The reality of the November drubbing is becoming apparent to the liberals and now the devoted lap dogs of the media are chiming in as the days tick away towards 2012. The Democrats and their TSA acolytes are crotch grabbers, the media is quickly heading back to being the Democratic crotch sniffers that they used to be. Even the “impartial” media didn’t believe that things would be as they ended up being in November. Now it is time to start reframing the progressive picture..

The media’s “prop up the pitiful progressives” campaign after the November political paradigm shift has begun. As a totalitarian tyro in the seamy underworld of politics, Obama never understood that even though the overwhelming majority of the “impartial” media are proudly fifth columnists, they thoroughly enjoy pushing those from the precipice that they had previously propped up there.. “Journalist” Lisa Depaulo was sent out to spend a little quality time with goofy Joe Biden. After all, Obama isn’t always that readily available, he is either golfing or basketballing or fiddling while Home burns.. Obama did find some time for Newsweek who then portrayed him on their cover as a Hindu God. Note to Newsweek: He has a much closer connection to another god whose moronic minions are fond of the idea of destroying capitalism in any way they can as well.. The ever optimistic and hopelessly hypnotized Depaulo possibly embarrassed herself to an even greater extent than Biden did, and that is saying a lot..

Right from the gate, little Lisa is floored by Biden and his ability to be tactile.. Biden “occasionally making his point by touching our hands. Only Joe Biden can do this like a gentleman..” Obviously, Lisa has had the opportunity to interview ol Billy Bob who took the term “reach out and touch someone” to new depths.. Lisa’s crush on the Delaware dimby was just starting as her questions were spoken between pops of her bubble gum..

Biden can’t resist being Biden right from the Get-go.. “the stimulus did exactly what it was supposed to do.. but it wasn’t enough..” This is the new war cry from the liberals. Taken at face value, I will conclude that the “scamulus” was supposed to mire the nation even farther into the Democratically orchestrated Depression.. The fact that we managed to somehow survive as a nation told the liberals that “it wasn’t enough..” What it was supposed to do was burden the middle class and the nation’s productive with another liberal demand for their hard earned income “earmarked” for redistribution.. “Mission Accomplished”.

Taking into account an amazing intellect like Biden, even Lisa had to be surprised that almost every one of her softballs were fouled off. Here she launches the Democrats latest talking point, trying to lead someone with a point atop his hair-plugged head.. “How is it that two of the best communicators we’ve ever had running the country-can’t seem to deliver their message..” Biden, too slow to pick up on the “wink, wink, nudge, nudge” mash note from this “journalist”, said, “I think we are..” Brace yourselves, Biden was right..

They “delivered their message” of failure and destruction. Twenty million jobs obliterated in two year’s time is an amazing accomplishment. Record deficits, out of their minds spending.. That “message” was communicated from the start. Like ALL liberal “messages”, their targets were the middle class, the productive and capitalism. Obama and company tried to destroy them all and only the resiliency of each element allowed the nation to hold out until November.. When a liberal like Lisa starts talking about “communication”, what they really mean is “lie”. The liberal’s lies to cover their handiwork of the first two years didn’t have the same effect as the lies that they told in 2008..

Journalistic integrity is all but gone from Lisa who again tries to lead Biden by the hand as one would do with any child.. “The two major things you’ve done, you and the president, health care and the stimulus, are both successes..” Biden’s deep and cerebral answer to this probing “question”.. “Yep..” Following the footsteps of the wonderfully successful talking points of the November Waterloo and after even more prodding from Lisa, Biden said, “they are not sufficient..” The liberal “just throw more money at it” idealism has NEVER worked, their disgusting slavery redux/war on poverty stands as a shining example of this liberal imbecility.. The public schools, etc. etc.. More of your money, more of the same “results”..

Biden picking up on the fact that this interview is being given by a friendly suddenly perked up and said, “I say we have turned it around..” Liberal Lilliputians like Biden see 9.9 percent unemployment as opposed to 10.0 percent as “turning things around..” The unemployment rate in 2006 when the Democrats took control of BOTH Houses was 4.4% today it is at least 10 percent.. Now that IS “turning things around”.. Remember, the liberals don’t care about “direction”, they just want “action”.. “Responsibility” can and will be blamed on others.

“We’re not going to go back to the policies that stripped you of your job..” Whatever these alleged “policies” were, the Democrats from 2006 onward perpetrated them. Nevertheless, Obama and Biden have gone well BEYOND those old Democratic pikers and their recessions..

“I think they (Republicans) sort of mistrust average middle-class people..” When Biden says, “I think” he really means, “I drink..” The Democrats are out to destroy the “average middle-class people”. The Republicans TRUSTED them in November and these “average” people did the “right” thing.. “We are moving in the right direction”.. The farther “right” we move AWAY from the carcinogenic liberals, the better.. “This isn’t going to happen quickly..” It will NEVER happen under this regime, but if Biden is right, why were they in such a hurry in early 2009 with all of their hokum and witchcraft? Why did they demand that fellow Democrats pass bills without even reading them once?

