The Albatross

If liberals were human, you might feel compelled as a “compassionate conservative” to feel sorry for them. All of their most recent grandiose plots and plans have spontaneously combusted as soon as the fascist full court press of stimuli, bail outs and health scare scams were exposed to the light of day.. The mere thought that the magnetic “personality” of the totalitarian teleprompter talker could overwhelm the nation while the rest of the rodents carried out their marching orders without anyone noticing is a testament to their childish imbecility. Even liberals with iron clad provenance are “questioning” what has happened to their “movement”..

Here we have Joel Kotkin and the article that he has written for Politico entitled, “How Liberalism self-destructed”. (11/19/10) Kotkin says that “Democrats are still looking for explanations for their stunning rejection in the midterms..” Whomever these “Democrats” are, the fact that these results are still considered “stunning” to them goes a long way towards explaining why they will never understand the explanations.. Everything that took place from January 20, 2009 onward is explanation enough for the “stunning” results of the midterms. They weren’t “stunning” to anyone who has been even mildly observant during that time..

“Liberalism once embraced the mission of fostering upward mobility and a stronger economy..” I would imagine that based upon the “results” of the carcinogenic touch of liberalism since its conception, this “once” time period might be more than just a little difficult to narrow down or to even identify. Liberalism has always believed in “fostering upward mobility” of the money changers AKA the “skimmers”, privileged liberals who sarcastically siphon off large amounts of other people’s disposable incomes before they hand it over to the liberal’s indentured servants..

(Liberalism) “has become increasingly control-oriented and economically cumbersome..” The liberals firmly believe in the “equality of outcome” so the concept of being “control-oriented” has to be implemented because that it is the only way to “ensure” the equality of outcome. The left has to be in control of every element of every scenario so that “fairness” can prevail.. For example, the left’s dysfunctional idea of “fairness” is something like “affirmative action”, which is nothing more than another leftist exercise in language softening and discrimination.

“Affirmative action” is simply discrimination sent through the collectivist colander.. Since the left occupies the moral high ground, everything that they do is “affirmative” and they are all about “action”. The consequences due to the downward direction that the liberal “action” invariably takes things are inconsequential. They meant well so, so be it.. If all else fails, be like Obama and blame Bush..

“Today, according to most recent polling, no more than one in five voters call themselves liberal..” In a strange yet captivating coincidence, MSNBC reported today that “Nearly 1 in 5 Americans had mental illness in 2009.” (11/19/10) I will argue that in 2008, those numbers were right in line with the percentage of those so easily gulled by the gossamer gibberish of the Kenyan Kollectivist in 2008.. Those numbers go a long way towards explaining the “historic” candidacy of the 143 day wonder..

Liberals, when allowed to unfurl and flap their wings like Icarus, always have to reminisce about the good old days. Rather they like to spin what they believe were the good old days from what they were into what they have always imagined them to be while gazing into the collectivist kaleidoscope.. “Democratic presidents from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Bill Clinton focused on basic middle class concerns-such as expanding economic opportunity, property ownership and growth..” FDR seemed “concerned” with expanding the scope of the Great Depression, Clinton was FORCED to the CENTER by the “Contract with America” that took the nation by storm during the midterms of 2006. By the way, the only “growth” that was of any concern to Bill Bob was the “growth” south of his belt buckle when any woman other than his wife was in the room..

Now Kotkin gets down to it but he can’t truly pull the trigger.. “Modern day liberalism is often ambivalent about expanding the economy-preferring a mix of redistribution with redirection along green lines..” “A mix” of redistribution? Obama took the economy in placed it into a Bolshevik blender and the progressive puree that came out was all about “redistribution”.. For a liberal to worry about the strange bedfellows that they have invited along their strange journey is somewhat laughable at this point as well. A sudden concern about catching fleas due to laying down along “green lines” has something to do with the fact that the “facts” surrounding almost ALL of the “green” goofiness has been exploded and the world is still giggling about it..

Kotkin gaining steam pushes the liberals and their coconspirators under the natural gas burning bus. “Its base of political shock troops, public-employee unions, appears only tangentially interested in the health of the overall economy..” Kotkin can’t believe that the “liberal altruism” doesn’t actually exist within the Democratic animal, that it was a well choreographed ruse in order for the Democrats to secure and retain power.. Idealism thrust upon the rocky shores of reality always makes for a painful intellectual landing..

In reading further, you feel that Kotkin is moments away from an intellectual Epiphany.. “Leaving the rump party tied to the coastal regions, big cities and college towns. There many voters are dependents of the government..” How can Kotkin not see that that is the avowed goal of liberalism, to make the entire nation dependent upon the mantras of failure and the handout mentality that places such drivel as “benefits” above individual accomplishment. Liberal government is built to stand in the way of those who wish to break free of its constraints. It is intentionally manufactured to mire those who allow themselves to be manacled to it to accompany each other all the way to the bottom “equally”..

