On The Mend

Mister “Fix-it” told a “campaign-style rally” in Indiana that he finally had the answer for a question that the nation had been asking for endless months. According to Reuters, Obama is “eager to extend middle-class tax cuts” (11/24/10) The liberals are adorable when they become all “centrist” when yet another election reminds them that their carcinogenic collectivism isn’t welcomed by its victims..

Obama wanted to wait for the obvious, the results from the November spanking, before deciding that the Americans that he and his progressive posse have tried diligently to demoralize and destroy were sick and tired of him and his economic “final solutions”. He has finally gotten around to saying, “the United States must extend tax cuts for the middle-class”.

The liberals deep within their childishly optimistic minds, thought that they had a chance to stave off the onslaught from November. Had that impossibility actually come to pass, Obama would have conveniently been too busy to get around to the Bush tax cuts that he has been reminded about for the last six months or so.. Or the momentum from the liberal “victory” would have “empowered” him into actually saying that he was going to allow the tax cuts to expire because he has a lot more “redistributing” to do and the election results “proved” that the nation wanted him to keep doing it.. Make that, “doing it to them”..

The liberals never really “learn a lesson”, they simply readjust the progressive pablum, regurgitate the reactionary ridiculousness and then try once more to have the nation swallow their swill through outright deception.. The “lesson” from 1994 would have been taken to heart by anyone who didn’t actually have the ulterior motive of replicating their Russian comrades of the Holodomor timeframe as their intent.. In Clinton’s case, the “tax cuts” that he HAD to bellow about began for those below the six digits, but thorough the magic of Democratic mathematic meaninglessness and manipulation, that number ended up at about $40,000.00.. The tax “cut” for the middle class thus became a tax INCREASE for the middle class. “Tax the rich” within the liberal lexicon actually means, “tax everyone who will let you”..

The article says that “Obama told hard-hit Americans..” about his recent epiphany. The problem, as always for the less than lucid liberals, is that those “hard-hit Americans” know that Obama and his administration are the ones directly dealing out the body blows and rabbit clouts to the middle class and their bank accounts.. The liberals just chose to cheerfully overlook these “inconvenient truths”..

“If we allow these taxes to go up, the result would be that a lot of people most likely would spend less. That means the economy will grow less”.. Again, Obama should have learned this lesson from HIMSELF and his “scamulous” bills and ample bail-outs, monies given to those “who got us into this mess” by the way.. People couldn’t spend what it was that he was redistributing.. Here the liberal is half-correct, but with a liberal, you have to take any victory that you can find. The loyal opposition, the ones locked out of meetings by the “unifier, not a divider”, have been trying since January of 2009 to get this message across to the “great redistributor”.. This three thousand dollar tax cut, according to Obama, may sound great but AT BEST it will be a wash once the punishment from all of the Obama attacks upon the middle class through such wonderful fantasies as the health scare bill come to fruition..

“Voters punished Obama’s Democrats for a sluggish economy and high unemployment..” According to Obama and Biden, the ONLY problem with November was that they didn’t “communicate” properly, the REALITY of their Marxist meddling wasn’t at fault.. That’s right, all of this “sluggish economy and high unemployment” stuff was what they “inherited”.. So two years after TAKING from the middle class and rewarding his union goons and his wealthy donors, our Socialist Santa now feels benevolent towards the “middle class”..

Obama slogged onward as he said that “government must not take money away from households likely to spend it..” Where has this logic been hiding within the Marxist mind of Obama? “Households” also encompasses those making more than Obama’s amorphous “cut off point”, but these “households” who logically will spend exponentially MORE, need to be punished by Obama in order to support his liberal base’s desire for “crass warfare”..

In an overwhelming number of cases, these “households” are also the ones who EMPLOY the middle class. They OWN the businesses that that middle class spends at least forty hours a week at.. Within the collectivist cesspool north of the liberal eyebrows, cutting these taxes for the “rich”, both their personal taxes and their business taxes, wouldn’t have any cumulative positive effect though.. No matter how hard the lesson learned, “class envy” is still hard wired into the liberal nomenclature..

He ominously warned that the economy “had a way to go before it was out of the woods..” For those who have been comatose for the last two years, the economy won’t be “out of the woods” until and Obama is “out of office..” “If we don’t act by the end of the year, a typical middle class family will wake up on January 1 to a tax increase of $3,000.00 per year..” Nothing like waiting until the last second before wanting to give taxpayers a BREAK because until now, Obama has been content to break it off inside of taxpayers.. Cutting taxes, real or imagined, certainly hasn’t been a “number one priority” for the Not So Dark Knight.. That is until he was forced to due to the election results..

