The Shape Of Things To Come

Since it is mandatory that we recognize race in our “color blind society”, Obama decided to turn black yesterday as the rest of the shell-shocked Democrats are ducking for cover due to his socialist diligence. Early this NOvember morning, Obama took to the airwaves in several large URBAN areas to plead with his brothers and sisters to head out to the polls and “do the right thing” as the imbecile Spike Lee says..

That is correct, Obama decided to do a few little call-ins at a few “urban-format radio stations”. (“Obama: Agenda ‘all at risk’ in any Republican romp” apnews my way) The idea of appealing to at best fifteen per cent of the nation’s population (depending upon last night’s homicide numbers..) at this down-to-the-wire moment seems as ridiculous as the things that the egomaniacal authoritarian had to say to this “key Democratic constituency”.. After all, he drew well over ninety per cent of this voter block in 2008, eight or ten more votes isn’t going to help his lost cause now..

Reinforcing the axiom that you can’t fix stupid, Obama plowed away for the true believers that happened to be awake. Then again, those who were awake probably weren’t for long when Obama is doing the speaking.. “We need to keep moving forward that is why I need folks to vote today..” Obama’s sense of direction is obviously as perverted as his progressive politics. “Forward” to those of us who have suffered through his socialist stupidity, is about 180 degrees in the opposite direction from what Obama and the Democrats have actually “accomplished”. If Obama and his collectivist caliphate had actually moved ANYTHING “forward”, he wouldn’t have to lower himself to calling into goofy radio morning shows on the morning of a nationwide election..

Obama spent some time “arguing that his agenda would be ‘all at risk’ if Republicans trampled Democrats..” I can “argue” that Obama’s “agenda” has put our once proud nation “all at risk” in almost every area that has been polluted by his progressive pogrom. The Democrats knew from the beginning that their window of “opportunity” for installing a socialist system would be slamming shut in November of 2010 and they tried like the dickens to complete their “agenda” at all costs.. Literally..

“Obama phoned in from the Oval Office to acknowledge voter frustration with the recession-bound economy and said that even though he is not on the ballot, his agenda is..” There is a vast difference between acknowledging “voter frustration” hours before your Party gets bum rushed and acknowledging “voter frustration” months earlier when applying the brakes to the “Depression Express” that he and the Democrats have been driving since 2006 might have had an effect. Obama and the Democrats have placed this “recession-bound economy” on cruise control and occasionally just for fun, they have stomped on the accelerator as they approached the hair-pin turns that they themselves have built into the economy.. His “agenda” placed the entire Democratic Party into political jeopardy right from the get-go and Barack Hussein Obama has still continued to utilize the same type of tyranny made famous by his now thoroughly decomposed namesake from Iraq.

“Are we taking the steps now to move us in the right direction, or are we going back to the policies that got us into this mess in the first place?” The idea that “if you repeat yourself often enough to those who are cranially malleable you will convince them” has been hard wired into the Democratic mantra that Obama continues to belch forth. The “policies” that have made this a genuine “mess” were forcibly injected into the economic bloodstream by Barack Kevorkian back in January of 2009. Starting with the ineffective “Scamulous” all the way through his totalitarian tweaking of “HillaryCare”, Obama has laced our economy with socialist strychnine and now he childishly wonders why the voters are “all mad and stuff..” These alleged “policies” that he continually croaks about were, according to him, in place while he was in the Senate, snoozing away in the special section that the Sergeant At Arms had created and roped off for him entitled “Present”.. A truly intrepid Senator would have caught on to this “imminent disaster” and would have possibly done something about it.. Too busy partying with Tony Rezko and Bill Ayers I suppose and after his coronation he was too busy vacationing and golfing to notice the damage done by his collectivist collaborators..

As Obama called some station in Chicago, he was “still glowing over the turnout at his Saturday rally a few blocks from his home..” Mind you, that is the “home” that felon Tony Rezko got for Obama on a sweetheart deal, a type home that isn’t available to anyone who attended this “rally”.. Obama forgot to mention the “rally” that Democratic dipsomaniac Joe Biden was throwing at the same time as his which drew an astounding 200 people.. “Even though we had 30,000 people come to the rally, there are a lot of folks out there who still haven’t gotten the message that this is a really important election..” On the contrary, the reason that you and your coconspirators are in so much trouble is that “a lot of folks HAVE gotten the message that this is a really important election..” The biggest problem for you is that YOU are the one sending that message and its finally being heard by the RIGHT people..

