Padding Your Order

Many years back, and I am sure that I am not alone in this, I developed a “style” when it came to the purchase of potentially embarrassing items at the store or the pharmacy. I called this silly samba “padding your order”. The “embarrassing” item in question was surrounded by many other items so that the item in question wasn’t the only thing going across the register to the cashier who might cast a sideways glance or two at me or my identification. This old technique has taken on an altogether different meaning with the progressive poltroon in the Slight House..

The recipients for the Presidential Medal of Freedom were quietly announced two days ago. There were a few truly deserving honorees, there were a few “whatever” sort of winners and there was one true reminder of the “transparency” that Obama is known for. The other fourteen serve as Obama’s failed attempt at “padding” his order.. There was George H.W. Bush, Stan “The Man” Musial, Bill Russell and Gerda Weissmann Klein. After them the picture becomes significantly dimmer..

Then we read of John H. Adams. Adams claim to “fame” appears to be that he is the co-founder of the “Natural Resources Defense Council”. The Slight House press release for the announcement says “Rolling Stone writes, ‘if the planet has a lawyer, it’s John Adams’”.. “His tenure is unparalleled by the leader of any other environmental organization..” Not only is it humorous for the president to be quoting a journalistic juggernaut like Rolling Stone, it seems perfect that the highest award given by the lowest president should go to yet another composting crackpot who chains themselves to trees for sport..

How about Maya Angelou, or should I say, Maya Angel-Who? Countless liberal contemporaries have lauded this insignificant individual with both unnecessary praise and accolades. She is claimed to be “a prominent and celebrated author, poet, educator… blah, blah, blah.. She has been given the “Presidential Medal for the Arts” in 2000 and the “Lincoln Medal” in 2008. If Angel-Who wears all of her bestowed hardware into today’s TSA screening/groping/molesting areas at the airport, I wouldn’t be surprised to see another “Cynthia McKinney” kind of beat down..

We then recede to John Lewis, Congressman. Lewis wears the halo of moral certitude and critical impenetrability due to his efforts during the Civil Rights movement. Years of progressive patina have made the halo somewhat cumbersome and his “actions” of late actually merit at least censure from his coconspirators, if they had any semblance of backbone. Lewis was the first person to call for an impeachment of George W. Bush without any logical cause or reason. Lewis said, “He is not King, he is President..” The reasons behind the Lewis silence relative to the actions since 2009 of King Hussein have not been explained publicly..

He was one of 31 members who voted NOT to count the electoral votes from Ohio in 2004. Since the “correct” candidate won Ohio in 2008, Lewis saw no discrepancies whatsoever in Ohio’s tabulations or methods.. He was arrested due to a “demonstration over the genocide in Darfur” in 2009 proving that meddling into OTHER nation’s governments by American politicians is alright as long as it passes the liberals lachrymose litmus test.. Lewis was originally behind the wide behind of Rodham and her imploding presidential candidacy, but since Lewis isn’t the best political prognosticator, he then became a “Super Delegate” and switched (flip-flopped) over to the Brown Bolshevik without any apparent damage to his minority status or reputation..

Now we come to the very last name on the honorees list.. Where else would you want to hide someone that deserves to be so well hidden? We are “left” with John Sweeney. I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t have any idea what this UN-American has managed to “accomplish” with his lifetime of effort, effort that Obama feels deserves the highest award that a civilian can receive in this country..

Sweeney is the “president emeritus” of the AFL-CIO, an “organization” that makes the career corruption inflicted by the Democratic Party seem almost amateurish by comparison.. Even more to the point, “Sweeney is a socialist activist and a card-carrying member of the Democratic Socialists of America”.. (Obama gives nation’s highest honor to socialist activist” wnd dot com 11/19/10) You might be staggered to know that “the DSA has demonstrated a close relationship with Obama over the years..”

