They were more worried about that then the election results. And people wonder why this Country is so screwed up? BTW, they announced that Rick Fox was voted off and on the Biggest Loser, the black team lost and voted Anna off. Just in case you were wondering and couldn’t go to sleep without knowing those outcomes.

  25. Are you watching Fox?

  26. Where did you go on vacation? Did you have a great time?

  27. Switching between local and national Fox.

    The City wants top take control of the PD here and a proposition is on the local ballot.

    They want to grab our pensions to pay off their debts.


  28. That’s a big problem in FL, the teacher’s were promised a lot by the Dems and they cannot keep the promises that they made because most states are in the red. Instead of being angry at the Dems for making those promises in the first place, they want to hold the R accountable for the Dems promises. Makes no sense to me.

    I hope you get to hold onto your pension, how does it look? I think Fire & police should keep what was promised because they risk their lives everyday. Public servants and teachers can learn to do without for a time.

  29. We hit the Southern Carribean.

    Barbados, St. Kitts, Antigua Samana and Tortola.

    I personally like the Western Caribbean better, Mexican Riviera too


  30. Eileen,

    they promised us free medical upon retirement and they reniged on that as well

    Havent had a raise in ten years.

    Should have studied while I was in school..


  31. I don’t travel much. I like to go but hate the coming and going part. Packing, airport bs. I’ve only been to Cancun. It was too commercialized, too American. I wanted real Mexican food (my second fav after Italian) and the locals told us to go to Taco Bell. We did find out where the locals go and did get some good meals.

  32. There is no easy answers. The Dems should never have promised what they knew they could never deliver, but they did it to get their votes and prostituted them. And when the R try to stop the spending the Dems ridicule them. It insanity.

  33. Cozumel.. Panchos Back Yard. The BEST Mexican food this side of El Maguey here in St Louis.

    Cabo is like that. Wal Mart right down the street from the port.. Mazatlan is almost as wonderful as Cozumel, its actually amazing.

    The airport has actually gotten better.. Not much but better..


  34. I’m getting tired. You probably have to go to work tomorrow so I’ll call it a night. Great chatting with you and that’s pray that the people will take back this Country tomorrow.

    Good night.


  35. 60 seats in the House?

    Lame Duck in no time..


  36. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

    You ARE the NLTZ MVP.


  37. Great article, Larry! I too think voting should be moved – – – to the first Tuesday of April with inauguration on the first Tuesday of May. No dilly-dallying around and no Lame Duck sessions allowed. Spring is always a renewal period and that would go along with an election.

    I also think each state should own houses in the D.C. area which are used by their elected representatives and be all furnished so we don’t have to pay moving them back and forth. One caretaker couple from each state would over-see all the state’s real estate in D.C. as a paid position for three years at a time so there would be an overlapping time for each elected official and the hand-off to the next couple would be easier. There are a lot of ways we could cut down the cost of our Congress if we could just get them to bite the bullet!

    I was at the poll just after seven this morning and there was already a line. But they were understaffed and untrained and out of eight booths, only four were being used. One of the four idle was used to resent the voting card. And I have always wondered why they have you sign your name in pencil. I think it should be in indelible ink and I too would like to see purple thumbs

    Keep up the good work, Larry. You’re the broth of the soup!

    Never Give up, Never Give in and NEVER again. God Bless America!

  38. Have you seen the incredible vast RED map on Fox? It is amazing to think that those very small blue areas are still going to control the Senate and White House for at least another 2 years. I know there were good reasons that our founding fathers decided to give every state 2 senators but it sure does seem to screw up the balance of power in a way that doesn’t seem fair. All of those tiny states up north (and the left coast, too) keep electing and re-electing idiots like Barney Frank and he somehow ends up with a tremendous amount of power to mess up my life a million miles away. Someone like him or Harry Reid would never even be nominated, much less elected in Texas. (Actually, I’m not sure they’d even live very long here – we have way too many conservative rednecks with guns …..)

    I’m with you on the requirements for voting – especially the speaking English. How on earth can you be an informed voter if you cannot speak or read the information available? (Of course, I’ve said for years that anyone not speaking/understanding English shouldn’t be driving either – how do they know what traffic signs say?) I think one of the biggest dangers this country faces is the uneducated voter – it is one of the largest contributors to the mess this country is in right now. I just don’t know how to solve the problem it as long as we have liberal education systems and uneducated citizens voting in masses to keep their entitlements by electing the people that will protect them – instead of understanding the meaning of Capitalism and how it works.

    Sure hope those new conservative will stand up and fight hard and NOT compromise – no matter how many times old Harry tells them they are the “Party of No”. They should have been the “Party of No” for a long long time now – it’s a GOOD thing to be proud of – not something to run away from! Gridlock for 2 years will be better than continuing down that horrible slippery slope we were on for the last 20 months.

  39. (That post shows 3:55 pm – it is actually 10:55 am here??? That’s more than a time-zone problem….)

  40. Couldn’t resist telling you how my ‘friend’ fared in the election. As I noted, none of his literature mentioned he was democrat until his final mailing we received on Monday. The amount of money spent by this one candidate is mindbogglingly! There should be limits. Don’t they realize we have people in the U.S. homeless and starving? The homes around us have AT LEAST two of his signs (as I mentioned, I live across the street from the polling place) so it was his name they saw as they entered. He picked up a whopping 36%! His opponent picked up 62% and spent about one tenth that was poured into the Democrat party. When you are running as a conservative, does it make sense to spend enough to launch a ship? He is a nice enough person, but he is in his mid sixties and this is his second running. He has never held public office, and I am glad to say, probably won’t.

  41. Hi Family:

    I spent election day running around as a poll watcher. We had reports that several polling places in our county were trying to direct voters specifically to the democratic line. That stopped as soon as our watchers came in but, for some reason, both the democratic and republican election inspectors had attitudes. I suspect that whoever went in before me ticked them off. The inspectors here are, for the most part new, and seemed to be poorly trained on the new voting machines. They are totally different and a lot of our former inspectors were elderly and didn’t want to deal with them. They give the training classes in July or August and expect the inspectors to remember everything in November.

    Unfortunately, we still have democrats in most of the highest offices in NY but there were a few surprises. Given the high percentage of brained washed dems here, it’s hard to get republicans in but we will keep trying.

    We had the worst mudslinging campaign I have ever seen in the county with the court judge’s race. Thank God the republican candidate won. He took the high road and based his campaign on his qualifications but the democrat tried to throw everything that she could at him. She kept telling people that she was entitled to the position because she is a woman. That, her lies, misstatements of the law and dirty tactics turned off the voters. She wasn’t even considered qualified by the county bar associations.

    There may well be a suit filed against her and the county democratic committee for libel. I’m waiting to see who throws who under the bus. That should be very interesting.

    Never give in, Never give up, Never again. 2012 is coming.

    God Bless America and keep her safe.

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