Obama is still fretting that “if Republicans seize power in Congress, ‘they will want to dictate the terms’”.. This certainly shouldn’t be an abstract concept to someone like Obama who used to shut the opposition out of meetings in Washington after declaring, “I won” to those with the temerity to merely disagree with his demands.. It’s hard for a dictator to acquiesce to those who are actually powerful.. Maybe when he was clasping hands with the Venezuelan cockroach he should have asked for some advise while he was accepting his gifts..

Obama “expected pushback” when his socialist healthscare was implemented but he said, “I will regret it if we have trouble implementing it because we don’t hang on to the House and the Senate..” What happened to the “unifier, not a divider”? If this legislation was actually something other than a socialized medicine SCAM, it wouldn’t matter who was in Congress, it would be breezing right along. When you DEMANDED a “lockstep” position from your communist contemporaries and they then became docile and complied, the public, the VOTERS stood as one and said NO. The fact that you chose not to listen to them then just means that you have NO CHOICE but to listen to them now.. “Pushback”? That may qualify as the understatement of the year..

“We know that if people who voted in 2008 turn out to vote in 2010, Harry (Reid) will win..” Here we have the clarion call for the ACORN army to reassemble and to begin their “mystery voters” campaign. Yes it is time for long deceased people to again vote along with your favorite cartoon characters by the millions, all brought to you by the governmentally subsidized felons and vagrants of ACORN.. Meanwhile the Black Panthers and the SEIU will aid with assaulting legitimate voters who are somewhat alabaster in complexion..

Obama worries that losing “lawmakers” like “LandShark” Harry Reid will “make it hard for him to ‘keep making improvements in the economy’”.. Since when has a permanent ten per cent unemployment rate been considered an “improvement”? Since when has the highest deficits EVER recorded been considered an “improvement”? Losing a ferret like Reid will actually bring about “improvements in the economy”..

Obama should try to learn from his liberal predecessor. The smack down of 1994 forced the liberal Clinton to the center. Clinton then decided to busy himself by embarrassing the entire nation by using fat interns as humidors.. Driven by the Republican Contract with America, the country beat back another liberal and his progressive pachyderm wife. (Remember, “two for the price of one..) Obama should allow the Republicans to fix HIS messes and he can stroll into 2012 claiming that it was his magnificent leadership that fixed the messes that he “inherited” from himself. Don’t worry, there are enough boobs who will believe it and holding office HIMSELF is all that concerns Obama and his “I need to go shopping in Spain” wife..

“Across the board, things have gotten better over the last two years, the question is can we keep that up?” What “board” is this numbskull referring to? Two more years of you “keeping things up” like you have in the last two years and America will be a country in name only. Never has there been such a focused and intentional destruction of a country from within as there has been within America since January of 2009. Obama is still paddling around in collectivist circles of denial in his little Democratic dingy..

The “radio host” of something called the “Radio Big Boy” program said that it was “cool to have Obama as president..” “Cool”? I can’t wait for him to be “cooling” his heels as the EX president.. Now THAT will be “cool”.. Maybe he can go build cardboard houses with Cornpone Carter..

Obama concluded with, “The future is yours to shape but if you don’t get involved, then somebody else is going to shape it for you..” Obama and the Democrats had better get used to that idea because after tonight, someone else will be in charge of the shape of things to come.. Now that’s cool, man..


18 responses to “The Shape Of Things To Come

  1. I approve most heartily to your prose. You paint a picture of a little man-boy taking his toys home mad that he didn’t get his way. The two short years he has had to devastate America has really be hard to take. I surely would not want anyone to assassinate him. That would be horrible to have him as a martyr! And yes, come January he is going to have trouble stir his pot of scamulous and nationalization of public companies. We need someone to watch his every move and if he reaches, smack his knuckles with a 2×4!

  2. Well. I’m still scratching my head as to some of the outcomes. Reid, makes absolutely no sense to me when Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the Country and the highest foreclosure rate as well. They got there by Harry’s (and Obama’s) policies. Do they believe they will create jobs or only more unemployment. Remember, Obama told us not to go to Vegas during his campaign and it’s been down hill ever since for that town. What are these idiots smoking? (Too bad CA lost the pot amendment, but it will not stop them from taking a hit on the doobie.)

    The US map is mostly red now and Obama lost a lot of the purple states that voted for him in 2008. He lost some pretty big ones too. But, I don’t believe he will see this as America being against his policies. He’ll chalk it up to bad campaign or bad candidates it’s got nothing to do with his wonderful self. Why everyone just loves me.