Little Lisa just couldn’t control herself. “Inauguration Day was so incredible..” “If things start to percolate..” “How much is this a matter of not communicating it right?” “Do you think the perception of the president as aloof and not caring is a bad rap?” Any minute now I can see little Lisa having a “Nina Burleigh” kind of moment right then and there.. Just another member of the “impartial” media at work..

When your initial dodge doesn’t work to your liking, add some more nonsense to the Bolshevik broth.. Once again as Biden was led down the path by his interviewer, when the “communication” thing came up again, Biden said, “Well, it’s not so much not communicating it right, it’s just there’s so much to communicate..” The “story” changes until someone actually believes it.. Dear Joe, believe me when I say that you and your coconspirators “communicated” very well and that is why you were throttled so badly a few weeks ago..

When asked again about the Obama “aloof” egomania, Biden fell into his old bromance of days gone by.. “I think what it is, he’s so brilliant..” What he really means is that Obama is brilliant compared to him. Then again, a sack of potatoes, eyes and all, are more brilliant than Biden..

The excuse machine rolled on, leaking oil everywhere.. “The expectations were so inordinately high..” That couldn’t have had to do with the inordinately high number of fictitious promises and the complete “fairy tale” (thanks Billy Bob..) that was built around the Bolshevik blowhard.. Just as a slap to those that swallowed the Obama Eucharist, not unlike little Lisa, Biden chimed in with, “the expectations of the press were higher that the people’s expectations..” Poppycock. Obama pumped the bellows himself, stoking the imbecilic campfire that surrounded him. When the application of rampant socialism failed as it has historically done, that is when the blame Bush charade began to gain amperage..

The Delaware dimwit referred to a nauseating degree to a series of vague “quotes” from his Dad.. “As Dad used to say..” Here was one that Biden actually took to heart.. “Joey, never complain and never explain..” Neither Biden nor Obama has ever explained anything regardless of the size and scope of their hideous failures.

Just for giggles, here is one more Biden quote from dear old Dad.. “the cardinal sin one can commit is to abuse power..” If dear old dad is correct, Biden and his buddy each have a complete wing set aside for them in Hell..

Biden even got “choked up” when he had to be reminded that a “low point” for him last year had to be the passing of his mother.. I certainly hope that the California Raisin doesn’t get wind of this emotional moment as she may have to tell the press that he is “known to cry”..

This, according to little Lisa, was all part of “a long overdue respectfest” for Biden.. Another puff piece in the Atlantic referred to Biden as “indispensable”. Both journalistic fabrications can be called “indefensible”, and a skillet head like Biden is certainly “indispensable” to those that await the next backslapping boner to come from the only vice president to ever have a terminal case of “athlete’s tongue”..


9 responses to “Respectfest

  1. “When asked again about the Obama “aloof” egomania, Biden fell into his old bromance of days gone by.. “I think what it is, he’s so brilliant..” What he really means is that Obama is brilliant compared to him. Then again, a sack of potatoes, eyes and all, are more brilliant than Biden..”
    Larry,laughed out loud.
    This whole article was brilliant,and it did`t come off a teleprompter.
    What would amuse me more, is to learn what are the Republicans doing to get rid of obama before he can do more harm.


    Larry ; Great story about BITE ME The press is still covering for all
    the sins of this adminstration. I hope the Republicans can defund
    all of the rediculous programs they rammed through. Also REPEAL

    never give up never give in and never again


    Larry ; Great story about BITE ME The press is still covering for all
    the sins of this adminstration. I hope the Republicans can defund
    all of the rediculous programs they rammed through. Also REPEAL
    never give up never give in and never again


    never give up never give in and never again

  5. I am SICK of the liberal media and I am even SICKER of ole Barry and Joe!The sack of potatoes was the best one yet! I cannot wait for 2012 to cast my vote against the Dumbo Duo! Thanks for another great article!

  6. Perhaps we should repeal the Press.

  7. Larry,
    Just what I needed, another hootenanny. By the time I was toward the end, I was glad I didn’t have to watch this horrible interview. I really hope we don’t see more of Lisa because she got to interview plug head joe! Yes, Ronald, let’s repeal the press! I get my news from the Internet and that keeps me up to date. Two days after I read it on line, my local rag prints the article.

    Never Give Up, Never Give In, and Never Ever Again!

  8. Richard,

    This “interview” was from something called “GQ” magazine.

    I’ll admit to having never read this magazine, the only magazine that I actually read is “Watch Time”, a magazine dedicate to wristwatches.

    There was a hilarious picture of Biden preceeding the atricle. I wish that I could have captured it and included it..

    Thanks as always for your kind words,


  9. Has Obama ever explained why he chose Joe Absolut Biden as his VP ??

    On the “plus side” , Biden does provide some sort of comedic relief.

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