Kotkin mentions the “process” which is “driven in large part by the liberal attachment to economically regressive policies..” He is just that close to breaking free.. This “drive” is compelled by the liberal desire to enslave those beneath them, to threaten their “benefits” if they stray, which creates generations of properly enslaved Democratic voters. Obama doesn’t want to create jobs or help businesses of any size to do so, he wants to expand jobless “benefits” to infinity.. He and his minions have permanently destroyed tens of millions of jobs now the “big push” is towards making the largest part of the nation totally dependent upon “Big Brother” and the benevolent booty taken from those actually left working..

“Populism, a traditional support of liberalism, has been undermined by a deep suspicion that Obama’s economic policy favors Wall Street investment bankers over those who work on Main Street..” There is no “deep suspicion”, there are the facts. Who did Obama FIRST seek to “bail out”? He campaigned claiming that a vote for his opposition would send back those who “got us into this mess”.. Yet he gleefully turned trillions of dollars over to Freddie and Fannie and all of those evil “investment bankers”. He gave these trillions right over to “those who got us into this mess”.. Just for fun he created a “Scamulus” and handed it over to Joe “Belching” Biden where they “saved or created” six jobs..

“This allowed the GOP, a party long beholden to monied interests, to win virtually every income segment earning more than $50,000..” The fiction that the liberals are allergic to the “monied interests” is comical. They are led by the Hungarian ferret George Soros and every “monied” celebrity on the planet has to agree with the liberal nomenclature lest their personal popularity (and income) be targeted for “redistribution”.. The reason that the GOP won “every income segment over $50,000” is due to the fact that they CREATE jobs or actually work at them and this liberal government TARGETED them right from the start. Liberalism ALLOWED the GOP to win. All that they had to do was stand still and let the Democrats do what they do best..

Even when you hold out hope for a liberal to convert, they always seem to crawl back to the security blanket of stupidity that their perverted ethos is founded upon. “The failure of Obama-styled liberalism has less to do with governmental activism than with how the administration defined its activism..” See? It was all about WHAT they did or didn’t say, not what they DID.. Ten percent permanent unemployment, deficits that will last generations and a tax burden certain to guarantee future failure, THAT had nothing to do with the liberal midterm failure. Obama just didn’t say the right stuff.. Yes, the magic fairy dust of 2008 was blown astray by the prevailing winds of the reality of Democratic liberalism..

“Often eager to micromanage people’s lives, contemporary liberalism tends to obsess on the ephemeral while missing the substantial, measures such as San Francisco’s ban on Happy Meals..” Isn’t this whole “Food Nazi” business the brainchild of the invisible “First Lady”? Wasn’t this whole notion one of her “ideas” in between international shopping trips on the taxpayers dime? Liberals have as much understanding of the “substantial” as they do about the flush toilet..

“The new liberals suffer from what British author Austin Williams has labeled a “poverty of ambition”.. Amazing analogy. “Ambition” gets one free of the “poverty” inflicted by cancer of liberalism. The LACK of “ambition” allows one to be suffocated by the allegedly altruistic liberals and their dystrophic ideology.. The “poverty of ambition” is what the left has purposely programmed into their chattel..

Back to the moony reminiscing.. “When FDR commissioned projects such as the Tennessee Valley Authority, he literally brought light to darkened regions.” Kotkin is saying that the last original idea a liberal had was the TVA. Can’t he see the “shovel ready jobs” being created by Obama’s call for a light rail system for everyone and a high-speed rail system for the nation as well? Since the TVA, the liberals have purposefully gone about creating “darkness” where “light” once shone through..

“The loyalty created by FDR and Truman built a base of support for liberalism that lasted for nearly half a century..” That “loyalty” was created due to the Democratic demand for their constituents to be dependent upon the handout mentality. Today’s liberals have just decided to enhance and enlarge the scope and grip of the liberal government’s tentacles.. “If it worked just a little before, it should work a lot more today”..

Kotkin takes a justifiable swipe at today’s liberal codependents, the unions.. “It’s easy to see why so many great liberals detested the idea of public-sector unions..” Kotkin believes that FDR-esque plans like the TVA, the CCC and the WPA would do the trick but “green resistance to turning dirt” and “public sector unions” were much more to blame for Obama and liberalism’s fantastic failure.. Liberalism like Communism, was destined to end up on the dust heap of history.. “If this defines success, you have to wonder what constitutes failure..” Every facet and element of liberalism has failed to produce positive results. Since liberalism hasn’t actually “changed”, it isn’t hard to believe that FAILURE has always been the inherent goal of liberalism as that has always been the result when it has been allowed to be applied..

Kotkin said “what they have failed to consider is the albatross of contemporary liberalism..” Unfortunately for Kotkin, he has forgotten that the natural degeneration of the last fifty years of liberalism has caused its own inevitable implosion. In other words, liberalism itself is the albatross..