    As for the Clinton’s I’m sure they are having a good laugh at the Obama’s expense. Hillary was noticeably absent and hanging out in East Asia, I think it was Vietnam or Cambodia. She didn’t want to be anywhere near Obama or the Dems. You always have to remember in the back of your mind that most of the Dems hate each other, they have petty fights and wish to see them fail, but not have the party fail. This has gone on for a long time. (You need to know that Michelle thinks in a few years she’ll run for President and thinks it will be another historic moment and would like to rub it in Hillary’s face. These are such wonderful people, dontcha think? Pity and petty games.)

    One thing that will be different is Clinton knew he wouldn’t get anything done if he fought the Republican Congress in 1994 (which Clinton takes full credit for having a balance budget thanks to the spending cuts put in place by the Repub). Obama will not, he will fight them tooth and nail because he believes in his ideology and he’ll have someone to blame for not being able to pass his Bills. “I tried and the Repub blocked the vote. Those lousy Republican’s.

    The vote yesterday will not stop ObamaCare because I don’t think there is enough votes in the Senate. Will the way the voters turned out yesterday cause some Dems to rethink that the Bill) and wonder about their own political future) would they have 2/3 majority to repeal it, if Obama vetoed the Bill? I don’t think so, but the People let their displeasure be known, yesterday that’s for sure.

    We have just reverse the election of 2006 and some from 2008. So glad to see that pinhead Alan Grayson lose his seat. He was a lying sack of excrement and got what he deserved. He was a nasty guy. The Devil and Daniel Webster. I’m hoping Ms Murkowski does not receive more votes then Joe Miller. She seems to think she does but they said that there were 154 different names list in the write-in’s and all cannot be for her or the poor spelling of her last name. I’m sure there will be a few Mickey Mouse, Spiderman’s, Tony Roma, Brett Favre, maybe even a Ted Stevens in there as well.

    I agree with you, Larry and Richard, we don’t need Obama to become a martyr. Change the name of O’Hare Airport to the Barack Obama International helliport & airport for the progressive travelers. I would rather send them back in history as just a sad footnote to our Countries history.

  3. Nevadans have polling places in casinos. So of course Harry Reid would win, because the “house” (union rigged machines) always wins. As far as any of the “head-scratching” races are concerned, it is not follow the money, but follow the unemployed Californians. Most of them migrate to Nevada first, find it too hot in July and then opt for Colorado. Forget Utah, Arizona or Idaho—they are too “inhospitable”.

  4. Eileen,

    First, thanks for dropping in last night. It was a good night.

    Second: “Land Shark” Harry Reid; The problem was with Angle. The Tea Party is wonderful but the Reid/Democratic/Union unending reinforcement of Angle as a nutbag paid dividends. The “change” symbolized by the Tea party still has a number of people still wanting “career” politicians like Dirty Harry.. Nevada SHOULD have fallen, the place is a cesspool and Harry will still be stirring the swill..

    The problem with the Obama “fight the Repubs” theory is that the nation knows that he and his “agenda” have already had two unencumbered years and the “results” speak for them selves. If he refuses to be a “unifier and not a divider”, 2012 will have the Senate drop as well because of the 70% of the seats up for grabs in 2012 well over 75% are currently held by Demos..

    Gingrich 2012. A fresh Senate dominated by the Repubs and a House chafing to overcome Obama..

    No one needs to discuss the allegations in Newt’s “past”, no one on the left could keep up with him either at the podium or off the cuff.

    Thanks as always,


  5. Tim,

    Nevada is such a place of extremes. There is no middle class, just the transient rich and poor..

    Never have I seen a more desolate and empty group of folks than those I met in Nevada.

    Reid’s whole family is more crooked than ANY slot machine in that glittery ceptic tank.

    Reid is better ink than Pelosi. For all of her faults, she was a much better politician than Reid could ever be. Reid is an imbecile right up there with Biden and Kerry.

    The Hosue just needs to keep forwarding constructive ideas. Take them to the PEOPLE first, not Obama. If the people are behind it, Obama will have to tag along just like Clinton did..

    Thanks as always,


  6. Eileen spot on. Harry Reid stole Neveda litterly stuffing his constituents. I hope someone who didn’t get elected raises hell about it. Also, SEIU has a big presence there and I understand the Casino owners applied a lot of get out and vote for Harry it’s in your best interest pressure.
    Other than possible gridlock, things are not going to change in Washington. Hiding behind his forgive and forget hands across the isle The ebony POTUS will dig in and street fight any and all attempts to roll back any and all #$&*#&$ programs he has forced down our thoats over the past 2 years. I also believe our newly elected conservatives are in for a rude awaking and will be unable (at least initially) cope with the democratic mendacity and back office dealing. The Democrats will look at them with scorn. This fight isn’t over, they are still there, they still are in control. The game just got a little more difficult for them. and they are pro’s at playing it.

