All Of The Above

At the G-20 “summit” held in Seoul, our “Soul” man managed to again be giggled at publicly by those who used to bow to us. After yet another embarrassing “bow” to the Indian parliament, a bow that preceded his acknowledging “the decline of American dominance”, (Fox Nation 11/08/2010) the rest of us are “left” to wonder. Can we consider this to be paying the progressive price or is this paying the price for progressives? Or can we say that it is “all of the above”..


As Obama was prostrating himself before the Indian Parliament, I would (Audacity of) hope that he acknowledged HIS personal role in this entire “decline of American dominance” and along with it simultaneously “acknowledge” the role of his collectivist contemporaries that have preceded him for generations. Well, one can always “hope”..


In the Fox article entitled, “G-20 Refuses to Back U.S. Push on China’s Currency” (11/12/2010) we read that the “leaders of 20 major economies on Friday refused to endorse a U. S. push to get China to let its currency rise..” Even on the national stage, the “unifier, not a divider” can’t seem to get anyone else to play along with him. This should not be a surprise to those who have watched this Bolshevik blowhard flounder before the Olympic committee, lose the House of Representatives, lose overwhelming numbers of states governors and almost lose the Senate as well.. Typhoid Barry has given a new meaning to the term “speak softly and carry a big shtick..”


Generations of liberal efforts have completely emasculated the American economy and Obama now wants the other twenty member nations at this economic summit to acquiesce to his demands which are inflated with nothing more than a hilarious helium.. Obama and the liberals are forever removing the “or else” from every equation and since they have done so in such a magnificent manner, they like small and confused children, wonder why no one else is shivering in their boots at Obama’s mere presence behind the totalitarian teleprompter. All that Obama managed was a “watered-down” statement that “they agreed to refrain from ‘competitive devaluation’ of currencies..”


This “statement” had better have been placed in the form of a “treaty” or some other useless document as the liberals have eternally believed like intellectual infants that as long as someone signs a document, they will always adhere to every iota of it.. The article tells us that the Democratic double-crosser might have a few tricks up his Socialist sleeve himself as the “statement is of little consequence since countries usually only devalue their currencies in extreme situations like a severe financial crisis..” Since Obama and the Democrats are still all aglow from creating their own “financial crisis” since they have held the reigns of power since 2006, this “statement” had to be viewed with a jaundiced eye by everyone else in attendance.. I am sure that China can hear the sound of Turbo Timmy Geithner burning the midnight oil as he perpetually prints up trillions of useless progressive promissory notes from the printing presses in the basement of the Slight House..


Here we have China and their “competitive undervaluation” trying to stay ahead of Obama’s “complete devaluation”. The idea that China needs to undervalue its currency in order to sustain its “trade advantage” with the United States is silly. The liberal lemmings known as the unions have succeeded in both wildly over pricing its domestic workers and demanding an inferior product from those over compensated employees to boot. Not so long ago, “made in Japan” or “made in China” was a stamp that meant “cheap”. One is hard pressed to find a “Made in the USA” product any longer, and if you do, be prepared to mortgage your home in order to purchase it.. P.S., you might want to consider purchasing an “extended warranty” as you will definitely need it..


Here is a loose example, so bear with me. The liberals believe that it is only “fair” that everyone in the United States has an eighty-two inch screen television. (They also believe that it is “fair” that EVERYONE have a six thousand square foot house whether the occupants can pay for it or not and if they can’t pay for it, it is OK for ME to pay for it for them..) Were the American unions the only ones producing such televisions, they would cost the consumer approximately fifty thousand dollars after the union’s countless “benefits” packages are all accounted for and factored in.. Our economy is “consumer” driven so China, which pays its workers twelve cents an hour give or take a dime, decided to step up and the “WalMart-ization” of America was complete. Everyone in America has their television, so all is well.. The “middle man” made some cash, but the American manufacturing base all but made its way onto the endangered species list and the “disposable society” was created.