Like a good liberal Democratic politician, Sweeney has made a career out of skimming a hefty salary, both above board and below deck from the proceeds taken from those he claims to “represent”. Before bilking the entire union “family” from 1995 through September of last year, Sweeney managed four terms as the president of the “controversial” Service Employees International Union, otherwise known as the SEIU.. The news gets better.. “During his administration, Sweeney famously aligned the SEIU with ACORN and other leftist groups..”

Joel Kotkin, one never to be confused with a right-wing firebrand, called Sweeney an advocate of “European-style democratic socialism..” Sweeney and his black BFF have completed the “union” (pardon the pun..) between “democratic” and “socialism”, now by law the two words cannot be separated.. “The U.S. Communist Party (CPUSA) says it is now ‘in complete accord’ with the AFL-CIO’s programs..” Again, this is coming from a confirmed liberal who at least has the honesty to admit what his contemporaries are doing to their “movement”..

As soon as Sweeney took control of the ALF-CIO, he was “quick to rescind one of the union’s founding rules that banned Communist Party members and loyalists from leadership positions..” Even the DSA’s website “carries an endorsement from Sweeney, ‘I’m proud to be a member of a movement for change that puts the cause of the working people at the heart of the matter..” As witnessed by the LAST “movement for change”, the “cause of the working people” has NOTHING to do with the concerns of either the Democrats or the unions..

After delivering the votes of the union’s submissive Stepford Wives for Obama, Sweeney said, “we have taken the first crucial steps to build a better future for our children and grandchildren..” When a socialist or a Democrat (same diff..) begins puling about “Our” or “Us”, what they really me is “Me and Mine”.. The “collectivist” illusion is without question the biggest socialist deception that the “true believers” invariably swallow.. “The election is just step one in delivering the change we need..” Again with the “change” nonsense.. Sweeney and Obama’s “change” has certainly enriched THEIR lives but the perpetual ten percent unemployment, record deficits and maniacal spending implemented by Obama with Sweeney’s approval is a “change” that has hurt everyone..

Sweeney’s DSA has proven links to other Democrats, namely John Conyers of the “Congressional Black Caucus”. However the top, or bottom if you prefer, of this Democratic list belongs to Barack Hussein Obama.

In 1996, Obama spoke at the DSA function held at the University of Chicago. The farce/function was entitled, “Employment and Survival in Urban America.” A transcript of this “speech” has yet to be discovered but the idea of “employment in urban America” has been completely cashiered by Obama and his liberal caliphate in Washington circa 2010.. Quentin Young, DSA single-payer health care movement “father” is an Obama “adviser”. Young managed to stop by the home of Boy Scout Bill Ayers in 1995 as the idea of an Obama political career was planned. Young even bragged in the Communist Party USA magazine that Obama “expressed support” for the single payer universal pish posh. Later Obama “waffled when asked about his position..”

Obama found time in March of 1998 to eulogize Chicago Democratic Socialists of America member Saul Mendelson. As well, “international vice president” of the SEIU, Eliseo Medina was a member of Obama’s “Latino Advisory Committee” during his shampaign of 2008.. Medina’s mission you ask? At a Washington conference in 2009 he said that granting citizenship to millions of illegal aliens “would expand the progressive electorate and help ensure a progressive governing coalition for the long term..”

Well, the “long term” ended in November of 2010 and before that wonderful moment even the socialist simpleton wouldn’t try to ram an AMNESTY for the ILLEGALS down the nation’s throat after all that he had “accomplished” since 2009. The liberal lame duck will just have to resort to more golf outings, a few more international shopping trips with his surly spouse and the pleasurable count down to his inevitable abdication.. In the interim, the worst that we hope that he will do is reward more of his communist contemporaries with dinners, medals and pardons, all at the taxpayers expense..


7 responses to “Padding Your Order


    Larry: I still laugh at your word changes
    took a look at the list and found TUBBY TEDDY AND MS ROBINSON
    which irritates me being of IRISH HERITAGE but what to expect from our fearless leader
    2012 can not come soon enough
    buy gold and lead {which is skyrocketing in price}

    never give in or up

  2. I’ve had more sinking feelings in my stomach more this year than any other time in my life. I deserve a medal for something. What a clown this man is.