    For me, As Michelle Malkin reminds us, Take Your Olive Branch and Shove it.

    Never again is not long enough for me to forget.

  7. Sorry – forgot BS. after isle

  8. Kurt,

    Are you saying that the liberals are going to be as Reid himself said in criticizing the Repubs who disagreed with Obama, “acrimonious”, towards the Repubs?

    Nahhhhhhhhh.. They would never act like that, would they?

    Thanks as always,


  9. Larry:

    Your assessment of Nevada is spot on.

    We here in Arizona will be fighting hard form now through 2012. I would love to see Newt be the president. He knows how to work within the beltway and is one of the smartest men I have ever seen in politics. Slick Willie owes the “positives” of his whole presidency to Gingrich.

  10. Obama has his plans all set. If the Repub block legislation, he’ll just create an executive order. The 110th and 111th Congress gave the President more power and control. Obama is a Chicago corruption machine and they play unfair and very dirty politics.

    I’m holding my breath that John Boehner (he gave a great exception speech, who knew he would be so emotional and it seemed genuine) will not knuckle under to the pressure of the Dem Senate or President Obama. I can see Mitch McConnell (whom I despise), taking his arm and gently placing it over the shoulder of the newly elected Repubs, telling Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, how these corrupt politician work in the big bad Capital. Remember, there is no such thing as compromise with the progressives. Oh they may repackage what they want and call it by another name but it’s still a progressive agenda and they still control Washington and they are in both parties and are still an majority. So, I’m still scared and nervous about our future.

    I, too Larry had fun last night but I could turn my brain off and only got about 2 hours sleep. How did the pension amendment go?

  11. I spent some time trying to figure out how to respond to the results of last night. I’m sure the liberal pundits are screaming bloody murder at the wholesale repudiation of the Obama Agenda, I can imagine Olberman and Chris ‘Mancrush’ Matthews are probably on suicide watch as their Annoited One was seen to have clay feet like the rest of us. The Tea Party had several victories along with their crushing defeats. However, Harry Reid is still in charge of the Senate, though now the Senate will actually need to debate bills before passing them, as opposed to simply ramming them through like sausage casings. While Pelosi is to be relieved of her gavel (who wouldn’t love to be the one who gets to rip it from the wizened talons of that pasty-faced harpy?), she still has her seat. Of course, the Nubian Numbnuts is still in the White House along with all his czars. If anyone thinks the Progressives will be dismayed by their losses, they are sadly deluded. For George Soros and the powers behind the throne, these are nothing more than ‘acceptable sacrifices’ in their long-term goal of remaking this nation in their image. The Fabian Socialists have been working for over a century on this plan, they are nothing if not patient. We have won but a skirmish in a greater war.

  12. Eileen,

    It passed so the pension that I have worked my whole life for will probably be worth as much as an Obama promise in the very near future..

    Oh well.

    Thanks as always,


  13. G.,

    Correct on all counts.

    We must remain forever diligent and observant.

    Evil never sleeps.

    Thanks as always,



    Larry Great article love the smart use of words and the NOvember
    Also looked for your message3 before I spent the next two hours on the RUSH LIMBAUGH web page
    A regular guy you deserves to be first

  15. JR,

    Thank you for your kind words. You have always been a class act and an NLTZ MVP.

    Reminds of of Independence Day, doesn’t it?

    Barney still sucks..literally..

    Thanks as always,


  16. Eilleen,
    Sorry, have to protest renaming O’Hare for obama. Butch O’Hare was a Medal of Honor recipient and I wouldn’t want his memory dishonored by this pathetic excuse in the White House. Chicagoans still need an example of a real American.'Hare

  17. Larry, sorry to hear about the pension thing turned out. I still think that because police and firemen risk their lives everyday, that nothing should change for you.

    Now, I’m researching a way to earn lots of money with literally no risk. This is how our politicians earn extra money, but keep mum about how they made it. It’s an elite thing. So, I think we can consider ourselves elites. Obama earns $78,000 a year. Clinton earned $85,000 a year in addition to the millions he get from his two pensions. If this turns out ti be something really good and worthy, I’ll pass on what I find. I think of it as an investment in my future.

  18. During the lull here, let me ask this question :
    California is broke, our Federal gov’t . is in serious debt, and now Jerry Brown, the Gov. elect in CA wants to give a free college education to all Californians, including the illegals !! How does he expect to do that ??

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