Pose A Threat

I thought that if I let the fire surrounding the TSA and their “reach around” screenings die down I might not have to comment on it.. I had temporarily forgotten that the Obama caliphate prefers to put out fires with gasoline.. This one seems to be gaining amperage, not winding down.. I may be behind the “time” curve on this topic but what the heck, any opportunity to laugh at Obama’s governmental goons is worth the effort..

From all of the recent reports, the “screenings” being utilized by the TSA appear to be modeled after what women had to “experience” anytime they visited the Clinton Oval Office.. The only difference at this point seems to be that for now, the TSA screeners don’t have THEIR pants around their ankles like Clinton did..

According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the TSA is upping the ante just in time for the Thanksgiving travel rush. Now for balking at their mandatory molesting in order to fly, “anyone refusing faces fines up to $11,000.00 and possible arrest.” The $11,000.00 amount might not be enough to keep up with the amount of rubber gloves that these genital jugglers are going to be needing..

Your options at this moment appear to be allowing “security agents to see an image of your naked body or undergo the alternative, a thorough manual search..” Being that this is an “arm” of the government, I would opt for the manual search. Our government can’t seem to find a single “manual” that manages to slip across our southern border every three seconds or so, so the chances are pretty good that they may not be able to locate my privates as I am standing there either..

“Security agents”? Mind you, these are merely janitors wearing fancier outfits.. Who knew that when these bloated Barney Fife’s applied for this position of “TSA agent” that they would be privy to a parade of peep shows.. These “agents” are probably wearing more than just gloves made of rubber..

If you “enter an airport checkpoint and then refuse to undergo the method of inspection designated by the TSA will not be allowed to fly and also will not be permitted to simply leave the airport.” So you will either be “Clintoned” by some ignorant smelly simian with a shiny plastic badge or you will have to take the bus and sit next to an ignorant smelly simian, that is, after these morons arbitrarily decide that you can leave the airport..

“No one will be forcibly searched or arrested just because they refuse to go through the security procedures..” This is according to Sari Koshetz, a “regional spokesperson for the TSA”. The TSA said just the exact opposite in the last paragraph.. The TSA seems to be as confused as any other element of the Obama caliphate.. (Refusing to be assaulted) “may rise to the level of suspicious behavior for the TSA, but it wouldn’t rise to the level of suspicious behavior for a deputy..” Now the TSA is claiming that they are above the law of the land and again, this would be right in lock step with their bosses in the Obama administration.. Law enforcement wouldn’t care about such a refusal but the gal with gold teeth, tattoos and a GED can manually manipulate anyone at will..

Refusing this “Clintoning” will cause these crossing guards to become omnipotent. According to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s office “if a person is judged to be a possible threat” all parties involved can play feelie-meelie to their hearts content. The TSA hasn’t seemed to be able to identify any of the ACTUAL threats who have been “successful” prior to this new scheme, you know the “possible threats” with the ticking turbans, the furrowed brows and the rug burns on their foreheads..

With what should be a slam dunk for them the ACLU, the American Snivel Liberties Union, hasn’t done much here, they are “urging” Homeland Security to “change” things.. They have “outlined” what passengers should do and they have provided a form letter for complaints.. Wow.. The ACLU has a conflict of interest on this one, they have been busy defending the people who actually LIKE to blow up passenger planes, so they are too busy to protect the rights of the victim’s of their other clients clerically empowered spontaneous combustion..

TSA “administrator” John Pistole said, “we have to ensure that each person getting on every flight is secure..” If this were actually the case, the TSA would be frisking the REAL threats and not the ninety-year-old amputees.. Note to the TSA: the first time that an airplane is used a missile by someone holding a Bible while they scream “Jesus is Lord”, THEN you can start harassing those whose names actually appear on all of the monuments to the Mooselim national pastime.. Here is a simple rule to follow that will afford EVERYONE the “safety” that the TSA alleges that they are so concerned with without the silliness..

No one will be allowed to fly if they have more than two hyphens in their name. Example: Muhammad-al Muhammad-al Muhammad-al Gore would have to figure out how to get to the Hajj without endangering the rest of the flying community.. If these miscreants manage to allude the adept and alert brown shirts of the TSA, let’s just provide every potential passenger standing in the groping lines with a bacon sandwich. ANYONE who refuses this kind offer should get tossed.. Vegetarians beware, you might be confused with a Mooselim..

Here is another idea: Since Obama is so keen on building “Mooselim relations” why doesn’t he just take more of our tax dollars and create a Mooselim ONLY airline. Who would care if one of these demented cab drivers decided to follow through on the directions laid out for him in the Mooselim rulebook? This would certainly end the idea of molesting the WRONG passengers..

On that note, at least the TSA didn’t give into the usual suspects and their idiotic demands that their “religion” take precedence over the fact that they are the overwhelming percentage of homicidal murderers.. “While we respect that person’s beliefs, that person’s not going to get on an airplane..” The TSA might be doing the Mooselim murderers a favor. Now the lines going through security will be packed with more and more potential victims all standing about waiting for their turn to be violated.. There might be more people waiting to get INTO security than there will be on the other side.. The murdering Mooselim is just looking for a crowd of infidels, the location doesn’t really matter..

The TSA’s searches shouldn’t surprise you. Obama has been groping the taxpayers since his coronation, habitually fleecing you of your disposable income. So the fact that these “agents”, now considered federal employees, have THEIR hands inserted within you, well they are just emulating their Bolshevik boss..