  3. (aka JOY)
    Watching our country being handed over to the traitors on the Left is pretty sickening, so we’ll just have to grow more armour and fight even harder in 2012!! I think we woke a sort of “sleeping giant” in 201o, but the trick is to keep their anger and determination focused and remind everyone from time to time just what s**t our Fraud in Chief is up to.

    As for the awarding of these medals, giving them out to a bunch of unAmerican guttersnipes just diminishes their value (if they ever had any) more & more – until they become meaningless symbols. And I love how you take a swipe at that over-hallowed and revered academic & poet, Maya Angel-Who? She’s one of those black leftists that the white commies haul out periodically as “icons” and “women of color and distinction,” ad infinitum, ad nauseum. OK, she’s a pretty good poet and I think she’s a good-to-middlin’ teacher to Ivy League Obamabots, but “greatness” still eludes her…

    Finally, back to the awards and their meaning, etc. During the course of his totally destructive career in the WH, Obama will manage to denigrate every award he has anything to do with – much like the Nobel for Peace fraud that he “won,” and, on a slightly lower scale, a list of “Best dresssed women” on which Vogue insisted that Moochelle Antoinette belonged – NOT!!

    He and his minions are trashing our American institutions every day in one way or another. I hope & pray that they survive his onslaught! And when you highlighted the low lights of that disguesting POS from the AFL-CIO, poor Dave Beck must be spinning in his grave! Beck was a crook alright, but a real anti-Communist, pro-American kind of guy (which contributed to his downfall by the Left and Bobby Kennedy, in particular [I think that was the politician that sent him to the slammer]).

    I can see 2012 on my mental calendar – and, as has been said often from the weary voices on the Right, it can’t come soon enough! And, to quote you, Larry, “Never give up, never give in – and never again!!” Watch out, you Leftist weasels! We’re out to get your sorry a**es – and it’s open season from here on in!!

  4. Wow! Good shot. Unions are now the demons we need to fight. I read last week the Postal Service (service?) lost 8 point 4 Billion dollars last fiscal year. The only way to save the USPS is to privatize and kill the unions holding our mail hostage. Point: I put in a change of address for my son’s business (which I could only do on-line for a fee) and it took 25 full days before they even started forwarding our mail and that was just that the carrier no longer delivered to our old address, but sent the mail back into the system to get a forwarding sticker on it. I reckon it took one full month to accomplish this change. I was smart enough to keep a key for the old address so I picked up mail there daily.

    I cannot believe all the awards being tossed around. It seems if you have a pulse and sing all hail to zero, you get a medal. Why not? Zero didn’t have to do anything for his Peace prize. Uurrrggghhhh!

  5. Was just wondering if the list was composed by the Fraud in the Sleight House ( FITSH ) , or did he just do the bottom part , a place where he usually finds himself ?

    How agonizing was it for FITSH to see George HW Bush at the top of the list?

    Couldn’t he find someone from his favorite MLB team ? Maybe, because he doesn’t seem to know if it is the Cubs or the Sox !!

    Perhaps he should be careful when he is strutting around with his nose in the air – he might encounter a jet plane ! Or another vulture.

  6. Larry, Great post and I hope you remind everyone again and again about the corruption in the unions and their power. I grew up in a suburb of Detroit and I saw the destruction the unions created on small business’ in the state of Michigan.

    I believe the reason the lefties are pusing for amnesty is for all the illegals to become card carrying union memebers. Think of all the power to be able to push their agenda and steal elections. The socialists running Obama’s agenda are not happy about helping the small business’ (taxes going through the roof) they are not likely to become unionized.

  7. Unions = socialists/communists = Democratic party = Obama/ Soros…
    That’s all we need to know! Throw the bums out! 2012 can’t get here soon enough… we have work yet to do.

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