America’s Tiririca

Brazil just did what America did back in 2008. They elected a clown to higher office. Honest..

“Grumpy the Clown” or “Tiririca” in his native Portuguese, won with almost twice as many votes as his nearest contender. Grumpy’s campaign slogan was, “It can’t get any worse” which was chosen over “hope and change” by his Brazilian handlers..

There could be a problem that might disallow Grumpy from taking office. It is alleged that he is illiterate. A Brazilian judge has ordered that Grumpy “demonstrate that he can read and write” (“Brazil tests literacy of clown elected to Congress” Yahoo dot com) Grumpy now “has to prove that he can read and write”..

America’s Tiririca has never been “ordered” to produce or “prove” ANYTHING controversial. Judges here in America have all but ignored the “inconvenient truth” or “annoying details” like college transcripts, birth certificates and other documents which have been conveniently and quickly “sealed” by America’s Tirirca. Shortly thereafter, even inquiring about such documents was ruled illegal in at least one state of the union, the state where the birth certificate being questioned is housed.. It’s hard to believe that Brazil expects more “transparency” from its elected clown than America does..

Francisco Silva, AKA Grumpy, has “attributed the discrepancies to the fact that his wife helped him write his application because he has trouble holding a pen firmly between his thumb and index finger..” The American running mate of America’s Tirirca, known as “Boozer the Clown”, openly mocked their opponent’s “computer literacy” and his inability to type, an “inability” that was caused due to injuries that he received as a prisoner of war.. I will assume that this type of liberal political poison isn’t allowed in Brazil..

It is alleged that “10 percent of Brazilians” are illiterate. America’s Tirirca and his liberal coconspirators in the NEA have also worked diligently towards making at least “10 percent” of America illiterate through their focused destruction of the nation’s public schools. Here in America, this criminal activity isn’t considered a “travesty” at all unless the NEA needs more tax money to be stolen from the middle class in order to line their perverted pockets.. If Tirirca turns out to be illiterate, he can do what the illiterate here in America do. He can become a “rap artist”..

Tirirca’s margin of victory is very important in Brazil where candidates can “pull several allies into office” due to a “proportional representation” system. The collectivist contemporaries of America’s Tirirca just recently discovered that being tethered to him and his polluted progressivism can “pull” several of them into the unemployment line..

Lets hope (and change) that Brazil’s Tirirca will attend sessions of congress in his full makeup and attire, complete with a rubber nose, oversized clown shoes and a bulb horn for squeezing.. That will be the first documented application of “truth in advertising” when it comes to any politician anywhere in the world..


11 responses to “America’s Tiririca

  1. Family,

    This was the latest “TOTD” but personally laughed so hard that I had to put it over here for a little “weekend” reading..

    I hope that you all get a giggle out of it as well.

    Thanks for being along for the ride with me,


  2. Larry,

    Thanks for the laughs. The Brown Clown doesn’t need to put on ‘big ears’, since he already has them.
    We can’t get rid of the NEA, because they have been very successful ( in their ‘dumbing down’ of Americans ) , as is evidenced by the election of this fraud in the Sleight House.
    When are Americans going to realize that labor unions have outlived their usefullness ? And, they add to the cost of goods and services, not to mention the aspect of corruption. Apparently it is safe to say ” stupid people tend to do stupid things ” !!


    This sounds like BOSTON We reelected all of our reps in unison.
    Including the Bamster friend Deval P
    After a front page story saying we spent 37,000,000 for medical care
    to illegals and that we havw 220,000 of them in our state.
    Imagine how much we spend on food stamps and section 8 housing for them
    And coupe deval wants to give them college entrance
    I have suggested to all my children and grandchildren to move
    out of this bluer than blue state

    i did get a laugh out of your post

  4. JR, you should be from Dallas. Here in TEXAS we are redder than red with a Republican Gov., senate, and house. We have created more jobs than all the other states combined, but I keep forgetting we are the redneck dumb asses. Tell your descendants “go west young man”. That is as true today as it was in the early days of the country. We will overcome!!!

  5. If the jug-eared twit we put in the White House truely is an illegal alien, as some claim he is, it would represent such a breach of public trust by the Democrat Party that they would be reduced to the level of the American Socialists or the Green Party. Worse, the whole of the leadership of the DNC would and should be open to charges of treason, amongst other charges. Given we are at war, such acts would carry the death penalty. While we need to know the truth, this nation is no more ready to see Obama and his minions stand trial for treason, than they would have to see the Clintons bound over for treason and murder. The civil unrest would be enough to scare the world, and rightly so.

    Obama needs to be investigated, he’s committed sufficient crimes (such as election tampering, as he did in Penn.) that he could be safely impeached, while using threat of revealing his true status to ensure he and the other Democrats play nice. If he’s too stupid to cut his losses then he and the Democrats deserve to be tarred and feathered, before being marched to the guilotine. His bronzed head would serve as a warning to future generations what the price of treason should be.


    How right you are GO WEST YOUNG MAN GO WEST
    Just started reading George Bush’s book I feel good about his
    experiences being spelled out and a description of his Ranch
    in Crawford Texas
    Sure adds value to the billboards “MISS ME YET”


  7. Thanks for the “Giggle” Larry. I really needed that.

  8. Michele from NY

    At least the Brazilian clown gets deliberate laughs….

  9. Margaret in CT

    …and then there’s Joe Biden. Thanks for the comic relief.

  10. Stirling Sturk

    Thanks, Larry:

    I imagine that if, in fact, this guy elected in Brazil really IS illiterate, then it will be really simple for his “handlers” to put through any and all ‘programs’ that they personally wish….
    come to think of it… I guess our ‘clown’s’ handlers have been able to do just that… as many members of the house and senate apparently can’t read the documents they have supported!

  11. Thanks Larry. I’m all for some humor in this day and age.
    Yes, ditto on going West, although not CollyfornicA. In Arizona our SB1070 has really been working here. So far they estimate 100,000 illegals have left the state. Approx 28,000 returned to Mexico and the rest went to other states. A lot of them were headed to Pennsylvania. So heads up you blue states they are a coming.

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