How intriguing that Koshetz said that “such passengers would be questioned ‘until it is determined that they don’t pose a threat’ to the public..” Why haven’t we demanded this same standard for Obama? Both he and his progressive political poison have “posed a threat” to both the “public” and the economy yet he has his own private jet paid for by the victims of his underlings feral fondling..

Until we get away from the “politically correct” nonsense of having the TSA AVOID those who truly do “pose a threat” to the flying public, all of the Clintonian contact will just be another unnecessary inconvenience and embarrassment suffered by those who are the victims of the crimes of Obama, the Mooselims and now the TSA..


10 responses to “Pose A Threat

  1. “Your options at this moment appear to be allowing “security agents to see an image of your naked body or undergo the alternative, a thorough manual search..” These are options? Neither one would appeal to me if I even had any intention of flying. It seems to me our so called government has legalized sexual assault in our airports.

    The Mooselim clerics are even advising their women not to submit to these “options”. Want to bet whether or not they get selected for special screening or if they get preferential treatment not afforded to us ‘infidels”.
    Napolitano and her TSA Nazis need to be given their walking papers.
    2012 can’t come soon enough for me.

    Never give in, never give up, never again.


  2. It truly is a grope fest with TSA. But, if you think about it, this problem was in the making years ago when we failed to close our borders. If Congress had any stones and followed through when immigration laws were passed, we wouldn’t have half this mess. Yes, I’m watching for 2012, but I don’t plan to shut up about things wrong with our lawmakers. Thanks Larry for another great post and more insight.

    Never Give In, Never Give Up, and Never Again!

  3. Larry,
    We are now seeing the Cuba-nization of America. Just a thought, but do you think that behind all this is the killing off of another large part of our economy? Than the government can come riding in “saving” the airline industry. I do want to see what will happen when a young mooselin male wearing a blanket with two eyeholes pretending to be a woman. And I love your idea on passing out bacon sandwiches. Or have sniffing pigs instead of dogs. Who will running away?

  4. Larry, I have an idea, a little off the subject. What if we send all the unemployed receiving their government pay off be sent to our southern borders to pick up all the trash and garbage left behind by the illegals? I have seen stories about this mess and some think their is enough garbage to fill hunders of dumpsters. Work for pay. What a concept. Especially the 99ers who are trying to unionize with some radical commie organization. Set up tents for housing in the desert and roll up your sleeves or no more unemployment!

  5. I think everyone needs to send Janet Incompatano our underwear. Maybe she can personally scratch and sniff out the scent of what bomb material isn’t. Got an old prosthetic hanging around someone, send her that too.

  6. OOPs, I meant some where, not someone.

  7. The opportunities to punk the TSA are endless,,,,slip a banana in your pants, or put a couple prunes in your underware. One blog suggested everyone go through the “love pat” line then do their best imitation of the restaurant scene from “when harry met sally”.
    Ive always thought that all hijackings could be stopped by requiring the airline to issue a boxcutter to each adult passenger.
    On a side note, I see 3 states now are drafting laws to require all nominees to the office of the presidency to be required to produce proof of citizenship.
    Seems to me thats already a Constitutional requirement that has been ignored, resulting in this foreign agent mooselimb usurper communist to gain the office but whatever it takes works for me.
    Fox news is still ignoring my questions about obamas history and backround, if anyone would like to join me in needling jonathan hunt about the issue please go to foxnews.com/shep at 3pm eastern most weekdays and you too can experience the censorship by fox or jonathan, im not sure which is doing it but fox news being owned by saudis makes me think its more than just jonathans personal bias.

  8. Monica,

    Bless your heart.

    Your points are spot on.

    Obama wants to “own” the airlines and for that he will “reward” the unions that handle/destroy your baggage, or any of the others who will swear allegiance to him..

    I have long speculated that the attractive burka is a “cover-all” that any girly Mooselim, like Mohammed Atta for example, could don in order to meet their 72 virgins..

    Explosives sniffing pigs.. I believe that pigs have good noses and they can be trained.. I love it..

    The bums picking up after the illegals? No workie, no payee.. Sounds way good to me..

    Thanks as always,


  9. The terrorists don’t actually have to set off a bomb in order to destroy our economy, all that is needed is to “chatter -up ” a threat, and it ends up costing us hundreds of millions of dollars, such as :
    Extra screening devices and personnel
    Extra duty for police, security, and fire personnel
    Overtime wages in many areas
    Late flights, cancelled flights, and missed flights
    Delayed delivery of time sensitive mail and cargo
    Postponement or cancellation of meetings,lodging, car rentals, food, etc.
    Medical cost for individuals who are physically and/or mental affected
    Court and legal costs for any captured suspects
    And the list goes on and on ………..

    In addition, if there is an incident where a few people are killed, then all of the above costs will rise exponentially.

    So, all the terorists have to do is hint at an attack, and it ends up costing us a ton .

  10. Obama now has his Brownshirts, only this version of the Stazi wears the blue shirts of the TSA. These creeps are more interested in making life hell for the average American than for stopping terrorists. Along with choking the life out of the airlines, allowing them to be bought up by the Feds, this will also create a pedestrian society whose members will be much easier to control as they will be less mobile. If we can’t fly where we wish, we’ll be stuck driving in cars they can monitor via Onstar. Worse, if Onstar can disable the car if its stolen, what do you think will happen when the Feds decide they want to pick up Joe Ordinary for dangerous thinking?

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