“The dispute over whether China and the United States are manipulating their currencies is threatening to resurrect destructive protectionist policies like those that worsened the Great Depression in the 1930’s..” Since the “historic” Obama has the passing of the Great Depression as one of his goals, it sounds as though another Smoot Hawley bill could be in the works, but with the situation in America as it is, I fail to see the need for it..


The first bill, formulated by two Republicans and signed by the Republican Hoover, doesn’t need to be re-written as the unions have priced American goods out of the competitive markets themselves. Obama, who believes in stifling economic growth by penalizing the productive with massive and intrusive taxes, can concentrate on such albatrosses as “Cap and Trade”, “Socialized Health Scare” and a few more “Stimuli”. How can anyone “trade” with a country that pays workers one hundred dollars an hour to watch as a machine places a bolt on the front of a Buick? Please keep in mind that the idea of acquiring more “revenues for redistribution” through import tariffs could be too much of a temptation for the socialist to bear without spontaneously bursting into flame..


The Obama American “slash and burn” has the other G-20 nations on alert. “Other countries are irate over the Federal Reserve’s plans to pump $600 billion into the sluggish American economy..” Obama doesn’t understand the concepts of American capitalism. Even with the union’s compensation packages accounted for, an unencumbered American consumer would still CONSUME. Were Obama not so concerned with rewarding the unproductive, the nation would still be buying fifty thousand dollar domestically manufactured automobiles at the rates that they used to. When Obama intentionally penalizes and burdens the productive/consumers, they have no choice but to be more selective with what is left of what used to be their “disposable income”.. Businesses can’t reinvest and consumers can’t consume if the Obama need to redistribute wealth continually takes precedence..


Obama is proving that his most prominent personal characteristic isn’t his ears, but it is his willingness to humiliate himself in public. He is too dense to realize that as he continues to do so, he humiliates the entire nation that he allegedly represents as well.. Does he really like to dance and caper before the world as he makes foolish demands of those that he and his contemporaries have actually made much more powerful? Does he really not understand that his domestic progressive policies have made his demands of others impossible for them to meet? Can’t he comprehend that generations of liberal politics and liberal lemmings have placed all of these dominoes in a ridiculous row?


I know, all of the above..


14 responses to “All Of The Above

  1. I believe the usurper-in-chief does understand the rules of capitalism. Using his autographed copy of “Rules for Radicals”, he seeks to overwhelm the government and our economic system. Uncle Saul would be proud of him!
    China, on cue is now seeking to foreclose on America’s debt by acquiring a significant portion of the very “heartbeat of America”, Government Motors.
    I wonder how all those $100 dollar per hour union workers will react when their commie cronies vote to lower their wages to their level of their comrads west of the Left Coast.
    It is beginning to get interesting….

  2. Never, in this purveyor of political poop, in this reject’s of telepromptor rhetoric egotistical eyes, ever think of himself as being wrong. However I do hold with his “Hope and Change.” I want a ‘change’ from him in the White House in 2012 and I ‘hope’ there’s an “end-bow-eld” of him before then, less the rest of the world begin thinking our country really is as lame as he is.

  3. We need to pay more attention to the man behind the throne, not to the capering, simpering chimp we sent to Seoul (not to be racist, but Obama is the monkey to George Soros as the organ-grinder). The man holding Obama’s strings being George Soros, whom broke the Bank of England and has publically proclaimed he intends to induce a measured collapse of the dollar. Globalization is the man’s ultimate goal, and he has identified America as the chief obstacle to his dream. This is why he bankrolled Obama into the White House, and why he is systematically targetting anybody whom gets in his way. If one cares to look at the ‘charitable’ organizations he has his fingers in, there is undeniable proof of his links between several very radical organizations, through the DNC, right to the czars, and right to Obama himself. The SEIU, ACORN, The Apollo Alliance, are connected monetarily with former members of the SDS, the Weather Underground, the Black Panthers, et al.

    The world laughs at Obama because they know he is the fool. While bows to anybody with a title, and makes ridiculous bargains, deals and apologies which rightfully inflame our passions, he is also deflecting our collective attention from the real movers and shakers.