7 responses to “The Albatross

  1. Larry,
    Excellent, excellent, excellent. You’ve hit the nail right on the head with every point. This nation will only be free of this liberal cancer when enough people are made aware of it’ insidious nature. The election was a good start, but we all know people have short memories. Keep up the important work.

  2. Larry,
    I too think this article is excellent and you are really giving us food for thought and guiding us through the labyrinth of politics. When I write politics, I am always reminded of the blood sucking ticks I contended with growing up in Idaho among the sage brush.

    It is so far beyond reason that the democrats don’t “get it”. They are so closed minded you cold probably sell them ice cubes and parasols in Alaska. And you are so right about the codependent unions. They are very much like the ticks I mentioned before. Without a host to feed on, we would be free from them, but the leftists haven’t a clue. What would be interesting would be to see obummer nationalize the unions. That would certainly make quite a stew.

  3. Family,

    So sorry but the fourth paragraph didn’t make it to the web site.

    If I erase the article and publish it again, the comments dissappear..

    Here is the fourth paragraph in its entirety. Again I am sorry ..

    “These indentured servants are the “beneficiaries” of the liberal’s desire to inflict a permanent DOWNWARD immobility in those who must become chained to the progressive “way of life” in order to solidify the “liberal voting base”. The liberals have used the template provided for them by their old comrades, the old Russian Communists, as their guide when creating a society where “upward mobility” was applicable to no one else but themselves.. The liberals believed just as the Communists believed that the elimination of the middle class is of paramount importance to the success of their caliphate. The liberals, led by Obama, have tried to emulate their heroes in this regard, yet they still wonder like intellectual infants why not only they but their “ideas”, were rejected in November.. The liberal belief in the “fact” that they believe that they are “doing good” cannot be overpowered by the empirical evidence of their alleged “accomplishments”.. ”

    Many thanks,


  4. Thanks again, Larry:

    It is continually amazing to me just how timeless the scenarios that Rand outlined and explained in ‘Atlas Shrugged’… these are scenes that absolutely everyone should be exposed to… ‘deja vu all over again’…

  5. Larry,

    The albatross is the fairy-tale and I quote you here “equality of outcome”. The overbearing control and suppression of freedom to obtain that is so incredible to even quantify. Truly the issue and I speak at generalities when I say Europe has tried heavily at this. The UK for instance in Brown’s last PM, believed mightily in “fairness throughout life”. It’s incredible enough America has laid a framework for equality at birth, which as we all know isn’t perfect, but it is the best by far man kind has to offer (opinion based in outcome of our achievements). However, it so asinine to think, to truly believe, something like fairness which is subjective can be attained by an entire society. Our grandfathers democrat party riddled with good intentions is now plagued by the most unbiased progressive “leadership”. The veil is all about off and now with America’s understanding of the “leadership” principles and their 2 years of full at the helm outcomes, I think we are better for it. I pray now they can stop taking inches, and lately yards and we can kill this underlying movement that has been taking place in a fairy tale land with fairy tale endings and let conservatism do its best, which is provide the willing as many as opportunities as possible.

    – Mike

  6. Fairy tale? My bad, I thought the albatross reference was from the ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, with the bird being an ill omen. Liberalism is the albatross that has been hung about our collective necks. Every where liberals are allowed to take root and vent their poisonous mantra they had soiled the nests and fouled the waters. The movement is responsible in total for the worst wars this planet has ever seen, destroyed nations, toppled empires, slaughtered untold millions, wounded millions more, and enslaved millions more beyond counting, to say nothing of the lifes of millions again stopped before birth courtesy of their incestous infatuation with playing God. Every time we attempt to enforce a way of life upon anyone else the result has always been misery for all concerned. Despite the weight of history, Mankind learns nothing, except how to streamline the process.

  7. Margaret in CT

    Such a wonderful article, Larry. The liberals have continually defrauded the public, bestowing “social pass-throughs” that guarantee a lifetime of ignorance and providing “mortgages” that underwrite, not a permanent home, but a trip to the homeless shelter. A large portion of the American public seems to believe the claptrap that the left has handed out over the years. That’s no surprise, however. The current and immediately past generations have not been given an educational foundation that allows them the lucidity to know that they are being roundly defrauded. They have been taught what to think—not how to think. They have been promised equality, rather than the much more valuable EQUAL OPPORTUNITY UNDER THE LAW. As I head to the airport to be electronically denuded so that I can visit my family for Thanksgiving, I feel uncharacteristically pessimistic. With the Real Clear Politics poll showing that Obama still has the approval of nearly half of the country, I’m left wondering whether all those who call themselves conservatives realize what it actually means. I am worried about 2012. It is not going to be a walk in the park, by any means.

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