“Obama says taxes should rise for families making more than $250,000 a year..” The “socialist slippery slope” of mathematical miscalculations invariably comes into play, as the liberal desire to “increase revenues” will completely overwhelm them. Soon $250,000 will become $100,000 which then becomes $40,000 and so on down the line.. There will be another Obama “economical emergency” made by Obama and the Democrats themselves that will need to be addressed “immediately”, thus justifying another bout of their progressive pick-pocketry..

“The one place where we disagree is whether we can afford to also borrow $700 billion to pay for an extra tax cut for the wealthiest Americans..” Wait just a second.. “We disagree” with virtually EVERYTHING that you have involuntarily saddled us with. Next, YOU are the one doing the BORROWING in order to pay for all of your bail outs, your socialized medicine fiascoes and all of your “stimuli”.. A tax CUT means that you and your overly intrusive government will have LESS of other peoples money to redistribute, it costs no one anything other than you and your collectivist cadre.. We cannot AFFORD that which you have assaulted us with. A tax cut costs your government the opportunity to spend in its freewheeling, out of control manner.. Your government does not CREATE wealth, it sequesters it from those who do.. Besides those with money spend it as you finally got around to saying yourself, which will increase revenues coming into your government through consumer consumption.. If the consumer and the businesses are left alone, your government will end up with more revenues than had you again penalized the productive with another regressive tax or three..

“The bailouts were unpopular with many Americans, Obama wants to persuade the public they were worth the money..” See, “persuade” means that Obama wants his oily tongue to work a little more of the old black magic, pardon the pun.. Remember, the only reason that the Democrats failed in November is because they didn’t “communicate” their message better.. Not only were the bailouts “unpopular”, the stimulus, cap and trade, and every other socialist pogrom is “unpopular” as well. In the heady days after the collectivist coronation, the will of the “middle class” was irrelevant to those who felt that they were working under some mysterious mandate from “the people”.. Obama now HAS to listen to what the “middle class” says. What he doesn’t know or understand is, everything that the “middle class” is saying now has been the same things that they were saying since he took office..

“I want everybody to be clear, we are moving in the right direction..” I want to be “clear”, Obama HAS to move in the “right direction” just as the last megalomaniac had to do once the FIRST midterm election of their presidencies came to pass.. The country decided that Congress needed to move in the “right” direction in order to halt the efforts of the Democratic dictator.

According to Obama, “the U.S. economy is on the mend..” The bottom line is that the less that he and the Democrats have to do with the economy, the more likely it will be that that prognosis come to fruition..


12 responses to “On The Mend

  1. Family,

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and I am thankful to everyone who has made this site as good as it is.

    Thanks as always,


  2. No, thank you for making the site as good as it is. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Never again is not long enough.

  3. and the choir says ,”Amen” Larry thanks for the year of thoughts and thanks to all of your contributors for their insights. They show that reason ,thoughtfulness and common sense are alive and on the move. have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  4. Thanks Larry for your intelligent commentary and the humor you add to it. God, knows we have to laugh at the moonbats to keep our own sanity at times. I hope you have a blessed, stress free Thanksgiving.




  6. Happy Thanksgiving from Beautiful West Texas the beginning of the desert. Thanks Larry for a thoughtful, entertaining and right on the mark commentary. May God Bless you for all you do!

  7. Yes, we are certainly blessed by Larry and his excellent wordsmithing. And he always hits the target and puts a smile on our face. Thank you, Larry and all the Family. May you all enjoy your Thanksgiving with family and friends.

  8. Amen Amen
    Can’t add much more to all of the above.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  9. Thank you Larry for providing us with a place to come to for intelligent, sensible and humorous comments and letting us vent and let off stream. And, thank you for not allowing the liberal trolls to poison this site with their toxic presence.

    Thank you family for all your responses and insights. I certainly have gained a lot of useful information here. It is so good to know that a very large number of us have not succumbed to the liberal insanity and have no intention of giving in or giving up.

    Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you all. May God Bless you and Keep you all safe.

    God Bless America!

  10. to (mis)quote Bond: “A World of Thanks Is Not Enough” for all that Larry does, and those who offer Their Insights & Comments…


  11. Please let me add my belated thanks to you, Larry and everyone for making this site one of the few that I make time for. NO ONE, no matter what anyone says, can distill an idea and express it in a more colorful and intelligent fashion than you, Larry.

    Happy Thanksgiving !

  12. Family,

    Wow, such kind words.. They mean so much to me.

    Thanks for all of your contributions to both sites,


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