  4. G. Nichols, you are right on. If you listen to Glenn Beck this week you will learn how correct you are. Soros is the single most dangerous man in the world. If he were to die the progressives would disappear as a group and battle each other for dollars and control. Since Soros is a wanted man in Europe why has he not been extradited to face life in prison where he belongs. We have to educate the masses, keep our powdwer dry, and be prepared for 3rd world status if he wins.

  5. Those types knowing they are morally superior cannot be bothered by reality and facts that don’t correspond to their mantra.
    Buy brass, lead and gold!

  6. There is no doubt in my mind that the Clown in Chief will bow down to everyone in 2012 because he and his corrupt administration will be in Levenworth for Federal Crimes.

  7. Obama (The King of FUDD) –
    “he is also deflecting our collective attention from the real movers and shakers.”. A resounding AMEN to G. Nichols.

    This should add to our collective uproar – I received this email this morning. “INFIDELSARECOOL.COM website, The name really got my attention.

    Mosque Makeovers With Your Tax Dollars
    TV news Video

    I couldn’t believe it so I did some research here are the results,

    List of sites receiving US funding

  8. We Americans need to get behind zero and when he bows, put a boot directly and swiftly between his legs. He is more gangster than some of our former crooks. I keep waiting and hoping the dolt gets a volt between his jug ears. And John, I “hope” you are correct. he deserves nothing better

  9. I got a good laugh when Tinkerbell said he was going to use his influence to get India a permanent seat on the U.N.Security Cousel. Yeah, Barry, your word carries a lot of weight overseas! Just another chance for the leaders of the rest of the world to humiliate him, as if they need it. I personally think he likes it. After all, when they insult him, they are by extensoin insulting the U.S. I’m sure he doesn’t mind that.

  10. Thank you G. Nichols for your reply to Larry’s column. I watch Glenn Beck every day and he says exactly what you wrote. I don’t see how this man, Soros can get away with all he is doing to our country.
    Thank you Larry for all you do.

  11. Oh yes, and he “saw the light” and said he’d compromise on the tax cuts, until he didn’t ….. and changed his mind, making his staff look likie idiots. Although the do a pretty good job of that themselves. What a jabroni… or however The Rock used to say that. He’s going to be the worst train wreck of a President we have ever had. Unfortunately, we are all along for the ride.

    Please, God let this end soon! I dont’ know how much more I can take.

    Thank you, Larry, and everyone else for your common sense and words of honesty. It’s the only was we’ll get through what’s coming. Supporting and helping each other. I’m keeping my powder dry and hoarding ammo and food.

  12. Larry, I agree with you and all the family. It’s like waiting for the other shoe to drop. Even though I have some faith in our new congress, I think we should keep our communication to our Washington officials?! going. Keep reminding them we are watching and listening and they are working for us.

    Besides George Soros being scary, even worse are the czars in the administration who are actually at the white house doing the heavy lifting while the annointed one is out galavanting . In the next few weeks, maybe after his holiday vacation he will be out campaigning for his next election in 2012, not paying attention to the crap going on behind the scenes. For him, that would be mundane and he’s too important to sit at his desk.

  13. How do we stop Soros? Anyone know? How do we stop Obama from sending all of the tax payers money out of our country to support his own causes? Meaning redistributing our money. How do we continue on knowing there are evil forces such as what I have mentioned above? It all has to stop and we can’t wait until 2012 because it will all be gone by then. Between Soros, wall street bankers, Obama and the rest of the evil doers we are done for. So what is the answer? Anyone have a suggestion? I haven’t heard anyone in Congress or the Senate say, wait a minute, these thengs are a problem and we have to stop it right now. Nope, not a one. Where do the American people turn? We all need to pray and pray hard then make sure we have our guns and ammo and food.

  14. How to stop Soros? Easy, have evidence of his acts loaded into e-mails and faxes and blast-fax them to every e-mail address on Earth. If the CIA doesn’t put him on the TOS list, somebody with nothing to lose will do it as a public service. Having it shown on Glenn Beck isn’t enough, as the average liberal doesn’t watch him; however if it shows up on the alphabet networks enough people will see it and believe it, and demand that action be taken.

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